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With the answer to the question: “Where did everything come from?” and the TDVP inclusion of quantum field theory (QFT) mentioned in my last post, we have the basis for explaining virtually everything about the physical universe, and are now ready to answer the even more important questions: questions that relate to the rest of existence, beyond the approximately 4.9% of the cosmos that comprises the physical aspects of reality.

To summarize the last post, “where did everything come from?”: Everything has always been there/here in some form. There is no evidence to support the idea that everything arose from nothing, or is dissolving into nothing. There is no absolute beginning or end, only change that happens in conformance with a system of logic that we call the laws of nature. The idea of nothingness comes from the mistaken concept of the absence of something; but there is no evidence that the stuff of reality has ever been absent. In fact, the law of the conservation of the substance of reality (an extension of the law of the conservation of mass and energy) excludes that possibility. Therefore nothingness is an illusion, and, like space and time, has no existence of its own. There is not, never has been, and never can be a state of absolute nothingness. It is now clear that nothing does not exist.

We are now able to answer the more important questions of existence, including: What is consciousness? What is Life? Why and how does it arise? And what is the meaning of life and the purpose of existence? These are questions that are of utmost importance to us as human beings, but that cannot be answered from within the logic of physical theory. These questions are examples of logical questions that cannot be answered within the axiomatic system within which they have been formulated. The fact that such meaningful questions do exist was proved by mathematician Kurt Gödel in what is known as Gӧdel’s Incompleteness Theorems. Because of the quantization of the stuff of physical reality (mass and energy), the logical structure of the physical universe is finite, and a finite logical system can be investigated using an axiomatic basis and deductive reasoning. The cosmos, however, is far more extensive than the physical universe. The cosmos is actually infinite, as can be demonstrated by the mathematical process of dimensional extrapolation. [An n-dimensional domain can only be observed from an (n+1)-dimensional domain.]

The logical structure of the physical universe is embedded in the infinite cosmos, and the logic of integral number theory reflects and/or is reflected in the structure of the cosmos. Without further ado, I will present the answers to these most important questions, as revealed by the Calculus of Distinctions of the Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm (TDVP).

What is Consciousness?
Consciousness is Primary. It contains within it the logical structure of the cosmos. It is infinite, and everything arises from it. Consciousness cannot, therefore, be unambiguously defined in terms of finite words or forms because such words and forms will always be contained within it.

What is Life?
Life is the manifestation of the logical structure of consciousness in the mass, energy and gimmel of the physical universe. Gimmel, the non-physical aspect of structure, is the organizing principle that allows matter and energy to reflect the logic of pure consciousness.

How and Why does Life arise?
The emergence of living organisms is as inevitable as the existence of quarks, protons, electrons, neutrons, and the atoms of the periodic table. Their forms are dictated by gimmel, just as the structures of elementary particles are. The different life forms reflect the range of logical possibilities existing in the structure of Primary Consciousness. The answer to why they arise lies in the nature of the logical structure of Primary consciousness.
What is the Meaning and Purpose of Life and Existence?
The meaning and purpose of the existence of finite organic life forms and individualized consciousness on this planet, and elsewhere, is the reproduction of Primary Consciousness. If you can think of Primary Consciousness beyond names and forms as God, then you are God in the making. Life and conscious experience are the processes by which this is accomplished.

ERC 11/23/2018

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