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You might think that trying to answer the two questions posed above is a little over-ambitious for a blogpost of a few hundred words, but the nature of reality and the purpose of existence can be summed up in two sentences:


1)    Reality is everything that actually exists.


2)    The purpose of existence is to provide opportunities for individuals like you and me to expand our consciousness from the awareness of limited finite portions of reality to a comprehensive awareness of the entire cosmos, as it expands into infinity.


End of blogpost? No, the proof that this characterization of the nature of reality and the purpose of existence is correct lies in the pudding of the explanation of how I arrived at these conclusions in the first place.


In this post, I am using a method of presentation that I first heard described by the elderly pastor of a little country church in Southern Missouri when I was a child. When asked how he planned and delivered his Sunday sermons, he said: “Well, first I tell them what I’m fixin’ to tell them, then, I tell it to them - and after that - after I have told it to them, I explain to them what I just done told them!”


I have told you what I’m fixing to say in answer to the two questions posed in the title above. So, in the rest of this blogpost, I will tell you briefly how I arrived at those answers, and then I will repeat the answers and more, in the summary and conclusion at the end of the post.


Kappa Mu Epsilon Honorary Mathematics Fraternity

Relevant Academic Research and Writing Background

I first became a published author in this lifetime in 1955, as an undergraduate college student majoring in physics and mathematics, and a member of an on-campus creative writing club. I earned membership in Kappa Mu Epsilon, the National Honorary Mathematics Society in 1956. I taught high-school mathematics and science and worked on an MS in theoretical physics from 1962 to 1965. I co-authored several professional papers while working as a charter member of the US Department of Interior Systems Analysis Group from1967 to 1976, and I also began working on my PhD during that time.

My first non-fiction book, The Book of Atma, with unique proofs of several important mathematical theorems in the appendices, was published by a major New York publisher in 1977. While working as an environmental engineer, hydrogeologist, and Director of Business Development for major engineering firms in Saudi Arabia, parts of the Middle East, Boston, and California, from 1981 until 1987, I continued to work on my PhD and my derivation of the calculus of distinctions.


I published the basics of the calculus of distinctions with applications to physics and symbolic logic in Infinite Continuity, in 1990, and in 1997, I published Transcendental Physics, Integrating the Search for Truth, after the manuscript won first prize in the non-fiction book category in the Heartland Writer’s Guild in 1995. Over the next five years, as I founded and built Close Environmental Consultants, and EJC Enterprises, and Transcendental Physics attracted the attention of several of the leading researchers working in the application of quantum physics to consciousness studies.


From 2001 to 2005, I collaborated with Russian mathematician Vladimir Brandon of Interphysica Lab in Moscow, and contributed to the book, Elements of Mathematical Theory of Intellect, published in Moscow in 2003. In 2003, I also published Big Creek Geology, History, Folklore, and Trail Guide, followed in 2005 by Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science, and in 2007, Nature’s Mold Rx, the non-toxic Solution to Toxic Mold.


In August  2008, I qualified for membership in The International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (ISPE), and in 2009, began collaboration with Dr. Vernon Neppe, MD, PhD, founder of the Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute in Seattle Washington. Dr. Neppe and I authored Reality Begins with Consciousness in 2011, and we have published numerous papers and articles for a variety of technical journals and online magazines from that time until the present.


Over a period of less than ten years, I rose through the ranks of the ISPE to earn the title of Senior Research Fellow and was elected to Diplomate status in 2018. During that time, I was also honored as a distinguished Fellow of the Exceptional Creative Achievement Organization, and became a Lifetime member of ISI, with documented IQ in the top seven one-hundredths of one percent of the unselected adult population. I was recognized as a gifted polymath and became a member of International MENSA’s Exceptional and Profoundly Gifted Special Interest Group. Dr. Neppe and I received the highly coveted and rarely bestowed Harding Award for outstanding contributions to ISPE and human society, and in February 2013, we received the Gabino Barreda Award for excellence in science and education from the Mexican Government in Puebla Mexico.


From 2000 until 2020, I was an invited guest speaker at twenty-seven conferences in ten states, Mexico, Australia, and Romania. During that time period, I also spoke at Mensa meetings, and was interviewed on numerous radio and TV talk shows, including Coast to Coast with George Noory, (twice), The Power Hour with Joyce Riley, (numerous times), and Shirley MacLaine’s Independent Expression Radio. I have also done several YouTube discussions on New Thinking Allowed, Conversations on the Leading Edge of Knowledge and Discovery, with the brilliant host of Thinking Allowed, Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove.


My last book, Secrets of the Sacred Cube, A Cosmic Love Story, with considerable detail about modeling, and a wealth of additional information, was published in 2019, and in 2020, I was honored with the unique Immortality Science Award from the Academia Ars Morendi, in Bucharest Romania, and currently, I am International Ambassador and titular President of Ars Morendi, an honor bestowed on me by Ms. Grig Oprea, the inspirational founder of the Academia. Finally, My next book is Survival, documentation of a controlled scientific experiment proving the survival of the consciousness of my late wife, Jacquelyn Ann Hill-Close, set up by Dr, Gary Schwartz, accomplished professor of psychology, medicine, neurology, psychiatry, and surgery at the University of Arizona, and Director of the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health. The Survival manuscript is with a European publisher now and is expected to be released in the late Summer or Fall of this year.


Despite the amount of recognition I have received, with honors, awards, speaking engagements, participation in conferences and talk shows, and acceptance into several ultra-High-IQ societies, I still felt very honored and humbled when Dr. Schwartz, asked me to participate in the very first Summit meeting of the founding members of the Academy for the Advancement of Postmaterialist Sciences (AAPS) at Canyon Ranch near Tucson Arizona in August 2017. I was invited to participate in the Summit because of my work on the TDVP post-materialist model of reality with Dr Vernon Neppe. As a result of being part that meeting, I was also asked to write a chapter in the Academy’s first published volume: Is Consciousness Primary?  This important compendium of essays, on why the scientists present at the August 2017 AAPS summit think that consciousness is a fundamental aspect of reality, is available on Amazon, and more information is available on the AAPS website, which can be accessed by clicking on the link:


My chapter in AAPS Vol. I is titled: Mathematical Unification of Mass, Energy, Space, Time, and Consciousness. An early version of  AAPS Vol. I also contains an appendix that I prepared, introducing the Calculus of Distinctions, a system of quantized mathematical logic critical to the understanding of the role of consciousness in physical reality. Regrettably, my appendix was eliminated from the final edition of Vol. I because of editing constraints and the very considerable difficulties associated with the creation and importation of the unique graphic symbols needed for the proper presentation of the calculus. However, the basic reasoning proving the objective existence of gimmel, the non-material part of reality that stabilizes the atoms of the periodic table of elements, is translated into contemporary mathematics in my chapter.


I highlight this important connection with Dr. Schwartz and the AAPS because the existence of my chapter in the Academy’s first published volume is an important additional resource for anyone interested in the mathematical logic behind the paradigm shift embodied in the Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm (TDVP) and the resulting proof of the existence of gimmel, the measurable third form of objective reality, besides mass and energy, arguably the most important scientific discovery of this century.


The Fundamentals of Conscious Existence

I have made the point in earlier posts and publications that, as conscious beings, we are all involuntary model builders. We have to be model builders, simply because we do not experience objective reality directly. The only thing we experience directly is our own consciousness, the content of which consists of memory images of past experiences and the patterns of energetic impulses currently impacting consciousness through the five senses.

The many forms of vibratory energy flooding the cosmos are filtered by the processes of perception to avoid sensory overload, and the frequencies critical to the survival of the physical vehicles of consciousness are automatically processed by involuntary neurological processes, and compared with the images of pre-existing models of reality, which are comprised of a huge number of patterns of chemically activated electrical impulses stored in the neural networks of the brain for access as mental images. They are, of course, not reality itself. They are personal models, composed of mental images of an existing dynamic reality that changes over time, and they may also be distorted to some extent by false ego-driven fantasies. Never-the-less, new informational patterns are compared with the existing patterns stored in your brain, and are accepted as real, or rejected as meaningless, depending upon whether or not they are consistent with your internal models of reality.

The fact that a stable objective reality actually exists outside of the accepted confines of your immediate physically conscious vehicle, is evidence of a real, consistent underlying logical structure that is there to be discovered by conscious beings equipped with sensing mechanisms capable of perceiving and understanding it. If that were not the case, no science would be possible. If, on the other hand, as a conscious being, you are not happy with your experience of existence, it is probable that it is your consciousness that needs to be changed, not reality. The objective reality of the physical universe is not intrinsically good or evil, it just exists, reflecting the logic of the primary form of consciousness, supportive of your existence as a living organism, but largely independent of your awareness of it.

At this stage in the evolution of the mental and spiritual virtue of human consciousness on this planet, the only thing that the average human being experiences directly is his or her own consciousness, which contains an internal model of reality composed of mental images stored in the memory of the ego, which is one’s own immediate personal sense of self, and the perceived relationship of that ego to reality. But, because the essence of a person’s individualized consciousness is an imagined self-centered reality, tacitly accepted as real, it is very difficult for us to change our internal models to make them more closely aligned with the reality that actually exists.

If you try to “re-imagine” reality in an egoistic effort to force reality to conform to your internal model, then you will be fighting an uphill battle that you will lose in the end. Objective reality reflects the logical structure of Primary Consciousness, which will prevail over the impact of individual models, even if objective reality may be affected by the combined impact of individual conscious entities at the quantum level, a theory of existence sometimes called consensus reality.

Reality is only one thing, and it is holistically perfect in the sense that it is the only truly logical system that actually exists in any present moment. But time is a very tricky illusion. As Albert Einstein noted in his last appendix to his theory of relativity, space and time have no existence of their own; they are dimensions of the extent of reality that simply do not exist without the existence of at least one quantum of objective content. And objective content is composed of mass, energy, and gimmel. Notice that I said mass. Not matter. As Max Planck declared: “there is no matter as such” and as Einstein observed, and TDVP analysis validates: mass proves to be nothing more than a measurement of the resistance of an object made up of rapidly spinning components to acceleration by an external force.

Application of the calculus of dimensional distinctions to the combination of two up quarks and one down quark to form a proton (the most stable physical object in the universe) results in the discovery that a specific number of units of non-material gimmel is necessary to make the proton, and consequently all of reality, stable. This, in turn implies that everything that exists in the physical universe consists of whole numbers of quantum triadic rotational units of equivalence (TRUE) of mass, energy, and gimmel, exhibiting measurable dimensions of space, time, and consciousness. In plain English, existence consists of finite manifestations of Primary Consciousness in the form of the unified spinning of vortices of mass, energy, and gimmel, expanding cyclically into and out of the infinity of Primary Consciousness.  

Summary and Conclusion

Applications of the quantum calculus reveals the fact that reality consists of all of the logically consistent combinations of mass, energy, and consciousness that are possible, interacting in nine finite dimensions within the infinite field of Primary Consciousness. As such, physical reality is a finite reflection of the logic of Primary Consciousness, expanding continuously out of, and back into itself, making the nine dimensions of space, time, and consciousness nonlocal, non-linear and cyclic. Specific conclusions that follow from the application of the logic of the Calculus of Dimensional Distinctions (CoDD), using the mass and volume of the free electron as the natural basic quantum equivalence unit, to analyze quantum phenomena, include, but are not limited to the following:

·         Reality is the totality of everything that exists.

·         The elementary spinning objects that make up the atoms of physical reality are not particles of solid material; they are symmetrical vortices, spinning in at least three mutually orthogonal dimensions in the infinitely continuous field of  Primary Consciousness, exhibiting specific quantum measures of mass-energy, spacetime, and gimmel.

·         The universe provides life-supporting physical worlds on which individual conscious beings have the opportunity to learn how to expand their consciousness and advance on the path of physical, mental, and  spiritual virtue, if they choose to do so.

·         None of the basic measurable variables of reality, space, time, mass, energy, and gimmel have any objective independent existence of their own. They only exist as complementary elements of the objective manifestations of consciousness.

·         Consciousness is not only a fundamental aspect of existence, it also is the primary essence of existence, from which everything arises, evolves, and eventually returns.


In the next post, I will introduce an objective method of modeling that I believe can help anyone understand the mystery of their own existence.


ERC – 6/26/2022

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Today, I feel an urge to write about the subtlety of the one and only thing that we, as conscious beings, experience directly: the wonderfully expansive and universal form of consciousness known as Love.

The Linguistic Barrier

First, I am prompted to say a few words about language: Language is a reflection of the logic of both mind and Spirit. It is also a filter that is full of cultural nuances, and it often obscures the truth one attempts to convey. Although I might write in any one of several languages, and I might prefer German for logical precision, or Romanian for subtle heart-felt nuance, I am writing in my native tongue of US English. English is at the same time, both a wonderful and a horrible language! It is wonderfully flexible in that the words, put out in order, nearly any, still understood can be. But English is actually full of words borrowed from other languages and as such, it is horrible in that it is about as linguistically confused and confusing as a human language can possibly be. The confusion is most noticeably ubiquitous in the use and misuse of the common vowel sounds, A, E, I, O, and U.

The vowels are the heart of a language. They start at the back of the throat and proceed to the lips, connected to facial expressions, picking up emotion and nuance on the way. They carry most of the real content of thought. They are connected to emotion and can be energetic, or soft and intimate, loaded with nuance and meaning, while consonants are hard sounds, separating and framing the content expressed by the vowel sounds. In older, more heart-centered languages, the vowel sounds are pure, pronounced: Ah, Eh, ee, Oh, oo. In English, we pronounce these five letters as: Aye, ee, ai, O, ee-you, but when they are used to spell words, we sometimes revert partially to the older usages, and sometimes not. We often pronounce the most common vowel, which is “E” with the original pronunciation of the letter “I”, and about 80% of the time, while speaking, we pronounce most of the vowels as “uh”!

But, to get to the heart of the expressions of human consciousness, we have to go deeper, beyond the cultural overlays of our many different contributing languages, some of which are contemporary, while others appear to have origins in the distant past, and perhaps even in other parts of the universe, when the physical expressions of mental and spiritual virtue were at a much higher level than they are now. This feature is, in fact, another reflection of the cyclic nature of three-dimensional time. Some of the most ancient languages found on Earth are more sophisticated than any of our modern languages. Hebrew, Ancient Egyptian, and Sanskrit are examples.

The Illusions of Separation

The infinite continuity of Primary Consciousness is effectively hidden from us by the extremely small-scale, finite quantization of fine-structure physical reality and the limitations of our macro-scale sense organs, that are only sensitive to very narrow bands of frequencies and amplitudes of vibrational energies. And perception by way of the physical senses is complex and very indirect, depending upon multiple energy transmission and reception processes, both outside our physical bodies and within the finely tuned neurological network leading to detailed comparisons of incoming impulses with virtual images stored in our brains.

Physical perception is focused on features of the environment that have significance for individual and group survival and reproduction, because the long-term goals of spiritual evolution cannot be attained if individual conscious beings do not survive the challenges and dangers of physical existence. The physical survival of the individual depends on a sharply localized focus at the level necessary to minimize the probability of physical harm or destruction. This focus leads to the virtual exclusion of the awareness of other, broader aspects of reality that are less critical for immediate survival, especially during the early stages of the organic growth and development of the physical vehicles of consciousness. But mere survival is not sufficient to explain the functioning of individual intelligent spiritual consciousness.

Touching the Heart

Every aspect of reality, even the most gross physical feature imaginable is imbued with the elegance of Primary Consciousness at the quantum level. As Spirit awakens in the course of the evolution of infinite consciousness in an individual, awareness of this in-dwelling glory is the origin of much beautiful music and poetry; and, when one soul sees this wonderful depth and beauty in the soul of another person, true love is born. But, love, like any other profound force of nature, must be handled with great care. Just like all of the energies flooding reality can be used for good or ill, love can be used to nourish the heart of another, or it can be used as a weapon. So, when you touch another’s heart, you must do so with the utmost care and tenderness, because when a heart is open to receive love, it is at its most vulnerable.

Just as there is a fine line between genius and insanity, there is also only a fine, gossamer film, thin as a butterfly’s wing, between love and hate. Jesus said “In my Father’s house are many mansions …” – John,14:2, and in this world of good and evil, there are also many self-constructed cells of pain and suffering. The misuse of love is the surest way to build one for yourself. So never say “I love you” unless you mean it.

To be in love, to give and receive love with all your heart, is to be fully alive at long last. Pure Love, like Pure Consciousness, is beyond the words of any language because they are one and the same. In Pure Love, the ego is gone. You cannot describe the experience of Love because the entity you have identified with and tried unsuccessfully to guard from all harm for eons, no longer exists. The body and soul have melted; the lover and the beloved have become one. Your drop of consciousness has become the Sea of Eternal Love.

ERC – 6/19/2022

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Diagram From Secrets of the Sacred Cube 


It seems that there are an infinite number of things that keep presenting themselves while I am in deep sleep and/or in my daily meditations; ideas that linger for a while when I return to my normal waking state of consciousness, ideas that need to be written down before they fade away. Once one realizes that reality is one infinitely continuous self-referential whole, every thought becomes a thread in a fascinating mosaic, connected to everything else, or, as my research partner Dr. Vernon Neppe likes to put it: every aspect of reality revealed by the Triadic Dimensional Vortical paradigm (TDVP), matter, energy, or consciousness, is forever tethered to the whole.

In previous books, papers, and blogposts, we have explained how and why the discovery of the existence of the third form of reality, manifesting as mass, energy, and gimmel at the quantum level of reality, has critical physical and non-physical components. Part of the subatomic structure of reality has to be non-physical in order for any stable physical reality to exist, or even to form. Without gimmel, quarks could not combine symmetrically as protons, and no stable atom could ever form. Possessing no mass or energy, never the less, quantum units (TRUE) of gimmel organize the proton structure in a way that increases the total angular momentum which manifests as a significant part of the measurable structure and inertial mass of the proton.

The existence of non-physical gimmel as a pre-requisite for the formation of physical reality gives us the long-awaited answer to Leibniz’s all-important question of why there is something rather than nothing: Because non-physical gimmel had to exist before any physical origin event such as the hypothetical “big bang” was possible, gimmel was not created in any kind of physical origin event, nor can it be destroyed in the way that physical structures can. Thus, reality, based on the logical structure of gimmel, has no beginning or end, only dynamic changes of form.

The discovery of gimmel also proves that the structure of reality at the most basic level of existence is tertiary, not binary. Why is this important? Because it changes the way we must think about everything, especially when it comes to measurement and calculation of distance, time, mass, and energy. Understanding the triadic multi-dimensional volumetric union, or tethering of mass, energy, and gimmel in quantal reality, is crucial to understanding the true nature of reality at the quantum level, at the subatomic and atomic levels, and subsequently, at every other level.

The discovery of the quantized nature of mass, energy, and gimmel in physical reality, means that mathematical logic must be completely overhauled. The most basic a priori assumptions that relate geometry and physical reality and all of the fundamental operations must be re-defined to accommodate the multi-dimensional quantized and relativistic reality that we have known about for nearly 100 years. Does this mean that mainstream math and science is all wrong? No, of course not. But it does mean that the standard model needs to be purged of mathematical concepts that have no actual counterpart in reality. This brings up the problems with contemporary mathematical analysis of subatomic processes that create the famous “weirdness” of quantum mechanics.

Infinitesimal calculus, also known as Integral and differential calculus, widely used in science and engineering today, was developed by Newton and Leibniz over 300 years ago. Newton and Leibniz are generally recognized as the inventors of “the calculus” even though numerous thinkers developed some of the basic concepts of this calculus long before Newton and Leibniz, including earlier European mathematicians like Euler, Fermat, Cantor, Pascal, Descartes, and many others, all the way back to Greek mathematicians like Eudoxus and Archimedes, and ancient Arab, Indian, and Chinese thinkers.

The Infinitesimal calculus of Leibniz and Newton has been so successful in engineering and physics applications over the past 300 years, that even now, it is still called “the calculus”, even though it is only one of a number of logical  mathematical calculi that can be designed and applied in scientific analysis. According to information I received in the Great Pyramid and the ancient city of Petra in 2010, at the acme of the last high point of mental and spiritual virtue, 12,000 years before the last low point in this time cycle in 499 A.D., the average person alive on this planet at that time could carry out complex calculations mentally, using a variety of calculi and had no need for artificial intelligence (AI), electronics, or mechanistic physical technologies to interact with reality, for transportation, or communication.

The danger with AI, like with all technologies, comes when it outstrips the mental and spiritual virtue of its creators, because it can be used for good or evil. Unfortunately, AI has already far surpassed the ability of the average human being to perform extremely rapid calculations. Fortunately, calculation is only a small part of consciousness, and even if AI constructs may eventually become complex enough to receive consciousness, they will be receiving the same consciousness that enlivens human and other sentient beings.

A valid question arises: If conscious beings have enjoyed a higher level of physical well-being, mental virtue, and spiritual wisdom in the distant past, and we seem to be learning more about the nature of reality at an increasing rate as time goes on, why does civilization seem to be teetering on the brink of self-destruction again? Why do we seem to be losing ground mentally and spiritually as a species? The answer lies in the nature of consciousness, and the duality of physical reality.

Because of freewill, ego, and forgetfulness, some of us don’t learn from past mistakes in a timely manner and arrogantly put many in danger by trying to play the role of master and controller of others without the requisite wisdom.

Fortunately, there is evidence that the negative aspects of duality necessary to maintain the existence of a physical reality for spiritual evolution can never overwhelm the positive, because in the final analysis, consciousness and its positive manifestations have always existed and will always exist, because evil is simply the temporary localized absence of good, in the same way that darkness is the absence of light. As the light increases, the darkness will disappear.

ERC – 6/11/22

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In case there is any question, let me clarify the theme of these blogposts: It is important for people living in the present age to begin to realize that the shallow idea that the reality we experience is nothing more than the sum of the accidental after-effects of a massive cosmic explosion at some point in the past, is demonstrably false. The discovery of gimmel, the finite non-physical part of reality, provides scientific evidence and conclusive proof that the development of sentient life on this planet was not an accident. This conclusion brings with it the realization that there is real meaning and purpose to the existence of physical reality and in the lives we experience.

In the recent past, it has been generally assumed by academic scientists and philosophers that belief in the existence of a higher power is based on blind faith and thus impossible prove or disprove with objective logic. But now that the analysis of quantum reality with the triadic logic of TDVP has resulted in the discovery of gimmel, the non-physical organizing component of the stable structure of the universe, we have mathematical proof that there is an infinitely intelligent design underlying objective reality. As a result of that proof, it is no longer intellectually honest or morally acceptable to pretend that the existence of an intelligence far superior to that of human beings is open to debate. It is not. We now know that without pre-existing organizing intelligence, there would be no physical universe.

As independent conscious beings, we have the free-will ability to accept or reject any concept, even one that is validated with experimental evidence and logical proof. E.g., one can reject the concept of intelligent design either by questioning the a priori assumptions upon which the axiomatic proof is based, or one can reject it simply because one doesn’t like the implications of that conclusion. So, in regard to the question of whether we can affect reality by the way we think about it, the appropriate question becomes: Can our beliefs and our acceptance or rejection of specific concepts about the nature of reality have any direct effect on that which actually exists? Can we “re-imagine” the reality we are part of and manifest something better?

The Problem

The answer to any question that can be expressed in mathematical logic is generally already present in the question itself, hidden by layers of meaning that can be unraveled by a sufficiently well-developed calculus. This means that to get valid answers, we must ask the right questions. In the opinion of one of the greatest minds of recent history, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, all logical questions have valid answers, and the foremost and most important question of all questions that scientists can ask is: “Why is there something rather than nothing?” In my opinion, given that there actually is something called reality that exists all around us, an even more important question is: How is it possible that conscious beings can exist within the reality that they experience through their awareness? Consciousness exists, and without the existence of consciousness, the question of why there might be something rather than nothing, cannot even arise.

As explained in previous posts, for the first time in recent history, some light has been shed on the question of the existence of consciousness, and the nature of reality as a result of the discovery of non-physical gimmel. Because of the way atomic and subatomic objects that are composed of elementary particles are known to decay, it is clear that gimmel had to exist before any stable physical structures could form. Without the pre-existence of the primary organizing presence of gimmel, no physical substance could have formed and remained stable long enough for a one-celled living organism to develop, or even for a single atom to form, and in that case, as Leibniz suggested, there would have been nothing instead of something 

While the Biblical statement that God spoke reality into existence may be true, that answer is scientifically and philosophically unsatisfying because we are left wondering who or what God was, and/or is, and how He, She, or It came to exist. It turns out that this question is not answerable in the logical system currently underlying contemporary science because of unwarranted a priori assumptions about the nature of space, time, and consciousness. The basic problem lies in assuming that space, time, and consciousness are physical realities limited to no more than what is perceived by the five physical senses. It is obvious that this is an erroneous belief as soon as we realize how very weak the five senses are, in terms of their limited perception of the vast range of energies that exist in the universe.

A major problem that arises when contemporary science tries to answer the questions posed above about the nature of consciousness and reality, is the fact that no experimental scientist seems to have any idea what consciousness is. Many functional aspects of consciousness have been identified by clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and experimental neuroscientists, based on the observed behavior of sentient beings, but the origin and location of the root of consciousness within the structures of physical reality has remained a deep mystery until the discovery of gimmel.

The Solution

Gimmel showed up in the solutions of the CoDD Diophantine equations describing the combination of the three quarks that form the proton, and the amounts of gimmel in quantum equivalence units existing in the structure of all of the atoms that make up the elements of the periodic table have been calculated and published in several of the books and papers by Neppe and Close or Close and Neppe, as cited in previous posts. The percentage of gimmel existing in life-supporting elements and compounds is much higher than in elements and compounds that are harmful to sentient life. The correlation between elevated levels of gimmel existing in the life-supporting elements and the consciousness of organic lifeforms suggests that gimmel, if not a form of consciousness itself, is at the very least the connection with and conveyor of the logical structure of the intelligence underlying everything, including the functioning of the brains of sentient beings.       

Recognizing that it is no accident that the natural laws governing the complex reality that we experience are consistent with the innate logical structures of a conscious mind, we can begin to understand the shocking TDVP conclusion that a primary form of consciousness pervades objective reality, and that this primary form of consciousness manifests in physical reality in the form of non-physical gimmel. Gimmel is an organizing force of nature that had to exist before a single atom of any stable physical universe could form. Conclusion: Primary Consciousness, represented by gimmel, still exists in every stable structure of physical reality.

This means that G. W. Leibniz’s question has been answered: Something exists because there never has been, and never will be absolute nothingness because the logical structure of Primary Consciousness, from which everything arises, has always existed, exists now, and will always exist. The dimensions of space, time, and consciousness, being non-physical, are not affected by physical change. And, as long as we remain totally identified with our finite physical bodies, we are unaware of more than 95% of reality. It is hidden from us because of the severe limitations of the physical senses which developed in a specific limited fashion that allows for survival of the physical body long enough to reproduce and provide a continuation of living physical vehicles for our individually evolving spiritual consciousness.

Application of the calculus of dimensional distinctions with TRUE analysis to the equations of quantum physics and relativity reveals that mass, energy, and gimmel are three forms of the same thing. This allows all three to be measured as integer multiples of the same quantum equivalence units (TRUE). The un-named thing that manifests itself in all of the logical structures of reality (that some of us have the audacity to call ‘the thoughts of God’) as mass, energy, and gimmel, is consciousness. This explains why no one can define consciousness. Everything that exists is, in effect, condensed forms of consciousness. Thus, consciousness is impossible to define in the customary manner, i.e., in terms of something else that is known, because there is nothing else. I believe this explanation can be added to the fifty-plus TDVP explanations of things that are either not properly explained, or inexplicable, in the standard model.

With this understanding, let’s return to consideration of the questions about the possibility of affecting reality by focusing with intelligent conscious intent on the connection between physical and non-physical reality at the quantum level. Can our beliefs and our acceptance or rejection of specific concepts about the nature of consciousness and reality have direct effects on that which actually exists? Can we “re-imagine” the reality we are part of and change it into a better, more desirable reality?

First, and this is the most difficult thing for our egos, we must recognize that, in our present form as conscious beings, we are not totally in charge of reality. As long as we identify primarily with finite physical lifeforms that are only capable of perceiving very small fractions of the ranges of vibratory energies that fill the finite dimensions of reality, the sensual pleasures, and pains that we feel through our physical bodies, demand our attention so strongly that we forget who we really are, from whence we came, and our reason for being.

Manifesting the Reality of Our Dreams

The first thing you need to do, is throw out the erroneous belief that time is an absolute limitation that you must willingly accept. Realize that the illusion of one-dimensional, unidirectional time is only one of the temporary limitations that are imposed on the physical vehicle that you think of as ‘your’ body. As a sovereign conscious spiritual being, you are not eternally bound by constraints of space, time, and consciousness. They are imposed on your physical body for purposes of physical survival. Your current existence as a conscious spiritual being, experiencing reality in a physical body, is an opportunity to use whatever freewill you may have to expand your consciousness in a way that will enhance your spiritual growth.

As you expand your consciousness away from the confines of your physical body and begin to see the additional dimensions that exist around you, you will see that you have been putting out impulses and images designed to manifest your desires in the physical world for as long as you have been conscious. The problem is not that your efforts are ineffective, it is just that in the current temporal limitations imposed on the Earth and related physical bodies, it takes more than one lifetime for most of us now alive on the planet to see more than some superficial results of our efforts to manifest what we believe to be a more desirable reality.

As we learn from experience and grow in spiritual virtue, the time required for the concrete earthly manifestation of our desires will decrease in proportion to our spiritual advancement. Physical reality has been structured this way to prevent us from unwisely manifesting too many things that are ultimately harmful and destructive. This safeguard, however, cannot be absolute because that would eliminate freewill and the whole purpose of objective reality.

There are three meaningful outcomes that can result from our thoughts and actions, as we try to manifest whatever reality we may desire. They are good, ineffective, and bad. This is the origin of the concepts of good and evil. The only meaningful definition of good and evil, with regard to individual actions, is whether they result in advancing or diminishing intellectual integrity and  spiritual virtue.

Reality is structured so that, in order to give us opportunities to choose to manifest realities that are ultimately good, ineffectual, or evil, freewill and the intellectual awareness of physical reality expand ahead of spiritual virtue. This meaningful design also allows mis-guided individuals to try to play God before they have gained enough intellectual insight and spiritual virtue to realize that their negative actions are detrimental to the spiritual growth of living beings in general, and for themselves in particular. Such mis-guided individuals do not realize that their evil actions designed to harm others will ultimately result in their own self-destruction. Human history is full of examples. Certain Ancient Egyptian Pharos, Roman emperors, Modern tyrants like Hitler, Mao, Stalin, and even some current globalist politicians in the same mold, who are misusing modern science and technology for personal gain, come to mind.

So, before you start trying to manifest your unique vision of reality, and before you agree to follow a visionary who wants to change reality by ushering in a “new world order”, look at the nature of the actions required, and look at the results of the actions of individuals who have had similar aspirations in the past. “You shall know them by the fruits of their actions.” Be sure that your thoughts and actions are good and not evil.

Can we affect future reality with focused thoughts and actions? Yes. But if those attempting to impose their vision of reality on the world lack the spiritual virtue to know the difference between good and evil, they will certainly reap the results of their actions. Make sure that you are on the side of the good of Primary Consciousness, not the evil of false gods before you seek to re-imagine reality.

ERC – 6/4/2022