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The Blazing Diamond and the Quantum Jewel Press Release

Here I am in the Ancient City of Petra, in Southern Jordan, with my trusty ship of the desert. Why am I posting this picture with the press release on a new quantum physics breakthrough? Do I have to have a reason? It's one of my favorite recent pictures. It proves that I get around, and anyway, all things are connected at the quantum level!
Here's the press release as it is now. Erin Morgart, a writer/consultant for USA Today, is enthusiastic about getting into the paper soon.

November 1, 2013, Seattle, WA:


The Blazing Diamond and the Quantum Jewel: Two major discoveries in quick succession

The groundbreaking Close-Neppe 9D spin derivation is supported by the latest ‘Quantum Jewel’ finding.
The Close-Neppe Discovery represents a major realignment of Standard Physics with the broader Reality of human experience.

By Erin Morgart

            Quantum Physics has expanded rapidly in 2013 thanks to the discoveries of two sets of elite scientists, working separately. 1, 2

Close and Neppe: The Sparkling Diamond:
            In July, 2013, Edward R. Close and Vernon M. Neppe announced their discovery that there are actually nine finite dimensions 1, 3Our day-to-day experience is one of experiencing our physical reality—the length, breadth and height of objects. These three dimensions of Space change with every new moment in Time. These features reflect the first four dimensions. The idea that there are nine spinning dimensions means that much of our actual reality is hidden.” explained Dr Neppe.
            The Close-Neppe mathematical derivation allowed these scientists to demonstrate the solution to some of Physics’ most remarkable mysteries1, including elucidating the Cabibbo angle and intrinsic spin. 1, 3 The Cabibbo angle, a measure of the probability of a certain kind of particle decay, had been found to persist at a very strange angle (13.04 degrees). The reason why it was that specific size could not be explained by the Standard Model of Particle Physics, and consequently, it had remained unsolved for 50 years since its discovery by Nicola Cabibbo in 1963: It could only be solved by applying the correct number of spinning dimensions (namely 9). As Dr Close elaborated, “this 9-dimensional spin finding opens the door to demonstrating a radical new concept of reality: Our recent findings suggest we can now move beyond this seemingly strange and inexplicable angle of elementary particles to understand the interaction with the observer’s consciousness. That is why the 9-dimensional (9D for short) spin finding appears to be so impactful.”
            The 9D derivation required a logical basis: This is provided by the ‘Neppe-Close TDVP’ (technically TDdVP) 4 model, a proposed so-called ‘theory of everything’. TDdVP describes the Triad’ of Space, Time, and Consciousness all being inseparably tied (‘tethered’) together; TDVP involves carefully defined ‘dimensions’ and uses a new mathematical technique, the Calculus of Distinctions. TDVP requires spinning movements (Vortices). It reflects a major paradigm shift that appears feasible mathematically, in the broader sciences, and also results in a philosophical model. Even prior to their latest findings, Dr Adrian Klein, the contemporary Israeli Dimensional Biopsychophysicist and Consciousness Researcher, an expert on Theories of Everything, and the pioneer of the ‘Subquantal Integration Approach’, markedly endorsed the Neppe-Close model. “TDVP is a work that will change mankind's future. It is a monumental work forcing obsolete preconceptions to crumble. This is a seismic shift in understanding the understanding process itself!”
            The Close-Neppe 9-dimensional derivation was postulated by TDVP; conversely, the 9D discovery confirmed that component of the TDVP hypothesis. Pertinently, this 9D spin demonstration is quite different from String Theory. Close clarified: The ‘strings’ in the various String Theories generally involve the ‘curling’ or ‘folding’ into extra dimensions, and do not usually regard ‘spin’ as the major requirement for more dimensions. It’s an irony, too, that String Theory apparently remains unproven mathematically—that is why it’s a ‘theory’. In addition, no String theories I know of, have a total of 9 dimensions. But, perhaps most pertinent of all, String theories do not involve any kind of consciousness and do not generally specifically postulate Multidimensional Time, often speaking of poorly defined space-like or time-like ‘spaces’. 3 By contrast, our TDVP model is based on sound logic, scientific evidence and mathematics3. It produces strong empirical evidence for more than one dimension of time, and argues for the profound need for consciousness to be included in any equation describing reality.”
             In summary, the 9 finite dimensions appear mathematically feasible, yet applying the math to any other dimensions, like the 10, 11 or 26 as in some String Theories, or the 4, as in our experience of our day-to-day reality, produces errors: TDVP scientifically and mathematically motivates multiple dimensions, and Close and Neppe show that there are likely 3 carefully defined dimensions each of Space, Time and Consciousness. For Close: “Mathematically, the spin is the key: These rotational movements—the ‘vortices’—allow a way to move through dimensions.” These scientists had to develop new mathematical techniques to derive their information: These include the ‘Calculus of Distinctions’ (the ‘Sparkling Diamond’) and ‘Dimensional Extrapolation’ 3. They also, of course, relied on already well-established conventional mathematical techniques to help in the exploration of the many ‘extra’ dimensions.

The Quantum Jewel: Arkani-Hamed and Collaborators
            The second major 2013 event in Mathematical Physics occurred in September. Quanta Magazine published an article “A Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics” 2. The author described how physicists, Nima Arkani-Hamed, Jaroslav Trnka at the Institute for Advanced Study, along with other collaborators, discovered a new technique for applying multidimensional mathematics and pointed to the relevance of spin by incorporating ‘twistors’ 2.
            Arkani-Hamed and collaborators discovered that particle interactions may be based on a multi-faceted geometric shape, the ‘amplituhedron’. This looks like a metaphorical intricate, multifaceted ‘jewel’ in higher dimensions, so much so that these scientists could be referred to as the ‘Jewel Scientists’. Their findings significantly simplify multidimensional math, and change ideas about space and time locality and the so-called ‘unitary elements’.2 Their general finding indirectly motivates the feasibility of more easily deriving multidimensional quantal particle structures, and would therefore indirectly support the earlier-announced more specific Close-Neppe discoveries1.
            Just as Close and Neppe had derived a 9-dimensional spin mathematical finding to explain elementary particles, the math of the Jewel scientists also negated the idea that all quantum physics could be conceptualized purely as properties of four-dimensional physicality: Both groups demonstrated mathematically that quantum physics simply cannot fit ‘locally’ into the geometric ‘unit’ that was previously regarded just as three dimensions of space and a moment in time. Instead, they supported the view that quantum realities can be simplified when conceptualizing new structures in higher dimensional realities, making calculations with the appropriate math much easier.
            “Our 9-dimensional spin mathematics can be regarded as very simple”, Close explained. “Our new mathematical techniques for describing multidimensionality begin with the fundamental application of ‘distinctions’. We then recognize that observational perception is relative, and that what is regarded as ‘non-local’ may be non-local only relative to the particular dimensional domains being considered.” Neppe amplified: “Indeed, our finite reality consists of discrete components—these are quanta: We could think of them like the ‘pixels’ on our TV, but these are much, much, much tinier fundamental units. But these ‘pixels’ are not just contained in the 3 dimensions of space and single moment in time we actively experience all the time: They’re actually in nine dimensions—it’s just we cannot directly experience most of them. But they’re still always happening in the background.”
            We could predict that the two metaphoric findings of the ‘Jewel’ and the ‘Diamond’ may ultimately work synergistically with each other: Close and Neppe’s 9-dimensional spinning reality might be a specific applicable derivation of the mathematical applications of Arkani-Hamed and collaborators. But, even if that link were shown, in addition to the more obvious ostensible similarities such as the multidimensionality applying simplified math, there are some pivotal differences between these two momentous 2013 findings: It begins with a metaphorical ‘diamond’.

The Diamond in it all: The Calculus of Distinctions         
            The work of Neppe and Close could be regarded as including its own possible metaphoric jewel, a multifaceted diamond in stature, because of the fundamental quality and durability of the mathematical technique, called the Calculus of (Dimensional) Distinctions (CoD). CoD has many creative and unique facets:
·         It reflects the most fundamental logical system to approach Reality.
·         It allows applications across different dimensions, recognizing the distinctions between our different kinds of experiences, and how the mathematics can be applied at different dimensional levels.
·         It allows conceptualizing conscious awareness, differentiating our experience at the most fundamental of levels, and ultimately realizing the relative nature of the hidden dimensional realities of existence.
·         The CoD distinguishes 'variables of extent, content and impact'. These are applied to ensure that the dimensional, the substantial and the influences on events or objects are differentiated: consciousness is a critical common element in all of these.
·          It recognizes the key experiential roles of subjective ‘perceptions’, ‘conceptions’ and ‘interpretations’: What to us is experience in everyday reality, may be quite different at, for example, the sixth and seventh dimensional domains.
·         The CoD also allows for integrating the complex algebras and multidimensional geometries. This is possibly its most practical use.
            We are driven to ask: “Is the Close-Neppe Calculus of Distinctions the metaphorical Diamond of Scientific Jewels?” Neppe answered carefully: “Yes, it seems to be a major new discovery,…but the full implications are still tentative. Just as Einsteinian relativity required a ‘thought experiment’ for many to understand, we’ve applied the same here by replicating our original TDVP Cabibbo angle findings of a finite 9-dimensional spinning model.” Dr Close elaborated on this just completed derivation. “I began with a simple Rubik's Cube to be able to mimic simple rotations. I then extended this to the CoD to demonstrate with a thought experiment that there are indeed 9 finite dimensions in quantum reality, and that (as we had postulated before) 8 of them are spinning. We appear to have 3 dimensions of Space, 3 of Time and the rest are Consciousness dimensions.” Neppe extended the metaphor: “If the ‘Jewel’ is a new, easier mathematical way to represent millions of calculations, then the ‘Diamond’ is the new, fundamental and basic unification that is reflected in the Calculus of Distinctions. It certainly allows for the jigsaw puzzle pieces to fit, one step at a time.”

The missing link: Consciousness
            Arkani-Hamed and their collaborators follow the giant footsteps of the remarkable pioneering early 20th century work of the great multidimensional theorists (Albert Einstein, Hermann Minkowski, Theodore Kaluza and Oskar Klein) and of the later String and Superstring theorists. But they, too, have not included something the ‘Diamond Scientists’ regard as fundamental.“The key missing element is the involvement of a very specifically defined broader form of ‘Consciousness’ beginning at the level of the most basic quantal particles, or just possibly even subquantally, and proceeding to include a deeper understanding of the entire cosmos.”
            The role of Consciousness has largely been ignored, despite Bell's theorem and the follow up work of Aspect and others in communication at a distance, the delayed choice experiments and the split screen work, all strongly motivating this. 3 “We realize that any term pertaining to ‘Consciousness’ evokes controversy. And many physicists interpret all this research as not involving any ‘consciousness’: An independent ‘consciousness’ simply does not fit into a physicalistic four dimensional paradigm. But the nine dimensional spin mathematics works when we apply consciousness in the equations, and we believe that there is solid scientific support based on research.3 In TDVP, we’ve motivated for Consciousness being its own substrate along with Space and Time. Applying it, allows its seamless application across not only the Physical, but the Biological, Psychological and, indeed, the Consciousness Sciences. Without it, we return back to a situation where even esteemed scientists, like Einstein, could not solve the multidimensionality problem. Adding consciousness fills the void that was missing.” Neppe added.
             Close carefully, but still excitedly, added to Neppe’s comment: “This change of perspective including ‘consciousness’ makes sense of many unexplained physical observations. Previously intractable mathematics now yields to simplified calculations that work and markedly change our view of higher dimensional existence: In this new kind of Particle Physics, a key concept that I have just discovered (October 2013) is what we’re calling the ‘Triadic Rotational Units of Equivalence’(TRUE). This is allocated to elementary particles in the chemical elements of the Periodic Table, and by logical extension to molecules. We propose that this may offer a new understanding of the fundamentals of reality, and based on our preliminary findings, even, possibly, of life,” This new research is still in process, but is a logical continuation of the 9D thought experiment. These findings are still being checked; if shown to be correct, they are extraordinarily exciting in their implications for Space, Time and Consciousness.
The dollar in the mint: The demonstration of existence
               Close and Neppe’s mathematical derivation of a previously incomprehensible, largely unheard of angle was new, yet this angle could be experimentally measured using complex particle colliders long before their discovery. To Neppe: “The Cabibbo angle itself may appear to be a minor, esoteric angle, but our perfect math derivation of it proves the existence of a 9-dimensional finite spin reality. This is not based on a guess or a mathematical generalization. Instead, it’s a real, now demonstrable mathematical derivation of finite reality. It demonstrates the presence of 9 dimensions, and, like a dollar demonstrates the mint, it confirms that a major hypothetical component of our TDVP ‘theory of everything’ model is supported. And now that our original finding has apparently been replicated by a thought experiment, we are more confident in applying new concepts like intrinsic spin and the TRUE. Indeed, it is our hope that applying a 9-dimensional spin model can open doors to many facets of Particle Physics, and, also, in understanding our perspective of the Cosmos and finite reality. That is what is so important.”
Natural imperfection: Symmetry or asymmetry in our cosmos?
            The Close-Neppe partnership discovered two other remarkable theoretical findings on 9-dimensional spin. Neppe explains: “Firstly, we always think of our world as being largely symmetrical. This may be so in the world that we directly experience— the four dimensions that we’re so familiar with. But this symmetry doesn’t apply beyond that when we calculate the higher dimensions of reality. This lack of symmetry is a mathematical one. As an example, an elementary particle, like an electron, exhibits ‘intrinsic spin’—it rotates on its own axis, but this spin does not have a perfect symmetry. Close adds: “And the second remarkable finding reflects a fascinating principle: Even though there are nine finite dimensions, these miniscule particles only appear to be rotating through eight, not all nine, planes. Why? Because the first dimension serves as a reference—the rest of the rotation is relative to that first dimension.” 1, 3

 The hidden reality: The practical direction
             Whereas the Arkani-Hamed researchers may focus on more transient unstable state particles like gluons2, and other Particle Physicists may concentrate on other particles which seldom exist, like the so-called ‘God particle’, the Higgs-Boson, these tiny particles may be limited to Particle Accelerators and Colliders. 3 As Close puts it: “A far more practical approach, as we have done, is to focus on elementary fermion particles that are not transient, but fundamentally maintained in stable reality existence, like the quarks and electrons in the hydrogen atom. Such an approach becomes far more central to the limited structure of reality available to our physical senses.”
            The Arkani-Hamed release seems to support the Close-Neppe 9D spin models because it emphasizes the role of the multidimensional in Particle Physics and appropriate ways to simplify mathematical concepts. But the two scientists, Vernon Neppe and Edward Close, have also advanced Particle Physics, as well 5: They have, controversially for many, motivated Consciousness as a core component of both TDVP and 9 D spin; and they have argued that Consciousness needs to be necessarily always linked to Space and Time. Their use of the CoD, Dimensional Extrapolation and other mathematical techniques, seem to have facilitated a further application of multidimensional geometry, algebra and physics; and the spinning of elementary particles apparently explains the lack of symmetry in the higher dimensions. As Neppe says: “There are certainly hidden realities that exist outside of our confined, limited human experience of 3 dimensions of space embedded in a single moment in time.”
1. Close, Edward R. and Vernon M. Neppe, Mathematical and theoretical physics feasibility demonstration of the finite nine dimensional vortical model in fermions. Dynamic International Journal of Exceptional Creative Achievement 2013. 1301(1301): p. 1-55
 2. Wolchover, Natalie, A Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics Quanta Magazine September 17, 2013.
3. Neppe, Vernon M. and Close, Edward R., Reality begins with consciousness: a paradigm shift that works. Fourth ed. 2013, Seattle:
4. Triadic Dimensional Distinction Vortical Paradigm (TDVP). See refs 1 and 3.
5. Scientists Discover Reality Consists Of Nine Spinning Dimensions, Not Just the Four Space-Time Dimensions that we daily experience.*
About Edward Close PhD: A skilled physicist, creative mathematician, deep-thinking cosmologist, acclaimed environmental engineer and Dimensional Biopsychophysicist. Transcendental Physics is one of Dr. Close's 8+ books. (
About Vernon Neppe MD, PhD, FRSSAf: An internationally peer-recognized Behavioral Neurologist, Neuropsychiatrist, Neuroscientist, Psychopharmacologist, Forensic specialist, Psychiatrist, Phenomenologist, Neuroscientist, Epileptologist, Consciousness Researcher, Philosopher, Creativity expert, and Dimensional Biopsychophysicist. His CV includes 10+ books, 2 plays, 450+ publications, 1000+ invited lectures and media interactions worldwide (
*About TDVP: The Neppe-Close TDVP 4-year collaboration utilizes the solid empirical scientific data, demonstrable mathematical logic and further conceptual innovations, as detailed in Reality Begins with Consciousness: A Paradigm Shift That Works ( The Cabibbo Angle derivation confirmed the hypothesis that a significant fundamental component of TDVP—the postulated 9 finite vortical dimensions—appears correct: See

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Important New Findings

Dr. Neppe and I are putting the final touches n a press release that announces new findings. Our 9-dimensional spin findings open the door to demonstrating a radical new understanding of reality: Our recent findings suggest we can now move beyond the seemingly strange and inexplicable aspects of quantum mechanics to understand the connection between elementary phenomena, observation and the observer. That is why the 9-D spin finding is so important. Stay tuned. The press release, when finalized, will be posted here. 

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Dr. Close's One Minute Quantum Physics Lecture

We hear the term “quantum” thrown around every day: quantum theory, quantum computing, quantum leap, quantum this, quantum that,  … I’ve even seen ads for quantum fishing gear and quantum underwear! What the heck is a quantum and why do I need to know anything about it?
In 1905, two brilliant scientists made the most important discoveries in the history of science: Max Planck discovered that energy only occurs in multiples of a very small unit: the quantum. And Albert Einstein discovered the geometric relationship between space and time. Each of these discoveries created a major paradigm shift, but there has been no comparable shift in the scientific paradigm since that time.
Why do you need to know about the quantum? The quantum is the building block of the universe. Everything from atoms to molecules, plants and animals, human beings, my brain and your brain, From rocks to water, fire and air, rivers and mountains, Planets, solar systems, galaxies, … everything from the smallest particle to the entire universe, all of it is made of quanta.
But a single quantum is extremely small, far smaller than the smallest thing we can see with the most powerful microscope. About one million, five hundred thousand trillion quanta can “dance” on the (1.5 mm) head of a pin; far more than all the grains of sand on planet Earth. This is about one million times the number of stars in our “Milky Way” Galaxy.

But the reason you should want to know about quanta, is because, at that very small scale, matter, energy and consciousness work together to form the reality we experience. In other words, Reality is made up of quanta of matter, energy and consciousness.  
This is the basis of TDVP, the new paradigm shift. It is the culmination of more than fifty years of research!

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Interviews with Shirley MacLaine

I want to alert those of you who are members of Shirley MacLaine's radio audience that my research partner, Dr. Vernon Neppe has had an interview with Shirley, to be aired this Sunday, October 20th. I will also have an interview with Shirley, probably to be aired one or two Sundays later. I'll post more information as it becomes available.