Thursday, August 11, 2016


As I am now into my eighties, I think it is time for me to talk about LOVE. You may think: Why is this mathematician-physicist-engineer talking about love? First of all, I don’t identify myself as a mathematician, physicist or engineer, even though I have earned degrees in mathematics, physics and engineering. Those things are interests, they are things I do, not what I am. Second, for me, the real purpose of all efforts to understand, of which science is just one of the main avenues, is to understand the nature of reality and our experience of it in our lives; and love plays a huge role in our lives.

Without love, no human being would exist. But what is love? The answer is as simple as it is profound: It is a major characteristic of Primary Consciousness, which, as you will know if you have followed my blogs, is as much a part of reality as matter and energy, existing in every atom of the universe. In fact, the primary form of consciousness is the source of all energy and matter. Primary Consciousness, of which individualized conscious awareness is a finite spark, is literally that from which all things arise.

So I must acknowledge and pay tribute to Primary Consciousness, without which I am nothing, without which I and everyone else, and everything else, simply would not exist. The fact that you and I exist, and the universe exists, attests to the almost inexpressibly wondrous flow of love from Primary Consciousness. Those who have established a conscious connection with Primary Consciousness know what I mean. When focused exclusively on our connection with physical reality, we all too easily forget our Original Source.

It is through Love that we are given the opportunities of life. Without the constant flow of the Love of Primary Consciousness into the energy and matter of the physical universe, reality as we know it, and the conscious life it supports would, as the physical law of entropy tells us, quickly disappear. So let’s talk about love.
All love, whether between passionate lovers, brothers and sisters, parents and children, people and pets, the naturalist and nature, a hungry person and food, in short any attraction, has its roots in the Love of Primary Consciousness for conscious material manifestation, which is the attraction between Primary Consciousness and creation. The only difference is in scope and direction. But Love that flows out must eventually flow back to its source.

Notice that I did not say ‘between God and His creation’. That would be a reflection of the historical patriarchal nature of human culture; but we must also realize that it is no better to say ‘between God and Her creation’, because the Primary Creating Principle is both and neither. But to call Primary Consciousness ‘It’ is too impersonal. It is better to think of Primary Consciousness as being like your mother and father, or a loving friend. Arguments about the sex of God are a misguided waste of time because they stem from confusion of sex with love. Physical sex can be an expression of love and beauty or without love, it can be depraved and ugly.

Without physical attraction and sex there would, of course be no human race, or any other organic life form. Falling in love is one of the most beautiful and wonderful experiences in life, and can lead to higher states of consciousness for both of those involved. But it can also lead to endless problems if its direction is wrong.  If all forms of love are not eventually directed back to the source from which it came, it dries up and dies out like a spark that has fallen into cold water.

I have realized that the opportunities of this life are results of the flow of the Love of Primary Consciousness into this world for many centuries. I am a spark of that Love, fanned into a flame in this life by events that have been a long time in the making. How else can you explain a life like mine? As a child, I had an almost idyllic childhood, with parents who loved me, growing up in a rural setting, in a small valley surrounded with ancient igneous hills of mineral laden rock, clear streams and a rich history of American Indians, European Settlers, Civil War battles and eventually, bucolic peace. I wrote a book of poetry, learned three languages, collected Civil War and Native American artifacts, and built a crystal radio receiver while still in elementary school. At the age of twelve, I walked down the aisle in a Baptist Church in the valley and gave my life to Christ, but, I never joined a Christian Church. I found Christ to be much more present in nature than in humna social institutions.

As a pre-teen, I enjoyed learning about geology, history and archeology, and I enjoyed travelling through several US states with my parents. During that travel, I kept a written log of the towns and cities we passed through, noting population, elevation and other features unique to the town or area. We lived in Arizona for a while, but returned to the Midwest, settling on a farm in Texas County Missouri for my high school years. The summer before starting the ninth grade in Houston Missouri, I learned basic algebra on my own, studied the Doppler Effect and discovered Einstein’s theory of relativity. 

During my childhood and early teen years, I also had some personal mystical experiences that gave me a glimpse into the deeper, inter-connectedness of reality. Because of these experiences, I joined a group called the Rosicrucian Order and took a course of study in which they traced their metaphysical beliefs and practices back to ancient Egypt. I was a member for a few years and attended a few meetings in Kansas City Missouri, but did not continue because no one there could explain their ritualistic practices to my satisfaction.

When I graduated from high school in 1955, my parents were poor and would not have been able to pay for the expenses of a college education, but I had done well in most subjects, especially math and science, and tested in the 99th percentile in virtually every area on aptitude tests, so through scholarships and working on campus, I was able to pursue a degree in physics and mathematics at Central Methodist College.

With growing interests in other subjects including comparative religion, philosophy, logic and metaphysics, I dropped out of college for a time, and moved to Los Angeles where I finished a course of study in metaphysics and in 1960, and was initiated by Sri Daya Mata, the President of the Self-Realization Fellowship, as a Kriyaban. This initiation was the occasion of another personal deep spiritual reality experience. While in LA, I won a job as an actuarial mathematics technician writing computer programs for the Univac Computer in downtown LA by beating out candidates with bachelor and master degrees in mathematics. Unfortunately, I soon became bored with the endless number-crunching job and left to complete my degree in 1962.

As a young man just out of college, I had the wonderful experience of a few years teaching mathematics and seeing the light come on in students’ eyes when they first saw a glimpse of the beauty and symmetry of geometry and algebra. I grew tired, however, after a few years of the increasing political correctness and the beginning of the dumbing down of US public education. This discouraging turn of events in public education, coupled with the poverty pay level for teachers in those days, prompted me to leave the teaching profession and to return to graduate school in theoretical physics and geophysics at the University of Missouri at Rolla. During the next summer I worked as a seismological technician with a geophysical prospecting crew in the Texas Panhandle, and then returned to Missouri and went to work for the Water Resources Division of the US Geological Survey in 1965.

The USGS was a dream-job for me. My mathematics and physics background allowed me to start as a hydrologic technician, computing the flow of water through constricted channels and bridges from the surveying data of high-water marks and physical stream characteristics, and measuring spring flow in the Karst limestone region of Southern Missouri, the out-of-doors I loved. During this time I took geology and hydrogeology courses, and after a year was transferred to Iowa where I completed an eighteen-month hydrologist training program in groundwater, surface water and water quality studies. I also took a computer programming course at the University of Iowa while there.

After three years in Iowa, I was selected for USGS training in systems analysis at the University of Arizona in Flagstaff, and soon after was transferred to Sacramento California to be the USGS engineer on a research program with the US Corps of Engineers, after which I was transferred to the Washington D.C area as one of the seven charter members of the Department of Interior Systems Analysis Group. In that position I was privileged to work with internationally known scientists and mathematicians including Drs. Nicholas Matalas and Benoit Mandelbrot, creator of fractals.

I advanced rapidly in the USGS, working on a number of very interesting environmental modelling projects in a number of states, and the USGS selected me as one of 12 employees nationwide for graduate school training . I choose to go to Johns Hopkins University on a PhD program in environmental engineering. After finishing an academic year in residence at JHU, I was transferred to the commonwealth of Puerto Rico where I was project manager of an island-wide water-resources management study where my ability to learn languages quickly was an asset. While in Puerto Rico, I taught meditation techniques in El Centro de Karma Yoga, and began work on my first book on consciousness.

From Puerto Rico I was transferred to Tampa Florida as Chief of the Reports and Technical Support Section. I left the USGS after 12 years for the same reasons I left actuarial mathematics and teaching: boredom and administrative political correctness, plus the desire to pursue the mission that was revealed to me in expanded consciousness experiences.

I had published multiple technical papers during my years with the USGS, and “The Book of Atma”, my first book on consciousness, was published in 1977, just before I left the USGS, after which I went to work for a large engineering consulting firm in California, as hydrologist on the MX Missile prototype project at Vandenberg Air Force Base, and then as environmental engineer in the Middle East in 1981 and ‘82. In 1982 I joined MENSA with an IQ estimated to be 3 to 4 standard deviations (One SD = 16) above the MENSA entry level of 132, based on my Graduate Record Exam. A few years later, I went back to the Middle East for two years with another firm. My second book, “Infinite Continuity”, a book on quantum physics, relativity and consciousness, ten years in the making, was published in 1989, after my return to California.

In 1992 I returned to my home state to care for my aging mother, and in 1995 I started my own environmental consulting firm, which in ten years grew from two people to ten, plus one or two university interns yearly. In 1994 I presented information from my consciousness research at the Tucson II “Toward a Science of Consciousness” Conference at the University of Arizona in Tucson, and in 1996 I finished my third book, “Transcendental Physics”.

In 2007, my fourth book, a book documenting field studies on a natural remedy for toxic mold, co-authored with my wife Jacqui, was published, and in 2008, I joined the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry, a high-IQ society with a much higher entry level, as well as higher standards and goals than MENSA. Dr. Vernon Neppe, highly-motivated member of the ISPE and an internationally-known MD, PhD neuroscientist and I joined the ISPE for the same reason: to find someone with a super-high IQ to work with on our theories about consciousness and its role in the physical universe. We worked together by Skype and email until, in 2010 when we met in person in Amsterdam, Vernon on his way to his native Johannesburg South Africa, and I on my way to Cairo to participate in a documentary film in Egypt and Jordan.

Since then, we have spent thousands of hours producing the paradigm shift that will bring science out of the dead end of materialism, -- the mission that had been suggested to me by the mystical experiences of my childhood and during my SRF initiation in 1960. From 2011 until the present, we have produced a book, “Reality Begins with Consciousness”, reviewed by scientists around the world, and more than 25 papers and articles published by a number of journals and USA Today Magazine, and we have several more papers and two more books nearly ready for publication, and several more papers and books in process, detailing our discoveries.

What does all this have with Love? The Answer in a nine-dimensional Space-Time-Consciousness Reality is Everything!

Let me be very clear: my accomplishments in this life, and those of Dr. Neppe are not for the glorification of our egos. They attest to the Glory of Primary Consciousness working through many individual lives, over thousands of years. We, like every human being, are but faint flickering sparks of the Fire of the Infinite Love of Primary Consciousness. I have summarized my life here, recounting some of the major experiences and accomplishments illustrating a life of interwoven strands of science, spirituality and love, leading to a greater realization of the truth of the evolution of spirituality on this planet. My life has been, and is a labor of love.

But this is hard for us to understand in our limited five dimensional 3S-1T-1C reality; with our individual experiences limited to the domain revealed to us by our five limited senses.

What follows is a brief summary of the Greater Reality revealed by the Triadic Rotational Vortical Paradigm (TDVP); the proof of some of which has been posted in earlier blogs and published in Neppe-Close books and papers; the remainder of which will be forth coming in future books and papers.

Because of when, where and how we are experiencing the reality of expanding space-time-consciousness, conventional science is limited to describing reality as if it existed only in a 3-D Space, 1-D Time domain. But as consciousness embodied in physicality, we experience reality in a 3S-1T-1C domain, and the 1C dimension is the door to understanding of the reality of the finite 9-D rotational or vortical expanding dimensions created by distinctions of consciousness, energy and mass, embedded in the infinity of Primary Consciousness. All we experience is real only because of the expanding Love of Primary Consciousness.

·       Our physical bodies are space-time vehicles through which individualized consciousness may evolve spiritually toward oneness with Primary Consciousness.

·       The space-time-consciousness experienced through our limited physical senses is illusory from the viewpoint of Primary Consciousness because when time and consciousness are experienced as three dimensional, we are all One in the Infinite Reality of Primary Consciousness.

·       Analogous to the way our physical bodies are the vehicles of individualized consciousness, the physical universe is the vehicle of Primary Consciousness.

·       The reality of our lives is the flow of Love from Primary Consciousness to finite physical reality, and back to its Source, remembering all of the drama of defeat and victory, drudgery and glory, forgetfulness and memory of the incredible journey.

·       It is time for humanity to recognize the underlying role of consciousness as Love in the mathematical and scientific analysis of reality.

As sentient beings on this planet, limited to 3S-1t-1C experience, we are still at a low level of universal spiritual development. But, as an individualized spark of the Infinite Fire of the Love of Primary Consciousness, it is up to you to choose your personal path to the Ultimate Goal of conscious: re-mergence with Primary Consciousness. Those who have already completed the journey are ready, willing and able to assist you on your journey.

Lord Jesus Christ

Swami Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

Divine Mother-Father and the Triadic Godhead
Sri Sri daya Mata

Bhagavan Krishna

Swami Sri Yukteshwar Giri

Lahiri Mayahasaya

Mahavatar Babaji 

Ananda Moya Ma


  1. Hi Ed, I see this now appears at the end of all your articles, presumably trying to emphasis its paramount importance. I have to reiterate that the Ultimate Force, my Deity, cannot be, and should not try to be, restricted in any way whatsoever, if freewill is to be maintained as one of Its other intrinsic tenets. It, used in a meaningful and non-disrespectful way, as Forces themselves cannot primarily have 'mothers and fathers', in my mystically-initiated opinion, based on the nature of my 1980 experience, which in many ways you have thankfully come to accept as real, surely has to be Caring and Discerning, rather than be Unconditionally-Loving, if It wants to avoid, due to humankind's more perverse and destructive activities, what could well amount to becoming the cause of Its own self-destruction. Hence, the seemingly stern nature of my own initiation process, and my latest article on CCC and Vigil Trust. I hope we can eventually become of accord in this respect, and I rest my case. Cosmically yours, Brian.

  2. Truth has no rules. perhaps when mankind realizes it is incapable of governing itself , our beloved source will return in force. pat/walleye

    1. Indeed, Pat! So, our source (unconditioned in any way), the Ultimate Force, in my mystically-initiated opinion, will always have to be in overall control, via our life-after-life existences, if It wants to realize Its cosmicated (balanced) and evolutionary aspirations for Itself and mankind, ad infinitum - My website, refers, to give full details. Cosmically yours, Brian.

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