Tuesday, August 11, 2020




Sitting this morning in a restaurant called “the Eatin’ Place” in a small town in southern Missouri about 15 miles from my new home on the edge of the Ozarks Wilderness. Waiting for my breakfast, I switch on my iPhone and begin to read Mark Siegmund’s MENSA Weekly Brainwave: It’s a link to an article from Quanta Magazine about research being done by a Swiss neuroscientist: “Mitochondria May Hold Keys to Anxiety and Mental Health”. About half-way through, I wonder aloud: “How do they assess the level of anxiety and mental health of a laboratory rat?” Some eyebrows raise. I go back to finish reading. Then, my mind turns to the mathematics of the interface of discrete quantized physical reality and continuous consciousness, as it often does.

My hearing is not as good as it used to be, making it easier to think when there is noisy chatter going on around me. But a few phrases and sentences leak through and penetrate. “Nothin’ but politics!” … “Damned Communists trying t’ruin our country!”…”The rabbits ate my lettuce and chewed on the cabbages!” “A lot more people die from other things, and nobody cares!”… “The deer ate more of my peaches than I did!”

It is the breakfast-time rush, and not a single person here has a mask on, and people are sitting six in a booth, and the chairs around most tables are occupied. Up until a week or so ago, there were no known cases of COVID-19 in the county, also zero in all surrounding counties. Tests were shipped in from the state capital to the local hospitals, and now there are 16 positive tests in the county. Most of them asymptomatic. The general attitude here is summed up in the following statement: “People die from the flu every year. What’s the big deal?”

Of course, this is an out-of-the-way place; that’s one of the reasons I moved here, but people who live in Southern Missouri do travel. I know a grandmother of a farm family, e.g., who goes to Europe, on different cruises, etc., just about every year. And people from other states and countries do come to visit, or at least pass through.

So one has to pause and ask: How much is the pandemic fear exaggerated and promoted by the catastrophe-loving media? How much is the fear and panic being used by those who want to destroy the peace and prosperity of America?

ERC 8/11/2020

Sunday, August 9, 2020


Thoughts on a Sunday Morning

On a beautiful Sunday morning, self-quarantined in my Southern Missouri Ozarks retreat on the edge of the National Scenic Waterways Park, - what used to be known as the Irish Wilderness- I have a lot to be thankful for. I miss my wonderful wife of 43 years, but she worked hard to help me, both before and after she had to leave this world. She has even guided me to the one person who could help me after she left, for the rest of my life! That person just happens to live in Romania. But that’s another story, and I’ve written something about it in ”Secrets of the Sacred Cube, a Cosmic Love Story”, Published in 2019, and in “Survival”, which a publisher has accepted for publication within the next year. So I have a lot to be grateful for! But today, I want to share a realization with those of you who are ready for it.

A few mornings ago, I woke in a strange state of consciousness, It is a hard thing to describe. I woke from a deep sleep with no memory of any dreams, no fading images, nothing. But, different than any morning ever before, there were no memories of the day before, and no projections of the day to come. No tomorrow. Nothing. Just a vast emptiness. Had I died during the night? Even that question did not arise until much later. I was aware of my skin, it was an itchy surface, like the surface of a balloon, stretched over an infinity of hollow nothingness. No matter where I searched inside that itchy skin for myself, I found nothing. Later, I realized it was the Void that Buddhist adepts talk about.

One of my Rubik’s cubes was on the bed. It was scrambled. I picked it up, thinking that this vacant bit of nothing that was now me, would be unable to solve it. How could I, with no memory, solve a scrambled Rubik’s cube? But  I solved it quickly, without even thinking about it!  Surprised, I re-scrambled it, switched on the timer on my iPhone, and solved it again. 20 seconds! A new record for me! How was that possible? How could a complete emptiness solve a Rubik’s cube???! Was I really awake, or was I dreaming, or had I actually died during the night? Needless to say, the day that followed was an interesting one.

Fast forward to today. After I had my second coffee I had a wonderful communication with my helpmate in Romania, via texting. Then, relaxing, unexpectedly, I fell into a short nap.  The realization I want to share came at the end of the nap. It has to do with the Cube. As those of you who have read it know, Secrets of the Sacred Cube is, in part about lessons learned from the “Magic Cube” (That’s what Erno’ Rubik called it at first.) This is a further revelation of how the cube mirrors life.

The picture above is of a scrambled cube. It is well scrambled. Aside from the six center pieces, around which the other pieces move, and which never move relative to each other, only one single piece is where it’s supposed to be! There are two, quite different ways to solve this scrambled cube: One way, the way that only took me 20 seconds that other morning, is to reverse all of the moves that resulted in getting a chromatically aligned (solved) cube to that scrambled configuration. It’s like what cosmologists do when they try to mathematically rewind the expanding universe back to the big bang. The second way is to apply the algorithms I explained in the book, algorithms that will solve any scrambled cube, regardless of how it was scrambled.

Now, here’s the realization: the first way is like the un-raveling of all of your past karma, retracing your soul’s journey back to the Original Source. The second way is like applying spiritual concentrations, visualizations, and religious rituals, that gradually raise your spiritual vibration, and eventually get you re-aligned with the Source, like a chromatically aligned cube. The first is fast (like the 20-second solution) if you can do it, but for most of us, it is virtually impossible to remember all of the acts that got us to where we are today. Who can remember all of the actions of a single lifetime, let alone those of multiple lives? It is only after you have used spiritual techniques (algorithms) for several lifetimes, that you begin to remember all of your past actions. This is why, at this time of low overall spiritual virtue on this planet, most of us have to go  the second route, in hopes of progressing to a better opportunity in the next life, while a rare few will attain ascension to Cosmic Consciousness in this lifetime.

Finally, let’s tie this back to the Void: When you have silenced the verbal chatter in your head, repented back to your heart, opened the inner door to the world of Spirit, and experienced the Void, all things are possible! All problems are solved, and all paradoxes are resolved in the Ultimate Paradox: The Void that is the Source of all things, the ALL and the Nothing. This is why one can act appropriately from the Void. The answer is there in the Infinite, call it God, Nature, or whatever fits for you. No word can describe the Infinite Intelligence behind all things. When you are conscious of the fact that your ego simply does not exist, you can become like a hollow tube, a flute through which the Infinite can play the song of life. You are not ego-attached to the results of what happens. You are then able to act according to God’s will, not react according to ego attachments.

A few years ago, a Nobel Prize physicist reviewing a bit of one of my mathematical proofs, said: “Reading your stuff is like reading the writings of a magician!” He didn’t mean it as a compliment, quite the opposite. He went on to say: “You seem to see some deep meaning behind every equation. But mathematics is not like that!”

Yes, it is! Everything we experience in this life is symbolic, and behind every symbol is a deeper reality. I did not reply that way at the time, but now I would say: Maybe it’s not that way for you, but it is for me! And I’m sorry for you, and the many scientists who feel that way, because you are missing most of Reality!

ERC 8/9/2020

Friday, August 7, 2020




Something deep in Spirit wakened me at dawn yesterday morning. When the first hint of light came through the trees, as the Earth continued turning to the East as it has done for an eternity, longer than human beings have been civilized, I was suddenly wide awake. Was it the problems that I have in my personal life right now, with critical decisions to make, and critical actions I must take? Those things were in the back of my mind, making me uneasy and eager to get up and get busy while there is still time, but my waking mind also remembered a lingering dream, fading with the spreading of the morning’s light: the concerns about the global crisis that has impacted every living being and brought to the forefront the decisions we must soon make: What is the solution? Is it returning to the principles of the Founding Fathers  that made this country great? Or is it the Progressive Socialism of a New World Order?

Then, that something deep in Spirit that had wakened me said to me: “These problems you obsess over are not the real problem. They are only the superficial symptoms of the real problem, which is much deeper. The world is not in crisis; it still turns on its axis, and continues in its orbit around the sun, and nature will right itself, as it has many times before. The crisis that disturbs you and the millions of inhabitants of this planet, and has become a problem for all forms of life, is a crisis of the human heart! The solution is not in returning to National Sovereignty, or stumbling forward into governmental social engineering that has failed so catastrophically in the past, the solution lies in the necessary turning of each individual heart to face its own flaws and heal its own wounds.”

The real decision that will change the world of human experience is how we decide to resolve the question that lies deep in the consciousness of every living human being: Am I an immortal soul, or an accidental anomaly that has become a blight on the earth, and a threat to nature? If I am an immortal soul, why should I fear a flu-like virus that has a much lower fatality rate that many other things that result in the deaths of many citizens of this planet every year? The answer is that the COVID-19 virus is just the current handy tool used by those who would like to control everyone else. Could this be why the professional politicians are quicker to close down churches and open-forum  discussions than bars and political protests, and even violent riots, that favor their agendas?

Of course human life is of great value, and every life should be saved and prolonged as long as it has the joyful quality that accompanies natural health, and the potential to improve itself and the lives of others. But most of the practices and institutions that call themselves “healthcare” today, are not that at all. The focus of studies in medical schools in modern Western society is on disease, not health. If the goal of medicine were to prevent disease, cure disease, and maintain health, then the focus would be on understanding health and maintaining healthy immune systems. Instead, we have a disease-care system that focuses on disease and death-prevention. When cures for major diseases are found, they are quickly suppressed. Why? The answer is simple: There is far more money in disease-care than in health. That is why there is an expensive drug for every disease they can invent, and “rest homes” for the elderly have become holding prisons for legal drug addicts who are just waiting for death!

Why are we, as a society, so afraid of dying and death? The answer is simple. It is because most of us have not really confronted that question,  mentioned above: Am I an immortal soul, or a strange accident of physicality? We have buried this question deep in our subconscious minds. If we are immortal souls, then dying and death, as natural as birth and living, are not something to be feared. We should be able to embrace life as a wonderful opportunity to improve ourselves and the lives of others, and  death as a normal, natural part of existence that comes when the opportunity of enjoying physical life is over, Then, when the physical body is destroyed or simply worn out, we will be ready to move on to the next stage of conscious existence.  

If life and consciousness are just fleeting dreams caused by the accidental occurrence of physical complexity, then existence is meaningless, and death should be eventually welcomed as the cessation of suffering and pain. At any rate, there should be no fear of the natural process of dying. If the question of the nature of existence is confronted and definitively answered, one way or the other, then the psychopaths who are possessed with the desire to control and force their agenda on others would lose their most powerful weapon of negativity and fear. They would not be able to use fear of death and dying to control you. At any rate, healthcare should change its focus from disease to health and look for ways to promote natural health and strong immune system maintenance, and peaceful drug-free dying. At worst, COVID-19 is nothing more than a bad case of flu for a person with a healthy immune system.

Until now, the religions of the modern world have framed this all important question of the nature of existence as a choice: You either believe in a higher power, or you don’t. This dichotomy of choice has divided the world of human civilization (or lack thereof) for centuries. In our blindness, we have fought and killed each other over some minor details of how we make this choice! But reality, however you choose to think of it, has given each one of us a brain. It’s time we use it! The scientific method, if honestly applied, is capable of revealing the pathway to truth. But when science ignores its own basic principles, it becomes just another belief system, a religion without meaning or purpose. But even in a democracy, science is over-ruled by government.

Ultimately, no government conceived by human beings is any smarter than the dumbest among us. It is the weakest link of the chain that breaks, causing the whole chain to fail. Government burocracy is the perfect example of the “Peter Principle” (If you are not familiar with the Peter Principle, Google it). It makes no difference how smart elected officials, like the president and congresspeople are, the burocracy of any government grows like a cancer, and non-elected civil servants who rise to the top and become the “deep state”, i.e.,  the people who actually decide the future of the country, are eventually those who have been promoted beyond their level of competence. They are the weakest links that cause governments to fail. Add to this the weakest link of elected officials - those who think that morality and compassion can be legislated -  and you have an excellent formula for disaster.

Notice also, that the loudest political activists are those with the deepest personal flaws. The typical political activist is seeking to cover up the fact that their personal life is an abysmal failure by blaming everyone else, and fooling themselves into thinking that they need to change the world. This brings me back to the “something deep in Spirit” that woke me yesterday morning. The real problem is not with “the world” it’s with our own hearts. If you think you need to change the world, it’s time to look in the mirror. Face the crisis in your own heart before you try to tell everyone else what they should do.

And this, of course, brings me back to me. Am I going to try to tell you what to do? Am I illustrating the very problem that I have described? Am I trying to change the world before I have solved the crises of my own life? I don’t think so, but that’s for you to decide.  I have published my work in a number of papers and books, some as the sole author, and some with Dr, Vernon Neppe, and a few others. Am I going to ask you to read them? No. I am at the age and position in life that I do not need to beg you to buy my books. Do I want to promote the ideas they represent? Yes, I do, because they document my life’s work, the work  that I see as my mission in this life. But whether you read and value what I write or not is your decision and yours alone.

Sometime in 2011, I solved a set of Diophantine equations derived from the application of a quantum calculus that I had developed several years earlier, to analyze the combination of the three quarks that form the proton. The solutions revealed a non-physical component of reality existing at the quantum level. This was the discovery that launched the paradigm shift that Dr, Neppe and I call the Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm (TDVP). Since there was no reference to a quantifiable non-physical component of reality in the annals of science before this, we called it gimmel, after the third letter of the Hebrew alphabet. I had already demonstrated the need for a quantum variable representing consciousness in the equations of science, and published it in my 1997 book, Transcendental Physics. Dr. David Stewart wrote this in the Foreword to that book:

 “With the publication of this work it is no longer logically consistent to be both a scientist and an atheist. One cannot place too much importance on the genius of this work I, for one am thankful for Ed Close’s devotion and commitment to this project that have never flagged over the years. Because of his perseverance, a door has been opened for us all. He has broken forever he barrier between science and religion. What seemed to be antagonists he has made friends – even better: he has proven them to be one. Only history will tell what this work will do for science and humankind, but its potential is without limit. Science was confined in a self-imposed cage with the majority of the universe on the outside. Ed Close has broken the bars and forged a key link in the chain of advancement of mankind for the ages. This book should be read by everyone who seeks to know the truth. It is worth every effort to study and comprehend – even if you have to read it several times. It could change your entire outlook on life forever, and change it for the better.”

The point is this: It is no longer necessary to rely on blind faith. You no longer have to choose to believe or not believe. Based on the fact that we live in a quantized reality, using exquisitely accurate data from the Large Hadron Collider and mathematical theorems that have been proved true for all time, the existence of non-physical reality at the quantum level is proved unequivocally. The proof has been published, and anyone who chooses to take the time to read and follow the logic can understand it.

For the past month or so, I have been preparing an online course called the Science of Immortality, that we plan to offer under the auspices of the Academia Ars Moriendi. Check on the Face Book page of Grig Oprea, my Face Book page, and this Blog for announcements. For those of you in Europe, follow Grig on her talk show broadcasts on KTV Bucharest, Romania. The Academia Ars Moriendi emphasizes the art of living and dying joyously, and the discovery of gimmel and the development of TDVP as the scientific paradigm of the future supports this attitude with a solid scientific framework.

The bottom line is that more than 95% of reality is not physical. The implications of this are beyond exciting! They are spiritually  and intellectually liberating! Consciousness, mind, and Spirit can now take their rightful place in science. Materialism is no longer a valid metaphysical basis for understanding the nature of reality, for science, philosophy, or life. We can logically and scientifically face and answer the question of the nature of our existence. We are immortal souls! The existence of gimmel extends the law of the conservation of mass and energy to mass, energy, and consciousness. Awaken to the immortality of your own soul! Once awake to this reality, you can face and resolve the crisis in your own heart. Only then will you be capable of living fearlessly and helping others.

ERC 8/6/2020