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The Sacred Blueprint
The Tenth Dimension
The Divine Plan
The God Code
The Grand Design

The Source
The Void
The Over Soul
The Alpha and The Omega
The Great I AM

GOD, the informer, creator, sustainer, and destroyer

Man seeks to know and understand the world and the universe
in which he finds himself.
Science has languished for centuries in the confining cage and
conflicts of materialism and dualism.
Science and Religion struggle for supremacy in the mind
of man, with no clear or evident proof for one over the other…

Until NOW!

Hi Everyone:

Join Dr. Ed Close at
Congresso Consciencia (The Science and Spirituality Conference!

February 21-23, 2013

Puebla, Mexico

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Dr. Close will present the following:
1. Scientific Proof of the Direct Interaction of Mind and Matter
That Anyone Can Understand --
Why A New Paradigm Is Required

2. Putting Consciousness Into The Equations --
The New Paradigm

3. The Origins of Life and Order –
What the New Paradigm Explains

4. The Gedanken Experiment –
Test Your Psychic Ability – Participants will take part in
a controlled experiment examining psi phenomena

5. Discussion plus Audience Q&A –
Dr. Close will answer all questions from the audience
related to the new paradigm and its implications


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What will be discussed at this conference by Dr. Close…

Science today has a model of creation that says consciousness is
an epiphenomenon that arises out of the complex interaction of
biological, electrical and chemical processes in organic life forms.

Dr. Ed Close and Dr. Vernon Neppe, MD, PhD will be presenting an all day seminar Feb. 21 and Congresso sessions Feb. 22 and 23
where they will explain their new paradigm that proves consciousness
preceded all forms of matter, energy, time and space, and is the
substrate, the very basis, of all form and pattern which draws
the distinctions and makes material creation possible. He will
provide conclusive evidence that consciousness preceded all of
the material universe and is not limited to individual organic life
forms found only on earth.

Heralded by scientists the world over, Dr. Close and his
Co-author, Dr. Vernon Neppe, have combined more than
70 years of study and thought to provide a comprehensive
Theory of Everything. Their theory not only encompasses
the physical sciences, but also incorporates for the first time
in history the consciousness of the observer, the experience
of psi phenomena, rare-event phenomena, deja-vu, and the
entirety of our human experience. Dr. Close has said for
years that you cannot have a Theory of Everything (TOE)
so long as you exclude consciousness and conscious
experience from the theory and focus entirely on physical
and material processes. Now he proves it.

Drs. Close and Neppe have put their combined training, intellects,
and experience together in a world-changing work.

Ed Close is a member of MENSA, Drs. Close and Neppe are
both members of ISPE, and the prestigious ECAO, the
Exceptional Creative Achievement Organization. They have
each tested and demonstrated IQs that are five to six standard
deviations (SD = 16) above the norm, meaning both men
have IQs near or above 190.

To see complete bios for these gentlemen, please click on the
links below:

Vernon Neppe, MD, PhD,

Edward R Close, PhD, PE

A Small Sample of What Scientists Are Saying about
Drs. Close and Neppe and their New Paradigm:

Physical Sciences
This is the book of books. Close and Neppe have succeeded
in articulating a unified theory that explains everything known
through human experience and observation, including, not
only the data obtained by the five senses, but also the
data that comes through mind and feeling. Former
scientific thought has considered the material universe
to be the total universe with consciousness to be the
result of matter. Neppe and Close have shown the
reverse. Matter is inseparably linked with consciousness.
They have succeeded in the ultra-complex task of
including everything we know through the material
laws of Classical Physics, Quantum Physics, and
Relativity, with the non-material observations gained
through psychology, parapsychology, and spiritual
vision, into a unified metaparadigm with consciousness
as the foundation of all creation, including the origin
of creation, itself. This is a book you will want to study,
absorb, and return to again and again to experience
the thrill of understanding how the billions of bits of
the universe all fit together as a unified whole, and
how we are a participatory part of everything. The
authors' many years of labor will be appreciated for
centuries to come.

David Stewart, PhD, Marble Hill, Missouri, USA.
Geophysicist, Theologian, and Author.

Multidisciplinary Sciences
Most physical TOEs (theories of everything) fail because
they don't explain where the TOE comes from in the first
place -- a creative act of consciousness. Most psychological
TOEs fail because they don't appreciate the very real
physical context in which the psyche struggles to explain
itself. Reality Begins with Consciousness (RBC) avoids these
mistakes by taking a TOE's promise of "everything" seriously.
This puts RBC in a radical multidisciplinary class by itself,
and as a result, understanding it is nontrivial. This should
not be surprising, for unadorned Reality as-it-is is vast and
hyper-complex, and any TOE that hopes to model that
Reality must be equally vast and complex. But for readers
who are up to the challenge and are able to stretch their
minds in many directions, tackling RBC is well worth it.

Dean Radin, PhD, Senior Scientist,
Institute of Noetic Sciences, Petaluma CA.
Extensively published author,
cognitive psychologist, electrical engineer,
consciousness researcher.

Consciousness Sciences
I've just completed the perusal of your impressive work.
I feel very excited to have sensed myself, the enthusiasm
of discovering so many overlapping fields in our views!
...A work that will change mankind's future.
...For the first time in mankind's history, its real nature
is scientifically disclosed at the highest charismatic
academic level!
...Reading your masterpiece, ...... be aware of my
deepest reverence for your monumental work!
...A seismic shift in understanding the understanding
process itself!
...The beginning of the ultimate disclosure about
the nature of an all-encompassing reality.
...A monumental work forcing obsolete preconceptions
to crumble.
...The 21st Century's revolutionary paradigm shift.

Dr. Adrian Klein, Israel.
Dimensional Biopsychophysicist and
Consciousness Researcher.
Expert on Theories of Everything, pioneer of the
Subquantal Integration Approach.

Psychological Sciences
Vernon M. Neppe and Edward R. Close have written what is
destined to become a classic in the literature on shifting
paradigms and worldviews. Drawing from a dozen different
disciplines, they have adroitly pointed out the limitations of
the Western world's currently accepted model of reality, have
spelled out the unfortunate consequences of this model's
hegemony, have proposed a paradigm that is not only
multidimensional but metadimensional, and have supported
it with logic, mathematics, research data, and common sense.
The implications that this book has for the betterment of
humanity makes for worthwhile, illuminating and enlightening
reading which is practical and transformative.

Stanley Krippner, PhD, San Francisco, CA, USA.
Professor of Psychology, Saybrook University.
Extensively published Author, Scientist,
Pioneer of Humanistic Psychology and Consciousness.


What an astonishing and prodigious accomplishment! The
way the authors communicate their profound insights both
from our usual "bottom-up" experience as well as from the
"top-down" higher realities facilitates engaging readers in
this unique and groundbreaking scientific model: We're
able to swim longer in the vast subtle and not-so-subtle
cosmic pond--and the references provide handholds to
keep us afloat. I kept flashing on a museum installation
that would allow people to have a "walking around in"
experience of climbing through dimensional rifts (in music:
ostinati) and connect all around with vortical interactions.
I guess this comes from years of my interpreting to people
the leaps in transformation I see continually emerging in
Neurofeedback work: The Neppe-Close paradigm now
provides for a much more coherent way to understand
reality. Once introduced, the actualities of these unifying
concepts begin to live. It is quite stunning to observe
people speaking from an "already having changed"
perspective...a thrilling journey!

Alan Bachers, PhD, Northampton, MA, USA.
Neuroscientist; Director, Neurofeedback Foundation.

Life Sciences

Scientific revolutions require both empirical evidence and
related coherent explanatory frameworks. The encyclopedic
book "Reality Begins with Consciousness" leads in providing
the sought after broader scientific unification linking the
neurosciences, consciousness, biological, psychological and
the physical sciences with math-based logical philosophy
and spirituality. Drs. Neppe and Close provide a missing
broad exploratory paradigm for new scientific ideas that
can continue to be researched for many years to come.
Whether or not this multidisciplinary model is ultimately
viable, the cogent supportive data should encourage
scientists to explore seriously the underlying ideas; the
models presented go further than other volumes.

John Poynton PhD, London, UK.
Consciousness Researcher; Biologist;
Past President, SPR. Author.

Philosophy of Science

Prof. Vernon Neppe and Dr. Edward Close have prepared
a much-needed volume that aims to integrate our scientific
knowledge into a comprehensive natural-law paradigm.
Their work leaves no stone unturned in the quest to
re-configure our understanding of science, including
those more remote or fringe areas of science such as
parapsychology that only a few of our highly respected
and honored scientists are brave enough to endorse.
This new book by Neppe and Close is a paradigm shift
that hails in, if not, beckons for, a kind of scientific
overhaul and shift in thinking that Thomas Kuhn spoke
of in his major work "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.

Lance Storm PhD, Adelaide, Australia.
Consciousness researcher, Author, Journal Editor,
Psychologist, Parapsychologist and Philosopher of Science.


This authoritative work in consciousness studies will
shape philosophical discourse about mentality and
mind. It is a serious and lucid exploration of a most
complex topic, suitable for philosophers and cognitive
scientists who seek explanatory models that allow
one to reach beyond methodological boundaries
while at the same time adhering to scholarly rigor.
Recognizing consciousness without boundaries and
as formative action leads to unexpected conclusions
outside any normative space, while at the same time
providing a profound value to the future of humankind.
Neppe and Close have masterfully demonstrated that
hope is inside and outside Pandora's box.

Helmut Wautischer, PhD, San Rafael, USA.
Senior Lecturer, Philosophy, Sonoma State University.

Medical Sciences and Mathematical Physics

I'm still completing this, but your book is impressive. It
seems astonishing that you could combine deep scientific
notions with mysticism. I never knew that such work was possible.

Dr. Frank Luger, International (Private) Research Professor.
(Retired) Mathematical Physicist, Physician, Poet,
Author, Psychologist, and Chess Grandmaster.

Comments by General Readers

I couldn't put it down last night: Very few books grab
my attention enough to force me to stay up past my
normal bedtime. And this is one of those books.

Russell Rebman, Fort Worth, TX, United States.

I've been reading your book a bit at a time, absorbing it...
Quite the complex read, but fascinating.

Ron Dinelle, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

I can say that if I can understand your information, it is
likely that anyone reading it can... I believe you have
reached your goal to "dumb it down" to the level where
those of us who are both linguistically challenged and
are not scientists can grasp and comprehend what you
are saying--I believe that the material is just that good...
a fine work.

Rob Abbott, Port Orchard, WA, United States.

Wow. I feel like I am back in graduate school while
reading through your work! What a wonderful experience.
Karen Miller, Buffalo, NY, United States.

Broad in scope, multidisciplinary in approach, this
monumental work is more than food for thought –
it's a feast. If consciousness shapes reality, then you
may well adjust your own after reading this book.
James Hardenbergh, Seattle, WA, United States.

Without proper scientific evidence or reasoning,
consciousness has, for years, been treated as a
secondary phenomenon that is somehow derived
purely from materialistic origins. There is actually
no scientific proof that this is true. I am glad,
therefore, that Vernon Neppe and Edward Close
have taken on this monumental task of addressing
this unwarranted bias in scientific thinking.

Kenneth Chan, Singapore, Singapore.
ISPE member and Author.


Dr. Close says:
Over the past three years, I've been working intensively
with Dr. Vernon M. Neppe, MD, PhD, internationally known
neuroscientist, developing TDVP, the Triadic Dimensional
Distinction Vortex Paradigm (TDVP), where we prove that
time is 3 dimensional, in a universe of at least 9 dimensions,
and we provide in this comprehensive paradigm the next
logical step beyond Transcendental Physics, which I introduced
in 1997. The TDVP Paradigm Shift

• Resolves the Conflicts between Relativity and Quantum Physics
• Provides a Rigorous Mathematical Basis for Incorporating the Observer as Participant
• Puts Consciousness into the Equations
• Provides Mathematical and Geometrical Evidence of Nine or more Dimensions
• Unites the Scientific Disciplines
• Provides a Comprehensive Framework for all Science

Now, you can be among the first people in the world outside
the scientific community to hear about and understand their
paradigm breaking new theory of everything that is destined to change
the world as we know it and bring about the next great
revolution in science. You can say:

I was there at the very first public presentation of this
world-shattering information, this grand new understanding
that will sweep the world and bring about the science of the

“Transcendental Physics”
By Dr. Close
May be purchased at:
or by contacting Dr. Close directly for a signed copy

“Reality Begins with Consciousness”
By Drs. Close and Neppe
May be purchased at:

You can also click the Brain Voyage Link on the
right side of this page.



Saturday, September 8, 2012

Transcendental Physics and the Triadic Dimensional Distinction Vortex Paradigm (TDVP)

Over the past three years, I've been working intensively with Dr. Vernon M. Neppe, MD, PhD, internationally known neuroscientist, developing TDVP, a paradigm shift that brings science out of the dark ages of materialism and includes consciousness in the equations. TDVP is the next logical step after the calculus of distinctions, which I introduced in the now out of print book, Infinite Continuity, 1989, and again in Trancendental Physics in 1997. Dr. Neppe and I will both be presenting TDVP at the Science and Spirituality Conference in Puebla, Mexico in February, 2013.

To review and/or order Reality Begins with Consciousness visit

TDVP, the PARADIGM Shift That Works:

· Resolves the Conflicts between Relativity and Quantum Physics
· Provides a Rigorous Mathematical Basis for Incorporating the Observer as Participant
· Puts Consciousness into the Equations
· Provides Mathematical and Geometrical Evidence of Nine or more Dimensions
· Provides a Comprehensive Framework for all Science
· Unites the Scientific Disciplines
Brings Consciousness and Spirituality into a Scientific Framewor.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Now Online Again

Transcendental Physics is once again online and this blog will be the place to find the latest information on works by Dr. Edward R Close in relation to the transformative paradigm shift that proves the universe began from the drawing of the first distinction in a pervasive consciousness substrate.