Monday, October 18, 2021





These three words, each meaning something different, are intimately related. Do they, or can they exist separately? Or do they only exist in some kind of triadic union? As human beings, with physical bodies, thinking minds, and some level of awareness, to some degree we experience all three of them, and together, they comprise the experience of human existence.


Reality, for each one of us is what we experience directly: a dynamic combination of consciousness, life, and intelligence. To conserve space and time, let’s abbreviate this as CL&I. Each human being in existence experiences reality from the perspective of a combination of different levels of CL&I. The reality we experience comes into being with our conscious drawing of the first distinction: separating self from other, and the spectrum of finite reality stretches from the electron to the whole Cosmos, while our individual experiences of reality range from minimal self-awareness to Cosmic Consciousness.


In previous posts, based on years of research, I have laid out the thought processes, mathematical proofs, and discoveries, that have allowed us to express a number of conclusions about the meaning and purpose of human existence. In those 500-plus posts, the progression is from a single quantum bottom of reality, the elementary perturbation of the Source Field, the electron, up to holistic Conscious Cosmos. In this post, I will try to look at reality from an awareness more complete that that of the average human being, perhaps even from the top down, where the top is defined as the state of Cosmic Consciousness, which is the infinitely expanded awareness of everything that exists.


At this point in planetary time, very few conscious living beings on the planet have attained Cosmic Consciousness, and it is impossible for most of us to even imagine what that state might be like. But, given that even one such being exists, how would that being see the things we are experiencing? To begin with, that being would be aware of everything: all things, all space, all time, including the content of the consciousness of every finite being. I hasten to add that I am not such an ultimately enlightened being, but I am confident that they exist. I have experienced evidence of such beings, showing the way to the positive goal of human existence.


You may consider my remarks about what reality looks like from the viewpoint of states of higher consciousness as speculations, because indeed, that is what they are. However, these remarks are based on actual experiences, some of which I have written about in earlier blogposts and publications. Relevant experiences include significant personal glimpses of expanded states of consciousness from a very early age, meetings with people far more advanced than me, initiation into spiritual practices that help expand consciousness, and in on-going inspirations that are both intellectual and spiritual in nature.


It is clear to me that those who have ascended to the state of Christ Consciousness (the Son/Daughter of God state) are aware of the 3, 6, and 9 dimensional domains of finite reality, and are in contact with the Infinite; and those who have ascended to the ultimate goal of existence, the state of Cosmic Consciousness (the Mother/Father God state) are fully aware of the entirety of Cosmic Reality, because everything is contained in the infinity of their Being. The magnificence, joy, and ecstasy of these ultimate states of expanded consciousness are so far beyond the experiences of the average human being today, that they can only be expressed by conceptional extrapolations from the average human being, to most advanced person of our experience, and beyond.


These conceptional extrapolations in 3, 6, and 9 dimensions can be expressed minimally in a self-referential model of mathematical logic. The Neppe-Close TDVP is such a model. This is possible only because reality is structured logically, like an infinitely expanding mind: The Mind of God if you will. What follows is a brief description of conceptual extrapolation through 3, 6, and 9 dimensions and the infinity of infinities, and my attempts to express them in the inadequate finite terms of human language.


In the mathematical model of reality, human experience can be represented minimally by a functional expression of CL&I, where each of the three components, i.e., consciousness, life, and intelligence, are described by quantifiable variables of extent, content, and intent/impact in the quantized finite dimensional domains, and by qualifiable variables (called “qualia”) in the infinitely continuous domain, the infinity of infinities. The variables for C, L, and I can vary from one quantum equivalence unit to infinity. With this generalized conceptual model in mind as background, I will try to describe experiences along the path of consciousness expansion, without resorting to abstract mathematical procedures any more than appear to be necessary for clarity.


As individual consciousness expands from bare existential awareness to self-awareness, the realization dawns that all real objects, events and thoughts are at least three dimensional. Single dimensionless points, extended to one-dimensional lines, and two-dimensional planes have no potential for substantial content. They are over-simplified conceptual models of real things, all of which have both extent and content.


The average person on Planet Earth today is minimally aware of three dimensions of space, one moment in time, and consciousness from one single individual point of view. Within this conceptual domain, the individual experiences the changes of content and intent/impact as events happening in 3D space along a personal timeline. Thus, time is experienced in a linear fashion, and may be represented by a line connecting remembered past events with present experience, and an anticipated future. The contents of these events impact the body and mind of the individual conscious being in a variety of ways. Most people today are only aware of this five-dimensional domain, consisting of three dimensions of space, a one-directional dimension of time, and one quantum of consciousness for most, if not all of their lives.


Please bear in mind that in this discussion, all measurable variables are not dimensions. Dimensions are only measures of structural extension in the field of existing objects. Only three things have extension: space, time, and consciousness. Other variables, like matter and energy, are measured in variables of content. They may occupy measurable volumes of space, time, and consciousness dimensional domains, depending on density, but they are measures of content, not dimensions.


Without going into the details of how and why individual consciousness may be expanded to experience more dimensions of reality, I will attempt to describe what experiencing that is like. My descriptions are based on personal experiences, explanations from spiritual guides who are now living or have lived on the Earth, and inductive and deductive reasoning.


If the domain of awareness of an average conscious being is uniformly expanded, that being will have complete awareness of the domain of five contiguous dimensions, three of space, one of time, and one of consciousness. That person would have total awareness of all events, past, present, and future on his/her personal timeline. Please note that the average person today has only partial awareness of five dimensions.


Parallel universes, while possible, are not available to the expanding consciousness of entities existing in this universe before achieving expansion to the level of Christ Consciousness, because all universes of finite dimensional domains are quantized relative to the volume and mass of the smallest quantum object and the speed of light in that universe. Universes may exist parallel to ours, but those that do, exist at different vibrational frequencies, created by different multiples of the speed of light as experienced in our universe. This means that the energy necessary to project from our physical universe into a parallel universe is infinite. However, Christ Consciousness, the goal of individualized consciousness in this universe, is a state of awareness of everything in this universe, and Cosmic Consciousness, the Parent of Christ Consciousness, is aware of all possible universes.


Consciousness expansion from an average state of awareness toward Christ Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness is actually the definition of spiritual evolution. Human evolution is not just the improvement of physical health or mental efficiency, because the goal transcends the finite limitations of body and mind.


Spiritual evolution, unless accelerated by focused spiritual practices, advances slowly over a number of lifetimes, and even the expansion of individual consciousness to include complete awareness of the extent and content of the first three-dimensional domain of this physical universe is rare at this time. However, I understand that even though we are barely out of the dark mechanical age, the first 1200 years of the ascending 12,000 years of mental and spiritual virtue in this planetary time cycle, complete enlightenment in this lifetime, while extremely rare and difficult to attain, is possible.


Awareness of an n-dimensional domain is only possible from at least a partial awareness of an n+1 dimensional domain. This is an innate structural feature of conscious spatial awareness that is a geometrical invariance relating any two contiguous dimensional domains. This becomes obvious when projecting a quantum point from a plane into a volume or projecting from the three-dimensional domain of space into the four-dimensional domain of spacetime by the mathematical process of dimensional extrapolation. But it is one thing to perform calculations demonstrating this relationship, and quite another thing to experience it as an expansion of consciousness.


The mathematical projection through 3, 6, and 9 dimensional domains requires the progressive change of units of quantification from integers to “imaginary” numbers, and from those numbers to complex numbers. This reveals the fact that the logic of pure mathematics is not a human invention; it is discoverable as the logic of the dimensional structure of reality. The corresponding expansion of individual awareness brings profound differences in the state of consciousness of the individual at each three-dimensional expansion. The level of knowledge and understanding increases exponentially at the inter-dimensional junctures of 3, 6, and 9 dimensional domains.


As pointed out above, the expansion of individual consciousness within the spatial domains of one, two, and three dimensions, from partial awareness to the complete awareness of the dimensional domains and their relationship to each other, brings with it the profound difference between an average “normal” individual and an individual with a complete awareness of his/her past, present, and future timeline. Such an individual is said to have a “photograph memory” and precognitive “psychic” abilities.


The uniform progressive expansion of individual consciousness proceeds from three of space, adding three of time, and then three more of consciousness, but non-uniform and partial awareness expansion is possible, producing a range of individuals with a variety of cognitive and so-called “psychic” abilities. When individual consciousness is expanded to encompass complete awareness of five dimensions of reality, and the fifth dimension is one of time, the individual becomes aware of portions of two or more individual timelines, with knowledge of specific events on those timelines.


It is worth noting that, while it is possible to conceptualize more than three dimensions of space, our finite universe is structurally limited to three for individuals whose consciousness is not expanded to and/or beyond Christ Consciousness, because of physical relativistic and vibratory limitations, as mentioned above. The same is true for time and consciousness dimensions. The three dimensions of time and the three dimensions of conscious extent can be visualized as analogous to the three dimensions of space. But this analogy is only structural. The detail and complexity of the expanded state of consciousness associated with each additional dimension, is literally mind-boggling.


Knowing that knowledge is power, and power can be used for positive or negative purposes, we can understand why physical, mental, and spiritual reality is structured the way it is. Effective methods of consciousness expansion are difficult to learn, and cannot be accessed or understood by an individual until the soul’s consciousness is pure, purged of negative tendencies and capable of relating all activities to the positive goals of spiritual progress. The ability to gain true knowledge of reality and use logical reasoning to focus on understanding how to limit actions to those that will promote individual, group, and cultural spiritual progress, is known as wisdom.


By applying inductive and deductive reasoning to the parameters and characteristics of the state of consciousness we experience as human beings aware of the existence of three dimensions of space, part of one dimension of time, and one distinction of consciousness, we can conceptualize what the state of consciousness of an individual with full or partial conscious awareness of 6, 7, 8, and 9 dimensional domains of reality might actually be like.


Based on firsthand experiences of expanded states of awareness and information from individuals who have reached expanded states of consciousness that include the additional dimensions of reality totaling from six to nine dimensions, I can offer descriptions that will provide some idea of what those states of consciousness are like. But before I do that, it may be helpful to answer some relevant questions that people trying to understand TDVP have had. Perhaps the most interesting and puzzling conclusion of TDVP is summed up in the statement that Reality consists of all things existing and occurring within the structure of three dimensions of space, three dimensions of time, and three dimensions of consciousness. The most relevant question is generally expressed something like this:

I know what the three dimensions of space are, but exactly what are the three dimension of time and the three dimensions of consciousness?

My next blogpost will be devoted to answering this question.


ERC – 10/18/2021


Monday, October 11, 2021




Who saw the brilliance of the light,

Streaming forth from Eden?

Who took a step and that first bite,

To taste of love and freedom?


Who was the one who stood enthralled,

Tasting some, and wanting more,

As, with stunning beauty, Nature called,

Who was it, wanting to explore?


Who gazed upon the valleys green, mountains high,

Flowering fields, and oceans blue?

Who longed to plumb the depths, and touch the sky,

Was not that someone really you?


A billion days, a billion nights,

Spiraling round and round the sun,

Seeking all the thrills and sights,

Until all the lights merged as one.


And finally, now the truth is plain:

The choice is clearly understood.

Your soul is not within your brain,

Where evil lurks beside the Good.


Choose to wake from finite sleep,

And know you are a Royal Heir.

And coming from the cosmos, deep,

His Love for you is everywhere!


It blossoms forth in every rose,

In every sunbeam’s thrilling hue,

It is right there, beneath your nose,

Love is, and always has been, YOU!


You’ve slept my Dear, for far too long,

Dreaming dreams of moon and sun,

But now it’s time to sing your song,

To wake and know YOU ARE THE ONE.


The cosmos waits to hear your voice,

You’ve won at last, the race is done,

But you must make the final choice,

To take His hand: AND BE THE ONE.


ERC - 10/08/2021


This post is intended to be a follow-on to the last two posts: THE HARVEST: PREDICTIONS, OPINIONS AND EXPLANATIONS and THE CHOICE. As with the last one, I will try to make this a stand-alone post by summarizing some of the major points of the blogposts leading up to and including the last two posts before I start, but I think it will still be helpful to read or re-read at least the two previous posts.

A Brief Summary:

In previous publications and posts, proof of the existence of a real, quantifiable, non-physical, part of reality has been presented. We (Close and Neppe) called that third component of reality gimmel, and we have shown that no stable physical reality is possible without it. The proof was made possible by measuring all observable occurrences of the elementary components of atoms in multiples of a minimum quantum equivalence unit defined by the mass and volume of the smallest free stable object, the electron. We found that all stable atoms are made up of integer multiples (i.e., whole numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, …) of quantum equivalence units of mass, energy and gimmel.


The proof of the existence of a measurable non-physical part of reality is an important discovery for several reasons. It allows us to resolve some of the paradoxes in the current scientific model, and it provides several much more satisfactory explanations of some observations that are unexplained and simply accepted as “quantum weirdness” in the current mainstream theory known as the Standard Model of particle physics. We have listed more than fifty such explanations that are provided by our model, which we call the Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm (TDVP). That alone validates TDVP as a better model of reality. But a much more important result of the discovery, in my opinion, is that TDVP provides a basic scientific framework for the study of consciousness, paranormal phenomena, and Spiritual Reality. Because of this, it also provides a logical, systematic way to analyze the current world crises, as struggles between good and evil, which is what these three blogposts are about.


Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Like everything else created by human beings in the universe of physical duality, AI has both good and bad applications. It is good when used as a tool for scientific investigation of matter and energy, freeing conscious minds for more important things, but when envisioned as the future of humanity, it is part of the same false, evil conceptual goal of an earthly  Marxist utopia. It promises a god-like existence of enhanced human capabilities, but, just like Marxist communism and socialism, it delivers only misery and slavery for human beings.


The current world crisis being used by evil, and the mis-guided enablers of evil, to try to transition humanity from the inequities imposed by a few greedy, unscrupulous billionaires who have taken advantage of free-market capitalism, to return to the even greater evils of the tyranny of Marxist class warfare, with the same greedy elitists installing themselves as the ruling class, is a prime example of how evil uses AI as a means to its ends. At this time of low mental and spiritual virtue, the vast majority of humanity is easy prey to the false lures of ease and leisure offered by AI technology. Once people become dependent upon AI devices like smart phones, personal computers and the internet, the reality that “an idle mind is the Devil’s workshop” becomes a reality.


The human time and energy freed up by reliance on AI devices should be used to move individual consciousness along the path toward the goal and purpose of existence: positive spiritual evolution. That is why the same evil behind the push for global Marxism is trying so hard to destroy religion and spiritual practices of any kind. The antidote to this psychotic spiritual illness is authentic spirituality based in the science of non-physical reality introduced by TDVP.


The Antidote:

TDVP re-integrates mathematical science and ontological philosophy into a natural epistemological understanding of human progress as spiritual progress, rather than a random walk into the inevitable destruction of maximum entropy predicted by mainstream scientific materialism. Another major advancement made possible by the discovery of gimmel is a deeper understanding of space, time, and conscious extent as dimensions of the structural forms of mass, energy, and conscious content. A mathematical process that I call dimensional extrapolation, is applicable to both physical and non-physical quantized phenomena, and when applied, it reveals that time and consciousness, like space, are three dimensional.


This means that reality is a logically consistent self-referential system of nine finite dimensions, embedded in an infinitely continuous substrate that is continually expanding out of and into itself. This model of reality is consistent with an infinite descent proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem, and with infinite ascent, it is consistent with Gödel’s incompleteness theorems. These results have many implications far beyond the scope of these posts, including the indication that the infinitely continuous substrate of reality is the most primary form of consciousness containing all possible logical structures. In my opinion, the infinitely continuous substrate, is the infinity of infinities, the source of all things, the all-in-one and the one-in-all, in simple English, the mind of God.


An understanding of the self-referential mathematical nature of reality that we are calling TDVP, reveals that all movement, including physical change, is driven by the evolution or degradation of the mental and spiritual virtue of consciousness, not just increasing or decreasing physical complexity. The discovery that non-physical gimmel is a major part of reality, the part that organizes mass and energy to form stable atomic structures, combined with the application of the mathematical process of infinite ascent, leads me to the conclusion that the source of all existence is an infinite self-referential Cosmic Mind, traditionally called God.


Even though we are currently in the ascending half of a 24,000-year planetary time cycle, with the average mental and spiritual virtue slowly increasing, as our planet spirals around the sun and the solar system moves along its elliptical path. The average state of spiritual virtue is still very low because of where we are in the cycle. It will take more than 10,000 years for us to again reach our nearest approach to the positive focus, the location of the Cosmic Source of consciousness. However, the state of consciousness of a given individual can be anywhere from being barely self-aware, to having complete Cosmic Consciousness, depending on the individual’s choices and actions in this and previous lives.


Choices that promote good physical and mental health, and advance one’s personal spiritual virtue are intrinsically good, and choices that undermine health and hamper or retard spiritual virtue are bad. Thus, good and evil are defined in terms of spiritual progress, and the purpose of existence is to provide opportunities for individuals to experience physical, mental, and spiritual reality as souls separate from Primary Consciousness, with opportunities to choose good or evil.


Proof of the existence of non-physical gimmel functioning as a conscious organizing component of quantum reality that creates stable atomic structures, present in the highest levels in elements like Hydrogen, Carbon, and Oxygen, found in conscious organic life forms, compared to then amount of gimmel in elements that do not support life, suggests that reality exists by intelligent design and this discovery expands the scientific model of reality into a paradigm that includes consciousness as a quantifiable and measurable variable. The discovery that gimmel is fundamental and as important to life as mass and energy, is a crucial step toward freeing science and the human psyche from the dead end of scientific materialism. It also provides science with a logical tool capable of describing and investigating paranormal and spiritual phenomena.


When the primary form of mathematical logic used in the TDVP model of reality is applied to the basic volumetric quantum combinations of the quarks that form protons and neutrons, it reveals the influence of Primary consciousness in elements that support life, and it proves that the most basic assumptions of materialism are wrong. And that eliminates Marxist communism and socialism as viable theories of reality.


The inclusion of consciousness as fundamental in TDVP makes finite reality triadic, contrasting with the duality of dialectical materialism where reality is assumed to be binary, consisting of polar opposites. Finite reality exists in the form of three types of distinctions measurable in variables of content: quantized mass, energy, and gimmel, the three essences of finite reality. These essential distinctions of content are organized in mathematically logical forms measurable in nine finite dimensions of extent: three of space, three of time, and three of consciousness.


The six finite distinctions of content and extent, i.e., mass, energy, gimmel, space, time, and localized consciousness, are finite manifestations of the spirit and logic of the infinite multi-dimensional field of Primary Consciousness, identified in TDVP as the substrate of reality. The substrate of reality is comparable to, and contrasts with, the concept in quantum field theory of the Zero-Point Field, and in various kinds of theology wityh the Source, the Void, or the Mind of God. The major difference, at least for me, is the realization that finite individual consciousness can be expanded to the point of direct contact and awareness of the infinite field of Primary Consciousness.


So, what does all this mean? Are there practical applications of all of this? Paradoxically, the discovery of the substrate of reality extending as gimmel, representing the organizing intent of non-physical reality within finite physically reality, actually simplifies everything!



The implications of TDVP are profound, far-reaching, and exceedingly practical, if understood and applied.


v  God exists

“God” is a word that conveys different things to different people, depending on the internal model in each person’s mind. So, call it whatever makes sense to you, but know that its’ existence is no longer a matter of philosophical debate. The existence of Infinite Intelligence has been proved. It cannot be fully described in the finite verbiage of any language, but it has been proved mathematically and can be experienced directly. The infinite field of consciousness exists. It is the substrate of reality. It exists, has always existed, and will always exist. Its’ existence has been proved by infinite ascent/descent using the primary calculus of dimensional distinctions, and it can be proved by anyone who masters the mathematics of TDVP, and by direct experience in expanded consciousness. A list of references including the proof of the existence of non-physical reality is posted at the end of the first of this series of three blogposts.


v  Existence has Meaning and Purpose

With direct experience of the Infinite through expanded consciousness, it becomes clear that existence has meaning and purpose. Its’ meaning is found in the direct personal experience of Christ Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness, and its’ purpose is to provide a venue, or “stage” for the spiritual evolution of souls.


v  For Every Question there is an Answer

This is a basic principle that was stated by the famous polymath Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz in the late 17th century. Because there are some people who think this principle is brought into question by Gödel’s incompleteness theorems, I will address this briefly here.


Gödel’s first theorem states that no mathematically consistent system with theorems that can be listed and enumerated in any way, is capable of proving all of the known true statements about the arithmetic of natural numbers (The arithmetic of the integers: 1, 2, 3, …). For any consistent system based on a specific finite number of axioms, there will always be statements about the natural numbers that are true but that cannot be proved within the system. The second theorem generalizes the first theorem by showing that no internally consistent finite logical system can prove its own consistency.


Reality is a consistent logical system. If it were not, there would be no stable universe. And while the physical universe is a finite logical system at any moment in time, the totality of reality, including the infinite conscious substrate, is infinite. Two things follow from this: 1) In a finite logical system describing reality, it will always be possible to make true statements that cannot be proved within the system in which they are stated. 2) Statements unprovable in a given finite system of logic may be provable in a logical system expanded to describe more of reality by adding appropriate axioms.


For readers without the background or time and patience to become familiar with the calculus of dimensional distinctions and Gödel’s proofs, what I am saying, is simply this:


While in any understanding of reality, e.g., your own mental model of reality, or any scientific “theory of everything”, it is possible to say things that are true but that cannot be proved, those true statements will be provable in a more complete model of reality. And a more complete model of reality is always possible by the expansion of consciousness, because reality is infinite.



P.S.: A Final Encouraging Note:

Based on the principle that truth will always outlast lies, and re-assert itself, regardless of how successful the lies become when repeated over extended periods of time, I have maintained that the evil that has been perpetrated by the self-appointed “elite” global socialist psychopaths cannot, and will not prevail, and that the evil of false prophets will always self-destruct. I am happy to report that we are seeing that beginning to happen now. It is happening in a natural and predictable way. It is beginning where the insidiously evil subversion of democracy using Marxist tactics started in the US, more than 60 years ago: in public education.


I saw the beginning of the subversion of free education in the early 1960s when I was teaching mathematics in public schools. Slowly, over the past 60 years, step-by-step, public education has changed from an effort to create a nation of people who, regardless of their station in life, would have the basic reading, writing, mathematics, and thinking skills, that could make them capable of self-governance, to a tax-payer-supported front being used to spread socialist propaganda, and create a proletariat, i.e., a working class that could be controlled by the elite ruling class.


We were a nation predominantly of European heritage, and even though most of our ancestors came to America to escape the tyranny of the elite ruling classes of their native countries, class-based thinking was deeply rooted in some, who happily embarked on political careers, seeing their opportunity to become part of a new ruling class. While they could not establish themselves as an absolute monarchy, the Marxist-based ideologies of various forms of socialism were handy templates for them to use to gain the power they desired.


But the seeds of self-destruction are always present in tyrannical Marxist-based socialist political systems. In this case, ironically, it is their use of the Covid pandemic to promote fear and division in order to speed up their take-over, that is their undoing! With the shut-down of elementary and secondary public education for more than a year, parents began to see on the remote-learning computer screens, the propaganda designed to poison their children’s minds with Marxist class-division thinking that has been building up in public education for years.


The Final Word:

Who can stop this madness? You are the One.


ERC 10/11/2021

Tuesday, October 5, 2021



Neppe and Close



The day is done, and Earth rolls on,

Spiraling ‘round and ‘round about the sun,

Before death stills your lonely voice,

Try hard to clarify the choice,

Which ultimately, is only one.


This post is a follow-on to the last post: THE HARVEST: PREDICTIONS, OPINIONS AND EXPLANATIONS. I will try to make this a stand-alone document, but it will probably be helpful for some who want to understand this post to read or re-read the previous post.

The truth is simple, even if the explanation is complex. In this post, I will continue to expose the truth that today’s world crisis is a battle between Good and Evil - the biggest and most important battle in the current cycle, so far. Once you see that the most basic assumptions of the self-appointed elites who are trying to impose their control are false, that their promises are lies, their tactics are diabolical, and the fruits of their actions are death and destruction, the truth is plain: They cannot win. Reality and God are One, and truth will defeat evil. The ultimate choice is simple: Choose Good over Evil, natural over synthetic, Love over hate, Eternal Life over death and destruction.

We are at a critical point in the current world crisis, a crisis unprecedented in modern history. We are seeing the slaughter of human beings in numbers that will soon exceed all the deaths of World War II. We are now, in fact, in the third World War. But somehow, it does not seem as alarming as the last war because people are not being killed by overt violence with weapons of the past, like swords, guns, bombs, and bullets, but silently and stealthy with bioweapons. The same evil, however, is the root cause of this harvesting of souls.

Just like WW II, this slaughter is the result of the efforts of a relatively small number of psychopathic social “elites” trying to control the governments and people of the world, only this time, they have planned the campaign more carefully and implemented it patiently, over the entire period of time between the end of WW II and 2020, by infiltrating and subverting free governments of the people, their education, medicine, news media, and entertainment organizations, as briefly described in the last post. Learning from previous defeats, the innate evil in the human psyche has gotten more devious. Most of those who promote it do not know what they do.

World War II was fought after the social engineering project now called the Holocaust horrified the world. It was fought to stop evil from taking over of the world in the form of the Third Reich. (Reich is a German word meaning empire.) The third Reich was a world government envisioned by a political organization known as the Nazis. NAZI is a shortened form of the German language name of the organization: The National Socialist Worker’s Party, used by Adolf Hitler. He called his administration the Third Reich because it was fashioned after the second attempt to establish global control by the elite ruling classes. The second attempt, or the Second Reich, was the Holy Roman Empire. The first attempt, i.e., the First Reich, was the original Roman Empire, a bloody empire that murdered those who resisted, confiscated their land, enslaved most of the western civilized world, and successfully subverted organized religion to serve the Empire.

During the rise and spread of Christianity from Judea into Africa and Europe in the first and second centuries AD, the Roman Empire began to deteriorate, and the Roman emperors realized that to maintain their control of the masses in Europe and the Middle East, they would have to find a way to absorb the new Jewish cult forming around the teachings of Jesus, a Jewish mystic, into the Pagan religion of Rome. To do this, they brutally crucified Peter, the leader of Christianity after Jesus, in the public square in Rome and replaced him with a Roman, who became the head of the new Church, re-named Catholic, (catholic means universal) and the Catholic Church became the state religion of the Second Reich, re-named the Holy Roman Empire.

Proclaiming their rights as descendants of Zeus, the original mythical Roman Divinity, the Roman emperors, and their senators and generals continued their reign of terror over the people of the Western World with more corruption and debauchery than ever. Because of rampant internal corruption and the blatant display of immorality, the Western Roman Empire continued to decline, and collapsed in 476 AD with the sacking of Rome. However, the Eastern Roman Empire, had already split from Rome, ruling Eastern Europe from Byzantium, re-named Constantinople in 330 for the first Eastern Orthodox Emperor, Constantine.

The Western half of the Holy Roman Empire was engulfed by so-called “Barbarians”, who were warriors from several tribes, collectively known as Huns, between 450 and 500 AD. Specifically, Rome was sacked in 476 by the Goths and Vandals, Germanic tribes who had migrated into Central and Eastern Europe from the area now called Scandinavia, one could say: an earlier wave of Vikings! The word barbarian has come to mean a savage, uncivilized person, but the root of the word is Barbaros, a Greek word simply meaning a foreign person who did not speak Greek. It soon took on a negative connotation and was adapted to mean foreign invaders. The fiercest of these warriors probably came from tribes like the Vandals from the north and Dacians and Goths from the Carpathian Mountains and areas around the Black Sea where the countries of Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, and Turkey are located today.

After 500 AD, the power and glory of the Roman Empire in Western Europe was all but gone. However, the Byzantine emperors of the East were still pretty strong. When Justinian I came into power in 527 in Constantinople, he knew that the only way he could retain power and perhaps even re-gain some control of Western Europe, was to control the Catholic Church. The emperor was a clever, well-educated, political man. His stated goal was to “revive the Roman Empire's greatness and reconquer the lost western half of the historical Roman Empire”. He was not really a Spiritual man, but rather, a clever politician who saw the Catholic Church as an effective tool to control the masses.


In his mind, the decline of Rome’s influence in the western parts of the Empire was due in large part to the ascending influence of Judeo-Christian teachings, as disparate anti-Roman groups had coalesced around the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, who was becoming a mythical hero, challenging the divinity of the Roman emperors. Justinian was smart enough to know that he could not openly declare war on the offending provincial churches, so he cleverly plotted to undermine their influence and integrate them into the Roman theocracy. He studied the writings of Origen, the most influential of the Christian theologians of the second century AD and picked out a list of ideas to ban in order to subvert Christian teachings and integrate the Christian ideology with Roman theology. He drew up the list of doctrines he wanted banned and called them “The Anathemas of Origen”.


In 553, Justinian called for an assembly of a Council of the Church Fathers to ratify the Anathema decree, but the meeting was opposed by the Pope. The emperor forced several Eastern bishops to attend a secret meeting where he presented his ‘Fifteen Anathemata’ condemning the ideas in Origen’s writings that threatened Roman authority. He prevailed upon them, under threat of death, to sign the decree. The meeting with the bishops prior to the Council was a bold ploy to undermine the Pope’s power and promote the ban on the anti-Roman writings of Origen, forming the bulk of the Christian scriptures. The scheme worked. An official meeting of the Council was held on the fifth of May 553, and the Pope was forced to accept the decree, allowing the emperor to issue the ban as if it were being imposed by the Pope and the Council of Bishops as a correction to official Church doctrine. See Secrets of the Sacred Cube, a Cosmic Love Story, page 186-191 for more detail.)


Before Rome was sacked and the Second Empire fell, the Catholic Church had built a Basilica over Peter’s grave in Rome, and as Rome fell, the Church began to re-align with the Teutonic invaders. Many of the soldiers and generals of the Roman Army, were actually members of the tribes invading the Roman Empire from north and East. They had become Roman citizens and members of the Catholic Church, a fact that helped assure the Church’s survival when the emperor was threatening to burn or confiscate churches and torture or kill priests who did not conform to the his edicts. The area around the Basilica became a pilgrimage site for Christians, but it was abandoned when the Papal Court moved to France in 1309. The Church returned to Rome in 1377 and a new St. Peter’s Basilica and other now-famous landmarks such the Apostolic Palace and the Sistine Chapel were built, and the area became known as Vatican City. The Vatican was established as a separate sovereign state governed by basic socialist principles in 1929.

In 1933, when Benito Mussolini, the socialist dictator of Italy, joined with Hitler’s National Socialist Party to form the Third Reich Axis, they signed an agreement called a Concordat with the Vatican in effort to strengthen the power of the Third Reich with the Catholic Church as the spiritual arm of the new world government. The Pope signed the agreement to support the Nazi war effort because it protected the Church’s holdings in Germany, and if Hitler succeeded in his quest to conquer all of Europe, which it looked as if he was likely to do, the socialist ideals of the Holy Roman Empire and the Catholic Church would be spread across the globe. If Hitler did not succeed, the Church could claim that the Concordat was signed to protect churches in Europe and to avoid an invasion of the Vatican City, which Hitler certainly could have done. The Italian government, with the secret complicity of the Vatican, helped fund Hitler’s war efforts because it was a way to re-establish the Holy Roman Empire as an integral part of the new world government, the Third Reich.


Franz von Papen, a Nobleman, and previous Chancellor of Germany was instrumental in setting up the concordat between Germany and the Vatican. Von Papen announced that "The Third Reich is the first world power which not only acknowledges but also puts into practice the highest principles of the papacy." The Vatican considered the Third Reich as a part of the “Government of God” and swore to stabilize and uphold the new world government and give it divine protection.


Hitler, a member of the Catholic Church from birth, wrote: 

"I learned much from the Order of the Jesuits. Until now, there has never been anything more grandiose, on the earth, than the hierarchical organization of the Catholic Church. I transferred much of this organization into my own party." (See Secrets of the Sacred Cube, a Cosmic Love Story page 191 – 202)


If you have read the previous post, you know that this discussion would not be complete without at least a brief discussion of Marxism. Marxism and its poor stepchildren, notably Chinese communism, Russian communism, and German socialism, appeal to many intellectuals because they are logic-based, well-developed philosophical ideologies, but like all theories, they are wrong if their underlying assumptions are wrong. - And they are. Before I get to the proof that the basic assumptions of left-wing political theories are simply wrong, it is helpful to discuss what the major far-left political belief systems consist of, and how they were developed.


Marx and Engels borrowed the method of dialectical analysis from Hegel, a towering German intellectual, who developed a comprehensive philosophy of mind, matter, and spirit in his Phenomenology of Spirit in1807. He did this by expanding Plato’s method of advancing epistemology by the process of confronting and resolving opposites. Marx and Engels ignored the more complex and meaningful aspects of Hegel’s philosophy and focused on the material one-third of the triad. In other words, they co-opted Hegel’s logical approach while embracing the basic assumption of materialism, which relegates consciousness to the status of a qualitative feature of matter. Marx focused on the then-recent history of Germanic Europe and the economic interactions of human society, while Engels related materialistic economic theory to natural law, making Marxism a more comprehensive worldview, and potentially a scientific hypothesis, capable of being falsified or confirmed.


The three principal laws of Hegelian dialectics, according to Engels are:  1) the law of the two-way transformation of quantity and quality, 2) the law of the interpenetration of opposites, and 3) the law of the negation of the negation.


Marx and Engels posited that social and intellectual processes follow the same general laws of change as the laws of motion in the physical sciences. Engels applied the first law of dialectics in this way: In nature, in a manner exactly fixed for each individual case, qualitative changes can only occur by the quantitative addition or subtraction of matter or motion”. This is analogous to the physical laws of motion governing mass and energy as put forward by Sir Isaac Newton.

The second law suggests that every physical reality implies the existence of its opposite, into which it may transform through a process of alteration from its original state through a series of intermediate steps or movements, and the third law, lifted directly from Hegel, is applied to economic politics by Marx as follows:The capitalist mode of appropriation, the result of the capitalist mode of production, produces capitalist private property. This is the first negation of individual private property ... But capitalist production begets, with the inexorability of a law of Nature, its own negation. It [this new negation] is the negation of negation."

The use of Hegelian dialectics gives Marxism the misleading façade of being scientific, while unscientifically adopting the most basic principle of atheistic materialism: the belief that material reality is the primary reality and that nothing exists without it. That, in brief, is the anatomy of Marxism.

Since the time of Marx and Engels in the mid-1800s, various totalitarian governments, including those in Russia, Germany, China, and Cuba, have selected aspects of Marx-Engels dialectic materialism to further their own tyrannical agendas. They have done to Marxism exactly what Marx and Engels did to Hegel’s philosophy, and the result in every case has been horrific examples of genocide. The most basic cause of that outcome is the belief in materialism, which leads to atheism and the minimization of the importance of individual life and consciousness.

While we could gain a deeper understanding of the genocidal globalist social engineering going on today by looking at all of these historic examples, to conserve space here, I will only discuss Hitler’s Third Reich because I remember the second World War personally, and I have studied that example more thoroughly than the others. Fully half of my ancestors were either German, or they came to America through Germany as German-speaking immigrants. Hegel, Marx, and Engels were German-born, and Hitler, while born in Austria near the German border, became a German citizen in 1932 to pursue his militant political career.


Hitler was not really a Marxist, even though he adopted Marxist methods. As noted above, he professed to be a faithful Catholic throughout his life. In fact, when Hitler died, the Catholic theocratic Socialist dictator of Spain, Generalissimo Franco, eulogized him as follows: “Adolf Hitler, son of the Catholic Church, died while defending Christianity. Over his mortal remains stands his victorious moral figure. With the palm of the martyr, God gives Hitler the laurels of victory.” - This stands in stark contrast to the general belief of most of the peoples of Western Civilization, who think of Adolf Hitler as the embodiment of evil.


On the other hand, He was certainly not a conservative, as leftist American politicians like to imply, either. His political beliefs, personal philosophy, and social practices were far more similar to those of today’s “Woke” leftists. He rose to power with the aid of unions, and he implemented a radical form of socialism in Germany, and the atrocities he committed were justified as means to an end, in true Marxist fashion. Even a cursory reading of Mein Kampf (My Struggle), Hitler’s 720-page autobiographical manifesto published in 1925, reveals a striking resemblance to the Communist Manifesto published by Marx and Engels in 1848. He endorsed the maxim that “the ends justify the means” and “any lie, especially a grand one, repeated often enough, will be believed.” Consequently, he used any means available to further his party’s political goals. He was an unscrupulous politician.


There are people who argue that Hitler was not a socialist or a communist; and in a dialectical sense, that it true. He was not a typical Marxist or socialist. He aligned his comments and actions with communism and socialism to achieve his political goals. In other words, he was a politician. Many political writers classify Hitler as a fascist. But when you ask for a definition of fascism, what you hear depends upon whom you ask. It is generally defined as what every politician thinks his opponents are. Mussolini coined the term in 1919. He used the term to describe a militant organization or brotherhood dedicated to a common cause. Robert Paxton, a prominent American social sciences professor defined fascism as “a political practice distinctive to the 20th century that arouses popular enthusiasm by sophisticated propaganda techniques." In my opinion, that definition applies very well to both major political parties in the US today.


The purpose of this historical excursion was not to highlight the theories of Karl Marx, elevate Adolph Hitler in any way, or denigrate the Catholic Church, but to show how the three are related historically and ideologically, and to point out the recurrence of the same underlying patterns of evil in the repeated efforts of small groups of self-appointed “elites” to control the thinking and population of the world.


When political operatives compare an opponent to Hitler, they are implying that the opponent is pure evil, because that what it means to most people today. When they compare opponents to Nazis, they are literally calling them socialists, because Nazis were definitely socialists, but what they are implying is that their opponents are evil, capable of violence and murder, if not actually killing people whose religious or political beliefs are different than theirs. While this sort of insulting hyperbole does not really apply to most liberals or conservatives, it comes much closer to applying to the global elites who are advocating depopulation of the world by social engineering. American liberals and conservatives, democrats and republicans who seem to be at each other’s throats are not the evil ones, they are just gullible, or in some cases stupid, to have allowed themselves to be divided by fake crises, programmed over the past seventy-plus years by the global elitists, using the tactics of Marxist communism.


People in the area I grew up in, left for most of my adult life, and have now returned to as a senior citizen, were overwhelmingly Democrats when I left. When I came back, I was surprised to find that the people who live here now are overwhelmingly Republicans. I have had both liberal and conservative family and friends for most of my adult life, and I have lived and worked in red and blue states. That is probably why I tend to be independent or libertarian. Now, like the majority of Americans, I just wish the government and political activists of all strips would leave me alone and let me live my life in peace.


I have worked for, hired, promoted, and worked with, people of just about every race, color, and creed. I have never owned a slave or suppressed the rights of any human being, nor have any of my ancestors, as far as I know; certainly not within the last two hundred years. I was born to poor, hard-working hill folks who lived off the land, hunting and fishing, raising their own food, and making their own clothing for the most part. I worked my way through high school and college, earned scholarships, awards, and advanced degrees from some of the best universities in the country. Yet now I have people who never had to work for a living telling me that I am a white supremist and that I have benefited from white privilege just because of the color of my skin.


Many of my relatives served in the military, including my father, who was a member of the Amphibian Scouts and Raiders, now called Navy Seals, in World War II. Now I am told that if I am patriotic and proud of America, revere the American flag, and get a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes when I hear the National Anthem or the Battle Hymn of the Republic, that I am a radical nationalist and a danger to the socialist democracy (clearly an oxymoron title) of our country.


Like many Americans, I have had Covid; but I was asymptomatic because I have maintained a strong natural immune system for my entire life. I self-quarantined and I am still in excellent health with no disease, taking no prescription drugs, but I am told I must allow a foreign substance to be injected into my body with no guarantee that it will not compromise my good health.


Now that I am a senior citizen. I am being told, by career politicians, many of whom have no idea what science is, or what hard labor is, what I can and cannot do. It is outrageous. I do not blame all of the people involved in perpetrating this hoax, because most of them have been subjected to psycholinguistic programming by leftist propagandists in our government and public schools over the past fifty years or more.

I know that this irrational state of affairs has come to pass as part of the final stages of an attack on the free people of the world, planned and orchestrated by psychotic self-appointed global elitists using the methods of dialectical materialism, artificial intelligence, and modern technology. I became aware of the beginning efforts along these lines in education, as a graduate student and teacher, in the1960s, and in government in the 1970s when I was a systems analyst for the US Department of Interior. For more detail about this, see the previous blogpost and some of my earlier writings.

I use the term psychotic referring to the so-called elites behind this fabricated crisis designed to destroy individual freedom and establish a new world order, and it is appropriate because the masterminds of this plan believe they are more powerful than God. That is because they do not believe in God or the existence of any intelligence superior to their own. This brings us to the proof that the assumptions behind the leftist elitist’s delusions of grandeur are false, and their actions are evil.

The discovery of quantifiable non-physical content existing in all of the stable atoms of the physical universe destroys the most revered basic assumption of dialectic materialism, the assumption that matter is primary. I discovered this non-physical part of reality in 2011, using the most basic form of calculation after defining the basic unit of measurement, the quantum equivalence unit, as the mass and volume of the free electron.

The existence of the non-physical part of reality has been verified multiple times by producing calculated results that match experimental data from the Large Hadron Collider and the Hubble space probe, exactly in some cases, like the masses of protons and neutrons, and within experimental measurement and sampling error in other cases like the Cabbibo quark mixing angle and black matter and energy. In 2015, we chose gimmel, the third letter of the Hebrew alphabet to represent the non-physical third measurable content of all physical structure. The first two measurable parameters are mass and energy, represented by m and E in equations like E = mc2.

How can we measure non-physical content? The same way we measure the presence of the physical content, mass, and energy: by its effect on the structure and observable attributes of atoms. How do we know gimmel is non-physical? If it were physical, it would change the mass and energy of quarks, protons, and electrons. It has no mass or energy, yet it affects the mass and structure of every atom.

The proof of the existence of gimmel is straight-forward and available to anyone with a basic understanding of conventional mathematics and the simple physics of spinning objects. The proof has been published in two books, earlier blogposts, and a number of papers, so I won’t take up the space to repeat it here. I believe the best presentation, accessible to anyone with basic math and science skills was published in 2019 in Part II, pages 33 – 76 of Secrets of the Sacred Cube, a Cosmic Love Story, available on Amazon. Dr. Vernon Neppe has also published the sound academic proof of the existence of gimmel in several scholarly publications listed at the end of the previous post.

But what is important to this discussion is the very real significance of the discovery of gimmel. It provides the connection between mind and matter, between consciousness and the forms of the physical universe. It reveals that reality is not binary, but triadic. Instead of two measurable parameters of content: mass and energy, and two measurable parameters of extent: space and time, there are three measurable forms of content: mass, energy, and gimmel, and three measurable forms of extent: space, time, and consciousness. But most important is the fact that the existence of gimmel negates the basic assumptions of dialectical materialism, the underlying axioms of Marxist communism and socialism.

The existence of the non-physical third essence of content, measurable in volumetric quantum equivalence units, allowed us to develop the Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm (TDVP), a comprehensive model of reality that includes non-physical reality along with physical reality in a scientific theory validated by experimental results for the first time. This model shows the cosmos to be a mathematically consistent structure that is measurable in dimensional domains of 3, 6, and 9 finite dimensions of space, time, and consciousness, embedded in an infinite substrate containing all logically consistent forms. In spiritual traditions, this substrate has been known as the Mind of God.  


It is interesting to note that TDVP fulfills prophecies made by the visionary inventor Nikola Tesla in the 1870s:

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena; it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

And “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.”

But all this is now in jeopardy because of the actions of the self-appointed elite. Science is being used, literally turned on its head to control people. This brings us to the evil misuse of artificial intelligence (AI). More in the next blogpost.

-      ERC 10/05/2021