Monday, April 23, 2018


A large exfoliated granite boulder few miles from where I was born

I’ve just returned from several days of a wonderful retreat, a break from the daily routines of  civilization, during which the regular innate cycles of nature had a chance to re-assert themselves into my consciousness. In nature there’s no need to hurry; everything natural is effortlessly accomplished in its own time.

I’m finishing up a series of technical papers detailing the mathematical, physical and subtle spiritual principles that underlie the universe, its extent and content, working with or without our knowledge, guiding sentient beings toward the higher dimensions of physical, mental and spiritual awareness. These papers will comprise a mathematical proof that life and consciousness are not accidental results of the random combination of matter and energy in space and time, as believed by many mainstream scientists. Life and consciousness comprise an integral part of the deep reality of the universe and have from the beginning of time as we experience it. These papers contain the proof that it is spiritual momentum that actually drives all of the changes we experience, not mindless mechanical evolution.

That’s nice, you say, but, then why, if everything is designed for spiritual development and progress, do we have to suffer? The answer is simple and easy to understand intellectually, but not so easy to live with: If there were no suffering associated with life, we would not advance spiritually, because we would remain engrossed in the numbing illusions of materialism. When we identify completely with the physical body, we dream of perfection and try to find it in the world of dualism. Overindulging in food, sex, and the acquiring of things, we lose the natural balance of physical, mental and spiritual health that is innate in the gift of life and suffer the consequences of seeking perfection where it can never be found.

Pain and suffering are simple reminders -clarion wake-up calls, if you will- telling us that what we seek is not to be found in the inevitable dualities of physicality. It is as simple as Newton’s third law: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. For every physical pleasure there is an equal and opposite pain. Like it or not, that is the dance of physical reality.

The third law, as formulated by Sir Isaac Newton, relates to physical objects; but that is just the application of a more general universal law that operates inexorably when spiritual awareness is absent. In the physical world, the experience of joy is made more meaningful by the experience of sorrow, the experience of health more precious by the experience of illness. In an exclusively material universe, the second law of thermodynamics tells us that finite physical systems always tend toward maximum entropy, i.e., finite physical structures relentlessly decay over time. But, all is not lost in the “great heat-death of the universe” as posited by dialectic materialism because of the discovery of gimmel, the third form of the essence of reality. The necessity of the existence of quantum equivalence units of gimmel in every atom reveals the general form of another well-known law of physics: The law of the conservation.

The law of conservation of the substance of reality, as a fundamental concept of physics, states that the total amount of mass and energy remains constant in an isolated system. It implies that energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can change from one form to another.  The discovery of the quantum equivalence of energy, mass and gimmel requires the expansion of the law of conservation to read: The total amount of mass, energy and gimmel remains constant in an isolated system. It implies that the substance of reality can neither be created nor destroyed but can change from one form to another. Under certain empirically demonstrable conditions, mass, energy and gimmel are interchangeable, but the total amount of the substance of reality remains constant in an isolated system.

What does all this mean? It means that consciousness, represented by gimmel in every atom of physical reality and in the so-called dark matter and dark energy of the cosmos is conserved in all natural processes, and it is your responsibility to see to it that your bit of consciousness does not diminish, but expands and moves forward toward Christ Consciousness throughout your lifetime, and toward everlasting Cosmic Consciousness overall.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


I will not be posting anything new for a few days, so, I hope you will take the opportunity to look back at some of the 377 discussions, papers, videos and poems I've posted over the past few years.  A couple of recent posts that have been popular are: THE ORIGIN OF THE UNIVERSE  and THE IMPLICATIONS OF GIMMEL. You can type key words or titles into the search box on the blog to get access to the archives. (If you are visiting this site by smart phone, you may not see the sraech box, but there are options to bring posts up from the archives if you look for them.)

Also, I have a number of videos on Utube. Just search for my name and New Scxience. There are also several interviews and videos by my research partner, Dr. Vernon Neppe. 


Tuesday, April 17, 2018


ERC 4/17/2018

If you are reading this and understand it, it is for you. If it makes no sense to you, it is not for you, ignore it; go on with the busy-ness of being you.

You are: you exist; but, where and what are you? You are not located at some unique point in space or time; if you look, everything is in constant flux, you are here and there, engrossed in space-time. But, eventually, for you, there will be no fragmented continuum, once you know that space and time only exist as imaginary extensions of here and now, created by the conscious thought of separation, the imaginary distinction of your ‘self ‘from the Self of everything else.

You can only exist as yourself if you believe that you are something different from everything else. But when, in fact, you are not different from everything else, then you are one with everything else, and you are the All and the Nothing. Then, space-time is an illusion, and there is only here, there is only now, there is no then and there, they are nothing but imagined pasts and imagined futures; there is, in fact, only Here, there is only Now. But, what is Here and Now, does it consist of matter and energy?

No, science and deep concentration reveal that there is no matter, and there is no energy as such. There are no solid particles spinning in space, and energy is an imaginary multi-dimensional vortex; there is only the Reality of Here and Now in the deep realization of “I Am”. If you think you are your body, you are mistaken, and anyway, your body is a nest of troubles, so get away from it as soon as you can; it is not you. You are in it and beyond it, but it is not you. Be still and know that you are: If you can free yourself from body identification and attachment, then immediately you will know that you are an infinite expanse of ever-expanding light.

The All and the Nothing, the I-AM beyond finite knowing, spoke you into existence before there was space and time, saying: “Let there be Light” and you became light, expanding into infinity, expanding and expanding, riding on waves of light and sound until, NOW, and HERE, beyond the cycles of imaginary space-time, you return into your Self: The All and the Nothing.

If you are reading this and understand it, it is for you. If it makes no sense to you, it is not for you, ignore it; go on with the busy-ness of being you.

Sunday, April 15, 2018



Who, or what, and why am I?
Why must I live, feel pain and die?

Drawn by the magic of desire,
To feel the sea, earth, wind and fire,

I dream in space, in ice and stone,
I wake in tissue, blood and bone.

And physical forms do decay,
So, born of flesh, they pass away.

The abyss of nothingness we do fear,
As life fades away and death draws near.

But, from fear of death I rebound,
For in the depths of me I’ve found:

‘I am Conscious’ does persist,
And nothingness does not exist!

I’ve chased the quark into its lair,
And found that Spirit does not expire.

As cyclic as electron spin
Consciousness will rise again.

So, Death I no longer fear,
I’ll shed not one single tear.

I’ll endure life’s every daunting test,
I’ll love and laugh and sleep and rest,

Until God’s Love embraces me
-- In the bosom of Eternity.

Edward R. Close 4/25/2018

Saturday, April 14, 2018



My Answer, or Still Crazy After All These Years!
I am so Blessed! The most important person in my life has always supported my craziness! In 1996, when we attended our first “Toward a Science of Consciousness” seminar in Tucson Arizona, where I presented my derivation of the “non-quantum receptor”, as we entered the lecture hall for the opening session, Jacqui remarked: “We’re in a room filled with over three hundred people that are crazy just like you!”

In an informal talk given by Paramahansa Yogananda, the founder of Self-Realization Fellowship in the US and Yogoda Sat-Sanga Society of India, he told the story of encountering a famous Hollywood actor once while travelling in the US. The actor was openly critical, almost offended, by Yogananda’s appearance, including his dark skin, his ochre-colored robe, long hair and turban. Yogananda replied to the effect: “We are all crazy in some way, and I know about your craziness, but you don’t know about mine!”

Of, course, it turned out that none of the three-hundred and some-odd scientists and philosophers in that room on the University of Arizona Campus that day in 1996 were crazy exactly like me. A few were similar, but most were afflicted with a slightly different kind of craziness. But, I’ve been blessed to have at least three friends in this life, my college roommate, now Dr. David Stewart, my wife, Jacqui, and my research partner, Dr. Vernon Neppe, whose craziness was and is enough like mine to help me believe that there is some value to my craziness. 

As we walked out of one of the Tucson II sessions, a few days later, I happened to be walking next to a well-known physicist whose ideas had impressed me. I turned toward him and asked:

 “Have you started meditating yet?” 

He looked at me quizzically, and answered: “No. Why should I?” 

Before I could respond, he disappeared into the crowd.

I firmly believe that any serious thinker, scientist, philosopher or ordinary person, should learn to meditate. It could mitigate their inflated sense of self-worth some. Most scientists like to think that the thoughts they think, the ideas they put forth are theirs alone. I don’t think that is quite true. Many of the ideas that have proved valuable in my career as a scientist and engineer, came to me after periods of deep meditation. In my opinion, this reveals the fact that theories about the nature of reality, like quantum theory and the theory of relativity, or any idea, while ostensibly produced by one or a few, belong to no one. The truth about the nature of reality is available to everyone, and accessible by anyone who is willing to contemplate deeply enough.

Rene Descartes, revered by many as the father of modern science, famously said: “I think therefore I am!” Of course, what he actually said was: “je pense, donc je suis!” when he published this thought in his native language, French, as the primary axiom of his “Discourse on the Method”. Later he published the thought in Latin, the formal scientific language of his day, asCogito ergo sum!” in his scholarly work, “Principles of Philosophy.” Reading Descatrtes’ statement, most of us think, yes, that’s right! I am thinking, and that implies that I exist. But, as we all have done, from time immemorial, with this declaration, Descartes did not really start at the beginning, he started well into the middle of the story! His seminal statement assumes that we know What thinking is, and what being is. Do we? Really? Many, many books have been written about thinking and being, but do we really know what they are? Apparently not. We are writing, and we are still in the middle of the story. How do we start at the beginning?

You may be beginning to suspect that I am crazy enough to think that I can figure this out! So, how do we start at the beginning? What, when, where, or who is/was the beginning, the origin of all things? To see how we have tackled the question: “How did all this Begin?” in the past, let’s look at some answers from some of the Homo sapiens cultures of the Earth.

From the Middle East
“In the beginning YHVH created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of YHVH was hovering over the waters. And YHVH said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.” Then YHVH took dust of the earth and shaped it into the form of a man, and breathed life into that form, and it came to life.

From India
In the beginning there was absolutely nothing, Brahma thought, "Let me have a self", and Brahma created the mind. As Brahma moved about in worship, water was generated. Froth formed on the water, and the froth eventually solidified to become earth. Then Brahma created life, plants, animals and human beings.

From the West
Reality was at first endless space in which existed only Manito, the Creator. This reality had no time, no shape, and no life, except in the mind of Manito. Eventually the infinite creator created the finite, Kitchi Manito, as the agent to establish the nine universes. The finite manifestation Manito gathered together matter to make the solid worlds and gathered together the waters and placed them on these worlds to make land and sea. Then Kitchi Manito gathered together air to make winds and breezes on these worlds. And the fourth act of creation was the creation of life.

From the Far East
There was something featureless yet complete, born before heaven and earth; Silent—amorphous—it stood alone and unchanging. We may regard it as the mother of heaven and earth. Not knowing its name, call it “the Way.” The Way gave birth to unity, Unity gave birth to duality, Duality gave birth to trinity, Trinity gave birth to the myriad creatures. The myriad creatures bear yin on their back and embrace yang in their bosoms. They neutralize these vapors and thereby achieve harmony.

The Big Bang, a Scientific Answer
The current scientific answer is generally known as “the Big Bang Theory”. It was generated after the discovery by astronomer Edwin Hubble, of evidence that distant stars, once assumed fixed in space, appear to be hurtling away from us, implying that the universe is expanding in every direction. Applying Einstein’s theory of general relativity and imagining running the expansion backwards, cosmologists arrive at the conclusion that the universe exploded into existence from nothing, or nearly nothing, and evolved into the vast complex expanding universe we have now. Along the way, life and consciousness blossomed forth according to natural laws, not all of which we know or fully understand.

These “answers” were all generated during the past five to ten thousand years on this planet. They were spoken and written by human beings for communication to human beings. Notice that, even though they come from widely separated places on the Earth, and from different kinds of thinkers, they have some very similar elements: First there was nothing but an infinite nothing or mind or spirit, called by various names, all meaning in some way, the Creator. Then the Creator divided the infinity up into its various parts including our first ancestor(s), and Ba-da, Ba-da, Boom: Here we are today!
Even the Big-Bang scientific answer has some similar components. In it, there was virtually nothing, but then something caused it to explode into everything we have today. No one know what cause this to happen. The main difference between the scientific answer and the traditional answers is that no creator is assumed to be necessary. But, while that seems to be a reasonable assumption, is far from a provable fact.  

Are there other versions? Oh, yeah! Plenty. From Zachariah Stichin, to Erich von Dӓniken, to that wild-haired guy on the Ancient Aliens TV series, there are those who believe life originated elsewhere in the universe. There seems to be more and more evidence that there may be sentient beings from somewhere in the universe who are far more advanced than we are. Is that possible? Of course. We’ve seen before that thinking of ourselves as the end-all, be-all center of the universe is usually a blind form of self-centered ego-delusion.

My Answer
Believe it or not, the Calculus of Dimensional Distinctions (CoDD) mentioned so often in my posts and publications, plays a major part in my answer. To explain how this can be, I will start by quoting three short paragraphs from the beginning of the wonderful little book “Laws of Form”, by British Logician George Spencer Brown:

“The theme of this book is that a universe comes into being when a space is severed or taken apart. The skin of a living organism cuts off an outside from an inside. So does the circumference of a circle in a plane. By tracing the way we represent such a severance, we can begin to construct, with an accuracy and coverage that appear almost uncanny, the basic forms underlying linguistic, mathematical, physical, and biological science, and can begin to see how the familiar laws of our own experience follow inexorably from the original act of severance. The act itself is already remembered, if unconsciously, as our first attempt to distinguish different things in a world where, in the first place, the boundaries can be drawn anywhere we please. At this stage, the universe can not be distinguished from how we act upon it, and the world may seem like shifting sand beneath our feet.

“Although all forms, and thus all universes, are possible, and any particular form is mutable, it becomes evident that the laws relating such forms are the same in any universe. It is this sameness, the idea that we can find a reality which is independent of how the universe actually appears, that lends such fascination to the study of mathematics. That mathematics, in common with other art forms, can lead us beyond ordinary existence, and can show us something of the structure in which all creation hangs together, is no new idea. But mathematical texts generally begin the story somewhere in the middle, leaving the reader to pick up the thread as best he can. Here the story is traced from the beginning.

“Unlike some superficial forms of expertise, mathematics is a way of saying less and less about more and more. A mathematical text is not an end in itself, but a key to a world beyond the compass of ordinary description.”

I wholeheartedly share and agree with professor Brown’s view of mathematics. In my opinion, mathematical description reflects the logical structure of reality. In his book, which I highly recommend as a good introduction to the CoDD, Professor Brown presents the logic leading from the conscious drawing of a distinction to laws governing the forms that make up the universe we experience. While I may depart from what I see as his sterile path of logic, into aspects of reality Professor Brown probably did not anticipate, I believe that his starting point is truly the beginning of the story, and it is my starting point as well, but the CoDD completes the story by finalizing the logical loop of triadic, spherical reasoning and reconnecting the consciousness of the individual with the Consciousness of the Cosmos.

The beginning of reality, as we experience it, is the distinction of self from other, and all description, all thinking (getting back to Descartes’ Method) is always expressed in terms of distinctions. This is why the distinction I have called the quantum equivalence unit, the basic unit of the CoDD which I took so much care to define based on the smallest mass of the elementary particles that make up reality, the electron, is used in the CoDD as the basic unit of observation, measurement and description.

Following this line of reasoning, I come to the conclusion that consciousness has always existed in some form and is the matrix or source of the physical universe, not the other way around. The basic triad: consciousness, distinction, and object, has always existed and will always exist in some form. The creation stories, even the current scientific one, are all about how the essence of reality changes over time, not about an absolute creation from nothing. The CoDD applied to quantized physical reality and infinitely continuous consciousness, shows me that matter, energy, space, and time are illusions created by a primary form of consciousness, and the attainment of oneness with Cosmic Consciousness Itself, is the goal, the purpose and meaning of all creation and all individual sentient beings.

To complete this post, I will quote some sayings of some of my spiritual guides:

“It is the Infinite, the Ocean of Power, that lies behind all phenomenal manifestations. Our eagerness for worldly activity kills in us the sense of spiritual awe. Because modern science tells us how to utilize the powers of nature, we fail to comprehend the Great Life in back of all names and forms. Familiarity with Nature has bred contempt for her ultimate secrets; our relation with her is one of practical business. We tease her, so to speak, to discover the ways in which she may be forced to serve our purposes; we make use of her energies, whose Source yet remains unknown. In science our relation with Nature is like that between an arrogant man and his servant; or in a philosophical sense, Nature is like a captive in the witness box. We cross-examine her, challenge her, and minutely weigh her evidence in human scales that cannot measure her hidden values.

“On the other hand, when the self is in communion with a higher power, Nature automatically obeys, without stress or strain the will of man. This effortless command over Nature is called ‘miraculous’ by the uncomprehending materialist.” --Lahiri Maysaya

“God is Love; His plan for creation can be rooted only in Love. Does not that simple thought, rather than erudite reasonings offer solace to the human heart? Every saint who has penetrated to the core of Reality has testified that a divine universal plan exists and that it is beautiful and full of joy.” --Paramahansa Yogananda

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light” (Matthew 11:28-30) “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10). –Jesus

 “Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart” (Psalms 37:4)

“Names are unimportant; a rose by any other name is still a rose”. – William Shakespeare

“What is the difference if I wear a visible or an invisible wave on my ocean of Spirit?” --Babaji

The bottom line
Matter and energy, time and space, are temporary illusory distinctions. Reality is Eternal and Self-sufficient. Like waves on the surface of the Sea of Existence, we exist as part of the Ocean of Reality and unto it we shall return --fully aware of who we are and where we came from!

Thursday, April 12, 2018


© Edward R. Close, April 12, 2018

In the last post, I stated that gimmel, the non-physical part of reality, exists in some definite amount that can be determined mathematically in every particle of physical reality in the universe, and that it behaves like consciousness. Now that we know that consciousness exists in some degree in everything in the universe, from the photon and electron, to the Earth and Sun and every galaxy making up the apparently endless cosmos, how does this knowledge change our lives? Does it have any practical application? My answer is: Yes, I believe it does.

Because consciousness is in everything, we can think of the cosmos as a vast field of consciousness. What is a field? A field is a non-uniform expanse of existence or being. Why non-uniform? Because if it were uniform, there would be no distinctions in it. That would be a state of maximum entropy, a state in which every location in the expanse is exactly the same as every other location. Such a state of non-distinction is effectively tantamount to nothingness.

Imagine an endless ocean of water with no distinction from any one spot to any other. The water is made up of billions and trillions of identical molecules consisting of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen (H2O). And imagine that within the ocean, some of these molecules contain a certain level of consciousness. Physically, they are exactly like all the other molecules of water, but they possess a certain level of awareness. Now, if some of these semi-conscious molecules band together and form a quantity of water that is self-aware, that organization of molecules may see itself as suspended in an endless expanse of water. But, eventually, a force from somewhere beyond the field of awareness of the conscious molecules pushes them up and they find themselves breaking the surface of the ocean as a wave. They become aware of their existence as a wave, separate from the ocean. But they are not really separate, and they will eventually return to the bosom of the ocean.

This is quite analogous to the situation we find ourselves in as human beings. We exist in a non-uniform field of physical substance, all of which contains some level of consciousness. A certain quantity of molecules in the field of substance finds itself gathered together and thrust up into a state of self-awareness as a human being. It believes and behaves as if it were separate. But it is not. It will eventually return to the bosom of the field of awareness.

The discovery that gimmel is in everything, that gimmel is conscious and that there is more gimmel than mass and energy in the universe, tells us that consciousness is the rule, not the exception. Add to this the law of conservation of substance (an extension of the law of the conservation of mass and energy in physics) and you have the basis for living a life of moral integrity, love, compassion and mutual benefit.

From the vantage point of one consciously connected with the entire field of existence, this transformation from self-centered egoism to a moral attitude of love for all things, must appear quite natural and inevitable. It is the natural movement from ego-consciousness to Cosmic Consciousness, from self-absorption to Self-Realization, and it is the reason you exist. 

Perhaps those who have attained this transcendence are constantly whispering in your ear: “Wake, oh wake, you are a potential Saint! Turn away from seeking the objects of selfish desire and awaken to the awareness of your deep connection with the Spirit of Consciousness in all things. Do that even once, and the gates of Heaven will open for you. It is your birthright!”

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


© Edward R. Close, April 11, 2018

Let’s suppose you haven’t read my posts about the discovery of gimmel, the third form of the stuff that makes up the universe, or if you have, you haven’t read the detailed proof that gimmel, something that is neither matter nor energy, exists in every electron, proton and neutron that make up every material thing we can see, feel and measure. Or, even if you have read it, you didn’t fully understand the complex mathematics and scientific concepts behind the proof, and even if you accept that it is science and not science fiction, you don’t see why it is necessarily something to get excited about. If any of these descriptions fit you, then this post is for you. 

In this post I will do my best to explain why gimmel, a non-physical something without which there could be no universe, has to exist, what it means for science in the future, and how it will affect everyone, including you.

The new comprehensive paradigm developed by Dr. Vernon Neppe and me, working separately for many years, and in collaboration for the past ten years, that led to the discovery of gimmel, has been reviewed by many PhD- and post-doctoral level scientists world-wide. A few have endorsed it, a few more are interested and intrigued by it, and as has happened with every major paradigm shift in the past, many are upset and feel threatened by it.

What exactly is a paradigm shift? A paradigm shift is a shift from what is theorized and known about the universe, to an entirely new way of looking at reality. Previous paradigm shifts include shifting from an Earth-centered model of the universe to a sun-centered model of the planetary system in which Earth exists, Einstein’s relativity, and quantum physics. Why is this a major paradigm shift? Mainly because it expands the scope of scientific research beyond the physical aspects of reality. This has been tried before, and there are many people who are just as convinced as we are that science must grow beyond the limitations of materialism, but to my knowledge, our paradigm shift to a postmaterialist science is the first one to include a new mathematical system, a new calculus that puts consciousness into the equations.

What I have to say next is not meant to glorify Vernon Neppe or myself.  We have no desire to brag. It is simply a statement of fact, meant to anticipate the inevitable reaction of skeptics of our work who say something like: “What makes you guys think you are so smart? Do you think you are smarter than all the great scientists of the past, and all the mainstream scientists today?” We don’t think we are, but in fact, we have documented IQs higher than the known IQs of many scientists, including Richard Feynman, Michu Kaku, and Stephen Hawking-- and higher even than the estimated IQ of Albert Einstein. This does not mean that we think we know more than everyone else. It only means that we have the intellectual potential to understand as much or more than the scientists mentioned. It certainly does not mean we can’t be wrong. I believe that a high IQ is meaningless unless you do something with it that will contribute to the human understanding of reality and improve the lives of real people.

Now, let me try to explain in plain English how gimmel was discovered and what I think it is. But, I want to start with a disclaimer: The ideas I present in this post are mine and mine alone. I take full responsibility for them. While Dr. Neppe and I usually agree on almost everything, I do not presume to speak for him, or for anyone else. Some of what I will have to say here must be regarded as speculative from a scientific point of view, but most of it is backed up with mathematical proof and empirical evidence. I will try to designate which is which as I go. I also firmly believe that the concepts of the new paradigm we call the Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm (TDVP) are not beyond what the average person can understand, if explained properly. And that is the whole point of this post.

The discoveries by Max Planck and Albert Einstein that energy and mass are two aspects of the same thing, and that they are quantized --meaning that they occur in multiples of quantum units, requires a complete revision of how we measure and describe matter, energy, time and space. Beginning in 1986 and continuing to this day, I am developing a system of mathematical logic that I call the Calculus of Dimensional Distinctions (CoDD), designed to analyze our quantized reality. As important as I think this is, it will not be necessary for you to know and understand the CoDD, or any complex mathematics to understand the ideas revealed by it, including gimmel, described in this post.

I can prove that gimmel exists in every particle of the physical universe from the smallest quark to the electron, the photon and the atom, to the far-flung galaxies of the cosmos, and that no stable structures, atoms, molecules, planets, stars, or organic life forms can exist without it. I can also prove that gimmel is not any kind of matter or energy, and that it has organizing effects on the matter and energy of the universe as we experience them.

Everything I just said in the last paragraph has been documented and published, and additional detailed technical papers are being prepared for publication. I intend to post them on this site once they have been peer-reviewed and published, for those who are interested in all the gory details. In the meantime, I will continue to explain gimmel in terms anyone can understand.

Physical reality is that which occupies space and has mass measurable as weight on the surface of the Earth, and energy measurable as the forces of the various kinds that are studied by physicists. Matter and energy interacting in time and space (or, since Einstein, space-time), make up what we usually think of as the “stuff” of the universe. The discovery of gimmel changes all that. I can prove that gimmel is not measurable as mass or energy. If it were, then there would be no stable universe, and the “great heat-death of the universe predicted by materialists based on the second law of thermodynamics, would already have happened.

The discovery that as much as about 95% of the universe by mass and 85% by volume, is not physical, changes everything. Gimmel, as I said, is not measurable as mass or energy. But, you may ask, then how can it affect the physical stuff of the universe? The answer is: by affecting the angular momentum of spinning objects, i.e., in plain English: by how it affects the way things rotate, move and interact. But, if gimmel is neither matter nor energy, then what is it?

I believe, and here’s the part that you scientific-minded folks can call speculation if you like, that gimmel is a form of consciousness itself, and here’s why I am convinced that this is true: It has the attributes of consciousness. It organizes everything, because without it there would be no stable structure. More than that, it supports organic life. In the analysis of the natural elements of the Periodic Table using this approach, we find that carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur, and nitrogen atoms, and molecules that form and support living organisms, have more gimmel in them than the other elements and compounds, especially those not essential for, or harmful to living organisms.

In my opinion, this makes the discovery of gimmel very, very important, if not the most important discovery of all time to date. It means that we have discovered how consciousness enters into the mathematical laws of science! It means that every particle of reality has consciousness in it in some measure. It opens the door to the scientific study of non-physical phenomena in a way that has never been available before, with a mathematical method of measuring the effects of consciousness in the forming of material objects and living matter.  It provides an innovative approach to analyzing psi phenomena, spiritual experience and relates consciousness to the mathematics and geometry of the universe.

There you have it in a nutshell: gimmel from my point of view.

Sunday, April 8, 2018


THE ANSWER, Continued

A few days ago, in a post titled “Questions and Answers” I suggested a method of self-analysis that involved writing a list of all the questions you could think of that have relevance for you, along with all the answers that you could provide. This was followed up with the post: “The Answer”, in which I raised what I think are the two most important questions there are: “Is there an answer beyond question? and does anyone know that answer?”. I suggested that there is an Ultimate Answer, and that it has something to do with the demonstrable self-evident existence of your consciousness, the universe and the non-existence of nothingness.

If you have followed the logic so far, you might be surprised where this line of reasoning leads. It raises the following question: Given there is an answer beyond all questions, how can you come into possession of that Answer? The answer is simple, profound and frustrating: you cannot attain the state of consciousness that possesses the Ultimate Answer by reason alone. This answer is easy to prove: An answer for which there is no question is prima facie beyond reason. If there is no question to start with, then there is no logical path to The Answer.

Given that there is no question that can lead to The Answer, it follows that given The Answer, there is no logical path leading to a question, because if there were, once found, that question would lead back to the Answer, and it would no longer be an answer without question. This was proved by a brilliant mathematician named Kurt Gödel, who passed away in 1978. His proofs are called the Incompleteness Theorems. They proved that there can indeed be questions that have no answers within certain logical systems. Such systems are incomplete.

Because the universe and your consciousness cannot be derived from nothing, the universe and your consciousness are incomplete logical systems. Does this mean that you can never know The Answer? No, because consciousness is capable of direct experience. If it were not, there would be no a priori facts, no self-evident facts and no logic. The answer is that you must attain The Answer by direct experience, not by reason. And, of course, this brings up a question of immense importance: Given that The Answer without question does exist, how do you go about coming into direct contact with it? This, of course, raises the second part of the question: Is there anyone in possession of The Answer? If so, that person or those persons might be able to help.

Clearly, the question: “Is there anyone in possession of The Answer?” is a question of paramount importance. Over the centuries, there have been a few saintly people who have been said to possess The Ultimate Answer. Unless you live in a cave on a desert island without any contact with the rest of the world, you have heard of at least one. Let’s suppose, for the sake of argument, that some of these, or at least one, is genuine. Because you have the free will to believe what you want, you can choose to believe that or not.

My advice is to be skeptical until you have experienced direct contact with indisputable evidence one way or the other, but do not close the door to the possibility of an all-knowing One, because your life and your expectations of life will be bleak if you reject that possibility. Also, you must consider what the implications are if it is true. Disbelief without proof is at least as dangerous as belief without proof because rejection of truth always has consequences.

If you want to live a meaningful life, do not reject the possibility of transcending finitude; look for a way to experience The Ultimate Answer. Consider the scriptures of the world and the words of those who are said to be enlightened:

“In the beginning was the Word, … and the Word was God… and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.”

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

“Parambrahma (Spirit) is everlasting, without beginning or end, it is one, indivisible being.”

“This world is the Lord’s illusory creation (maya). The nature od maya is darkness, ignorance.”

 “Whatever precious jewel there is in the heavenly worlds, there is nothing comparable to one who is Awakened.”

“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.”

“The way said to be the way is not the way.”
The bottom line is: You must seek, but know well that to find the way, you must look beyond reason and seek to contact the spirit of an enlightened being and ultimately, with The Answer without question Itself.

Friday, April 6, 2018


A Brother of the Self-Realization Fellowship at an SRF World Convocation

What is the Answer to the Question: Is there an Answer for Which There is no Question??

A few days ago, in a post titled “Questions and Answers” I proposed an exercise: I suggested writing a list of all the questions you could think of that have relevance for you, along with all the answers for them that you could provide.  I suggested that this could yield clues about who and what you are.

 When I wrote my list, one of the questions I wrote was: “Are there answers for which there are no questions? My answer was: “Yes, and here are two of them: your consciousness, and the universe.” My question today is: Is there an Ultimate Answer, one answer for which, and about which, there is absolutely no question?

Think about that for a moment. If there is an answer for which there is no question, then it is beyond question. To be beyond question, it has to be self-evident. If it is self-evident, then it is beyond argument and debate. If you find such an answer, it is The Answer, and then there is no need to question, no need for any other answer, no need to seek further. You have achieved the end of all quests, and you know your reason for being.

I think the most important question for anyone who has not yet found The Answer for which there is no question is: Has anyone found The Answer?

I am disagreeing with one of the most renowned thinkers of all time, a man considered by many to be the last person who was able to know everything that could be known during his lifetime, the un-rivaled polymath, Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz. I am disagreeing with him because he said the most important question is “Why is there something instead of nothing?” and I am saying, no, the most important question is: “Does anyone have The Answer?”.

In fact, I answered Leibniz’s most important question in my Questions and Answers post:

Q: Why is there something rather than nothing? A: Because by definition, nothing does not exist.

To elaborate: If nothing does not exist, then something must exist, because if something does not exist, we have nothing, which by definition, does not exist. Therefore, something does exist, and I think that is something we actually knew all along.

The present discussion is a continuation of the Questions and Answers post. In that post, I suggested that the questions you pose, and the way you pose and answer them, provide clues as to whether you are a thinker or a doer. This question: “Does anyone have The Answer?” carries the dichotomy a bit farther. Your answer to this question may identify you as a believer or a dis-believer.

Notice that I did not say believer or skeptic. A skeptic falls in between believer and dis-believer, and I suspect that most people are not really believers or dis-believers. I think most people alive in the world today, regardless of what they say they believe, are probably skeptics. But, the question of whether anyone has the answer is of paramount importance to everyone, whether believer, skeptic or dis-believer. Until you ask and answer it for yourself, you have no way of knowing who you are.

Be careful, this is a tricky question. It has two parts: First: Is there an answer for which there is no question? And second: if so, does anyone have that answer? I have suggested that there is an Ultimate Answer, and that it has something to do with the indisputable self-evident existence of consciousness, the universe and the non-existence of nothingness. But, what is The Answer?

You have to be careful, because what may seem to be an easy one-word answer to the ultimate question, an answer like: God, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, etc., is not an answer for the “thinker”, and is irrelevant for the “doer’. The doer says: “Don’t bother me with such questions, I’m busy doing.” and the thinker says: “Don’t ask me to do something right now, doing anything is just meaningless activity until I have The Answer”!

The skeptic, on the other hand, goes on thinking and doing without knowing whether his/her thoughts are true or false, and/or her/his doing is purposeful or meaningless. The scientist is the ultimate skeptic. The scientist knows that what appears to be true today may be overturned by new evidence tomorrow. There is no ultimate answer in science. But extreme skepticism is very dangerous because it often leads to the belief that there are no ultimate answers, and such a belief can lead to lack of integrity, dishonesty and deceit.

If there is no unquestionable answer, then no one can have found it, and we descend into chaos. But, my consciousness, your consciousness and the universe actually do exist. Not only that, they persist and appear to have persisted in some form for hundreds of thousands of years, perhaps even billions of years, in a completely ordered manner, suggesting that there is meaning and purpose, i.e., an ultimate answer.

So, what’s the answer?

…To be Continued.