Sunday, April 15, 2018



Who, or what, and why am I?
Why must I live, feel pain and die?

Drawn by the magic of desire,
To feel the sea, earth, wind and fire,

I dream in space, in ice and stone,
I wake in tissue, blood and bone.

And physical forms do decay,
So, born of flesh, they pass away.

The abyss of nothingness we do fear,
As life fades away and death draws near.

But, from fear of death I rebound,
For in the depths of me I’ve found:

‘I am Conscious’ does persist,
And nothingness does not exist!

I’ve chased the quark into its lair,
And found that Spirit does not expire.

As cyclic as electron spin
Consciousness will rise again.

So, Death I no longer fear,
I’ll shed not one single tear.

I’ll endure life’s every daunting test,
I’ll love and laugh and sleep and rest,

Until God’s Love embraces me
-- In the bosom of Eternity.

Edward R. Close 4/25/2018

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