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  1. I want to share this work of my Spiritual Teacher, Adi Da Samraj, with you.
    May you be Blessed.
    Susan Walker

  2. I just found you on G+ , I'm definately going to be reading a lot for a while :-)
    thank you sir for sharing your valuable insight.

  3. I started reading Laws of form, as suggested by you. Pag xxii: 'To undertake it alone (exploration of world of mathematics), although possible, is perhaps as difficult as to enter the world of music by attempting to read the score sheets of a master composer'
    Any name to suggest for tuition in Italy?

  4. Thank you for your article titled "Harvest: Opinions, Predictions, Explanations". I completely agree with your insight and in fact, am quite appreciative as it shows that I am not alone in my thoughts about the present situation in today's world. I am especially impressed by how your comments regarding how today's heavy emphasis on materialism, and the lessening value of spiritualism, is playing a large role in the unnecessary suffering of millions on the planet.
    Kind regards,
    Elizabeth Raver

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