Thursday, November 19, 2020



In these strange times, when greedy politicians and the wealthy control freaks who back them, have stolen ten months of our lives, we all need to take a break from this nightmare. You can turn the tables on them, and take advantage of the self-quarantine, lockdown, or whatever form of forced isolation you are experiencing at this time, by making it an opportunity to re-connect with the Essence of Reality. Most of the human race has lost touch with the simple Joy of Being because of the daily, constant immersion in the intoxicating delusions of the world. I don’t know about you, but I have an innate, fundamental need to reconnect with essence of reality ever so often. For most of us, reconnection with Reality seems to happen spontaneously, maybe only once or twice during a lifetime. It may be triggered by a moment alone in nature, the witnessing a beautiful sunset, being fully awake in a forest by a waterfall, or sometimes it is occasioned by the shock of a near death experience. But it is always uplifting, inspiring, a moment of enlightenment and Self-Realization.

For you, however, if you are one of those among us who have come to realize that life as a human being is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect completely and permanently with the essence of Reality, whether you think of it as God, the Over-Soul, the transcendental Self, Nature, Infinity, or Primary Consciousness, then reconnecting with Reality is your reason for living. If this describes you, then I want to encourage you to seize the moment, forget about the current pandemic, the election, and any and all negative personal concerns that make you feel sad, angry, defeated, discouraged, or hopeless, and right now, for just one moment, allow your innate consciousness to expand into the depth of the moment and ascend into the heights of the multi-dimensional Reality that embraces us. It will change your life forever.

If you can release all your memories and anticipations, good and bad, both your past and present, and your imagined future, if only for an instant, your consciousness may become free to return once again to its original state. Experiencing this even once, will open your eyes to the real purpose and meaning of being. But most of humanity at this time, is loath to take this leap into Reality due to habitual attachment to the physical body and a paralyzing fear of the unknown. The paradox of being both finite and infinite at the same time, looms as an impossible barrier to moving into the awareness of the Infinite Self. The finite living organism that you have identified with, has a great fear of pain and suffering, including the imaginary prospect of ceasing to exist, even though the Great Spiritual Masters of all times tell us that death is an illusion. Their universal message to us is that our soul is immortal, and that even when your physical body dies, or is destroyed, and no longer exists, you will still retain the spiritual awareness that you have attained as a conscious being living life on this earth. 

Turn the tables on the Pandemic: Choose to rejoice in the opportunity to experience Reality. Live life in joyous ecstasy, despite the efforts of tyrants to impose their delusions on the rest of us. Declare the Glory of God! Make a joyous noise that may be heard around the world! Create a pandemic of Love.

ERC 11/19/2020

Saturday, November 7, 2020



Neppe and Close



The human intellect is finite, self-referential, devotedly self-centered, and its own best friend and worst enemy. Sometimes it obscures more than it illuminates, and Its most devious activity, which it even hides from itself, is the continuous frantic shoring up of the delusional belief that the real world is consistent with its carefully created conceptual view of itself and reality. The more intelligent and logically efficient the individual human mind, the more insidious this self-deception becomes. 

Each of us has developed or adopted our own conceptual model of reality that seems to us to be very real. However, an individual conceptual model existing in the mind, even if internally consistent, is often found to be inconsistent with the conceptual models of others, and it is very unlikely that any of them are entirely consistent with reality. With a limited correspondence to realty, our views of the world are more or less manageable finite models of reality, existing only within our skulls. But, because we each believe that our own conceptual model is actually reality itself, we build up all sorts of walls of internally consistent logic to protect it from the intrusive influence of any other world view that might conflict with it, and even from actual, existing reality. To the extent that an individual’s mental world appears to coincide with the consensus worldview of the society in which he or she resides, even though that consensus is also very unlikely to coincide with reality as it actually exists, that individual is considered to be reasonably sane and knowledgeable.

At this point in human history, most of us tire, quite early in life, of having to work to find truth for ourselves. This makes us very vulnerable to the influences of ready-made imaginary conceptual consensus worldviews created by various political, religious, and educational organizations whose leaders seek to control us under the pretense that they are more enlightened than we are, or that their beliefs are truths revealed by someone who is, or was, more enlightened and aware of the nature of reality than we are.

This brings up a series of important questions related to the concepts of worldviews and truth. Let’s start with: 1) What is truth? 2) What is enlightenment? 3) Are there many levels of truth and enlightenment? 4) Who is qualified to say what truth is? 4) Is there an ultimate or final state of enlightenment? And 5) If there is an ultimate state of enlightenment, has anyone ever attained that state?

Beginning with the question of what is truth? I submit that a statement is true, if and only if, it corresponds 100% with reality. That, of course, raises deeper questions: Exactly what is the true nature of reality? Is it mutable or immutable? That is to say, is reality absolute and changeless, or is it evolving?  If it is immutable, then it cannot be affected by what we do or think about it. If it is evolving, then we must ask: is it changing in response to our thoughts and actions, or is it altogether independent of us, changing randomly, or evolving toward definite goals according to its own rules? And, finally, are we, or can we ever be, capable of knowing reality well enough to determine whether our conceptualizations of it are true or not? 

At first thought, it would seem that there are two possible answers to the question of whether we can know reality: Either we are capable of knowing reality, or we are not. The answer is that, as finite physical beings, we can, if reality is finite, and if our physical brains contain, or can evolve to contain, enough cells, circuits, and synapses to correspond with the complexity of reality. And the answer is we cannot, if reality is infinite, unless our cognition is not limited to the capabilities of the physical brain. So, now we see that there are two even deeper questions that we must ask and answer first, in order to address this cascade of important questions, they are: Is reality finite or infinite? And is consciousness capable of operating outside of the physical body and beyond the functions of the brain?

At last we come to core questions that can and must be answered conclusively. Not only is there a growing mountain of solid evidence generated by scientists who have the courage to go beyond the limits of the current mainstream paradigm of materialistic physicalism, despite establishment censorship, but there is also a growing number of people who have had personal experiences of consciousness outside of and beyond the physical body and brain, who are speaking up. 

As a scientist with both overwhelmingly positive experimental evidence that the physical universe is an epiphenomenal series of forms arising from the substrate of Primary Consciousness, and direct personal experience of my own consciousness operating outside of my physical brain and body, I can answer the last question above, without hesitation, in the affirmative. It should be understood that the acceptance of this evidence and experience constitutes a real paradigm shift from the assumption that consciousness is an epiphenomenon of physical reality, to a paradigm recognizing consciousness as fundamental, if not primary. 

Consciousness definitely can function outside of, and beyond the physical body. I have seen evidence of it in meticulous experimental data, and experienced it myself, in near-death experiences (NDEs) and out-of-body experiences (OBEs). I have written about this in Secrets of the Sacred Cube, a Cosmic Love Story, Close, ER and JA, 2019. From the perspective of the multi-dimensional field of primary consciousness, which mainstream physicists call the zero point field (ZPF), the body’s brain and nervous system acts primarily as a receiver of the logical patterns of primary consciousness, and secondarily as a transmitter and organizer of the logical patterns of consciousness in the physical world. 

Working our way backward, the next question we can answer is: “Is reality finite or infinite?” All the evidence points to the conclusion that reality is infinite. Mainstream science generally treats reality as finite, only because their tools of observation and measurement have a finite range of application. But as we refine the tools and discover more of reality, the finite reality that physical scientists are studying is constantly expanding and changing. This is why science is always incomplete. This is why the history of science shows many examples of radical changes in the body of statements considered to be scientific facts. 

Also, Gӧdel’s incompleteness theorems prove that any representation of science as an internally consistent system of logic can never be complete. Thus, all internally consistent logical systems are capable of expansion. In addition, the red shift in light from distant stars indicates that the physical universe also follows this pattern of expansion into the unknown. So, even if a valid model of the physical universe can be said to be finite at any given moment in time, dynamic reality will expand beyond that, in the next instant. This conclusion that reality is functionally infinite brings us to a point where we can answer all of the questions posed above. Let’s take them in the order:

1) What is truth? Answer: 100% correspondence with reality. 1a) What is the nature of reality? Answer: Reality is the totality of everything that exists. 1b) Can we ever be aware of reality? Answer: Yes. That is the function of the mind and the senses.1c) Is reality finite or infinite? Answer: Reality is dynamically infinite. 1d) Do our thoughts and actions affect dynamic reality, does reality change according to specific discoverable rules, or does it change randomly? Answer: Our actions do affect reality, and reality does not appear to change completely randomly, as evidenced by the existence of the many verifiable deterministic laws of physical science. 1e) is consciousness capable of operating outside of the physical body and beyond the electrical and chemical functions of the physical brain? Yes, at least to a limited degree, and perhaps it will behave more and more that way as reality evolves. 2) What is enlightenment? Answer: Awareness and understanding of the nature of reality. 3) Are there various levels of truth and enlightenment? Answer: Yes. Distribution of the levels of enlightenment in individual consciousness beings forms a normal bell-shaped curve, and the body of truthful knowledge expands with the increasing levels of enlightenment. 4) Who is qualified to say what truth and enlightenment are? Answer: The most enlightened among us. 4) Is there an ultimate or final state of enlightenment? Answer: Yes there must be, but it is a moving target, due to the dynamically infinite nature of reality. 5) Has anyone ever attained the ultimate state of enlightenment? Answer: Yes, I believe so, but I cannot prove it.

This last answer requires additional explanation and some careful exploration of the interface of our individual consciousness with reality. These answers bring us to the deepest level of finite cognition, on the threshold of infinite continuity, where we have several choices. The road most travelled is the acceptance of the teachings of established authorities with blind faith and belief. Another choice is indulgence in self-deception, and a third choice is the search for conscious enlightenment. However, the analogy of forks in the road is not strictly valid because the three choices enumerated here are not mutually exclusive. Combinations of the three are open to us. Each of us must decide. 

As I  said, I believe there are ultimately enlightened beings, but I cannot prove it. Of course, it will be a great thing if ultimate enlightenment exists and if help is available to us from that level of intelligence and knowledge. But we cannot prove that an ultimately enlightened being exists because if such a being does exist, then by definition, that being exists both within, and outside of, and beyond, the domain of finite beings and finite logical systems. Fortunately, however, this inability to comprehend is a one-way feature of an infinite reality, because, while you may be unable to fully perceive the world and functional existence of a completely enlightened being, such a being, if one exists, can be aware of you and your world. There are two ways that this one-way restriction can be understood: by analogy, and by inductive mathematical proof of the existence of levels of intelligence superior to finite human intelligence.

As an analogy, consider an individual living micro-organism on your body, or in your immediate environment. While that specific micro-organism is able to act within its miniature world, and react to its environment with a natural rudimentary form of intelligence, it is unaware of your existence unless something you do affects it directly, and even then, it has no way of knowing anything about you, your world, or your level of intelligence. If something you do affects its world, it will be experienced by the micro-organism as part of its natural reality. If a fully enlightened being exists, then the analogy is that the micro-organism is to you as you are to the fully enlightened being. 

From a mathematical point of view, when a quantum calculus with a multi-dimensional quantum-equivalence unit and validated Diophantine (quantum integer) theorems are applied to the physics of the proton, as Dr. Vernon Neppe and I have done in TDVP, we find that there would be no stable atomic structure without the existence of a non-physical form of the substance of reality. Many papers, several books, and a number of posts on this blog have been published detailing this discovery and its implications. This non-physical feature of reality, which we call gimmel, guides the development of physical reality in an intelligent and purposeful manner. The existence of a Primary Intelligence acting prior to the development of the physical universe is revealed by inductive reasoning, and the existence of a spectrum of conscious enlightened beings operating between Primary Intelligence and human intelligence, is revealed by deductive reasoning. Again, it is important to note that this is the beginning of a paradigm shift from the assumption that matter is primary to the realization that consciousness is primary. 

Why is this important? Because when a new scientific paradigm is introduced, people capable of funding the needed research into its validity naturally ask established scientists to evaluate it. But most scientists who are well-established in the current paradigm, will be totally incapable of evaluating an actual paradigm shift. A recent example of a panel of scientists with training in mathematical physics asked to evaluate TDVP (the Neppe-Close Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm) will serve as an example.

Reviewers reviewed a single unpublished Close-Neppe paper and noted, as a negative comment, that they could find no references to some of the key terms of TDVP in papers in mainstream mathematics and physics journals. It apparently did not occur to them that if they found such references, it would prove that they were not new ideas. Also, one reviewer confidently declared that, contrary to our conclusion that gimmel, the non-physical aspect of reality discovered by mathematical analysis as reported in the paper, there was no evidence of consciousness in atomic or sub-atomic structures. Then later, the same reviewer admitted that science currently has no idea what consciousness is. The question one has to ask this reviewer is: How can you declare no evidence of something, if you don’t know what you are looking for? 

Although a fair number of qualified scientists have expressed confidence in TDVP as a real paradigm shift, there are several more examples of the type of current-paradigm circular reasoning highlighted above offered by mainstream scientists. It appears that Max Planck was right when he said: 

“A scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it. … Science progresses from funeral to funeral.”

Dr. Neppe and I – and a few other competent scientists who have reviewed it - are convinced that TDVP, based on the sound experimental data of the Large Hadron Collider and the logic of quantum calculus analysis, is a valid paradigm shift from the limited scientific materialism of today’s mainstream science, to the broader consciousness-based science of the future. We are definitely not following the road most travelled, even though our new paradigm preserves much of the mainstream paradigm, while expanding it to include consciousness. Are we on the path of self-delusion, or enlightenment? It's up to you to decide.

ERC 11/07/2020  

Thursday, October 29, 2020





Because some people reading this blogpost will not have come here by way of my Facebook post, I will start by repeating what I said there:

I have always tried to stay away from politics in my blog posts as much as possible, but the results of the election coming up November 3rd will profoundly affect our lives as Americans, and possibly the rest of the world, in very different ways for decades to come, regardless of who wins; so this is a time when your vote might really count for something. Ideally, everyone who votes should be well-informed about the issues and the candidates; but, unfortunately, right now, here in the USA, the vast majority of voters are either almost totally uninformed or grossly mis-informed. ---For that reason, I cannot remain silent.

I actually have many friends on both sides of the political spectrum; but because of the extremely emotional bifurcation of political thought in the world today, I am likely to alienate at least half of the people who might read what I have to say because of their political interpretation of my words. Even though I have always tried to avoid politics and stick to science and spirituality in my posts, I know there are people out there who think that, because I am a Mid-Westerner who believes in God and freedom from oppressive government control, I must be a conservative MAGA hat-wearing Trump supporter; and there are also people out there who think that, because I am an environmental engineer educated in an elite Ivy League school, and lived in California for a considerable portion of my adult life, I must be a progressive tree-hugging liberal; but the truth is somewhere in between.

I am hopeful that, precisely because I am not an ideolog adhering to either end of the political spectrum, that people on both sides will take time to read what I have to say. But, in this day and age when we are encouraged to vote without thinking, I want to offer some relevant information that may persuade even those who do not feel the need to hear anyone else’s opinion, to read on. I am appealing to you to avoid closing the page the minute you see a hint that my choice might be different than what you think is right. Please hear me out before you accept or reject what I have to say.

First, if you don’t already know, you may find it pertinent, or at least interesting, that I have a documented IQ above the 99.9999 percentile, well into what is considered to be the “genius” range. With such a rare documented IQ, I can claim to be very intelligent. But does that make me infallible? No, of course not! The most intelligent person in the world can be wrong about a given issue, because reasoning always proceeds from one or more a priori assumptions, and even the most impressive, time-honored a priori assumption may eventually turn out to be wrong.

On the other hand, a person of average intelligence can be quite well-informed if he or she is willing to spend the time to do the research necessary to understand both sides of an issue. That, along with mostly honest elections, and a democratic republican government with checks and balances, is what has made our country the envy of the rest of the world for so long. Having a high IQ may have its advantages, but experience, knowledge, and understanding are more important than reasoning power. So let me give you some other, more important reasons for reading what I have to say.

I believe that, as spiritual beings expressing our selves through the sentient biological life forms called Homo sapiens, the main business of life is learning. I believe that regardless of your chronological age, the minute you stop learning, you start dying. Because I believe this, I have made learning a life-long process, and I attribute my continuing good health at least partly to this attitude.

I have spent many hours, days, and years in the classrooms and libraries of some of our best universities, many more than required for the degrees I earned. I am not going to bore you by listing the courses and universities I attended, but rest assured that I have studied political ideologies and other issues that affect our lives. Also, I think it is important that I consider the learning I acquired outside of academia as just as important, if not more important than what I learned in the classroom. So I will only mention specific subjects that are relevant to the substance and conclusions of this post.

The message I want to convey in this post depends upon the development of a clear understanding of the importance of attaining a happy balance between two very real human needs: freedom and social organization. An imbalance between freedom and social organization, in either direction, inevitably leads to unhappy results. Extreme imbalance between these needs leads to destructive anarchism, in the case of radical individualism, and grinding poverty and loss of freedom, in the case of reliance on totalitarian organizational collectivism. As individuals, and more importantly, as a nation, we must find the proper balance between the two.

As a nation, we find ourselves strongly divided right now. Either choice available to us in the up-coming presidential election could represent a move toward one extreme or the other. Unless you have bought into the propaganda of one side or the other, deciding how to vote November 3rd may present a real dilemma. What I want to try to do in this post is admittedly difficult, and may be next to impossible, but I have to try: I implore you to vote based on known historical facts and logical reasoning, not politically biased interpretations and emotional demonization of the people on either side. Whether or not you make sure that independently determined facts have the most weight in your individual decision or not, is entirely up to you, but you should. To ignore the facts is to court disaster.

Because it is reasonable for you to wonder why you should listen to me, I shall attempt to give you some more reasons: I grew up in the lingering effects of the Great Depression, and I vividly remember World War II, with air-raid drills, gas masks, and food rationing. I have studied fascism, socialism, Marxism, and capitalism, both in real life and in graduate school. I am not a member of “the great generation”, and I am not a “baby-boomer”, but I have direct knowledge from interacting with both groups. I worked as a waiter, farm and construction laborer, door-to-door salesman, and as an actuarial mathematics technician and computer programmer in Los Angeles, before I earned my first degree. After earning a degree in math and physics, I spent about five and one-half years teaching mathematics and science in public high schools, about the same length of time teaching mathematical modeling and environmental engineering at the university level, more than twelve years as a scientist, mathematician, and systems analyst in a government agency (the US Department of Interior}, and more than twenty years as a principal hydro-geologist and environmental engineer in private consulting firms. Along the way, I earned several awards, a PhD, and Professional Engineering status (PE). I have worked and lived in several states and foreign countries. I have worked for large corporations, small companies, was Director of Business Development for a major technological firm in the Middle East, and later founded and built my own environmental consulting firm. After retiring from these careers, I have spent more than ten years doing advanced research in the application of mathematical physics to the study of consciousness. At 84, I am still active in research groups and international conferences.

The point is that I am not a one-dimensional person. I have meaningful experience in education, government, public and private employment, business building, planning, marketing, sales, project management, systems analysis, and leading-edge research in several fields. I think it can be argued that this broad background of life-long education and diverse employment across this country and around the world, provides a basis for a well-informed opinion on a variety of subjects.

Now to the problem at hand: the election November 3, 2020. Here’s my first, and probably most important advice: Ignore most of the hair-pulling, name-calling hysteria of the talking heads on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News. Do your own research. You’ll find out that America, even with its flaws, offers more opportunity for freedom and the pursuit of happiness for people of every race and creed than any other nation on this planet. You will also find that COVID-19, while a horrible infectious disease, is not the end of the world. Healthy people rarely die from it. Don’t let fear-mongering for political purposes on either side blur the real issues and cause you to over-react, because that will only add to the problem. There is plenty of real information out there to give you a sound rational basis for your actions, including voting for the candidate who will be best for the country.

Yes, I know who I have to vote for November 3rd, and no, I’m not going to tell you who that is, or who I think you should vote for. And my next bit of advice may surprise you.

I am not going to follow the conventional wisdom and say: everyone should be sure to vote! If you are uninformed or mis-informed, It would be far better for the country, and for you in the long run, that you do not vote, because it will just add to the randomness of results, and you may be cancelling the vote of someone who has actually done the research and is well-informed. If you are only listening to either Fox News or CNN and MSNBC, you are not really well-informed. In fact, sorry to say, in my opinion, it is likely that you are largely mis-informed.

No one should ever vote for the sole purpose of voting against a candidate. Always vote FOR someone or something positive, not against. It is true that the current Presidential candidates represent very different visions for the future of America and the world. One is a career politician being dragged toward big-government socialism. The other is a political outsider favoring capitalism. But contrary to what the opposing ranks of those who have one political agenda or the other claim, both candidates have policies that are good, and both have policies that are bad for the country. Neither is pure evil, and neither is the savior of the world.

Don’t listen to the biased political hacks; get off your lazy backside and do your own research, and if the facts warrant it, be willing to change your mind. Search your soul, and if you find that you are planning to vote based on nothing but negative emotions of hate, or fear, or if you know that you are uninformed or mis-informed by biased pundits, then don’t vote. An uninformed or mis-informed vote is worse than no vote, because it only adds to the chaos. An uninformed or mis-informed voter is like a soldier on a battlefield with a gun that may shoot in the wrong direction and explode in his face.

The extreme agendas of the fringe supporters of either candidate, Trump or Biden, have the potential of  destroying our country. As a legally qualified voter, it is your privilege and duty to help decide which candidate is most likely to lead us to a happy balance and a world of prosperity and responsible freedom. That is a truly awesome responsibility. That is why you must put aside your personal desires and political biases and consider the choice based on facts, not ideological beliefs and emotional reactions. This has always been important, but I believe it is even more important now than it has ever been during my lifetime. If you cannot do this, and are voting based on emotional reactions to the superficial features of the candidates, you will serve your country better by not voting at all.

If you take the responsibility of casting your vote seriously, you must listen with critical skepticism to both sides, do your own independent research and thinking, and then cast your vote based on facts that you have verified yourself. The stakes are way too high to depend on the political mind spinning of career politicians and irrational emotional reactions.

ERC 10/28/2020

Saturday, October 24, 2020






I am honored to be able to say a few words here today about my long-time great friend, Dr David Stewart. It was hard for me to decide what to say to this gathering of David’s family and friends, in the 15 or 20 minutes that I have, not because I don’t have much to say, but because I could talk for a couple of hours about him and only scratch the surface. So my problem is how to convey to you what a great man David was, and is, in such a short time.  

I think that probably just about everyone here knows that David Stewart was a great teacher and writer of books, a great family man and friend, an outstanding scholar, and above all, a devout Christian of deep faith. Let me underscore the fact that he was a man of God by letting him speak for himself. In the introduction to his excellent book about the chemistry of healing organic compounds, sub-titled “God’s Love Manifest in Molecules”, he quotes Psalm 19: “The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims his handiwork.” David goes on to say: “The psalmist speaks of the power and nature of God as evidenced in the grandeur of the galaxies, the great dome of the sky, and the infinite scale of the cosmos. … even though inanimate creation does not speak in words, it still has a voice resounding everywhere, to be heard and understood by the spiritually attuned… the atoms are also telling of the glory of God; and the molecules proclaim his handiwork.”

These statements provide us with a look into the mind of Dr. David Stewart. Having talked with him on many occasions over the years about God and science, I know that he saw science and spirituality as complementary paths to Truth. He saw no conflict between science and religion. I suspect that this is something that most of you already know about David, but now, let me see if I can tell you a few things about him that you might not know:

I first met David when we were assigned to rooms directly across the hall from each other on the second floor of McMurray Hall, the freshman men’s dormitory on the campus of Central Methodist College, now Central Methodist University. He was a Philosophy-English major, planning to become a Methodist Minister. I was a Physics-Math major, planning to become a theoretical physicist. Classes for our major and minor interests were held on opposite ends of the campus. But David had an abiding interest in science and mathematics, and I had an abiding interest in philosophy and religion.

We did have one class together that year. As honor students, we didn’t have to take first-year English and math courses, and instead were allowed to enroll in more interesting courses like a creative writing course taught by one of the most popular professors on campus, Dr. Thomas Perry. We came to know each other in this class, and in after-hours small groups of students that tended to congregate in our rooms, and In late night discussions, common in college dorms in those days, we discovered that we both believed there should be no conflict between real science and real religion, and we soon became good friends. That was 1955. 65 years later, we are still best friends. I was fortunate to get to know Dave’s family. His father, who taught English to Penitentiary Inmates, had a delightful sense of humor. And Dave’s brother Ted said that Dave and I were twins. We just happened to be born to different mothers!

Dave and I thought so much alike that it was a little spooky at times. During those late-night discussions, we would sometimes say whole statements in unison, and often finished each other’s sentences. We both had numerous experiences of sitting in class, suddenly thinking of the other, just before looking out the window to see the other walking by on his way across campus. We seemed to have some sort of psychic connection. Partly because of this, we became interested in the then-new science of parapsychology. We carried out some very interesting experiments with the support of a physics professor and Dr. perry. We corresponded with Dr. JB Rhine of Duke University, the pioneer of parapsychology in the US at that time. He encouraged us to continue our parapsychological experiments, but wisely advised us to get a solid education in some other field, as there was little demand for parapsychologists!

Students were allowed to choose roommates after the first year at Central Methodist, so because of our common interests and our budding friendship, we chose to be roommates our second year, and again until the middle of our third year. One night in the second semester of our Junior year, in a discussion about life and the reason for existence, we agreed that we were not getting the answers we were looking for in the classrooms of Academia, so the next morning, we packed up and left.

After camping in a cave for three weeks, we struck out hitch-hiking across America to California. Our goal was to meet certain famous people who we thought might have some answers. That was the beginning of Dave and Ed’s Excellent Adventure!

We were honor students, so our parents and some of the administrators at Central Methodist nearly had heart attacks. I won’t go into details here, but we did meet some of those famous people, and we did find some answers, but we both returned, - not together or at the same time- to marry our sweethearts and finish our formal education. We both earned degrees in mathematics and science, including PhDs, and we both did post-doctoral research in several fields.

After Lora Lee called Monday to tell me that her father had left this earth behind, I posted a recent picture of the two of us together and a short notice on Facebook. It said:

Dr David M. Stewart exited this life this afternoon, I think this was the last picture taken with my best friend. We were on our way to enjoy dinner together at a local Mexican restaurant. We met as college freshmen in 1955, and have remained best friends all these years. I mourn the loss of his physical presence, but celebrate his exemplary life! He was a blessing to this world and will be remembered as one of the great minds of his time.

As of this morning, there have been 620 likes, 225 comments, and 72 shares, attesting to how many people held David in high regard. I’d like to end my tribute to David by reading a few of those comments:

“A most intelligent and humble man who changed and impacted my life in so many ways... The Holy Spirit led me to Dr. David Stewart and his beautiful teachings … I know his spirit longed to be with his beloved wife, Lee, who passed on a few years ago, and I am glad that they are now reconnected.


He was a brilliant man and has blessed us all with his work and writings. He will he missed.


He touched my heart, the first time I heard him speak


I loved him from his books and videos and knowledge that he provided. May he rest in peace. He did great work here on earth.


A great mind, student of life, kind personality, and wonderful teacher. We will all miss him.


He is a precious soul and moved mountains in this world. His education, gentle wise spirit, books and so much more left a lasting imprint on so many.


Such a blessing to this earth! Wonderful man who shares his wisdom! What a wonderful man. I love how Dr. Stewart used his genius to simplify things for us. He changed the world for the better.  Wishing you peace Dr. Close as you remember your dear friend.


Such a wonderful scholar he was and what a Blessing to all who knew and loved him. He will live on in our hearts and minds as we continue to reference his materials! I am so, so sorry for your loss.


May he rest in Eternal Peace ! We will be forever grateful for his dedication 

A life well lived. He has indeed left an indelible impression on the world.


He left the imprint of 'God's love in molecules' for all who were eager to learn from him. He will be missed, and I am sorry for the hole left in your heart. What as lovely friendship.


David Stewart was a precious friend and WHAT A GIFT TO THE WORLD!!!


We have lost a giant of a man of character and a library of knowledge that we benefit from every day. You will always be a remembered pioneer in God’s remedies for health.


 David was a great soul who dedicated so much to the betterment of humankind. Thankfully, his great books hold his research and knowledge. He now rests with God. Blessings to you.


Feeling sad today for the loss of this giant! So sorry, Ed, that your best friend has moved on to the heavenly spheres where I am sure angels have been welcoming him home and where Lee is waiting with open arms!  When I took a CARE seminar with him in 2004… I was blown away by his loving warmth, inclusivity and unconditional love! I learned a lot, but …my experience of his loving kindness changed me forever.


His  lifetime friendship and collaboration with you. Dr. Close will continue to pave the road for the future of post-materialist science and innate knowledge that our souls/consciousness live on through eternity.”


There were many more tributes like these.


When I think about Dave’s departure from this world, I remember what Jesus said in John 14:2: “In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And I will come again, and receive you unto myself.”

Today, one of those mansions has a new resident.

His name is David Mack Stewart.

ERC Posted 10/24/2020

Wednesday, October 7, 2020




What do you see when you look into the mirror upon waking up each morning? Do you see a façade hiding the real you, or do you see the state of your soul? What does one see upon looking into the depths of one’s heart when approaching the end of a life? Has one learned anything? Your progress and the state of your soul are reflected in your face and in your heart. You are a work in progress.

Whatever you see, it is what you have constructed for yourself. The substance from which you have constructed it is pure consciousness. That is the same for everyone; and, likewise, when we have become what we are being created to be, we are again equal, this is the way in which all human beings are created equal. It is blatantly obvious that we are not equal in every way in this world. We are not physically, mentally, and spiritually equal at any given point in life. We are all part of a work in progress.

So think carefully about what you are creating, and chose well: Don’t choose to create a place where malevolent thoughts lurk in the darkness of a hovel of depravity, dissipation, and defeat. Create within your consciousness, a temple of love and light, a palace for the Infinite, an edifice of brilliance, victory, transformation, and transcendence, because the world of your conscious construction is your home as long as you are a work in progress.

For analogy, think of the world as the canvas, and your actions as brush strokes, and the painting as the soul you are creating. Eventually, you must realize that you are the canvas, the brush, the paints, and the painter. But for the time being, the inescapable now, you are a work in progress.

Your consciousness is like a reflection of the moon on the surface of a pool of water, the slightest breeze ruffles and distorts it. It is only when you still the pool deep within your heart, that you can begin to see the real image. And that is just the first step on the journey of a million spiritual miles, to not only see a clear image, but to find the source of the image, the moon, the sun, the universe, the cosmos - and beyond. You are a work in progress.

You are the Dream Weaver. You will eventually learn that you are not just the fleeting persona that you have created through your actions and reactions, whether it has taken one or many lives in this and other worlds to create, you are the Reality behind your consciousness at any and every point in the process. Only when you realize this, will you fully understand that time and space are illusions. Space-time, as Einstein showed us, is not a universal framework within which everything happens, as it seems, it is just a reflection on the illusory surface of the pool of consciousness, an interface between your finite consciousness, that which you pretend to be, and the Infinitely Continuous Reality from which you have consciously separated yourself. It is malleable and insubstantial. It is an illusion reflecting the image of a work in progress.

If you feel proud or angry, or uncomfortable, or disappointed; perhaps even ashamed of what you think you are, remember that you have created what you are yourself, and that you can change it within the bounds of the laws of nature, if you want to. Recall that you are potentially perfect. You are a work in progress.

At some point, you may come to realize that there is nothing to be concerned about. Reality, and everything within it, is evolving according to universal laws, whether we are aware of them or not. At any point, the universe, and your experience of it, are exactly what they are supposed to be. Whether you know it or not, the universe is evolving toward an unimaginable goal, through a series of necessary steps, whether you know it or not. The universe is a work in progress.

If you just came into being when your body formed in your mother’s womb, you are a rarity. Most of us have been around much longer than that. The biggest secret of all, in this world - a secret willfully hidden and passively accepted - is the fact that we are immortal souls. We are born and die again and again, with memories of many lives and many loves, that fade like dreams in the harsh light of this life, as we embark upon another opportunity to be a work in  progress.

There is considerable shock and trauma when your soul is being born into, and confined in, a helpless little body, and after a while expelled from a sick and dying body, as the stuff of which that body is made is destroyed, or begins to decay and be recycled. That is what causes most of the forgetfulness. Most of the superficial details of the persona associated with a given body effectively dies with the brain cells of that body, but the lessons of the spirit remain with the soul to become the core of the next cycle of your work in progress.

For now, many, if not most of us, are enthralled with the drama of life on this planet. It is a captivating story, and even the misery and suffering of physical life, providing contrast, as it does, with the joy and ecstasy natural to Spiritual existence, are endurable. In fact, in my experience, the worse the suffering, the greater the joy of winning victory over that pain, against all odds! And once we realize that every new victory can be greater and more important than the last, we actually enjoy the drama of being a work in progress.

However, if we eventually tire of the endless cycles of physical reality, and begin to want to transcend the cycles of birth and death, of alternating pleasure and pain, then we begin to identify more and more with the eternal spiritual reality at the core of our existence, and less and less with the physical, mental, and astral personas of the ever-changing reflections on the surfaces of Reality. If we can see that the most important lesson to be learned is how to be truly free, and that the goal of existence is to wake from the dreams of our own making, then our lives will be transformed, the work in progress will be on its way to completion, and you, the Dream Weaver, will at last transcend your dreams.

ERC October 7, 2020

Saturday, September 26, 2020




So I have used the logic and principles of mathematics and physics to prove that there is a part of reality at the quantum level that is neither matter nor energy, and furthermore, that it had to exist prior to the formation of even one single stable atom of the physical universe. So what? What is the practical significance of the discovery of this non-physical part of reality, and why do we call it gimmel?

Let’s take the easy question first. Why did we decide to call it “gimmel”? There were several reasons. First, we had to call it something less wordy than “the heretofore unknown something that cannot be mass or energy, and yet has to exist for protons and all hadronic atoms to be stable”! And second, every letter of the English and Greek alphabets have already been used for multiple things in math and physics. Third, it fits! The necessary something discovered to exist in all stable atomic structures is, after mass and energy, the third substantial measurable thing in quantum combinations, and gimmel is the third letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It also happens that gimmel has several interesting meanings in the original language that also happen to be fitting.

You can find the following explanations of the meaning of gimmel in Wikipedia: The word gimel is derived from the word gemul, which in Hebrew means both the giving of reward as well as the giving of punishment. In the Torah, both reward and punishment have the same ultimate aim, and that is rectification as preparation of the soul to receive God’s light to the fullest extent. Also, the pictograph for Gimmel is the camel, and as such, it represents transportation between two points, or a bridge between two realities, that of the physical world and the spiritual world. Very fitting!

Now let’s tackle the harder question: What is the practical significance of the discovery of this non-physical part of reality?  Your acceptance or rejection of my answer will probably depend on what you consider to be practical. To the destitute, practicality is whatever it takes to eke out one’s existence and survive, i.e., obtaining food and shelter from wild animals, insects, and the elements. For the wealthy, practicality is what it takes to maintain wealth for personal comfort and ease, and perhaps for the future of the family. But for the vast majority of us, our experience of life is a mixture of struggle and occasional periods of relative comfort and ease, but, all too often, just when we achieve enough prosperity to be able to enjoy life, we get sick and die. Eventually, we must take a break from the mad scramble of life, pause, and ask: Is there any meaning or purpose behind all of this? Is it really worth it? The practical significance of the discovery of gimmel relates to answering these important questions.

In the past, answers to questions about the meaning of life have largely depended upon a person’s belief system, either adopted from a religion handed down from those considered to be the authorities, or from family tradition. But belief borrowed from someone else is not very satisfying for anyone with an inquiring mind. And, unfortunately, organized religions, just like any form of organized social management or government, have a history of establishing its authority for the purpose of controlling people not enlightening them.

What if you did not have to rely on blind faith in the meaning and purpose of life, something to be revealed sometime in the distant future, and hope for miraculous events to prove that there is something beyond the material world that justifies your faith? What if you had scientific evidence that there is a real connection between mind and matter? What if there were indisputable scientific evidence of a non-physical part of reality that has created the necessary circumstances and guided the development of physical organisms capable of supporting life and becoming vehicles for intelligent consciousness? I am pleased to be able to report that such indisputable evidence has been discovered. It is called gimmel, and its discovery proves that there has to be a pre-existing intelligence that has always been here, behind the ever-changing scenes of the physical universe. Such a discovery is the beginning of a new scientific paradigm that will change the world forever. Materialism is no longer a valid metaphysical belief system. There is meaning and purpose to life and the physical universe. And that is the practical significance of the discovery of gimmel.

ERC 9/26/2020

Monday, September 14, 2020




This is not a trivial question; and I would argue that sooner or later, in this world or the next, every one of us will have to think about it, and try to answer this question for our self. With the craziness that is going on in the world today, maybe now is a good time to have a look at this question and make a serious effort to answer it.

Let’s start by thinking about what is behind the question: It assumes that there actually is something called reality, and that it is, to some extent, independent of whatever we may think about it. If this were not the case, then each of us would be adrift, alone, like a vessel on the surface of an endless ocean, below an endless sky, with no polestar, no lighthouse beacon, no land, nothing to relate to. But our individual awareness of the physical world, and interactions with others in it, strongly suggest that there is a reality independent of our thoughts and actions. The question also assumes that reality is knowable. This is important, because if reality is unknowable, we are again in a world of ultimate uncertainty, grasping at straws of an elusive reality, that continuously dissolves and slips through our fingers!

In fact, the history of modern science up until 1900, resembles this concept of reality: Holding an object in his hand, a physicist could grasp it as a solid reality, made up of structured molecules of definite size and shape, but when he looked more closely, the molecules were made of atoms, and looking deeper into the atoms, he found that they were almost nothing but empty space. Then, these tiny bits of matter, that he had thought of as the indivisible elemental building blocks of reality, turned out to be made of negative and positive electrically charged bits of matter, which he named electrons and nuclei, whirling, around very far apart, with nothing solid in between.

Probing deeper still, he discovered that the nuclei were also not really solid, but were made of electrically charged protons and chargeless neutrons. Surely, in them, he had finally found the building blocks of physically reality! But no! These “proto” particles were made of even smaller spinning bits, whimsically called quarks, which decayed rapidly when separated from the nuclei. With the decay of quarks, solid physical reality had literally dissolved into energy, and slipped through his fingers. The solid object he held in his hand was exposed as an illusion. And of course that meant that the solidity of the hand holding the object, made of cells, molecules, atoms, etc., was also an illusion. And what about his brain and reasoning mind? Could they also ultimately be something very different than they seemed to be? Could the analysis be carried on indefinitely, like an infinite descent into nothingness, or did it stop somewhere?

Even though, in the world of daily experience, a physical object can be only be divided into separate parts a finite number of times, that is apparently just a physical limitation of the instrument of division. Conceptually, the dividing of objects could conceivably go on indefinitely. Interestingly, this is exactly the conceptual basis of the most useful mathematical tool of modern science, called infinitesimal calculus, or as it is commonly known: “the calculus”. However, between 1900 and around the year of my birth, Three very important discoveries changed everything. Those discoveries were:

·       Max Planck’s discovery that energy only occurs in exact multiples of a very small amount of energy called a quantum of energy. This marked the beginning of Quantum Physics.

·       Albert Einstein’s discovery that time and space have no absolute existence of their own. This marked the beginning of Relativistic Physics.

·       Kurt Gӧdel’s discovery of proof of the Uncertainty Theorems, which, when combined with relativity and quantum physics, marked the end of the belief in finite axiomatic determinism.

What do these three discoveries mean in plain English? The first tells us that there is a bottom to the infinite descent in the energy of the decaying quarks: one quantum. The second tells us that, because of the equivalence of mass and energy (E=mc2) there is a bottom to the division of objects: one quantum. The third tells us that the logical structure of reality is infinite, because no finite model is complete. What do they tell us about the nature of reality? Together, they hold the keys to the paradigm shift that led to another new discovery. The new discovery was made  possible by the development of a truly quantized calculus called the Calculus of Dimensional Distinctions (CoDD), using a quantum equivalence unit based on Large Hadron Collider data. Application of this new calculus and consistent mathematical procedures led to the discovery of the existence of a non-physical quantity that is necessary in addition to mass and energy for the existence of a stable physical universe.

What does this new paradigm tell us about the nature of reality? It has already told us far more about the nature of reality than was possible to learn within the current mainstream scientific paradigm. It has logically explained things that were inexplicable in the current mainstream paradigm, such as why quarks only combine in threes to form protons and neutrons, why the Cabibbo quark-mixing angle has the exact value it has, and why the proton and neutron have the exact masses they do.

I can only present a summary here. More detail can be found in “Reality Begins with Consciousness” by Dr Vernon Neppe and me, available in e-book form at, in several technical papers published in the journal of the Exceptional Creative Achievement Organization (ECAO), and in Vol. 8, No. 3, of the IQNexus Journal: , in “Is Consciousness Primary?”, Vol. 1, published by the Academy for the Advancement of Postmaterialist Sciences (AAPS Global), in other posts on this blog, and in “Transcendental Physics”, and “Secrets of the Sacred Cube, A Cosmic Love Story” books by me, available on

In summary, the reality we experience consists of an extensive domain of nine finite dimensions containing  a distinct number of dynamic finite objects made up of relativistic quantized energy, inertial mass, and individualized conscious beings, all embedded in the infinite field of Primary Consciousness. The logical structures of individual consciousness, quantized energy, inertial mass, and the nine-dimensional finite domain, are conveyed from their origin as ideal distinctions in Primary Consciousness, into physical reality, embedded in three dimensions of consciousness, three dimensions of time, and three dimensions of space.

Nine finite dimensions of reality are definitely indicated and specifically defined by the mathematics, and you may be surprised to learn that we can actually naturally relate, at least conceptually, to seven of them, not just the three dimensions of ordinary space: length, width, and depth. When the mathematical description of the rotation and projection from a 3-dimensional domain to the next dimensionally larger domain, a 4-D domain, using the Pythagorean Theorem, which you may remember from your high school geometry, is accomplished, an additional number of a new type must be used to represent the location of the unitary projection into the additional dimension. I call this procedure of projection from a lower to a higher dimensional domain Dimensional Extrapolation.

For example, points in the 3-D quantum domain are exactly located by three integers, and a point located one unit into the fourth dimension must be represented by four numbers: 3 integers plus an imaginary number (the square-root of minus one, which is the fourth root of unity) After each set of three, the next dimension must be represented by a new type of number, otherwise, the point to which you project will still be in the same dimensional domain. The location of all projections out of 3, 6 and 9-D domains require additional new numbers that are sequentially higher dimensional roots of unity.

As the description of reality is expanded into domains with more dimensions, we find that we can explain more and more of our experiences as conscious beings. As we expand our awareness of the nine dimensions of reality through dimensional extrapolation, with each added dimension, the reality we perceive becomes more complex and richer, with additional subtle qualities, because each dimensional domain contains all of the domains of fewer dimensions within it, and the domain of nine finite dimensions is embedded in the infinite field of Primary Consciousness. Each dimension adds more subtle inter-dimensional relationships to the total experience of reality, and expansion beyond each of the sets of three dimensions with the same type of numerical units, is an entry into a higher dimensional domain with much more subtle qualities. Time is more complex and subtle than space, and consciousness is more complex and subtle than time.

To understand this mathematically invariant feature of dimensional domains better, it is helpful to perform the following thought experiment in quantum geometry, using the concept of dimensional extrapolation:

In quantized reality, a point is not a mathematical singularity, it is a single quantum of extent. It then follows that a line of quantum points forms a 1-D domain, and conversely, this 1-D domain contains, potentially, an infinite number of zero-D domains (quantum points). Similarly, a 2-D domain (a quantum plane) has the potential of containing an infinite number of 1-D domains (quantum lines); and 3-D domain (a volume filled with quantum points), potentially contains an infinite number of 2-D domains (quantum planes), and an infinite number of 1-D domains. Continuing to extrapolate into the next dimension, i.e., into the first dimension of time, a 4-D domain, we find that it has the potential to contain an infinite number of 3-D domains.

But, as pointed out by Einstein, this logical structure of dimensional domains only exists because of their content, And because reality is dynamic, the configuration of the mass-energy-consciousness content of each 3-D quantum domain on a given quantal timeline may have changed by quantal amounts from one quantum of time to the next.  Such a sequence of dynamic 3-D realities defines a specific finite timeline as experienced by a specific conscious individual. Finally, each individual conscious being experiences one quantum of consciousness in the seventh dimensional domain, which contains experience of all of the dimensional domains contained below it. So the invariant rule that holds for all finite dimensional domains is that every n-dimensional quantum domain contains within it n-1, n-2, n-3, … and n-n= 0-D domains like potentially infinite sub-sets.

Even though we are aware of one dimension of consciousness, most of us at this time in the spiritual evolution of consciousness on this planet are so focused and identified with the 3S-1t body, that we are oblivious of the 2-T and 3-T dimensions (n = 5 and 6) domains, even though partially aware of the 7-D domain! A conscious being fully aware of his or her domain and all of the sub-set dimensional domains below it, would be a very aware person in today’s world, That person would not only be aware of his or her own timeline, but also those of others, as well.

Because while using dimensional extrapolation to move from lower to higher dimensional domains, we shift our thinking from plane geometry to solid geometry, to hyper-dimensional geometry, I think it is appropriate to describe the quantum geometry of nine-dimensional reality as dimensionometry.

The discovery of the third quantifiable essential aspect of the content of reality, a variable represented by gimmel, the third letter of the Hebrew alphabet, allows us to include representation of experimentally verifiable non-physical phenomena in the equations describing the reality we experience. As conscious and self-conscious beings, we can conceive of, and thus potentially perceive at least two dimensions of time and two dimensions of consciousness in addition to the three dimensions of space. This potential should be a powerful motivation for us to expand our consciousness as rapidly as possible during this lifetime. For the betterment of the world, we should also want to help each other and others to understand how to do this too.


ERC 9/14/2020