Saturday, April 6, 2019


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"We must make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler."  Albert Einstein

I want to ask you to humor me today and indulge with me in some simple mathematics. Contrary to what many people think, mathematics will not make your head explode. In fact, your head, and everything else, operates on principles of pure mathematics. The universe and everything that’s in it, is a mathematical expression of thoughts in the mind of God. If you dread and fear mathematics as something that will make you feel stupid, it’s because you’ve been programmed by the backward and heavy-handed way mathematics is taught in our schools. Today, I want to give you a glimpse of how simple the mathematics of reality can be. Reality is mathematical, and math is reality.

Reality is comprised of mass, energy, space, time and consciousness; nothing more, nothing less. “Wait a minute!” I hear you say, “Now you are talking about physics!” And that’s another subject you’ve been assiduously taught to dread as unbelievably complicated and difficult. It’s not. It’s simple mathematics. Contrary to what some elitist, ego-driven mainstream physicists revel in making us believe, physics is the simplest of the sciences. All complete mathematical descriptions of reality are reducible to relationships between only five simple things, mass, energy, space, time, and consciousness, but no description of reality is complete without all five. These five things are quantized in nature. That means that they are multiples of some small unit called a quantum. That’s all, nothing complicated. When everything is measured in three-dimensional quantum equivalence units, everything is in integers, whole number multiples of quantum units, and all the complex abstract mathematics mainstream physicists like to dazzle you with, fall away as the illusions they are.

With the discovery and empirical validation of gimmel as a quantum of consciousness, we can no longer speak of matter and energy or space and time alone, consciousness must be included, otherwise the natural symmetry and stability that holds the universe together is lost. E = mc2, for example, is incomplete. Let E represent energy, m represent mass, s represent space, and t represent time. Then, reducing the equation it to its primary elements we have E = m(s/t)2. What is missing? Consciousness. So the problem for us now, is how do we include consciousness in the equations of science? The simplest expression describing reality is R = f(m,E,s,t,C). Read this as: Finite reality is a function of mass, energy, space, time and consciousness, period. To find out what that function looks like, we need only reduce the equations of science to expressions in multi-dimensional quantum equivalence units of mass, energy, space, time, and consciousness. Reality is completely described in equations in variable of three dimensions of space, three dimensions of time, and three dimensions of consciousness. The first equations I transformed into quantum equivalence units were the simple equations representing the combinations of quarks that form protons and neutrons. Everything else follows from there.

We take things apart to understand how things work, and through that understanding to manipulate reality. This has its good and bad aspects, but without an understanding of what reality is, the outcomes are mostly bad. We pay for the advantage of manipulating reality by suffering from the degradation of our natural environment. Real science re-integrates all things again so that we begin to understand what reality really is. As the cartoon character Pogo said: “We has met the enemy, and he is us!”

So Transcendental Physics and the Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm (TDVP) are nothing more than putting the humpty-dumpty of particle physics back together again! Mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and any other ology you may know about, are not really different things. They are all fragments of the same thing. Just as the Large Hadron Collider seeks to understand an atom by destroying it, the specialized “ologies” of mainstream science destroy the holism of reality. It is time to put things back together again.  When reunited by the calculus of dimensional distinctions in quantum equivalence units, natural science is reborn, and we begin to understand the nature of reality.

Thursday, April 4, 2019



Time and space, however persistent they may seem to be, are illusions.

Matter and energy are much less persistent than time and space,
and they’re not what they seem to be.

All four are manifestations of consciousness, fleeting as a lightening flash.

The truth is neither “out there”, nor in the X-files; it is deep within.

If you go deep enough, the truth you’ll find is the same for everyone.

There is no evidence that consciousness is plural, that matter is real,
that energy is eternal, that time is linear, or that space can exist by itself,

Yet we dream that these illusions are real. Why not try to wake?
 We sleep as solid matter, we stir as energy, we dream as plants and animals,

And we wake as God.

Himmel und Erde müssen vergeh‘n, aber der Geist bleiben besteh‘n!

Cerul și Pământul trebuie să dispară, dar Duhul va rămâne vreodată!

Heaven and Earth must pass away, but Spirit shall ever remain!

Sunday, March 24, 2019


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Recently, I posted on my Facebook page a statement that was probably considered by most who read it to be a statement of faith. What if I told you it is a statement based on solid science? For those who may not have read it, here is the statement:

Your life, however bad it may be, whatever you have done, or not done, no matter what has been done to you, or not done to you by others, all of it is forgiven by the Infinite in a quantum moment, this moment. You can be absolutely sure of this because the Spirit breathing life into your body and into all material forms, is not plural, it is singular. Your life is not meaningless. You are a saint in the process of self-realization! The infinite potential of that omnipresent Spirit is the essence of your soul.
Even though you may be unaware of it, Infinite Consciousness. beyond all things, flows continuously from Cosmic Consciousness, through Christ Consciousness, into all beings. Because of this, though you have suffered evil, and endured what seemed like endless pain, even in this moment, it is gone!  Pain, heartache and misery are not forever, like all things physical, they pass; the peace, joy and bliss of Spirit, the essence of your soul, quite beyond human understanding, are untouched. Like the seemingly infinite darkness in an ancient cave disappears with the entry of a ray of light, revealing gleaming crystals in the stone, your suffering is gone! The brilliant diamond of your soul has always been there, and still is there. Your True Self is eternal.
Neither fire nor flood, nor crashing worlds can touch your essence; you are more than flesh and blood, you are the immortal soul.

This statement, sounding like an aphorism from the Vedas or a Christian saint, or at least the metaphysical ruminations of a philosopher, is actually based on the scientific discovery of gimmel, the real non-physical part of every elementary particle and every atom, especially the electron and the atoms forming complex biological organisms. They are the vehicles of life and consciousness. They are Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Electrons, Nitrogen, (CHOSEN) the physical structures consciously chosen by Spirit. Does this mean the there is no longer any mystery of life? Of course not, because the reality underlying the physical universe is infinite. Spirit is infinite.  Reality will always expand well ahead or our ability, as finite beings imprisoned in finite physical bodies, to understand it.

The step-by-step derivation, scientifically proving the existence of gimmel as the organizing and stabilizing agent of Spirit, is available on this blog site. Simply search foe “gimmel” and “Putting Consciousness into the Equations of Science”. I am not the first scientist to intuit the truths of gimmel, but I am the first, with the help of Dr. Vernon Neppe and a few others, to prove it. Planck and Einstein knew that there is something real beyond matter, energy, space and time. I’ve quoted them many times.


“There is no matter in and of itself. All matter arises and endures only by means of a force which causes the atomic particles to vibrate and holds them together to form the tiniest solar system of the universe. … so we must accept that behind this force is a Conscious intelligent spirit. This spirit is the primary source of all matter.”

“Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe - a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble.”

Now consider the following quotes:

“How do you know that the incessant progress of science will not compel scientists to consider that life has existed through eternity, and not matter? … How do you know that in ten thousand years, one will not consider it more likely that matter has emerged from life?” – Louis Pasteur, Famous Bio-Chemist

It didn’t take ten thousand years! We have proved that matter did indeed emerge from the non-material consciousness of life. We did this by demonstrating that no stable structure could form or exist without the existence of gimmel in the very first particle.

“As scientists attempt to understand a living system, they move down from dimension to dimension, from one level to the next, lower level. …I went from anatomy to the study of tissues, then to electron microscopy and chemistry, and finally to quantum mechanics. … in my search for the secret of life, I ended up with atoms and electrons, which have no life at all. Somewhere along the line, life has run through my fingers, so, in my old age, ,,, I am now trying to find my way back.” – Albert Szent-Gyӧrgyi, Nobel Prize in Medicine

I think Dr. Szent-Gyӧrgyi should be very happy to learn about the discovery of gimmel, the essence of life he sought so diligently; the elusive something that although very real, somehow slipped through his fingers. It actually exists in every electron and atom. Unfortunately, Dr. Szent-Gyӧrgyi died in 1986. It isn’t that atoms and electrons “have no life at all”, it’s just that the materialistic science of his time was unprepared to see it.

The bottom line is this: Faith goes beyond the limits of the science of the day, but scientific knowledge trumps belief or blind faith every time.

ERC Sunday, March 24, 2019

Sunday, March 17, 2019


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The Significance of the Discovery of Gimmel
Non-physical gimmel is real and at least as important in the structure of physical reality as mass and energy and it very well may provide us with a refreshing new avenue to investigate consciousness in a systematic, scientific manner. In this discussion, I will use the triad of mass, energy and gimmel to address an important and very basic question about the nature of consciousness: the question of whether consciousness is an epiphenomenon of physical complexity, or the architect of it; in other words, which came first, matter or consciousness?

The current mainstream paradigm assumes that particulate matter, in the form of quarks, electrons, and protons, evolved first, producing hydrogen and other elements billions of years ago, and that self-aware consciousness arose only very recently, after sufficiently complex organic structures had evolved. But this is a very restricted view of consciousness, assuming that it is limited to the self-awareness in human beings and functioning perhaps, to a lesser extent, in other living organisms. In the light of the discovery of the necessary existence of gimmel in every single elementary particle for atomic stability, we have evidence that the logical structure of consciousness exists in every particle of the physical universe, suggesting that the reasoning leading to the mainstream model may be flawed. Consciousness, not matter, may be primary.

Consciousness and the Physical Universe
Self-aware sentient beings, in particular, human beings like you and me, are born into a world where an amazing plethora of complexity already exists, and apparently has existed for billions of years. Some of us, sometimes called scientists, are capable of conceptualizing different levels of complexity, and using objects that exist around us to build laboratories and instruments to investigate some of the existing complex objects discovered by those who have preceded us, like the atoms known as the elements of the periodic table.

The reality you experience, including your own body, appears to be made of a range of complex molecular and atomic structures, in turn made of electrons, protons and neutrons. Clever scientists before us have discovered that protons and neutrons are further composed of even more elementary entities, known as quarks: specifically of two sizes, called up-quarks and down-quarks, for reasons we need not go into here. All of these objects making up our environment appear to be made of atoms, starting with the simplest atom, the hydrogen atom, consisting of only one electron and one proton, ranging through more and more complex atoms consisting of hundreds of electrons, protons and neutrons; so everything appears to be made of atomic structures composed of only three things: electrons, up-quarks and down-quarks. Some of the atoms, at a certain level of complexity, combine to form life-supporting organic compounds that join together and form self-aware organisms like you and me, capable of conscious experience.

Limitations of the Standard Model of Particle Physics
When we decided to study these complex structures, to see what makes them work with Swiss-watch-like precision, we started with the hydrogen atom, the smallest and simplest structure existing at or near the threshold of observation and measurement using our physical senses and conceivable extensions of them. Gradually, we devised increasingly more sophisticated ways to break atoms apart and measure the mass and energy of the constituent particles indirectly. We had to devise indirect methods to do this because the sub-atomic constituents (electrons and quarks) are so very, very small that we couldn’t observe and measure them directly.

The methods we devised were intrusive and destructive, including ionization (forcing electrons out of the outer-most shell of atoms) and engineering collisions of protons (obtained by the ionization of hydrogen atoms) with each other and other atoms. More and more sophisticated methods were developed for accelerating particles and targeting other particles and atoms. Using powerful electromagnets, particles were accelerated to extreme velocities, with momentums great enough to penetrate complex atoms and break them apart. The atom-smashers, from the earliest versions, built in the late 1920s and early 1930s, from the Cyclotron, to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in use today, employ the same method: blasting atoms apart and examining the resulting fragments.

The Swiss watch analogy is instructive: An atom, considered as a finite object, separate from any more complex structure, is, like a fine Swiss watch, an intricate, dynamic structure of interacting parts. If you decide to take a watch apart to see how it works, hopefully, you have the appropriate watch-maker’s tools on hand, so that you can take it apart carefully, in order to observe how each cog-wheel, spring and ratchet operates and how they work together to produce a precise and accurate time-keeping instrument. But suppose you are a five-year-old child, and the only tool you have is a hammer. You manage to pop the case apart, but the mystery of how the clock works is not immediately apparent, so you continue to hammer it until you have produced as many bits and pieces to look at as you can. When you finally stop  hammering, the various constituent parts may be so damaged and even broken into pieces in the smashing process that, their function while they were in the watch is totally obscured.

If we count the number of pieces scattered around when our five-year old is finished hammering, we may have many times more pieces than the number of parts used in the construction of the watch, and studying them will not likely lead to much understanding of how a watch works. Particle physicists are like children with hammers. Their standard model of reality based on destructive collisions consists of as many as 80 or 90 particles and anti-particles. But most of these particles are not functional in the atoms making up the everyday stable world we experience, they are created by the atom-smashing process, and they decay rapidly, lasting for  only very extremely short periods of time under extreme high-energy conditions, which may or may not have existed at the time of the hypothetical big-bang origin of the universe.

The physical reality we experience is built up primarily of the mass and energy of three particles: electrons, protons and neutrons, combined in various stable configurations. And protons and neutrons are primarily comprised of the mass and energy of up-quarks and down-quarks, so at the most elementary level, the physical features of everything we experience in our lives on this planet are the results of combinations of electrons and quarks and the associated gravitational, magnetic and electro-magnetic forces that are generated as results of their interactions in space and time. The other members of the particle zoo, generated by the hammering of particles together in high-energy particle colliders, while interesting from a theoretical point of view, are so ephemeral they have little or no effect on the physical reality we experience as sentient beings.

Deriving and Applying a System of Quantum Equivalence Units
We have concluded that the basic building blocks of our physical reality, measurable in units of mass, energy and volume of space, spinning at some specific number of rotations per unit of time, are electrons, up-quarks and down-quarks. The free electron has the least mass of the three, and if we take that mass as the quantum unit of mass, normalize and naturalize the LHC masses of the up-quark and down-quark, we find that they have masses of 4 and 9 quantum mass units respectively. Then, by naturalizing the units of space and time (extent and duration), Einstein’s famous equation, E = mc2 yields  a system of measurement in which the units of mass, energy, space, and time are equivalent. Noting that quarks, because they are rotating physical objects, are three-dimensional, I call these 3-D units quantum equivalence units. In the geometry of symmetrical rotating objects, application of Fermat’s Last Theorem proves that quarks must combine in threes to produce stable rotating objects. Because of these facts, the resulting basic units of quantum calculus are called Triadic Rotational Units of Equivalence (TRUE).

Using the TRUE as the basic unit of the Calculus of Dimensional Distinctions, an adaptation and expansion of G. Spencer Brown’s Calculus of Indications, from his seminal work Laws of Form, we have, for the first time since Planck discovered that physical reality is quantized, a quantum calculus appropriate for the investigation of quantum phenomena. With application of this system of mathematical logic, we are able to solve a number of puzzles that have plagued particle physics for decades, like explaining the EPR paradox, the double-slit and delayed-choice experiments, as well as explaining why the Cabibbo quark-mixing angle has the exact value it does, why fermions have an intrinsic spin number of ½, why neutrons and other complex particles have the exact masses they do, and much more.

A Wider Range of the Scientific Investigation of the Nature of Reality
By developing the proper tools for investigating quantum phenomena, and applying them to the known parameters of the elementary particles that make up the physical universe we experience, a third form of the substance of reality, necessary for structural stability, was discovered. We call that third form gimmel. Each and every elementary particle has to have an exact number of mass, energy and gimmel units to be stable, and thus the amount of gimmel in every combination of particles in physical reality can be mathematically determined. When this method of analysis was applied to the elements of the periodic table, we found that the major life-supporting elements, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, contain higher percentages of gimmel than other elements, especially those that are poisonous or detrimental to consciousness-supporting life. This strongly suggests that the universe is the result of intelligent design. The discovery of gimmel reveals that the self-referential structure of the physical universe is designed very specifically to support the development of complex living organisms capable of manifesting increasingly sophisticated forms of consciousness.

So what is gimmel that makes it capable of affecting the nature of the physical universe in this way? It is not some form of matter, or some form of energy, as I’ve pointed out in the previous post, because if it were, it would add to the measurable mass and/or energy of the particles that form protons, they would no longer be quarks, atomic structure would be unstable, and there would be no physical universe as we know it. Science can only describe what we experience and become consciously aware of through physical, mental or spiritual perception. That means that to understand what gimmel is, we have nothing but our experience to draw from.

Consciousness is the only thing we experience directly. Matter, energy, space and time are experienced indirectly through the reduction valves of the physical sense organs that only allow vibrational energies of specific ranges of frequencies to be channeled to the central nervous system where they are converted to images. Space and time have no existence of their own because space is simply the dimensional extent around and between objects, and time is the duration between events. Without objects and events, there is no space or time. So there are only three sources of our experiences: matter, measured as mass, energy, measured as force, and pure consciousness, measured as individual awareness. Since gimmel cannot be matter or energy, by process of elimination, it is pure consciousness.

Historically, when pure consciousness has been perceived in the midst of physical reality by finite self-aware individuals, it has been called the Holy Spirit. To complete the only model that is able to describe everything we can experience as human beings, we need only envision three finite dimensional domains of three dimensions each, embedded in an infinity of pure consciousness. All of the laws of physical, mental and spiritual reality are conveyed into the dimensional domains of finite quantized reality mathematically from pure consciousness in the mathematical ratios of mass, energy and gimmel. 

There could be no particles, no hydrogen atoms and no physical universe without gimmel. If, as concluded above, gimmel is pure consciousness, then consciousness is primary and matter secondary, not the other way around as assumed by the materialist mainstream scientific paradigm.

Pure consciousness, represented in the structures of the physical universe, is Planck’s “conscious intelligent spirit”, and Einstein’s “spirit … manifest in the laws of the Universe - a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble.”(See the previous post.)

ERC 3/18/2019

Saturday, March 16, 2019


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The purpose of this post is to follow up on the discussion of the question “What is Gimmel”, Posted Wednesday, March 15th, which summarized the derivation that led to the discovery of gimmel, and ended with:

Now, ask yourself: if gimmel is not mass or energy, exactly what is it? Everything physical is measurable in variables of content (mass and energy) and variables of extent (space and time). Gimmel cannot have even one unit of mass or energy. If it exists in space and time, what is it? There are clues in the quantum math and physics derivations that led to its discovery, but what do YOU think it might be? Please post your thoughts in “comments”. or send me a Facebook message”.

There were a number of good responses that tended to be in one of two forms: Responders thought gimmel might be either evidence of God or Spirit’s creation of a stable physical universe, - or gimmel might be some form of consciousness. Of course, the two are not mutually exclusive; the form of the answer appears to depend of the belief system of the person responding. People with a belief in some form of organized theology tend to believe that gimmel is evidence that God created the universe. But that is a philosophical answer, not a scientific answer. People with personal experience of Spirit can make that leap, and that is wonderful. It is a clear answer for them, and provides a testimonial for others who seek answers, but I agree with Leibniz who said if something is real, there is a logical path to its discovery and validation. The discovery of gimmel validates the existence of something non-physical in the very most basic structure of the universe.

The discovery that gimmel exists in every particle of physical reality, from quarks to electrons to atoms, and the fact that the highest levels of gimmel are present in the elements and organic compounds that provide the basis for life and consciousness, tends to support the theory of intelligent design, especially if gimmel is consciousness, or the agent of consciousness that organizes the physical universe in a logical manner.

As pointed out in the previous post, gimmel clearly provides an answer to Leibniz’s question, concerning why there is something, rather than nothing: The derivation of quantum equivalence units (TRUE) proves there would be no physical universe without gimmel. It is worth noting that Leibniz’s answer was theological: In his view, there is something because, in the beginning, God created it. But this answer can only avoid the infinite regression of what was before creation of the universe, if God, then what is God, and what was before God, etc, if creatio ex nihilo (creation from nothing) is assumed as axiomatic.

As explained in the August 30 post, “QUESTIONS OF SURVIVAL AND REINCARNATION”, creatio ex nihilo was an ad hoc theory invented by early Christian theologians to protect the Catholic Churches from the Emperor Justinian I, who threatened to destroy them if the Christian scholar Origen’s interpretation of the Christian teaching of the pre-existence and post-existence of the human soul was not removed from their scriptures. Despite their frantic efforts to comply with Justinian’s brutal edict, some evidence of the original teaching remains in the scriptures today. For example, Jeremiah 1:5: “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you”.

Origen, born in Alexandria, was the most prolific Christian writer of the third century AD, producing more than 6,000 treatises on Christian philosophy and theology, including commentaries on the Hebrew scriptures and the teachings of Jesus recorded in scriptures some of which became known as the New Testament. He wrote about the eternal existence of souls in “De Principalis” as follows:

"Each soul enters the world strengthened by the victories or weakened by the defects of its past lives. Its place in this world is determined by past virtues and shortcomings."

If this is true, as conscious beings, we are finite sparks of infinite consciousness, evolving spirituality in a reality designed for that purpose. The illogical absurdity of creatio ex nihilo and the paradox of infinite regress are both avoided if all individualized consciousness, i.e., souls, are actually part of Primary Consciousness (traditionally anthropomorphized as God) which has always existed and will always exist. And, if Primary Consciousness is realized as the infinitely continuous substrate of reality, then gimmel is evidence of the intelligent design of the universe. While the discovery of gimmel is new, the conclusion it suggests is not. I think Max Planck, the father of quantum physics, saw where his discovery of the quantization of mass and energy was pointing. In an Interview published in 'The Observer', 25 January 1931, p.17, He said:

I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.

In 1944, in a speech entitled Das Wesen der Materie (The Nature of Matter), delivered in German, which was his native tongue, Max Planck said:

Es gibt keine Materie an sich. Alle Materie entsteht und besteht nur durch eine Kraft, welche die Atomteilchen in Schwingung bringt und sie zum winzigsten Sonnensystem des Alls zusammenhält. Da es im ganzen Weltall aber weder eine intelligente Kraft noch eine ewige Kraft gibt—es ist der Menschheit nicht gelungen, das heißersehnte Perpetuum mobile zu erfinden—so müssen wir hinter dieser Kraft einen bewußten intelligenten Geist annehmen. Dieser Geist ist der Urgrund aller Materie.

I have seen two or three translations of this statement, none of which, in my opinion, fully capture Planck’s meaning. Here is my translation:

There is no matter in and of itself. All matter arises and endures only by means of a force which causes the atomic particles to vibrate and holds them together to form the tiniest solar system of the universe. But since there is neither an intelligent force nor an eternal power in all the physical universe – mankind has not managed to discover the passionately-desired perpetual motion — so we must accept that behind this force is a Conscious intelligent spirit. This spirit is the primary source of all matter.

What is Gimmel? My conclusion is that gimmel is real evidence of the existence of the Conscious Intelligent Spirit Planck spoke of; Gimmel is the fingerprint of God, if you will.

I’d like to end this discussion with one of my favorite Einstein quotes:

“Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe - a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019


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The great German polymath Wilhelm Gottfried Leibniz said: “Die wichtigste Frage, die die Wissenschaft zuerst beantworten sollte, ist: Warum gibt es etwas, statt nichts?“

Translation: “The most important question that science should answer first, is: Why is there something rather than nothing?”

Why has modern science virtually ignored this basic question despite the fact that one of the most respected thinkers in the history of Western science considered it to be so important? It is because of the fragmentation of Western thought by academic specialization, which I have disparaged in previous posts, and because mainstream science has no answer for this question. When a question is too difficult for scientists to find a way to formulate in a testable hypothesis, it is all too easy to claim it is really not a scientific question, and relegate it to the specialized community of professional philosophers. But, in this case, that is a cop-out.

Leibniz was absolutely right, why there is something rather than nothing is a question of the utmost importance, and it should be answered first, because the answer will change science in profound ways that will be hard for mainstream Western scientists to even imagine. The Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm (TDVP) answers this question, and Dr. Neppe and I have addressed it in published works. I have also addressed it in other blog posts; but it seems that a brief, uncomplicated  answer is hard to find. so I want to focus on it here and provide a clear, concise answer.

It turns out that with the discovery of gimmel, the answer is immediately clear and straight forward: Without gimmel, there could be no stable subatomic structure, and the physical universe would not exist. So the answer to the question of why there is something rather than nothing, boiled down to its simplest form, is:

There is something rather than nothing because of gimmel.

But, if I want this post to stand alone, if I want this answer to be clear and definitive, I cannot assume that the reader knows what gimmel is. So, I must also answer the question: what is gimmel?

The best way to begin, is to first understand what gimmel is not. It absolutely cannot be matter or energy. Let me explain: In TDVP the mass and volume of the free electron define the quantum equivalence unit, which can be used to measure all elementary particles. This quantum equivalence unit, also called the Triadic Rotational Unit of equivalence (TRUE), is defined, and the TRUE value for the up- and down-quarks are determined using very exact data from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), and we find that, mathematically, up- and down-quarks cannot combine physically to form the protons and neutrons of ordinary matter unless there are specific additional numbers of quantum equivalence units in their composition.  These additional TRUE cannot be units of mass or energy, because if they were, the resulting particles would not be protons or neutrons. The bottom line is: ordinary matter contains units of mass, energy and a third something that is neither matter nor energy. We call that third something gimmel.

Now, ask yourself: if gimmel is not mass or energy, exactly what is it? Everything physical is measurable in variables of content (mass and energy) and variables of extent (space and time). Gimmel cannot have even one unit of mass or energy. If it exists in space and time, what is it? There are clues in the quantum math and physics derivations that led to its discovery, but what do YOU think it might be? Please post your thoughts in “comments”. or send me a Facebook message.

Saturday, March 9, 2019


Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri
(1855 - 1936)

© Edward R. Close, March 9, 2019

I am encouraged. I see a bright future for the human race, despite the bitter political conflicts raging around the world today. Why am I so optimistic? For reasons that I will attempt to explain here. First, we are beginning a 12,000-year phase of gradual advancement in a 24,000-year cycle. The current advancement of mental virtue began about 500 AD, and will eventually lead to a much more enlightened average state of consciousness than we are experiencing at present; and second, I know that the vicious political conflicts we see today are typical of the lingering negative consciousness of the descending side of the cycle resisting the increasingly positive rationality of the beginning of a new ascent in the cycles of time.

Both radical socialism, with its atheistic suppression of the human spirit, and radical egoism, and its cruel social inequalities, lead to domination of the many by a few, followed by the complete destruction of civilization. But the destructive ideas of both radical left and radical right ideologies eventually cancel each other out, and when this happens, depending upon whether we are in the ascending or descending side of the time cycle, the world is propelled neither right or left, but straight ahead in either a positive direction toward an increasingly bright future, or in a negative direction, toward chaos and destruction. Fortunately, we are now in the beginning stages of a 12,000-year ascending cycle.

In the Holy Science, by Sri Yukteswar Giri, written in 1894, the astronomical and cosmological nature of these 24,000-year cycles are explained, including how this knowledge was saved in ancient writings from the previous periods of high development. Application of this knowledge of the 12,000-year ascending and 12,000-year descending time cycles to the hard facts of the history of our planet explains when and how scientific and spiritual understanding has waxed and waned. It also explains the existence around the world of ancient artifacts like pyramids and stone structures that are inexplicable in the linear interpretation of time assumed by mainstream science. Such artifacts that simply do not fit into the linear interpretation of time, fit perfectly into the ascending and descending cycles of mental virtue, as explained by Sri Yukteswar!

In our new book, Secrets of the Sacred Cube, a Cosmic Love Story, which should be available soon, Jacqui and I explain how, thanks to the loving benevolence of God, the primary form of consciousness, we came to know about the cycles of time and our place in them. Our physical journey together in this life ended at 4:44 PM on December 15, 2018, with Jacqui’s ascension into the subtler dimensional domains of spirit. but her loving spirit is most definitely still with me, projecting support and encouragement, and acting as a go-between, relaying the guidance of our spiritual mentors to me. While I am sometimes aware of their presence, I am not yet spiritually advanced enough to perceive them clearly and hear their voices directly, except on rare occasions; but Jacqui, who is still as real as ever to me, is with them now, and I believe she will be able to maintain our contact until our mission in this life is completed.

I have been blessed to live long enough to observe events of more than eighty years that confirm the cyclic structure of time described above, and Jacqui and I also shared more distant memories of events in a number of lives before this, that suggest that the mental virtue, i.e., consciousness, is also cyclic. We talk about this in our new book. Whether you choose to believe in actual reincarnation, or that we have somatic memories of distant ancestors in our DNA that we accessed somehow, it makes no difference; those memories deepen our experience and understanding of reality, and provide a clearer picture of the nature of consciousness and the logical structure of reality.

I am encouraged by such memories, and by the fact that more and more serious scientists are becoming interested in investigating the connections between the physical, consciousness and spirit. The Academy for the Advancement of Postmaterialist Sciences is currently leading the way, with credentialed scientists looking beyond the rank materialism of the past. This trend agrees with the progress predicted for the ascent of the mental virtue at this point, about 2,518 years into the ascending 12,000-year cycle.

Looking back into the historical events of our previous lives together, and conscious memories of events from the early years of this life, evidence of the over-arching purpose and mission (assigned by our spiritual guides) is apparent: At some point in the distant past, we both committed to helping in the task of preserving truths from the previous period of high development through the lowest point of consciousness and comprehension in the previous 12,000 years of descent of mental virtue. More details are included in our new book.

Embedded in a section on Philosophy and Religion in the Book of Atma, published in 1977, reproduced from essays and notes I wrote in 1958 and 1959, you’ll find the following relevant statements:

The history of man’s progress is written around the struggle to learn “what it is all about”… The essence of existence is differentiation … The instant differentiation occurred, objective reality came into being, but not before. Thus enters the concepts of before and after, or time. … having interrupted the void … you have admitted or established consciousness …  in order to perceive an object, the consciousness, or differentiator must be [conceived of as] existing apart from the differentiated object. Thus enters the concept of space.

These notes, connecting space, time and consciousness, written sixty years ago, foreshadowed the development of transcendental physics, the discovery of gimmel, the non-physical factor conveying consciousness into physical forms, and the expansion of G. Spencer Brown’s Laws of Form to include consciousness, leading to the development of TDVP with Dr. Vernon Neppe.

Brown’s mathematically elegant development of the calculus of indications, published in 1969, begins with the statement: “The theme of this book is that a universe comes into existence when a space is severed or taken apart”. The differentiation of an object from the rest of the world is a real distinction in the finite world if and only if, it exists in three or more dimensions, because with less than three dimensions, it cannot contain any substance measurable as mass, energy or gimmel, the variable that conveys the logical structure of consciousness into physical form.

Once consciousness is recognized as fundamental, and is included in the equations describing the forms of reality, - and the calculus of indications is refined to become the calculus of dimensional distinctions, so it can be used to describe the interface of mind and matter  – then the mathematical necessity of the continuation of consciousness, with or without a physical vehicle, is indisputable, and the mechanisms for the recall of events prior to one’s birth are open to actual investigation, understanding and explanation.

Edward R. Close
(1936 - )
Cover Photo for the Book of Atma, 1977