Wednesday, January 20, 2021



Today is a sad day for the soul of humanity. There is great rejoicing in the Godless world of the CCP in Beijing China. To those confused Americans who voted for the Harris-Biden ticket this November, please reflect for a moment on what you’ve done. I know you think that you voted for Democracy, but you have actually cemented a fatal step in the long-term plan of Godless Communism to take-over your world. Blinded by years of clever psychological subversion, in 2020, you handed Global Communism a major victory. Many God-fearing Christians, Jews, and Muslims, believers of all faiths around the world have heavy hearts this morning. They feel the gut-punch they have received through your actions/   

A dear friend in Europe puts it this way:

“The horror part of history can start…There is no (longer) organization and no power behind truth and justice. No chance, We cannot imagine what comes… But it’s not about stolen elections 2020. Fair elections will never again exist. Only naive people will go vote and … lose. For the rest of US history.”

It is a dark day indeed. As I write this, our Nation’s Capitol is in military lockdown. According to a news media commentator, more people will show up to see President Trump off from Andrews Air Force base, than to see the inauguration of Beijing’s puppets in DC. My deluded democrat friends, I plan to spend this day praying for your immortal souls.

I am not going to theorize about the evil conspiracy that brought us to this day of forced surrender. I will only speak from personal experience and the concerns of people of faith around the world. The plan was revealed to me years ago by a Chinese graduate student in physics, and I know how people of faith are treated in communist countries around the world.  If you care to think about what has happened, I ask you to start by considering the CCP’s openly stated plans for world domination.

The CCP is a Marxist-Leninist government. The Party General Secretary Xi Jinping presents himself as Josef Stalin’s successor in the process of global domination by Communism. International journalist and former Australian government official, John Garnaut in Engineers of the Soul: Ideology in Xi Jinping’s China” 2019, states that the Chinese Communists idolize Stalin, the brutal dictator who killed roughly 20 million Russians and others through famine, forced collectivization, executions, and labor camps. As practiced by Lenin, Stalin, and Mao, Marxist communism is a totalitarian ideology that despises religious freedom and has vowed to eliminate the “opiate of the masses” from the planet.


Under global communism, human beings are just pawns to be used to achieve the ends of the collective nation state. Individuals are happily sacrificed for Communal goals. Individuals have no inherent rights under Communist rule. In Communism, The only value of an individual human being is to serve the government; the  government does not exist to serve them, as our founders intended when the launched the free society of  the United States of America.


Propaganda, or, as we know it in this country, “fake news” is a major political weapon used by Communist operatives to dominate political thought and preserve ‘ideological security’ through political correctness. Recently, the CCP issued a policy statement on the “current state of ideology” saying that there should be, “absolutely no opportunity or outlets for incorrect thinking or viewpoints to spread.” Does this sound familiar, CNN, MSNBC, Twitter?

To my once liberal friends, brainwashed by years of  left-wing propaganda, please think about the following questions:

1)    Why was Donald Trump attacked so viciously the minute he announced his candidacy for President of the United States?

2)    Why were the intelligence agencies of the US government illegally used against him, as a candidate, and later as President?

3)    Who was causing a huge problem for CCP world economic-dominance plans?

4)    Why did the CCP deliberately allow the Covid virus to spread throughout the Western World with the help of the Communist head of the WHO?

5)    Why wouldn’t the CCP and their operatives in the US do everything in their power to help the democrats defeat Donald Trump in 2020?

6)    Why wouldn’t the CCP want a man whose family has received millions from individuals and companies representing the CCP as President of the United States of America?

7)    Who do  you think engineered the bitter division between political factions in the US?   

The answer to question number one is simple: They couldn't control Donald Trump, and he  proposed to “drain the swamp”. What did that mean? Answer: to expose the corruption in Washington DC. What corruption? Answer: the people who were taking money from foreign sources in exchange for favors. Who did that? I think you know. - It wasn’t Donald Trump.

Monday, January 18, 2021




WARNING: The following is personal OPINION. If it offends you, then don’t read it! To PC editors who might read it and think it is their duty to remove it to protect sensitive ears: If we have come to the place in this country where one can be censored for having an honest opinion, then we are indeed in deep trouble.

ADMONITION: From a rejoicing “Woke” idiot: “We must now all unite behind our new President!”

RESPONSE: First, Smiley Joe bumbling Biden the swamp rat, with his leftist running mate, the grinning Satan-in-drag from California, is not my president. Second, No one with an ounce of un-programmed grey matter can possibly believe that clear-minded, well-informed American voters would put a 47-year member of the corrupt gang of criminals who have robbed us blind for the last 50 years, back in office to rob us again! Third, I have seen no evidence that this man, who I believe long ago sold his soul to the Chinese Communist Government, has ever had an original thought. Finally, if it was not systematic election fraud that gave the Chinese Communist Party its happy victory in November, then it was hate-Trump votes.  

If you want to know what I really think, text me in private or comment on this blog below. You can agrree with me, or vent your woke anger and call me names annonomously there.

Sunday, January 17, 2021



NOTE: The first three paragraphs are repeated from my FB post, New material follows.

The world is awash with emotion today: Humanity seems to be having mood swings, alternating between fear and anger, love and hope, hate and despair. Are we on the brink of peace and prosperity, or bankruptcy and war? Today, we are a nation and a world on edge, divided as never before. Half the world thinks the other half is misguided, brainwashed, and deluded by pure evil, and, of course, most of us believe we are the on the good side. Those on the other side are obviously insane! Both sides hope for a bright shining future of peace and love,- after the people on the other side get enlightened. But there seems to be no way to get them to see the light. Because of this, many feel helpless to prevent the world from sliding into chaos, sure that it is the other side’s fault. Maybe today, we are finding ourselves in Hamlet’s plight.

Poor Hamlet! Shakespeare had him say: “There is nothing good or bad, only thinking makes it so.” How many times has this line been quoted and believed? But is it really so? Have you experienced it? If I walk out into the wilderness that stretches from the edge of my backyard away as far as I can see, if I can forget about the political tumult of the world today, and feel the peace and solitude among the rocks and trees, it seems so: the good and evil of the day seem to fade away. However, a short walk may take me to a spot, peaceful and serene, where grizzly, still bloody bones lie among the leaves. It’s the remains of a deer, brought down by predators. So nature is not always as serene and peaceful as we suppose. Nature, it seems, is actually a world of struggle for survival. Is that good or evil? Do animals think of good and evil? Does it depend on our state of mind? Have you seen the pain and fear in the eyes, and heard it in the cries of a mortally wounded animal? Have you felt the happiness of the snapping jaws of hungry wolves when they have food, or seen the joy of the wagging puppies lapping up the life’s blood of the deer? How does the deer feel about it? Are we so very different from wild animals?

Shakespeare also had Hamlet say: “To be or not to be, that is the question” when he found himself a prisoner of his own thinking, and he began to contemplate suicide as a possible way out. Is civilization about to commit suicide? Have you ever heard of an animal knowingly committing suicide? Do you suppose that we might be categorically different than wild animals? Do we have to kill or be killed? Unlike the wolves and the deer, we actually have alternatives to fight or flight: we can choose to sit down and reason. Like the animals, the bodies we inhabit at birth will die, either by violence or by natural causes. But unlike animals, we can choose to see beyond winning and losing. We can even choose to see beyond life and death. Some of us know that there is consciousness outside of the body, and life after death. We have personal and scientific proof. It is no longer just wishful thinking, or a philosophical belief. Yeah, that’s all well and good, I hear you say. But what about this crisis we’re in right now? It’s easy to philosophize and pontificate about good and evil, but do you have any solutions? Anything  practical to suggest?

These are definitely “times that try our souls”, to paraphrase and update what Thomas Paine wrote at the beginning of the first American crisis in 1776. Just like when we were on the brink of the Revolutionary War in 1776, and the second American crisis, our Civil War in 1861, we are now experiencing the third American crisis. We are again a seriously divided nation. In most other wars that our nation has participated in, Americans were at least mostly on the same side. In WW I  and WW II, America joined into on-going conflicts that started in Europe, and we were on the side that most Americans agreed, or were convinced by our leaders, was the side of good against evil. Because of our vast natural resources, and the willingness to fight against evil, America was a decisive factor in those wars. Today, the outbreak of the conflict is originating here, but the division exists world-wide.

As I see it, the root cause of the division is the natural desire for personal freedom conflicting with the equally natural desire for the safety of governmental control. It should be obvious that neither extreme personal freedom, nor extreme social control is practical. A stable civilization depends on a balance between the two. The strength of America for almost 200 years was the Constitution and Bill of rights that were set up to protect freedom and maintain a stable society. However, during my lifetime I have seen the French historian, Alexis de Tocqueville’s prescient observations, made in 1839, come true. In Democracy in America, he wrote:

“The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money.”

He also said: “I do not know if the people of the United States would vote for superior men if they ran for office, but there can be no doubt that such men do not run.”

The political establishment in Washington DC have raised the trick of bribing the public with their own money to a fine art, and I don’t think most of us would categorize many of the politicians in our government as “superior” men or women. Repeating part of the last paragraph of my last post: I have observed that when one party, Republican, Democrat, or Socialist, becomes dominant in a specific area and/or time period, corruption is sure to follow. Politicians take money offered to help them campaign and win, and they owe favors. And Politicians lie. Period! They lie either by exaggeration and omission, or by deliberate misinformation, to promote the agenda of their party. I have also observed that when an elected official becomes wealthy while in office, you can be sure that that person is either not spending full time as a public servant, or that he or she is involved in corruption.

So we’ve come to this sad state of affairs where politicians are easily bought and paid for by wealthy individuals and foreign governments who would destroy the world’s most successful experiment in freedom and equality. What is the solution to this problem? It is quite simple to describe, but difficult, if not impossible now, to implement. We need to go back to the democratic republic set up by our founding fathers. The positions of President, Vice President, and members of the House of Representatives and Senate were meant to be public servant positions, not opportunities to amass personal wealth. Most of the problems that have led to this dangerous divide we have now could be solved if the following simple rules were implemented at both federal and state levels:

1)      Strict term limits shall be set for all elected officials.

2)      Public servants shall be encouraged to volunteer to serve without pay if they are already wealthy, and public servant salaries, if paid, shall be equivalent to private-sector salaries.

3)      During the term of service, a Public servant shall have no employment other than the full-time job he or she was elected to perform.

4)      Bills presented to congress shall be singular. Un-related tag-on bills shall be illegal.

5)      Public servants shall never be allowed to pass laws raising their own salaries.

6)      Campaign contributions to public servants from outside the jurisdiction of that servant’s office shall be illegal.

There are undoubtedly other rules that would help. The problem is that the greedy politicians who populate our government now will never consider enacting or abiding by such rules. We need to find a way to get the corrupt politicians out of our government. But that’s a tall order, like trying to remove the stink from a herd of skunks! So what can we do?  

Here’s what I suggest and will try to do: First, don’t allow myself to be pulled to either extreme. It is not healthy to hate someone who has a different opinion that I do. Second, realize that when people other than those I voted for somehow get in office, it is not the end of the world. Very few people are pure evil. Third, whether you know it or not, there is an intelligence, far superior to mine or yours, that keeps reality from coming unraveled! It might be worth some of our time to try to contact that intelligence.

ERC Sunday night, 1/17/2021



Why do I believe what I do? I feel like I have to explain myself a little. Maybe I don’t, and most likely, nobody really cares. But here’s my perspective: In many ways, I am an average American. Born after the first World War and before the second World War, mostly raised in Mid-Continent USA, of 98% European ancestry, including Scott, Irish, Scandinavian, German, Eastern European, and Ashkenazi Jewish ancestors. My mother’s family were staunch Democrats, while my Dad was an independent Republican, in a predominantly Democrat county. Both families had many honest, hard-working members, and a few deadbeats who believed that the rest of the world owed them a living. The hard working relatives were democrats or republicans, and the deadbeats were socialists. My Father served in the US Army from 1925 to 1929, and in the US Navy from 1943 to 1947.

Perhaps not so average, I have vivid memories all the way back to my birth, so I remember a lot about the second World War, and life in America from 1936 until the present. I have also lived, worked, and travelled  in countries and territories outside the US, including Europe, the Middle East, India, Australia, and Latin America. I have also studied and done research in several major Universities.

Concerning politics, I have observed that when one party, Republican, Democrat, or Socialist, becomes dominant in a specific area and/or time period, corruption is sure to follow. Politicians take money offered to help them campaign and win, and they owe favors. And Politicians lie. Period! They lie either by exaggeration and omission, or by deliberate misinformation, to promote the agenda of their party. And when an individual becomes a partisan activist, that individual sees everything through the lens of the party’s propaganda. He or she sees nearly everything the other side says as lies, and justifies, and often even BELIEVES the lies promoted by his or her party. I have seen many examples of this, on both sides, liberal or conservative. That’s why I am not a Socialist, Republican or a Democrat.

ERC 1/17/2021

Friday, January 15, 2021




I try to be as apolitical as possible. I am not a Democrat or a Republican. I try to be unbiased and look for ways to find the truth. That’s hard to do in highly charged political times like we have now, because if a political partisan finds that anything I say is contrary to his belief system, then he thinks I am on the other side, and tries to find a way to discredit me. That’s OK, I expect that. In such divided times, it really is difficult to know what is true. But the facts are out there, There is truth, there is spin, and there are deliberate lies; and it takes real research and work to discover which is which.

What about the recent Presidential election? Apparently about half of the country believes that the election was honest, and about half believes that it was rigged! Was there fraud? Was it stolen? Was it fair? Is it over? There are many claims and counter-claims, many arguments and counter arguments swirling around us. How can anyone know what’s true, for sure? Is there some way to clear our minds of bias and have an objective look at the facts? Well, there is data, and there are mathematically valid ways of analyzing data.

As a mathematician, and there some who think that I am a pretty good one -one of the degrees I’ve earned is in mathematics- I can tell you something about the election that’s at the very least, very interesting: When the probability of the counting, at the same time in several states, those considered to be “battleground swing states”, of thousands of votes for one candidate, that happen to be just enough to make him the winner, is carefully calculated, it is clear that something supernatural happened.

The probability that the real data reported and certified by those states is consistent with statistical expectations of the registered voters of those states, is about the same as that of a bomb exploding in a junk yard causing the used parts, bits and pieces to assemble themselves into an automobile that you could climb into and drive away! Couple that with the fact that no observers were able to observe what the poll workers did due to Covid social distancing, and some of it happened after all the observers were sent home, it makes the results very suspicious.

I am aware of the saying: “Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.” And the argument that, even if the chances of a given event occurring are one in a million, that one event could still occur. But, until the real facts are known, statistical analysis is the most objective measure we have, and any way you analyze the data, a red flag pops up. Something highly unusual is going on. But when all the facts are known, what will history record?  

George Orwell said: “History is written by the winner.” And when asked if history would treat him well, Winston Churchill replied: “History will be kind to me for I intend to write it!” And he did! Between 1948 and 1953, he published THE SECOND WORLD WAR, in 6 volumes, and between 1956 and 1958, he published A HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH-SPEAKING PEOPLES in 4 volumes.

So, what will history record? If Democrat Joe Biden actually becomes our next President, as everyone is telling us will happen next week, it may be the first time in the history of the world that George Orwell is proven wrong, and history is written by the loser.

ERC 1/15/2021




Dear Friends,

Every day of our lives we choose, consciously or unconsciously, between good and evil, between truth and deception, between faith and folly, and act accordingly. Do you choose to believe that we are the accidental results of the combination of pieces of debris flying away from an explosion that happened billions of years ago? Do you choose to believe that good and evil, truth and falsehood, Eternal Spirit and original and eventual nothingness are just ideas that we can adopt to fit our favorite social, religious, or  political narrative? If so, then you should be a used-car salesman, sell vacuum cleaners to people without carpets, refrigerators to Eskimos living north of the Arctic Circle, or a politician selling socialism to the poor. Are you a purveyor of good or evil?

We are not debris flying away from an explosion. No explosion has ever created anything but chaos, and never will. No universe has ever been observed without consciousness, never will be. Materialistic science has not proved that there is no intelligent design behind the physical universe, and it never will.

On the other hand, if you choose to reject the many seductive lies of this world, look for valid proof of reality, and dig back into your subconscious mind, where you may have pushed your Soul, you will find the Truth. This is what the enlightened Spiritual Beings of all ages have taught.

Is there evil in the world, call it Satan, or whatever you choose, yes, of course there is! Is there good, call it god, goddess, nature, pure consciousness, or whatever you please, yes, of course there is! And you have the freedom to choose. What you choose to believe will determine what you will experience.  

So, you must choose, in every life, every day, every quantum instant, what you will believe. Choose well. Not only your life, but your existence in eternity depends upon your choice!

ERC 1/15/2021

Tuesday, December 29, 2020




This is a follow-up, related to the previous blogpost about Self-Inquiry, which was an introductory description of the process of consciously moving from the bodily imprisonment of the self, to the boundless freedom of the Infinite Self. As you probably know, the transition is most often not an easy one. The journey of challenging experiences that characterize being a spiritually evolving human being, is both a blessing and a curse. Along with the greater freedom that comes with increased freedom of spirit, comes greater responsibility, and also, while in transition, greater uncertainty. As a human being, you are more than flesh and bone, but less than omniscient. As a conscious being, you are the personification of gimmel, a mysterious bridge between the finite and the Infinite. 

Aware of your own consciousness as something separate from everything else, but intimately involved in, and attached to a physical conglomeration of organs and micro-organisms that seem to operate semi-independently, relative to your awareness of them, with limited training, you soon find yourself responsible for their maintenance and functioning as a vehicle for your consciousness. And, more often than not, you also find yourself swept up in a complex series of on-going dramas, the beginnings, meaning, and endings of which you have little or no knowledge.

In my opinion, human beings are probably the teenagers of cosmic evolution; no longer innocent babies or toddlers, completely dependent upon other, more knowledgeable beings for their nourishment and safety, but still not yet competent adult souls, either. Like most teenagers, we think we know a lot more than we really do, and without some oversight and guidance from more knowledgeable beings, we face the danger of doing serious harm to ourselves and others. I am happy to report that I have seen evidence of such guidance personally, on a number of occasions in my life, but those experiences are not the focus of this post.

Every life’s journey is a unique story, and we can only really understand what we have experienced personally. But it is important that we honor each other’s experiences and recollections, because the memories of our own unique experiences form the basis of our belief about what we are as individual beings, even though the ultimate goal of all conscious beings may be the same.  Just because I have not experienced something that you report, doesn’t mean that it isn’t real. 

In my case, because of my training in this life, and in past lives, as a mathematician and philosopher of science, I tend to deal with my experiences in the belief framework of what has traditionally been known as “Natural Science”. What I want to try to do in this post is to explain how certain of my personal Near Death and Out of Body Experiences that I have described in earlier posts and publications, led to the formulation of the integrated mathematical model of reality we are calling TDVP and interpreting philosophically as Unified Monism.

The initial NDE and subsequent OBEs that I experienced in the Great Pyramid in 2010 were preceded by an unusual experience: I was standing with a small group of friends in complete darkness in the Queen’s Chamber, when a ball of light that I assumed to be static electricity, struck me and I suddenly felt the spinning motions of the physical universe. I was thrown about, and I would have collided with a wall, or fallen to the stone floor, if two other members of the group hadn’t grabbed me by my arms.  Here are some excerpts from the account of the experience that I wrote after it happened:

“The ball of light struck me on the forehead, but there was no feeling of impact. Instead, I immediately experienced extreme vertigo. I could feel the spinning of the planet on its axis. I could also feel the rushing of the Earth through space in its orbit around the Sun, the Sun moving through the Milky Way Galaxy, and the Galaxy wheeling its way through the universe. I could feel all these spinning motions at once! There was no up or down, only the sensation of a swiftly accelerating complex whirling motion. … After the ball of light struck me, and the world went spiraling out of control, I began to see lights, hear sounds and see symbols and faces. When the spinning got too intense to bear, I left the body. While out of the body, I felt no spinning, no vertigo, and the lights, sounds, symbols, and faces became clearer, but when I turned back toward my body, I began to experience extreme vertigo again, increasing to the point that I was forced to throw up. Each time I threw up, I was propelled out of the body again. While out of the body, I experienced a series of vivid visions or dreams.” 

What I want to focus on here is some of the things I learned from the experiences of leaving and re-entering my body, during the OBEs, and how they contributed to the development of the mathematics of the TDVP model. As I look back at those experiences now, I realize that the specific logical procedures that led to the discovery of gimmel are mathematical representations of experiences I personally lived through for a couple of days! For example, the rotation and projection from an n-dimensional domain into an n+1 dimensional domain, which I call Dimensional Extrapolation, is a mathematical generalization of the spinning and projection out of the body that I experienced. The OBEs were experienced in dimensional domains with more mutually orthogonal dimensions than the domain we normally experience through the physical senses of the human body.

During the transitions from one dimensional domain to another, the normal feeling of stability and equilibrium that physics tells us results from standing balanced vertically in a uniform gravitational field, was replaced with the sickening experience of high-speed curvilinear accelerated motion. It was as if my internal gyroscope, or some other form of motion reciprocation normally at work in organic lifeforms on this planet to cancel the effects of the multiple rapid curvilinear motions of planet Earth, effectively stabilizing conscious perception, were turned off by the electromagnetic flux of the ball of light that struck me. As I was propelled from domain to domain to experience certain scenes and events as a helpless observer, it became clear that my OBEs were being managed by an intelligence far superior to mine. I had no control over what I was experiencing. Each time I tried to escape and return to normal consciousness, I became desperately ill, and had no option other than to observe what I was being shown. 

Now, more than 10 years after these experiences, I can see how what I was shown was retained in my brain at a semi-subconscious level. Some of it has been allowed to surface in the intellectual activity of the development of the TDVP model in collaboration with Dr. Vernon Neppe. What I have been trying to do in this post is to reveal the connection between the OBEs and the development of the TDVP model. However, just now, as I am trying to bring more of the NDE and OBE experiences that occurred in March of 2010 to the surface, I am beginning to experience the same vertigo and sickness again. With a spinning headache, on the verge of becoming physically ill, I am going to stop writing now.