Saturday, July 13, 2019



Here’s why:
No pharmaceuticals.

My Typical Morning

After about 10 minutes of Yoga exercises, I meditate for 15 to 30 minutes. Then I greet Max and take him for a short morning walk, enjoying the morning fresh air and memories of my many years with my wonderful soulmate, Jacqui.

Jacqui was as thankful for, and devoted to holistic health care as anyone on the planet. Following her 20-year-plus example, I typically use 15 to 20 natural products in the first couple of hours every morning, thus avoiding the toxic brew of synthetic chemicals served up to the American public every day in brand-name personal-care, so-called food and food-supplement products by the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and yes, by our own FDA!

Because of my focus on the here-and-now as a result of my daily meditation on God and His Spiritual Masters: Jeshua (Jesus’ real name) ha Mashiach, Baghavan Krishna, Gautama Buddha, Mahavatar Babaji, and others, I am acutely aware of the blessings that constantly surround me. I thank God and His Universe every day. I am aware of the healing light shining in every cell of my body, and the protection and blessings of the Masters’ that surrounds me at all times. I am eternally grateful.

I try to cherish no desires and accept everything that I experience throughout each day as the will of God, for my greater good, no matter how good or bad it may seem. Every day is filled with Love and poetry, if only I have eyes to see!

Thursday, June 20, 2019


What is the difference between order and chaos? Nothing more or less than your perspective or point of view! Let me offer an analogy to help you to understand why this is true: Think of Reality as a book. A book written by an Intelligence far beyond the intelligence of any conscious being in the current world of humanity today. To that Super Intelligence, Reality is simple. To a lesser intelligence, it is an enigma. To an almost total lack of intelligence, as is the average, or prevailing state of conscious beings today, it is chaos. For the average person alive today, most of Reality is hidden. It is like trying to grasp the meaning, the story line, or plot of the book from a single sentence ripped from a page somewhere in the middle of the book! The limitations on our perception and understanding are so severe that the average person alive today is only aware of a very tiny, distorted fraction of Reality, and beings with a broader view of Reality are very, very rare. How could this be? Why is there such a range of awareness stretching from nearly inert, to the awareness of an Einstein, or even a Buddha or a Christ, a fully enlightened being? It is simply an indication of where we are in the cycles of time.

The Cycles Of Time
Contrary to what mainstream science would have you believe, life on this planet is nowhere near the peak of intellectual development and awareness that it has ever seen, even during the past 100,000 years. In fact, we are barely past the low point! This occurred about 500 AD. See the diagram of the 12,000-year cycles of time below. 
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This diagram, depicting the cyclic nature of time, shows that the “mental virtue” was more highly developed from about 11,500 BC until about 1000 BC, than it is at present. If true, this explains why there are artifacts like GÓ§bekli Tepe, the Giza Pyramids and Stonehenge that are difficult to explain today, even with current technology. One site that doesn’t fit this scenario is Puma Punku in Bolivia, and that fact has given rise to the theory that the stone artifacts there were constructed by space aliens! However, the date of construction given in most references is based on the carbon dating of organic materials in the mound underlying the intricately carved andesite and sandstone artifacts. Since the source of the red sandstone and andesite artifacts is about 90 to 100 km distant from Puma Punku, they could have been moved from an earlier construction site. This is what I suspect may have happened.

 It is certainly possible that our planet may have been visited by space aliens, but do any such sites prove visitation from extraterrestrial civilizations, as claimed by some theorists? No. In fact, inhabitants of Planet Earth whether indigenous or not, were more highly advanced in the past than now, according to many ancient cultures. The cyclic nature of time, based on interpretations of Ancient Earth science, is  explained in the book The Holy Science, by Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri, the Guru of Paramahansa Yogananda

Monday, June 17, 2019


One of the important aspects of the Close-Neppe TDVP model of reality is its application to the serious study of consciousness and psychic phenomena such as clairvoyance, psychokinesis, remote viewing, etc. The paper by S.S Pokarna,, of the Science and Spirituality Research Institute of Ahmedabad, India, accessed from the link below is one of the first to recognize this important potential for our work.

 Not only does TDVP recognize the potentiality of the real importance of psychic abilities and psi phenomena to the advancement of the human species, it provides a way of studying such phenomena scientifically by including consciousness quantitively in the equations of relativity and quantum physics, creating a truly transcendental approach to science. We believe this is the science of the future, and the real future of science. Our thanks to Dr Surendra S. Pokharna for taking the lead in making the ideas of TDVP available to scientists in India.

Click on the link   to get access to the ISJS Journal, then page through to the last paper by S.S Pokharna, et al.

Saturday, May 25, 2019



I am so thankful for this day,

When I think upon the many things
that make it differrent from the rest;

It’s unique in at least a million ways,
Here’s some of them I like the best:

I am ALIVE today, to enjoy this life
That’s mine alone, and no other’s

To move beyond the toil and strife
And feel the Love of countless lovers

Who planted flowers along the way.
…I am so thankful for this day!

The Earth turns on, beneath my feet
And the stars swirl above my head,

I taste the joys of life, so sweet;
I’m among the quick, not the dead!

I am so thankful for this day!

This day is what it is because
Of all the days now gone before.

I‘m the sum of my deeds and flaws,
Of all my days, and something more:

I am thankful because I know
I‘m more than just the sum of parts;

I am the flower in the snow,
I am the joy in countless hearts!

Yes, I‘m so thankful I can say:
I‘m so thankful for this day!

ERC 5/25/19

NOTE: Please scroll down to read a poem about Jacqui, posts about gimmel, and much more.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019


"You're Ed Close!" she said,
All those many years ago,

And a bell rang inside my head.
What it meant, I did not know.

"Yes, I am." I said, "Do I know you?"

Within a few days, I went from
Knowing nothing at all about her,

To realizing the simple fact
That I couldn’t live without her.

…Now she’s gone.

Her appearance in my life that Day,
Was a touchstone to the past …

An echo from an ecstasy,
Found again, at long last,

Washed up on a distant shore,
She knew, for her dreams had long foretold

The way our lives would morph
And intertwine, to fit the Master‘s Mold.

And now she’s gone …

As time went by, I came to know,
We had a crucial part to play

In His plan to make Spirit grow,
And help others on the way.

He sent His sweet Blessings from above,
A perfect life, completed with her Love.

But, what am I to do, now?  I cried a thousand tears!
Must I wait for her return, another thousand years…

Now she’s gone?
I miss her so…

Then, miracle of miracles, words came from the other side:
"Do you know who this might be?" He asked,

"She says she helped you with your work!" "Oh Yes!", I replied.
Doubt faded, like a late Spring frost, as I basked

In the warm glow of Jacqui’s love,
Her wit and humor could not be denied!

"She laughs", he said, and tells me:
"I'll not stop now, just because I died!"

Oh, … she’s not gone!

So now, that soul who was so sweet,
Who made my life and work complete,

She is not gone; her love still flows within my heart;
And lifts me like a rising tide.

When He says "Come Home, you‘ve done your part.“
I’ll join her on the other side!

"You're Ed and Jacqui Close," she said.
"Yes, I am," I replied.

"That has not changed at all", she said,
"Just because I died!"

No, Jacqui’s not gone!

ERC 5/22/2019

Sunday, May 12, 2019


Max was born November 10th, 2018, and on May 10th, 2019, his 6-month numerical-return date, we had a bit of a mis-adventure. My first indication that something untoward had happened, was waking up at about 2:30 pm, on my king-size bed in the master bedroom, with Max licking my face and pawing at me with his king-size paws. - And I had absolutely no memory of how I got there! Very disconcerting! And my glasses and hearing aids were missing. Max was removed to his kennel, and I promptly went back to sleep.

Waking at a few minutes past 4:00 pm (I had a pre-arranged meeting via Zoom at 4:00 pm), and learning that the call had been postponed by the other party, I began trying to piece together what had happened. I re-traced my steps, starting with breakfast that morning, and tried to recall everything that led up to my waking with Max frantically pawing at me. I finally remembered taking Max for a walk about 1:30, seeing a big gray tomcat, and, to make a long story short, I  discovered that I had a collision with the Earth sometime about 1:45 pm. The planet was apparently unaffected by the collision, but I was knocked unconscious.

Thank goodness my Beltone Amaze hearing aids have a feature called “Find my hearing aid”! My glasses were embedded in the ground where I fell, and my hearing aids were scattered nearby. I convinced my son that I didn’t need to go to the ER, and two-days and as many visits to the chiropractor later, and I am about back to normal, with a sore right arm and chest. The moral of the story: If a 70-plus pound puppy lunges after a cat, or other irresistible animal, let go of the leash! You can’t do anything about the situation if you are unconscious!

I have been trying to recover memories of what I experienced during the time I was unconscious, thinking it might be like the time almost nine years ago when I had the OBE experiences in the Great Pyramid. Maybe I had some more ancient history downloaded into my brain, or maybe I was with Jacqui! But, no such luck. As far as I can tell. It was just like being asleep, except that I woke with a headache, sore arm and chest from a very real collision with the ground.

Saturday, May 4, 2019


©Edward R. Close  2019

Disclaimer: What I have to say in this article, especially about the role of gimmel in Reality, meaning and purpose, is my opinion and mine alone. I make no claim as to who else may or may not share my views.

Your life is determined by what you believe. And for most people now inhabiting physical bodies on this planet, what you believe depends upon the amount of Reality you have experienced directly yourself, plus that which you accept as real from what others have told you. But that which others tell you may be true, partially true, or it may not be true at all. So be careful what you accept as true, accept nothing blindly, put it to the test of Reality as you know it. To the extent that what you believe is identical with Reality, your life will be what it is meant to be. When what you believe becomes 100% identical with Reality, you will have reached the Great Goal of Conscious Existence. But this is a rare condition for inhabitants of this planet at this point in time. One only reaches that level of consciousness when the time is right, and the Mind is ready. The process of reaching the state wherein you are capable of realizing that goal is called spiritual evolution. Thus it is of utmost importance to look often, and deeply, into what you believe. Your happiness, your well-being and your future depend upon it.

Why do I bring gimmel up in this context? Because it is a direct link to a major part of the universe that is not available to the physical senses. The vast majority of Reality is not available to us through our physical senses because it is composed of non-physical gimmel. A major part of Reality is, in this sense, hidden. This is not a flaw in the way the universe is created, it is a necessary limitation on the physical vehicles of evolving souls. I discovered gimmel in 2012, while in the process of developing a system of quantum mathematics and applying it to quantal descriptions of the combinations of the elementary particles that form the atomic elements that make up the universe we experience. I realized immediately that this was the first step necessary in putting consciousness into the equations of science, something I had been seeking to do since the 1970s when I wrote The Book of Atma.

Stable Reality is made up of quanta of mass, energy and gimmel. There would be no stable atomic structure without gimmel. The precise combinations of quanta of the three forms of Reality, mass, energy and gimmel, that make up the physical reality of quarks, protons, neutrons, and atoms, are calculable fairly easily using the quantum math we call the calculus of dimensional distinctions. The paradigm shift from the current mainstream materialistic paradigm to the Reality of mass. energy and consciousness, that we call the Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm (TDVP), is derived directly from the data of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) using mathematics available to anyone conversant with high school algebra and geometry. The derivation of the new scientific paradigm, including consciousness in the equations, has been published in several venues available to anyone, including this blog site. It has been validated by explaining paradoxes and experimental observations and data that are not explainable in the current mainstream paradigm.

With the discovery and validation of gimmel, and its role in the evolution of the physical universe, we now know that the evolving universe is not the result of random processes, it is the purposeful and meaningful evolution of physical organisms to act as vehicles through which individualized manifestations of Spirit can experience physical reality. Consciousness, as the manifestation and expression of Primary Consciousness (traditionally called Spirit) in the physical universe, is primary, with gimmel as its agent, organizing stable structures of matter and energy in the continuing formation of the universe for the purpose of the spiritual evolution of individuals from the bare awareness of self from other-than self, to Cosmic Consciousness. The fact that the percentage of non-physical gimmel in the elements that make up the universe known to our current science is identical to the percentage of so-called dark matter and dark energy detected by the Hubble Probe, is evidence that the universe, not just this planet, is structured by Primary Consciousness for the purpose of the development of living organisms capable of being controlled by individualized consciousness for the purpose of spiritual evolution. (Calculation of the volumetric ratio of gimmel to Hadronic matter and energy, showing its correspondence to Hubble Probe data has also been published by Neppe and Close.)

Just as mass, energy and gimmel are the triad of variables of substance, or content of Reality, time, space and conscious imagery are the triad of variables of extent, in which the substance is contained as stable manifestations of the logic of Primary Consciousness. They are created by the stable existence of mass, energy and gimmel, and have no existence of their own. Thus Consciousness is Primary and omnipresent, as the ocean must seem to the fish who dwell deep within it; gimmel is secondary, as the organizer, and matter and energy are tertiary. All of this is describable with the Calculus of Dimensional Distinctions as nine dimensional domains nested within the infinity of Primary Consciousness.

 ER Close, 5/4/2019