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Close and Neppe on Coast to Coast Q & A

Ed Close and Vernon Neppe appeared on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory recently.

Topic: “Our reality is 9 dimensions. The proof and implications
Some questions we expected George Noory to ask, with brief answers:

Drs Close and Neppe, you have indicated you have proven a new model namely that reality has 9 spinning dimensions. That is quite some claim! Can you briefly summarize this?    

Yes.  There was a puzzle in particle physics that had not been solved since it was discovered fifty years ago. It cannot be explained by conventional physics in three dimensions of space and one of time. However, it can be explained if we actually live in a reality of nine finite dimensions embedded in an infinite tenth domain. In other words, our conventional three-dimensional world is just that part of reality we're capable of experiencing through our physical senses. The rest is hidden from our direct experience most of the time, but it is still always there and very real. We have developed the mathematics of this nine-dimensional plus reality, and solved the puzzle, i.e. explained the Cabibbo angle. The implications of this are profound.
What exactly was that puzzle?  
Explanation of the size of the Cabibbo angle: Neither the Standard Model of particle physics nor any other model had done so. So this was a curiosity but it's like demonstrating the existence of the US Mint because we have shown the dollar that was produced by it.

What is the Cabibbo angle?   
An angle of a little over 13 degrees, calculated from particle collider data, related to elementary particles in physics such as electrons and quarks. It was discovered by the Italian physicist Nicola Cabibbo in 1963.
How does your theory differ from other multi-dimensional models like string theory?  V
In five ways:
1.      The elementary forms of reality are vortices — spinning movements— rather than vibrating strings.
2.      String theory involves multiple dimensions (most commonly described as 10, in some models 11, in other 26 and occasionally even 496 (a so-called perfect number). There are apparently no 9-dimensional String Theories, though often the 10 consist of 9 spaces, and one time dimension.
3.      String theory often explains the extra dimensions by folding; our 9-D derivation based on our TDVP model is based on rotation across dimensions.
4.      The additional dimensions we’ve discovered have different characteristics mathematically than just space and time dimensions alone; based on our TDVP model, they also include consciousness.
5.      String Theory is exactly that, a theory. While internally consistent within itself, string theory is unproven. The 9-D spin model has been actually derived mathematically and validated by derivation of the Cabibbo angle. Anyone with the appropriate skills can replicate this. They can show the derivation is correct.

You've mentioned TDVP. What briefly is that?   
   (We explain this)

So is our current experience of reality incomplete?   
Absolutely. We perceive reality through our physical senses. This involves a certain level of awareness of length, width and height—the 3 dimensions of space in one moment—the present—in time. We refer to that as 3S-1t, or a reality experienced in 4 dimensions. But we cannot even experience that reality fully: for example, we cannot see in the infrared or ultraviolet spectra, but technology can help us. So our normal perception of reality is really restricted to even less than the total 3S-1t. We see the complete finite reality as 9 dimensions, but this is only part of what is contained in the broader infinite reality.

But your research was only on the 9 finite spin dimensions     
Correct. The mathematics of our TDVP model predicts 9 finite dimensions, embedded in an infinite tenth domain. The finite as contained within the infinite. But this derivation of the Cabibbo angle is completely within the 9 finite dimensions, it says nothing about the infinite.

The infinite?  What exactly is that and where does it fit in?  
The infinite is, by definition, the deepest subject there is! Our whole TDVP model recognizes that the laws of nature comprise a self-contained unit and nothing is outside these laws. But it recognizes too that some of these laws cannot even be conceptualized. Obviously the infinite is a topic for another discussion. However, we cannot understand the continuity of the infinite —or the possible levels—the infinite is unbounded in time, space and information and that information translated into meaning, we call consciousness. Now contained within that unbounded continuity are little pixels, quantum elements that are discrete. This we call the finite and within this finite are the 9 dimensions we're discussing tonight. 
Have other scientists accepted your proof of 9 dimensions that interface by spinning?    

 Overall, many scientists have been able to agree with the model as it applies in their areas of expertise and accepted it to that extent. Many, however, recognizing their own background limitations, cautiously hold back from endorsing the whole theory, but do not reject it. Amazingly but not surprisingly, some reject our whole TDVP model or the 9D-spin derivation without reading it apparently because it threatens them—either their materialistic belief system or possibly their ego (some scientists do not want to un-think everything they've thought before, everything upon which they have based their whole career).
So it sounds like the 9 dimensional theory is not easy to referee?    

True.  Of the tens who have had a chance to review it, almost everyone recognizes it as multi-disciplinary and realize they don't have the  expertise in all three areas to make a full judgment —the areas are theoretical particle physics with the Cabibbo angle, which is largely undiscussed even in that area;—then there is the new mathematics with Dimensional Extrapolation and the Calculus of Distinctions;—and, thirdly, our TDVP model (which has over the past years been examined by hundreds of scientists and has been well-acclaimed  by some who have studied it in detail. It appears to work. 

So exactly how did you prove this?    
It was first proved mathematically using logical- mathematical- dimensionometrical tools I call the Calculus of Distinctions and Dimensional Extrapolation, they were applied to the appropriate known concepts and equations of particle physics. Specifically, they were applied to the spinning electron and quarks that make up the most fundamental of atoms, the hydrogen atom. We found that we solve this fifty-year old physics puzzle ONLY by including three components:

First. we had to include 9 dimensions. All others, 8 or 10, 11 or 26 or 496 or even our regular 4 dimensions plus one of consciousness, fail to produce results that agree with experimental data. 

Second, just like one and two dimensional objects are embedded in a three-dimensional domain, all of the dimensions are embedded within the 0-D domain.

And third, we have to move through the dimensions by rotation and projection, incorporating particle spin. So, for example, curled-up dimensions or the folding of dimensions as in String Theory simply do not work.

Derivation of the Cabibbo angle provided a good way to test our TDVP model that said there were 9 finite vortical dimensions.

Does your theory explain anything that the average person can understand?    
The implications are actually mind-boggling. It explains life and consciousness and provides a basis for explaining rare-event phenomena like distant viewing, out of body experiences, near death experiences, possibly survival after death and maybe even simple dreams.

What about space travel?    
Yes. It may even provide a way to travel through very distant space and time by moving to other dimensions: We can send a probe to Mars only at enormous expense, maybe this will provide a way to travel great distances or even though time for very little cost or using very little time. 

So does it explain UFO sightings?   
Without entering into the accumulating data of UFOs, yes. If they are from other worlds, that is possible.

Does TDVP allow super luminal velocities? i.e., the possibility of faster than Light-speed travel?
Yes, it does. I think it is interesting that many people think Einstein’s theories forbid super-luminal velocities. That is not the case. The theory of relativity says that nothing can be accelerated past light speed. The equations tell us that the mass of an object being accelerated from our frame of reference will approach infinity as its velocity approaches the speed of light. When asked about this, Einstein himself speculated that there could be a reality occupying the same space we’re in, with all motion greater than c, and we would not be aware of it.

And does it explain some of the other complicated puzzles of modern physics
Yes. There are several puzzles and even some contradictions in physics. Besides the Cabibbo angle, we can address the puzzles of  non-locality, quantum entanglement, intrinsic spin, the fine-structure constant, and contradictions between relativity and quantum mechanics.

Is there any way we can see or experience these extra dimensions?    
We believe so. By learning how they relate mathematically and geometrically to the dimensions of space and time that we are normally aware of, we begin to experience synchronicities and serendipitous events that are connected in ways our limited 3S-1t reality cannot explain.

Are other scientists working on similar models?              
A few have moved in this direction, starting with Einstein himself, and physicists like Pauli, Kaluza and Klein, who had some success with five-dimensional models, and we know of a few currently; but none that discovered the nature of the additional dimensions that we have.

Why haven’t other scientists discovered this?        
Since Einstein’s death in 1955, mainstream scientists and science education have become increasingly materialistic. Einstein said “I want to know God’s thoughts”. Many mainstream scientists today are openly atheistic, saying things like: “Everything can be explained in terms of matter and energy, we have no need to invoke the divine.” and “The more we learn about the nature of reality, the more meaningless it becomes”.

And your theory?     
We strongly motivate that matter and energy alone are insufficient to explain reality. You must as a necessity include some form of consciousness in everything. This is the core aspect of TDVP: Space, Time and Consciousness are inextricably bound together—they are tethered. So this is an advance from a century ago when Hermann Minkowski described 4 dimensions —3 of space, 1 of time. We now a century later suggest a major paradigmatic shift: Space, Time and Consciousness are inextricably bound together—they are always tethered together. That is the fundamental axiom of TDVP. And now we say that that Space, Time and Consciousness consists in the finite of 9 dimensions.

And those 9 dimensions consist of how much each of Space, Time and Consciousness?      
At this point, we can’t be sure. It could be any combination, but the CoD and DE show a change in the mathematics of the dimensions after each triad. This strongly suggests that the 9 dimensions are likely 3 each of Space, Time and Consciousness. But you can’t think of these in any particular order; they always co-exist. In fact, the first time we publicly mentioned this was on Coast to Coast AM in November 2011!

How can you convince mainstream science that your theory is correct?    
Two ways. First, peer review.  By publishing details of our research and showing how TDVP solves problems and explains things that can’t be explained in the current paradigm. We've already published a scientific article and another is in submission.  

And second, getting the word out on programs such as this, on radio, television and in the media. We've said scientists have a lot more unthinking to do than the layperson. But the layperson still applies common sense and is more likely to understand that if something doesn't work (and our current model of physics does not work 100% of the time) then there needs to be a change in thinking.

Just how does this change science as we know it?   
It changes our understanding of time and space, mind and matter, and supplies a long-needed basis for the scientific investigation of consciousness, spiritual experience and extra-sensory phenomena either ignored or denied in the current paradigm. So it recognizes consciousness and spirituality as real, and brings science out of the dark ages of materialism.

What are some major implications that you foresee?  
A new, deeper understanding of space and time, brain function and mind; discovery of heretofore unknown laws of nature, including connections between matter, energy, space, time and consciousness; and a more moral world with proof that we’re all connected at a deeper level.

To hear the actual interview, click the video below and listen to the entire broadcast.

Coast to Coast AM - August 7 2013 - Consciousness & Dimensions