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So I have used the logic and principles of mathematics and physics to prove that there is a part of reality at the quantum level that is neither matter nor energy, and furthermore, that it had to exist prior to the formation of even one single stable atom of the physical universe. So what? What is the practical significance of the discovery of this non-physical part of reality, and why do we call it gimmel?

Let’s take the easy question first. Why did we decide to call it “gimmel”? There were several reasons. First, we had to call it something less wordy than “the heretofore unknown something that cannot be mass or energy, and yet has to exist for protons and all hadronic atoms to be stable”! And second, every letter of the English and Greek alphabets have already been used for multiple things in math and physics. Third, it fits! The necessary something discovered to exist in all stable atomic structures is, after mass and energy, the third substantial measurable thing in quantum combinations, and gimmel is the third letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It also happens that gimmel has several interesting meanings in the original language that also happen to be fitting.

You can find the following explanations of the meaning of gimmel in Wikipedia: The word gimel is derived from the word gemul, which in Hebrew means both the giving of reward as well as the giving of punishment. In the Torah, both reward and punishment have the same ultimate aim, and that is rectification as preparation of the soul to receive God’s light to the fullest extent. Also, the pictograph for Gimmel is the camel, and as such, it represents transportation between two points, or a bridge between two realities, that of the physical world and the spiritual world. Very fitting!

Now let’s tackle the harder question: What is the practical significance of the discovery of this non-physical part of reality?  Your acceptance or rejection of my answer will probably depend on what you consider to be practical. To the destitute, practicality is whatever it takes to eke out one’s existence and survive, i.e., obtaining food and shelter from wild animals, insects, and the elements. For the wealthy, practicality is what it takes to maintain wealth for personal comfort and ease, and perhaps for the future of the family. But for the vast majority of us, our experience of life is a mixture of struggle and occasional periods of relative comfort and ease, but, all too often, just when we achieve enough prosperity to be able to enjoy life, we get sick and die. Eventually, we must take a break from the mad scramble of life, pause, and ask: Is there any meaning or purpose behind all of this? Is it really worth it? The practical significance of the discovery of gimmel relates to answering these important questions.

In the past, answers to questions about the meaning of life have largely depended upon a person’s belief system, either adopted from a religion handed down from those considered to be the authorities, or from family tradition. But belief borrowed from someone else is not very satisfying for anyone with an inquiring mind. And, unfortunately, organized religions, just like any form of organized social management or government, have a history of establishing its authority for the purpose of controlling people not enlightening them.

What if you did not have to rely on blind faith in the meaning and purpose of life, something to be revealed sometime in the distant future, and hope for miraculous events to prove that there is something beyond the material world that justifies your faith? What if you had scientific evidence that there is a real connection between mind and matter? What if there were indisputable scientific evidence of a non-physical part of reality that has created the necessary circumstances and guided the development of physical organisms capable of supporting life and becoming vehicles for intelligent consciousness? I am pleased to be able to report that such indisputable evidence has been discovered. It is called gimmel, and its discovery proves that there has to be a pre-existing intelligence that has always been here, behind the ever-changing scenes of the physical universe. Such a discovery is the beginning of a new scientific paradigm that will change the world forever. Materialism is no longer a valid metaphysical belief system. There is meaning and purpose to life and the physical universe. And that is the practical significance of the discovery of gimmel.

ERC 9/26/2020

Monday, September 14, 2020




This is not a trivial question; and I would argue that sooner or later, in this world or the next, every one of us will have to think about it, and try to answer this question for our self. With the craziness that is going on in the world today, maybe now is a good time to have a look at this question and make a serious effort to answer it.

Let’s start by thinking about what is behind the question: It assumes that there actually is something called reality, and that it is, to some extent, independent of whatever we may think about it. If this were not the case, then each of us would be adrift, alone, like a vessel on the surface of an endless ocean, below an endless sky, with no polestar, no lighthouse beacon, no land, nothing to relate to. But our individual awareness of the physical world, and interactions with others in it, strongly suggest that there is a reality independent of our thoughts and actions. The question also assumes that reality is knowable. This is important, because if reality is unknowable, we are again in a world of ultimate uncertainty, grasping at straws of an elusive reality, that continuously dissolves and slips through our fingers!

In fact, the history of modern science up until 1900, resembles this concept of reality: Holding an object in his hand, a physicist could grasp it as a solid reality, made up of structured molecules of definite size and shape, but when he looked more closely, the molecules were made of atoms, and looking deeper into the atoms, he found that they were almost nothing but empty space. Then, these tiny bits of matter, that he had thought of as the indivisible elemental building blocks of reality, turned out to be made of negative and positive electrically charged bits of matter, which he named electrons and nuclei, whirling, around very far apart, with nothing solid in between.

Probing deeper still, he discovered that the nuclei were also not really solid, but were made of electrically charged protons and chargeless neutrons. Surely, in them, he had finally found the building blocks of physically reality! But no! These “proto” particles were made of even smaller spinning bits, whimsically called quarks, which decayed rapidly when separated from the nuclei. With the decay of quarks, solid physical reality had literally dissolved into energy, and slipped through his fingers. The solid object he held in his hand was exposed as an illusion. And of course that meant that the solidity of the hand holding the object, made of cells, molecules, atoms, etc., was also an illusion. And what about his brain and reasoning mind? Could they also ultimately be something very different than they seemed to be? Could the analysis be carried on indefinitely, like an infinite descent into nothingness, or did it stop somewhere?

Even though, in the world of daily experience, a physical object can be only be divided into separate parts a finite number of times, that is apparently just a physical limitation of the instrument of division. Conceptually, the dividing of objects could conceivably go on indefinitely. Interestingly, this is exactly the conceptual basis of the most useful mathematical tool of modern science, called infinitesimal calculus, or as it is commonly known: “the calculus”. However, between 1900 and around the year of my birth, Three very important discoveries changed everything. Those discoveries were:

·       Max Planck’s discovery that energy only occurs in exact multiples of a very small amount of energy called a quantum of energy. This marked the beginning of Quantum Physics.

·       Albert Einstein’s discovery that time and space have no absolute existence of their own. This marked the beginning of Relativistic Physics.

·       Kurt GÓ§del’s discovery of proof of the Uncertainty Theorems, which, when combined with relativity and quantum physics, marked the end of the belief in finite axiomatic determinism.

What do these three discoveries mean in plain English? The first tells us that there is a bottom to the infinite descent in the energy of the decaying quarks: one quantum. The second tells us that, because of the equivalence of mass and energy (E=mc2) there is a bottom to the division of objects: one quantum. The third tells us that the logical structure of reality is infinite, because no finite model is complete. What do they tell us about the nature of reality? Together, they hold the keys to the paradigm shift that led to another new discovery. The new discovery was made  possible by the development of a truly quantized calculus called the Calculus of Dimensional Distinctions (CoDD), using a quantum equivalence unit based on Large Hadron Collider data. Application of this new calculus and consistent mathematical procedures led to the discovery of the existence of a non-physical quantity that is necessary in addition to mass and energy for the existence of a stable physical universe.

What does this new paradigm tell us about the nature of reality? It has already told us far more about the nature of reality than was possible to learn within the current mainstream scientific paradigm. It has logically explained things that were inexplicable in the current mainstream paradigm, such as why quarks only combine in threes to form protons and neutrons, why the Cabibbo quark-mixing angle has the exact value it has, and why the proton and neutron have the exact masses they do.

I can only present a summary here. More detail can be found in “Reality Begins with Consciousness” by Dr Vernon Neppe and me, available in e-book form at, in several technical papers published in the journal of the Exceptional Creative Achievement Organization (ECAO), and in Vol. 8, No. 3, of the IQNexus Journal: , in “Is Consciousness Primary?”, Vol. 1, published by the Academy for the Advancement of Postmaterialist Sciences (AAPS Global), in other posts on this blog, and in “Transcendental Physics”, and “Secrets of the Sacred Cube, A Cosmic Love Story” books by me, available on

In summary, the reality we experience consists of an extensive domain of nine finite dimensions containing  a distinct number of dynamic finite objects made up of relativistic quantized energy, inertial mass, and individualized conscious beings, all embedded in the infinite field of Primary Consciousness. The logical structures of individual consciousness, quantized energy, inertial mass, and the nine-dimensional finite domain, are conveyed from their origin as ideal distinctions in Primary Consciousness, into physical reality, embedded in three dimensions of consciousness, three dimensions of time, and three dimensions of space.

Nine finite dimensions of reality are definitely indicated and specifically defined by the mathematics, and you may be surprised to learn that we can actually naturally relate, at least conceptually, to seven of them, not just the three dimensions of ordinary space: length, width, and depth. When the mathematical description of the rotation and projection from a 3-dimensional domain to the next dimensionally larger domain, a 4-D domain, using the Pythagorean Theorem, which you may remember from your high school geometry, is accomplished, an additional number of a new type must be used to represent the location of the unitary projection into the additional dimension. I call this procedure of projection from a lower to a higher dimensional domain Dimensional Extrapolation.

For example, points in the 3-D quantum domain are exactly located by three integers, and a point located one unit into the fourth dimension must be represented by four numbers: 3 integers plus an imaginary number (the square-root of minus one, which is the fourth root of unity) After each set of three, the next dimension must be represented by a new type of number, otherwise, the point to which you project will still be in the same dimensional domain. The location of all projections out of 3, 6 and 9-D domains require additional new numbers that are sequentially higher dimensional roots of unity.

As the description of reality is expanded into domains with more dimensions, we find that we can explain more and more of our experiences as conscious beings. As we expand our awareness of the nine dimensions of reality through dimensional extrapolation, with each added dimension, the reality we perceive becomes more complex and richer, with additional subtle qualities, because each dimensional domain contains all of the domains of fewer dimensions within it, and the domain of nine finite dimensions is embedded in the infinite field of Primary Consciousness. Each dimension adds more subtle inter-dimensional relationships to the total experience of reality, and expansion beyond each of the sets of three dimensions with the same type of numerical units, is an entry into a higher dimensional domain with much more subtle qualities. Time is more complex and subtle than space, and consciousness is more complex and subtle than time.

To understand this mathematically invariant feature of dimensional domains better, it is helpful to perform the following thought experiment in quantum geometry, using the concept of dimensional extrapolation:

In quantized reality, a point is not a mathematical singularity, it is a single quantum of extent. It then follows that a line of quantum points forms a 1-D domain, and conversely, this 1-D domain contains, potentially, an infinite number of zero-D domains (quantum points). Similarly, a 2-D domain (a quantum plane) has the potential of containing an infinite number of 1-D domains (quantum lines); and 3-D domain (a volume filled with quantum points), potentially contains an infinite number of 2-D domains (quantum planes), and an infinite number of 1-D domains. Continuing to extrapolate into the next dimension, i.e., into the first dimension of time, a 4-D domain, we find that it has the potential to contain an infinite number of 3-D domains.

But, as pointed out by Einstein, this logical structure of dimensional domains only exists because of their content, And because reality is dynamic, the configuration of the mass-energy-consciousness content of each 3-D quantum domain on a given quantal timeline may have changed by quantal amounts from one quantum of time to the next.  Such a sequence of dynamic 3-D realities defines a specific finite timeline as experienced by a specific conscious individual. Finally, each individual conscious being experiences one quantum of consciousness in the seventh dimensional domain, which contains experience of all of the dimensional domains contained below it. So the invariant rule that holds for all finite dimensional domains is that every n-dimensional quantum domain contains within it n-1, n-2, n-3, … and n-n= 0-D domains like potentially infinite sub-sets.

Even though we are aware of one dimension of consciousness, most of us at this time in the spiritual evolution of consciousness on this planet are so focused and identified with the 3S-1t body, that we are oblivious of the 2-T and 3-T dimensions (n = 5 and 6) domains, even though partially aware of the 7-D domain! A conscious being fully aware of his or her domain and all of the sub-set dimensional domains below it, would be a very aware person in today’s world, That person would not only be aware of his or her own timeline, but also those of others, as well.

Because while using dimensional extrapolation to move from lower to higher dimensional domains, we shift our thinking from plane geometry to solid geometry, to hyper-dimensional geometry, I think it is appropriate to describe the quantum geometry of nine-dimensional reality as dimensionometry.

The discovery of the third quantifiable essential aspect of the content of reality, a variable represented by gimmel, the third letter of the Hebrew alphabet, allows us to include representation of experimentally verifiable non-physical phenomena in the equations describing the reality we experience. As conscious and self-conscious beings, we can conceive of, and thus potentially perceive at least two dimensions of time and two dimensions of consciousness in addition to the three dimensions of space. This potential should be a powerful motivation for us to expand our consciousness as rapidly as possible during this lifetime. For the betterment of the world, we should also want to help each other and others to understand how to do this too.


ERC 9/14/2020

Saturday, September 12, 2020



                                        Where do we go from here?


In our current sound-bite society, people tend to expect simple answers that do not require further thought or analysis. So demanding of someone a yes or no answer to a simple question seems reasonable, But, some questions, however simple they sound, can be answered yes or no, and some cannot. When a member of congress or a trial lawyer, asking a question of someone testifying under oath, demands a yes or no answer, he or she is not necessarily trying to get at the truth. More often than not, the questioner is trying to create an impression favorable to their own point of view, without regard to the actual truth of the matter.


Demanding a yes or no answer is a clever way to entrap the person testifying and create a biased view of the issue under discussion. An obvious example is the classic example of a lawyer asking a man on trial “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?  Yes or no?” Whether answering yes or no, that man is in trouble.  The quite correct answer for an innocent person is no,  but if the questioner cuts him off before he can explain that he never started beating his wife in the first place, the interpretation that he is beating his wife is improperly conveyed to the jury or listening public.

This devious tactic is actually being used by unscrupulous journalists and politicians on a regular basis today with regard to the current pandemic, to promote narratives favorable to their political points of view. Both sides of the lockdown argument use it, but it is more prevalent on the left because of their belief that mis-representation of fact is justifiable if it furthers the cause, which is assumed to be the “greater good”. This is clearly stated in Marxist doctrine as “the  end justifies the means”. 

The use of this tactic is less obvious than its use in the simple example above, but that is exactly what makes it more insidious. Let’s take a look at two questions that are prevalent examples: 1) Should you wear a mask any time you leave your home?  And, 2) If a person tests positive in any of the tests prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic, then is that person a dangerous threat to everyone with whom he comes in contact?  These questions are designed to be answered “yes!” by those who favor continuing the lockdown until the November election for political purposes. And most of us, because of the sound-bite mentality, are apt to think that “yes” is the correct answer. But, in fact, these are questions that cannot be answered yes or no without misleading, and a seemingly innocent knee-jerk “yes” answer to either of them perpetrates a dangerous mis-representation of facts. These are definitely questions that require further thought and analysis. As a PhD environmental engineer, trained at Johns Hopkins and other major universities, with many years of experience in environmental health as a registered Professional Engineer, I am well qualified to comment on these questions.


If you believe that ‘yes, you should you wear a mask any time you leave your home’, then you are mis-informed about the proper use of  face masks. Here’s why:


Face masks are only effective when in close proximity with others who are infected or to protect others if you are sick yourself. Otherwise, face masks are counter-productive to your health because they restrict your ability to breathe properly and concentrate whatever bacteria or viruses you may have in your pulmonary system. Also, the the size of the virus is much smaller than the mesh size of masks that you can comfortably breathe through, so masks cannot prevent an individual air-born virus particle from being drawn into your respiratory system, They can stop water droplets that might be carrying the virus, but after the water evaporates, the virus may still penetrate your mask.



Tests for coronavirus use two different methods to detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the cause of the COVID-19 disease, a form of pneumonia that can be deadly for those with compromised immune systems. Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical industry and the AMA allopathic medical community have emphasized treating symptoms, not causes, because there is a lot more money in treatment than in cures. As a result, most of us are unaware that the deadliness of this virus is almost purely because so many people have neglected protecting their own health by living a healthy lifestyle, and depend instead on drugs that only treat the symptoms and may actually damage whatever healthy immune system you may still have. And politicians are not going to inform you of the facts unless they support their political agenda.

The tests are: 

  • genomic detection in molecular material samples
  • immunoglobulin detection in blood samples


The least time-consuming  method used to detect the virus in people who are concerned that they may have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus, is based on detecting genetic material specific to SARS-CoV-2 viruses in a person’s nasopharyngeal secretions . Although tests kits vary widely in procedural detail (swabs of oral and/or of nasal surfaces, differences in solutions to transfer the swabbed tissue to, time and place to run the subsequent test reagents, etc.), they all use methods that detect a specific part of the viral genome.



Positive or negative results from these tests do not indicate whether the person is infected with SARS-CoV-2 and is capable of transmitting the disease to others or not, because the test cannot tell whether a person has genetic debris from past infection which his immune system was able to handle, or from  recent exposure, in which case he is still in danger of becoming ill.


Immunoglobulin detection tests are based on the qualitative detection of IgM and IgG that are specifically generated by the body in response to SARS-CoV-2 infection. 

IgM is usually the first, specific antibody type generated by the body in response to infection. Then, the IgG antibody type is generated and replaces IgM as the predominant antibody in the response to infection. 

IgM and IgG fight infections by targeting specific antigens on the surface of the SARS-nCoV-2 virus. In general, immunoglobulin tests use specific viral antigens to detect the IgM and/or IgG antibodies against those antigens. IgM and IgG fight infections by targeting specific disease-causing organic compounds on the surface of the SARS-nCoV-2 virus. 

These tests work as follows:

  • Collect 2-3 drops of fresh blood/serum or plasma and place it in a sample container and place 2-3 drops of provided buffer in the same container (cassette)
  • The cassette allows the diluted sample to move through the cassette by capillary action
  • The cassette has labeled SARS-CoV-2 antigen that may  bind chemically with either IgM or IgG; thus, forming an antigen/antibody complexes of antigen/IgG and/or antigen/IgM   
  • After that reaction, the antigen/antibody product passes over anti-IgM and anti-IgG antibodies that are immobilized in a line within the cassette
  • The anti-IgM and/or anti-IgG then will capture the specific complex and signal a result (a red line) if either complex is bound to the immobile anti-IgM or anti-IgG 
  • The results need to be read after 10 minutes and no more than 15 minutes (In this way, the test resembles a home a home pregnancy test.) 
  • A third line is a control line; it indicates that the sample has finished flowing through the cassette, indicating the test is complete. 



  • Negative Result: If only the quality control line (C) appears and the detection lines G and M are not visible, then no novel coronavirus antibody has been detected and the result is negative.
  • Positive Result, IgM only: If both the quality control line (C) and the detection line M appears, then the novel coronavirus IgM antibody has been detected and the result is positive for the IgM antibody.
  • Positive Result, IgG only: If both the quality control line (C) and the detection line G appears, then the novel coronavirus IgG antibody has been detected and the result is positive for the IgG antibody.
  • Positive Result, IgG, and IgM: If the quality control line (C) and both detection lines G and M appear, then the novel coronavirus IgG and IgM antibodies have been detected and the result is positive for both the IgG and IgM antibodies.

Immunoglobulin tests cannot confirm the presence of the virus in your system. they can only tell whether you have been exposed in the past or if you have never been exposed to SARS-CoV-2. Consequently, they should only be used alone as a screening test and should be used in tandem with a genetic-based test to determine as much as possible concerning the individual’s condition related to a possible COVID-19 diagnosis.


So, in summary, Yes, there are times when it may be a good idea to wear a mask. But wearing one in the open while maintaining social distancing, is unnecessary.  Wearing a mask in confined spaces, even in your own home, is more likely to prevent the spread of the disease than wearing one outside . Wearing a mask for extended periods of time, hours on end, is likely to increase your chances of infection that your immune system can’t handle.


And yes, a positive test is cause for concern, but if you have no symptoms, you may or may not be a danger to others. None of the tests are conclusive regarding your status if you have no symptoms. Because of the tendency to report all positives as cases of infection, the statistics can be very misleading, to the point of causing panic, and politicians are eager to spin even scientific results to support their agendas, So, the bottom line is: It is most important to build up your immune system as much as you can. Second, be careful and respectful of others, especially those with compromised immune systems,; and finally, avoid misleading with partial information and posturing for political purposes. Such behavior may have a more serious impact on public health in the long run than the virus has by causing unnecessary panic and misunderstanding.


ERC 9/12/20

Thursday, September 10, 2020




Let’s start with Einstein’s last, and perhaps most important enlightenment about the two simplest variables of extent: space and time. From the perspective of relativistic quantum field theory, he realized that space and time, or Minkowski space-time in the geometry of the four dimensional physical domain, can “claim”, as he put it: “no existence of their own. They are simply structural features of the field.” What exactly does this mean? To understand this fully requires the application of relativistic quantum field calculus. I developed the Calculus of Dimensional Distinctions (CoDD) for this purpose in 1989. But I don’t expect everyone who reads this to be familiar with my esoteric system of mathematical logic, so let me try to explain this, as best as I can, in plain English.

Every conscious being has a mental conception of space and time. One could not survive long in this world without some awareness of space and time. One would probably get run over crossing the street, or fall into a deep hole in the ground! Space is measured in inches, feet, miles, centimeters, meters, kilometers, etc., and is 3-dimensional, where the dimensions are called length, width, and depth. Time is measured in seconds, hours, days, and years, and is thought of as a one-way dimension. These measurements are called variables of extent because they can be plotted along straight lines extending across a page. Put together as a logical mathematical structure, length, width, depth, and time (x,y,z,&t) are variables of extent in the 4-dimensional domain of space-time. Physical reality also has content, measured in quantal units of  mass and energy, in ounces, pounds, and tons, or micrograms, grams, kilograms, etc., called variables of content. Together, these variables of extent and content, in various combinations, are the variables in the equations describing the laws of physics in the Calculus of Dimensional Distinctions. But I mention this conceptualization just to put what I have to say about time in the  proper logical context. I am going to keep this post simple, and just focus on time, the one variable of our nine-dimensional reality that has the greatest impact on our experience of consciousness, which is the essence of our being.

We are very much aware of time. Time is a major factor in our lives. We eat, sleep, work, and live, by the clock. But do we really know what time is? The answer is: No, we don’t. Time is a familiar unknown. But Albert Einstein has given us a clue: It has no existence of its own. This is fairly easy to understand without any complicated math or abstract reasoning, as follows: If there is nothing happening, there is no time. A static universe would be timeless. Without the energetic whirling dance of bits of mass through space, there would be no such thing as time! In terms of geometry, time is simply the distance between events. Without events, there is no such thing as time. Space, when analyzed, suffers a similar fate. If there were no objects, there would be no space. But that’s for another discussion. We’re just talking about time right now.

You have most likely heard the saying: “Time waits for no one.”  and it seems to be true. But that’s only because most of us don’t know what time really is; or, perhaps more appropriately, what time isn’t. I began to figure this out about 60 years ago, several years before I read Einstein’s words quoted above. I hadn’t worked out the math yet, but I knew how to make time wait for me! When I began the practice of Kriya Yoga in 1960, I began to learn how to slow time down, and eventually how to stop it all together! This gave me some insights into how things work, and eventually into life, consciousness, and time itself, including things like time travel and reincarnation, Do I have any real evidence of this seemingly miraculous claim? I believe I do, but you can decide for yourself. I will be 84 in less than 30 days, but I’ve been told by a number of people, some of whom I believe, that I look and act like someone at much younger.

Let me explain how this works. Time has no existence of its own apart from the other variables that make up physical reality, - particularly the variables of mass and energy. That means that for you, the passage of time is relative to physical events occurring within your body, the contents of which are mass and energy. One of the beneficial effects of the deep meditative state of Kriya Yoga, is the experiencing of conscious exit from your physical body. When I am absent from my physical body, it is in stasis, and if this stasis is complete, there is no movement in my physical body, and with no mass energy events, there is no time; thus  my body does not age.

This may be what the Apostle Paul was talking about when he said: “In Christ I die daily” and “We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord”!

There are three states of conscious that I have experienced during my lifetime, during which the body is in either partial or complete stasis: the Near-Death Experience (NDE), the Out-of-Body Experience (OBE), and deep meditation experiences, known by various names like Samadhi. Satori, Tao, Mystical Union, etc. So the effects of slowing or stopping the apparent march of time on my body may have not been solely from the practice of Kriya Yoga, because I experienced two NDEs and several OBEs before I began to practice Kriya Yoga in 1960.

What about time travel? Actually, we do that all the time. Just as we move from point to point in space in the physical world, we move from point to point to point in time. But in the physical world, the motion is confined to a one-directional timeline. To travel back on the timeline of our experience, or forward in an accelerated way is not possible without involving other dimensions of space, time, and consciousness, not to mention the dynamics of mass and energy. What science fiction writers and others are talking about is not travel just in time, but in space, time, and consciousness, because time has no existence of its own.

Can I travel back to a day in my youth and correct something that I wish now I hadn’t done? Probably not; at least not in the way science fiction writers think of it. Why? Because time has no existence of its own. On a particular day, at a specific moment in the past, what made up reality at that point in time, was a specific configuration of all of the mass, energy, and consciousness interacting at that moment in space-time. If I truly visit that moment, I will be the same part of the reality of that time that I was then, and I will experience everything exactly as I did before. Thus I wouldn’t even know that I had traveled back in time. I probably wouldn’t be able to change anything, and if I did change things by making a different choice, or by accidentally doing something different than I did the first time, it might have all kinds of unexpected effects on the future from which I came. This is just one reason that Jacqui asked me not to build a time machine when, after my experience in the Great Pyramid, l told her I thought I could. (I wrote about this in Secrets of the Sacred Cube and my upcoming book Survival.)

Can I travel back in time to a time before I was born? Maybe, e.g., to the year 1875 and meet Mark Twain when he was writing Tom Sawyer? Probably not; at least not in the way you might think of it. Why? Because all the other aspects of reality would have to be involved, including consciousness. Then one has to ask, where was my consciousness at that time?  What if I was actually Mark Twain? In fact, Mark Twain believed in reincarnation. He said “I have been reincarnated more often than anyone, except maybe Krishna!” (See Secrets of the Sacred Cube for the quote and reference.)

So, is time travel possible? Yes, within certain parameters. What is time? Nothing at all without mass, energy, space, and consciousness.

ERC 9/10/2020

Tuesday, September 8, 2020




I think this message may be for more than one person, but I will speak as if I were talking just to you.

I don’t know about everybody out there, some of them may just be empty suits, walking cadavers, milling around like extras on a stage, waiting to walk off into oblivion, but I know that you and I are spiritual beings just inhabiting physical bodies for a short while to experience physical life, to help each other, and to learn how to be better souls. If this Earth is a place to learn, like a sort of kindergarten for undeveloped and developing souls, as you and I think it is, then it certainly is giving us an abundance of opportunities right now to grow spiritually. This COVID-19 nonsense gives us plenty of opportunity to practice non-attachment and patience!

As spiritual beings, it is natural for us to expect life to make sense. Right now, not much of it does, thanks to the political division, suspicion, and hatred caused by those who think they have the right to impose their beliefs on the rest of us. We expect life to be fulfilling and rewarding. Right now, that seems to be on hold. We believe our lives should be fulfilling and rewarding because we feel our connection with God’s Love, and with each other. But the promoters of this Covid fear want us to be separate and miserable. That’s what the psychopathic elite, who want governmental control of us all, do: They create a crisis, and then pretend that they know how to fix it! Elect us, they say, and we will make the world will go back to normal! But, on this physical Earth, a bell can’t be un-rung. They either deliberately let Covid out, or they took advantage of an accident, happily magnifying it into a handy tool to gain more control over every part of our lives. Either way, the impact is horrible.

Those who tear their hair out, carry outrageously offensive signs, and yell obscenities at others whose religious or political beliefs they don’t understand, are just adding fuel to the fire. Such activities indicate the possibility that the performers are examples of the empty-suit extras I mentioned, who can’t wait to become cadavers in a civil war! If you are among those, even if you aren’t an empty suit, you are advertising to all that you don’t believe in God. If you did, you would know that a loving God certainly would not want you to yell obscenities and threaten bodily harm to other souls who happen to look different, and believe different things than you do. I just don’t think that God would approve of anyone insulting souls who happen have different beliefs, or who happen to be inhabiting different colored bodies than theirs.

But for you and me, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn to practice non-attachment and patience. We must align ourselves with the natural laws of reality, otherwise known as God’s will, and let go of the desire for the world to conform to our own personal ideas of what it should be; that’s God’s business. But don’t misunderstand me. I’m not advocating that we do nothing and just accept whatever happens. No, far from it. Some of us might be able to be uninvolved, but not many of us can be inactive observers. Most of us must act. But each of us should be sure that our action is a positive action, not a negative reaction. If you feel the need to vote, then you have an obligation to become an informed voter. That means doing the best you can to understand the issues, and to know the facts. If you don’t get informed, you are just adding to the randomness of the process. And if you only listen to one side, you are bound to be mis-informed about most issues, and that makes you a part of the problem not the solution. Be informed, or don’t vote!

No, you know me well enough to know that I’m not going to tell anyone how to vote in November. And yes, you probably know what I’m going to do, so I don’t need to tell you. But please think long and deep about being patient and emotionally unattached to the outcome. I know politicians cannot do this; they are like lawyers: they have to be partisan. Think of them as players on a team. When the ball game is over, real people go home and get on with life. But career politicians can’t do that. The game IS their life. As spiritual beings, we must pray for them, because they have sold their souls to the devil! They have no freewill, they must do what the party decides is best to win the game. To paraphrase Mark Twain again, Never trust idiots, crooks, thieves, and Congress – but I repeat myself!

As you and I know, because we’ve proved it scientifically and in the results of our spiritual practice, God exists, and God is smart enough not to get involved in politics. But God is in control, allowing crazy stuff to happen once in a while, to jolt us out of complacency. Knowing that God, not us, is in control, is what allows us to practice patience and non-attachment. Contrary to what many people think, the world will not end if one side does not win. In fact, the world will go on, because God is not through with us yet. And it might even get better!

ERC September 8, 2020