Wednesday, August 18, 2021



About 200 years ago, Sir Walter Scott wrote ”The Lay of the Last Minstrel” a poem that still stirs my heart and soul today. I shall copy the first verse, because I could not say it better, but the last verse refers to places Sir Walter knew in Scotland, so I have tailored it to fit my own native land, the Missouri Ozarks. I think I can be forgiven this borrowing of and adding to his words, at least in part because some of my ancestors were Scotts.

Breathing the Air of Home

Breathes there the man, with soul so dead,
Who never to himself hath said,
This is my own, my native land!
Whose heart hath ne’er within him burn’d,
As home his footsteps he hath turn’d,
From wandering on a foreign strand!
If such there breathe, go, mark him well;
For him no Minstrel raptures swell;
High though his titles, proud his name,
Boundless his wealth as wish can claim;
Despite those titles, power, and pelf,
The wretch, concentred all in self,
Living, shall forfeit fair renown,
And, doubly dying, shall go down
To the vile dust, from whence he sprung,
Unwept, unhonour’d, and unsung.

O Ozark Hills, so rough and wild,
Fine grounding for a poetic child!
Tree-covered land of rock and mud,
Land of hillside, drought, and flood,
Land of my younger days! No tyrant hand
Can e’er untie my link to this rugged land!
Still as I view each well-known scene,
Think what is now, and what has been,
It seems to me I am of all things past bereft,
Sole friends thy woods and streams are left;
And thus I love them better still,
In health, or even if extremity ill,
By Pond Springs branch then let me stray,
Though none need guide my feeble way;
To see the crystal waters flow,

O’er the rocks into Big Creek,
To think of friends of long ago,

With tears running down my cheek,
I will lay my head on sand and stone,
Where quite forgotten and all alone,
When it comes my time to deal with death,

What better place can I find, to draw my final breath?

ERC - 8/18/21

Sunday, August 8, 2021




Those rare Awakened Ones know. They have achieved the goal and seen the whole picture. They have no need to return to this spinning ball of mud, this slowly evolving fragment of Reality on the outskirts of a small spiraling galaxy with a variety of evolving conscious life forms. But when they do, they do so for a reason, but they have a problem communicating: No one here speaks their language; no one here understands. They are forced to speak in parables, or write slowly, carefully, in analogies, trying to convey what they know. Even those lesser beings, like myself, who have only seen a glimpse of the elegance of Reality in a flash of inner light, feel compelled to try to communicate what we have seen.

But how does one express in muttered sounds, write in disjointed symbols on a two-dimensional sheet, or encode in a simple binary code, the wonderfully complex multi-dimensional elegance of Reality? They write, And as many writers report, one must write whenever the inspiration strikes. One has no choice. It is as if the flow of words comes from a source unknown to the finite mind. And often, the writer does not choose the subject. When one comes to the realization that all things are connected, the subject of a given communication is actually determined by the Whole, which includes the consciousness of those who need to hear the message, the channel through which the message flows, and the Source of all logical structure, physical, mental and spiritual.  That Source is the Primary form of Consciousness, where the innate impulse of consciousness to experience itself gives rise to organized  patterns, abstract symbols and the development of language for spoken and written communication. The impulse behind this particular writing, at this particular time, is to try to dispel the confusion that is symbolized in scripture by the collapse of the Tower of Babel and the dispersion of conscious beings around the world to develop tribal cultures and multiple languages.      

Fortunately, there is an antidote for the disruption of direct communication caused by the multiplicity of thoughts and the barrier of unknown languages. That antidote is Consciousness Expansion. The expansion of one’s consciousness is an exhilarating experience! As awareness expands into additional dimensions of space, time and consciousness, verbal expression is replaced by inner communion, the barriers of language dissolves and you suddenly begin to see connections with individuals and events in the past, present and future of which you were formerly unaware. A fully Awakened One experiences all of the dimensions and domains of space, time, and consciousness. Unfortunately, At this point in planetary time, such extra-ordinary beings are few and far between.

The Planet Earth is populated by billions of conscious beings, ranging from the barely conscious to the Fully Awakened. The number of individuals at various levels of awareness plotted on a two-dimensional graph form what statisticians call a “normal distribution”, a bell-shaped curve. This just means that the largest number of people are found in the middle of the curve, defining the mean level of awareness, and fewer and fewer people are found at higher or lower levels of awareness. Everyone alive falls somewhere in this normal distribution. The level of awareness should not be confused with IQ, but it would definitely correlate closely with mental, physical, and spiritual health and well-being.

In the current 24,000-year cycle of planetary time, defined by the three motions of the Earth: the daily rotation on its axis, orbital rotation around the sun, and the solar system’s rotation around the center of the galaxy, the average level of human awareness is slowly increasing from its lowest level about 1522 years ago, toward its highest level of Cosmic Consciousness 10,478 years in the future. This means that the average person alive now might require hundreds of lifetimes to reach Cosmic Consciousness, depending on the decisions he or she makes, and the average lifespan. Of course the average lifespan will also increase with the increase in average mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Note: This estimate does not necessarily imply individual reincarnation, at least not as most people think of it. I will not discuss this subject here, because it is complex, and I have dealt with it in previous writings. The point of this discussion is how a broader and deeper understanding of Reality can aid in solving problems in the specific lifetime you are experiencing now.

I must hasten to make it clear that I personally am not a Fully Awakened Being. I am just one who is a little ahead of the mean on the normal distribution curve. I am not an Avatar (An Awakened One reincarnated for a Divine purpose) or a Sat Guru (Fully Awakened Spiritual Teacher). The Awakened Ones who have blessed me with their protection and guidance throughout this life have made it clear to me where I am on the spectrum of mental and spiritual virtue. I am at a point where I should be able to understand the mathematical logic of Reality, and yet able to communicate with the average person at the present level of mental and spiritual virtue.

I have experienced several minor consciousness expansion events and a few major awakenings, but even the most profound of these events are what are called sabikalpa Samadhi (true concentration with difference). The Fully Awakened Spiritual Masters are always in the state of nirbikalpa Samadhi (true concentration without difference). In the lesser Samadhi, the individual is aware of the difference between his or her finite existence as experienced through the physical senses of the organic life form to which he or she is attached, and the temporarily expanded state of consciousness experienced while in Samadhi. In the greater Samadhi, consciousness is permanently expanded to Infinity where there are no differences.

Before I agreed to enter into this life, my six Spiritual Guides, consisting of Jesus, Krishna, and the SRF line of Avatars and Sat Gurus, presented me with a mission: They informed me that I was one of a relatively mall group who could help bring science out of the destructive dead end of materialism and show why and how students who will become the scientists of the future must include meditation techniques designed to facilitate consciousness expansion in their training. Consciousness expansion training will improve their cognitive ability not only through better intellectual concentration and focus, but it will also improve their ability to integrate the information they learn into a  broader understanding of Reality that will foster much more wisdom in the application of that knowledge.

To understand why I am advocating that everyone in general, and scientists in particular, learn and practice consciousness expanding meditation techniques, let’s take a closer look at the holistic view of reality revealed by Awakened Ones like my Spiritual Guides, and sometimes glimpsed in special circumstances by an increasing number of ordinary people. The physical universe, which is less than 5% of Reality at this point in time, is a dualistic domain, where the most impactful  dualism is Good vs Evil. There is only one reliable definition of Good and Evil: Good is anything and everything that promotes the expansion of finite individual consciousness toward Cosmic Consciousness; Evil is anything and everything that hampers, prevents, or reverses that expansion.

Finite physical reality is a temporary perturbation of the infinite self-referential field of Primary Consciousness, hypothesized in quantum field theory as the Zero Point Field, and in ancient scientific texts handed down from the last Satya Yuga (the high point in mental and spiritual virtue more than 12,500 years ago) as the Akasha. As such, the physical universe, when taken out of the context of holistic Reality, appears to be ruled by the dynamics of opposites: For every force, there is an equal and opposite force (Newton’s third Law), the equivalence of mass and energy related to the speed of radiant energy (Einstein’s Relativity), and the dialectic of entropic resolution of matter and energy (the Second Law of Thermodynamics). In plain English: if taken out of the context of the holistic space-time-consciousness structure of Reality, the sum total of all mass and energy in the physical universe is zero, and it should expand to infinity at the speed of light, rapidly disappearing, as the last quantum decays into the maximum entropy of the unperturbed zero-point field.

Fortunately, this is a false narrative. The primary foundation of Reality, as all the Awakened Spiritual Masters tell us, is Pure Consciousness, traditionally known as Spirit. Matter is illusory and ephemeral, Spirit is real and eternal. The dynamically expanding physical universe is sustained by the non-physical 95% of Reality. Science based on the metaphysical assumption of materialism fails every test of experiment and logic, even within the finite domain of the laws it has discovered. For example, no experiment has ever revealed the creation or destruction of even one quantum of matter or energy, only changes in form. This is known as the Law of the Conservation of Mass and energy. There is no evidence to support an absolute beginning or end of Reality. The experimental data-driven mathematical demonstration proving the existence of non-quantum gimmel, which conveys the logical structure of Primary Consciousness, the substrate from which all forms arise, into the physical universe, eliminates materialism as a valid basis for science, philosophy, or any meaningful belief system.

This has enormously important applications related to the current world crisis, and wonderfully positive implications for the potential future of the human race. However, like everything in this world of stubbornly persistent illusions, communicating this to humanity is not easy. There really is both Good and Evil operating in opposition to each other, and the most powerful weapon of Evil is its ability to make Good appear to be evil, and to make Evil to appear to be good. At this point in planetary time, as one of my Spiritual Guides has pointed out, the average level of human awareness is just now, only slowly increasing from its lowest level, which occurred about 1522 years ago, toward its highest level 10,478 years in the future, so the message that Good will ultimately prevail may fall on many deaf ears. That makes it even more important to put the truth out there for those who will hear it.

So what are the practical implications of becoming aware of more of Reality by learning to meditate and expand your consciousness? Does it make you able to detect good and evil more easily and take the proper steps to avoid evil and embrace good? Yes, it does, but unfortunately, it doesn’t make life easier. In fact, it generally makes life more difficult, at least at first. This is because the average person without expanded awareness, is easily led to believe that certain people and certain organized groups are good, and that other people and organizations are evil. But, with expanded consciousness, you will realize that it’s not that simple. Most people and most organizations are mixtures of both good and evil, and because of the general low level of spiritual virtue at present, most organized groups magnify the evil in people more than they magnify the good. We will do things, even evil things, in the name of family, ethnic group, state, or even church, that we would never do as spiritual individuals. Group think can easily become mob action, and a group with good initial intent can be an attractive cover for someone actually bent on doing evil.

Let’s take the type of government produced by the socio-economic theory of Marxism as a prime example. As pointed out above, materialism is a false assumption based on an incomplete view of reality, and the logical framework of Marxist communism and socialism is dialectic materialism. Does this mean that Karl Marx himself and all forms of Marxism, communism, and socialism are necessarily evil? It is easy to think so, because of the spectacular historical failures of major attempts to apply the principles of Marxist communism and socialism government to human society by tyrants like Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and Mao, leading to massive genocide. These attempts failed for many reasons, but two primary reasons: 1) The underlying false assumption of dialectic materialism, and 2) Thinking that “revolution of the proletariat” necessarily requires violent insurrection.

I had an opportunity to study Marxism as part of my PhD program at Johns Hopkins University in the form of a required course in environmental economics, taught by a Marxist. Marx himself said that his mission in life was “to topple God from his throne and destroy Capitalism.” Marx and Engels were very intelligent men, and yet unable to see that Reality is much bigger and more complex than the material domain. I am quite sure that they did not think of themselves as evil, nor did those who tried to implement their theories, but the purpose of evil is to promote dualism and prevent human beings from seeing Reality beyond the ephemeral material world. So Marx’s stated mission was the very essence of evil. And he did not see a peaceful legal overthrow of the free-market system as an effective way forward, he believed those who resisted must be destroyed. He famously said: “The last capitalist we hang, will be the one from whom we purchased the rope!” But we should not assume that communism is the only evil form of government. In fact, due to the inherent evil in human nature during the dark ages of low spiritual virtue, all forms of government can morph inro tyrannical regimes. That is what has been happening to the United States of America slowly, over the past fifty years.

Government always starts with good intent, but the evil inherent in the world of dualism can easily subvert it into a way to inflict pain, suffering and death on the people it seeks to control in the pursuit of an imagined greater good. Every form of government seeks to control, and clearly, a peaceful global government must eventually emerge to keep human being from destroying each other. But the lesson here is not that globalism is evil, but that it should not be forced on humanity by violent revolution before it can actually work, and it must be based on Spiritual Reality, not dialectic materialism. We have seen that governmental materialism inevitably leads to disaster. A peaceful and successful global society must be allowed to develop naturally. Force always evokes resistance, and often leads to violence and unnecessary death and destruction.

The history of humanity so far in this ascending cycle of  12,000 years, starting in 500 AD, has been one of struggle out of tribalism with physically dominant leaders, into hierarchical ruling classes with dictators and  monarchs who used whatever they could to maintain their power to lead and control larger and larger groups of people. From the beginning of the current ascending cycle, the leaders, who rose to power did so by brute force, defeating and killing or enslaving other contenders, devised clever ways to maintain their positions of power, including outwitting the leaders of other groups, overseeing the ritualistic sacrifice of things of value to spirits or gods assumed to be in control of things they could not control, and claiming to be descended from divinity. This pattern of behavior continues even today, just in more subtle forms, like social elitism. And science and technology, which seemed to promise a brighter future, has given the ruling class the capability to kill, enslave, and control on a massive scale. But since they are not much wiser than the tyrants of the past, they may well destroy civilization and themselves in their quest for wealth and power.  Will the human race survive the current crisis that has virtually shut Western Civilization down? The answer, fortunately, is yes, because this dark history is only half of the picture.  But we are facing a difficult struggle out of scientific and political materialism.

In 499 AD, we reached the lowest point in mental virtue and spiritual understanding in this 24,000-year cycle. To understand what is happening, we have to look at the whole picture. How do we do this? By Consciousness Expansion and by studying the information left for us by the Ancients, and interpreted by the rare Avatars and Advanced Souls who reincarnated during the late descending and early ascending ages of the Kali Yuga to help us get through these dark and difficult times.

At this point, it will likely become evident to even the casual reader that I am entering into an area of cognition involving concepts that lie beyond current ontological and epistemological understanding of the majority. Reality is a nine-dimensional self-referential internally logically-consistent system. In order to at least partially overcome the difficulty of attempting to communicate a visualization of the nine-dimensional self-referential nature of Reality, I shall have to resort to a series of three-dimensional analogies. But this post is already longer than I thought it would be, so I will stop here and continue with the 3-D analogies In my next blogpost on consciousness expansion.

ERC – 8/8/21