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In the last post I said “the world has changed forever.” Of course, that should be no surprise; change is the very nature of physical reality, but this change is a sweeping paradigmatic change, a change in scientific world view. The world of science is poised to change fundamentally again, as it did with relativity and quantum physics, taking a more inclusive path to knowledge and understanding of the nature of reality that is open when scientists choose to include consciousness as primary. This choice will indeed change the world for everyone in ways we can scarcely imagine. And if current mainstream scientists cannot see the potential for positive change that will result from choosing to see beyond the metaphysical limitations of materialism, future generations of scientists will.  Just as the discoveries of relativity and quantum physics have changed our lives with a deeper understanding of reality, leading to technological advances producing amazing electronic devices we could not have imagined fifty years ago, the discoveries made possible by the inclusion of consciousness as primary will bring much more amazing changes that we cannot imagine now.

With the expansion of the metaphysical basis of science to include consciousness, there will be sweeping technological changes including light-speed travel and great advances in education. We will grow in our understanding of the nature of reality to the point where we will be able to abandon the counter-productive practices of violence and intolerance borne of ignorance. This will allow the other, more advanced civilizations that exist in the universe to welcome us into mutually beneficial interstellar communication. As individual consciousness expands and the need for mechanical devices wanes, the physical world will gradually return to the natural paradise it was before materialistic science impacted it so heavily. But, more importantly, the world that will change most is the individual’s world of expanded awareness.

The realization that consciousness is a real participant in physical reality and the introduction of gimmel, a variable representing consciousness in the equations of science, has produced some potentially world-changing discoveries, some of which have been  described in past posts. Primary among them now, is the discovery that the answer to any question that can be logically articulated exists in the logical structure of the conscious substrate from which all things arise, as mentioned in the last post.
Another world-changing discovery is the discovery that the big-bang expanding universe is an illusion created by the fact that our perceptions are limited to the 3S-1t dimensional domain. In a reality of nine finite dimensions embedded in an infinite substrate, when observations from higher dimensional domains become possible, we see that expansion and physical change in general is relative to the dimensional domain of the observer’s framework of conscious awareness.

To understand how this can be true, consider the TDVP discovery that time, like space, is actually three dimensional, and consciousness, like space and time, is also three dimensional. I know that these are difficult concepts to grasp and visualize at first because our experience through our physical senses is limited to three dimensions of space and one quantum moment in time. We can, however, achieve at least an intellectual understanding of nine-dimensional reality by visualizing successively embedded dimensional domains one at a time. The following thought experiment is an analogy drawn from the logic of the Calculus of Distinctions.

First, recognize that any finite reality is triadic: The simplest of existential realities consists of 1, an object, a finite distinction, 2, that from which it is distinguished, i.e. the rest of reality, and 3, the consciousness of the entity drawing the distinction. We see from this that any mathematical representation of reality must include at least three definable variables of measurement: one of space, one of time and one of consciousness. These three variables are variables of extent: extension in space, extension in time, and extension in consciousness. But, if we limit our finite reality to three dimensions, one of space, one of time and one of consciousness, it is devoid of substance because it has no width or depth. For a dimensional domain to contain substance, that is to be an existential reality, as opposed to nothing more than a conceptualization, the object being distinguished must be three dimensional. If a finite distinction has substance, the three-dimensional (spatial) extent of the object must contain something. In the physical universe, the known substances are mass and energy. So we measure dimensions in variables of extent, like space and time, and we measure substance in variables of content, like mass and energy.

Since a given amount of mass and/or energy can occupy different volumes of space, depending on their density, substance is not directly measurable in variables of extent, so the measures of substance are not dimensions. Just as a dimensional domain must be three dimensional to contain anything, a quantum of time must be three dimensional to contain an event. Recall that, consistent with Einstein’s statement that the concept of empty space is meaningless, that space only exists as substance extended, the CoD definition of an existential distinction involves quantized substance (mass and/or energy) and quantized space-time. This means that a quantum of time is not divisible and the calculus of Newton and Leibniz is no longer applicable.

Please notice that we have already gone beyond the current mainstream scientific paradigm because in the current paradigm, only space and time are considered to be dimensional and capable of containing any substance; consciousness is not considered to be dimensional or substantial, and no form of consciousness, human or otherwise, is recognized as existential in the same sense as mass and energy, because it is believed to have no measurable extent or content and is therefore left out of the equations of science describing reality.

With the quantization of mass, energy, space and time, requiring the advancement from Newtonian calculus to the Calculus of Dimensional Distinctions (CoDD), we can begin to see that with the basic unit of measurement defined as the three dimensional TRUE quantum unit, the mathematics reflects the logical structure of reality. When this mathematics is fully developed, it reveals the logical structure of nine dimensional domains: three of space, three of time and three of primary consciousness, containing three forms of substance: mass, energy and individualized consciousness.

 Choices and changes are relative to the dimensional domain of the observer, and the real evolution occurring in reality is the evolution of consciousness, not of physical objects, and the evolution of consciousness is spiritual, not material.

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