Friday, July 29, 2016



With the new understanding of reality presented by the Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm (the TDVP shift), the world has changed forever! Don’t just take my word for it, look at what other scientists are saying. Here are just three, out of dozens of comments from scientists world-wide:

“I once heard a minister say ‘God is an affirmation of faith, not an inference from fact.’ This statement is no longer true …
“Dr. Close has accomplished what no one has ever done before. He has taken all the fundamental discoveries and facts of modern science and has proven, conclusively, that none of these laws of science could be true without the all-pervading consciousness of God -- …
“With the publication of this work it is no longer logically consistent to be both a scientist and an atheist, nor is it logically correct to believe in God and say that science does not support such a belief.”
 – Dr. David Stewart, PhD, DNM, educator and author of a number of books including “The Chemistry of Esential Oils made Simple, God’s Love Manifest in Molecules

“I feel very excited to have sensed myself, the enthusiasm of discovering so many overlapping fields in our views!
…A work that will change mankind's future.
For the first time in mankind's history, its real nature is scientifically disclosed at the highest charismatic academic level!
…A seismic shift in understanding the understanding process itself!
…The beginning of the ultimate disclosure about the nature of an all-encompassing reality.
…A monumental work forcing obsolete preconceptions to crumble.
…The 21st Century's revolutionary paradigm shift.”
-- Dr. Adrian Klein, Consciousness Researcher.

“What an astonishing and prodigious accomplishment! The Neppe-Close paradigm now provides for a much more coherent way to understand reality. Once introduced, the actualities of these unifying concepts begin to live. It is quite stunning to observe people speaking from an "already having changed" perspective…a thrilling journey!
-- Alan Bachers, PhD, Neuroscientist; Director, Neurofeedback Foundation

These comments were all written before the latest profound realization has come out of our work. What is that realization?  Even before any question is formed in any language, all questions are answered. Let me explain:

I discovered Albert Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity when I was fourteen. I spent my fifteenth summer soaking up every book on mathematics and physics I could find, and a new world opened up for me. I began to see how science and mathematics reveals a deep reality that would otherwise remain hidden. The beauty and symmetry of the universe revealed by mathematics and science, coupled with the beauty of nature I was privileged to experience every day in the remote corner of the Missouri Ozarks where I lived with my parents, made me wonder if, among the hidden things like atoms and electrons, pervasive as the air and water, a higher intelligence was smiling at me. One evening, thinking about this, I walked out into nature, looked up at the sky and said: “I want to know everything!” Because there seemed to be so much to learn, I thought maybe that was too much to expect, so I innocently asked: “God, is it possible to know everything?” The response I received changed my life.

During the years that followed, I learned the general wisdom was that no one could ever know all there is to know. After all, even though the human brain contains about 100 billion neurons and each neuron may be connected to as many as 10,000 other neurons, making as many as 1,000 trillion synaptic connections, far more than the number of stars in the sky or grains of sand on the planet, the physical brain in anyone’s head is still finite. So there is a limit to how much can be stored there. That, however, is not the end of the story.

In the multi-dimensional relativistic, quantized reality of TDVP, the 3S-1t physical universe, of which my brain is part, is embedded in a series of increasingly encompassing dimensional domains, embedded in an infinite substrate which turns out to be conscious! In that infinite consciousness, everything is embedded. Thus, everything that is, has ever, or can ever be known already exists. And the scripture says: “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” -- Matthew 7:7

In the geometrically symmetrical mathematics of TDVP we found that gimmel, the TRUE quantum units of consciousness in your brain are in direct connection with the Primary Consciousness of the conscious substrate of reality. So, while your brain is finite, if you learn how to ask, any question can be answered.

I received an answer all those years ago. It just took this long to prove it with math and science!


  1. Yes, Ed, no doubt from your mathematical and scientific viewpoint very true, and just as I received my rather broad-brush, generalized and cosmicated, answer in 1980, but which also highlighted an important question that even my god, the Ultimate Force, was still having some difficulty with in trying to find an answer - How, on Earth, can humanity in general be cosmicated (balanced) to accord with fundamental cosmic consciousness and thus prevent it from mentally and technologically destroying itself, together with all the Ultimate Force Itself was aspiring to achieve for Its very own and our 'odyssey to perfection' conscious satisfaction? A big question that, as Co-creators with the Ultimate Force, for millennia now having been controlled by dark-force ruling powers that are insidiously preventing Its aspirations from becoming such a wonderland reality, humanity now has to address, contend with, resolve or miss out on all that the Ultimate Force planned for this trip! I remain ever hopeful that a solution can be found, at least by my next lifetime! Amun!

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