Monday, July 4, 2016


THE NATURE OF REALITY © Edward R. Close, 2016

First I’ll tell you what I know, and then I’ll tell you how I know it.

Reality, as we experience it, is an illusion. The separation of Reality into the apparent interplay of space-time-matter-energy as the physical universe is an illusion. This illusion is comprised of five (5) inter-related illusions:

1.    The illusion of matter
2.    The illusion of energy
3.     The illusion of space
4.    The illusion of time
5.    The illusion of separation

The scientific fact that these five illusory perceptions, which are based on the combination of hypnotic images created in the physical brain from the limited perceptions of the five physical senses are not real, means that the ‘big-bang’ expanding physical universe, in all its glory, is an illusion.

It makes no difference whether you believe this or not, it is true, and the truth will eventually become self-evident. Belief based on faith is unnecessary in the face of knowledge.

The illusion of matter was exposed by Max Planck as a result of his discovery of the quantized nature of physical reality, He said: “There is no matter as such.”

The illusion of energy (force) was exposed by Sir Isaac Newton when he stated the universal physical truth: “For every force there is an equal and opposite force.”

The illusions of space and time were exposed by Albert Einstein when he demonstrated that simultaneity and dimension are relative to the dynamic state of the observer.

The illusion of separation was exposed by Erwin Schrӧdinger when he stated that “There is no evidence that consciousness is plural.”

The news is that we now have mathematical proof, based on empirical evidence of the truth of this. Most of these proofs have been peer reviewed and published under the authorship of Close and Neppe, or Neppe and Close.

It is no accident that I am posting this on Independence Day. There is no doubt that clear knowledge of the truth shall set you free.

Watch this blog for further developments.

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  1. Just now reading this strikes a cord with an earlier comment I made today for Dr Close 3/23/2017. I posted a poem I recieved in a manic condition many years ago. I was lead to this thread seeking Truth in a pleasant,attractive and effortless way! Silence is indeed an illusion awareness has made. Peace