Friday, November 2, 2018



In 1987, when we returned from what was my third tour working and living overseas, and settled in a nice place in Southern California, not far from the beach, bumper-stickers were very popular. There were a lot of them with Christian slogans and Biblical verses. One afternoon, I saw a car go by with a bumper sticker featuring the sign of the fish, declaring: “Jesus is the Answer!” And on the very next car, there was a bumper sticker with the star of David, followed by: “What was the Question?” In my mind I heard a skeptical Jewish voice say: “Vot vuz th’ Qvest’n?” I had to smile, and wondered what the next bumper sticker would say.

What is the question? All human answers, whether scientific, philosophical, religious, or personal, arise to satisfy questions of some sort, and I would argue that all valid questions arise from some form of the ultimate question: What is the nature of reality?  Such an important question!  But, even this ultimate question is not without need for further exploration and deeper thought: The question “Who am I?” must also be asked, because without knowing who you are, the question “What is the nature of reality?” has no importance. Without a ‘who’, the nature of ‘what’ makes no difference whatsoever. Without a who to experience the what, reality could be anything, or nothing, and it wouldn’t matter.

So, what’s the answer? The answer is YOU; you are the answer. The answer to all questions lies within you. Your life is a gift from God. Don’t waste it. This life is your opportunity to find the answer.

Edward R. Close 11/02/18

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