Friday, May 20, 2016


In a recent post (May 1, 2016, ‘THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS’) I made the point that while contemporary mainstream science provides answers to many questions, those questions are about the physical world, the universe we perceive to be ‘out there’ beyond our skin. They are important questions and the answers often provide solutions to physical problems, but they are not the most important questions for which we need answers. The larger, more important questions are questions like:
Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going? Is there any meaning or purpose for our existence? Does our consciousness survive physical death?
Without answers to these questions, human life is of no more long-term value than any other animal species. Without proof that there are real answers to these questions, we are like blind people groping in the dark, living in alternating hope and despair, never knowing whether we are moving toward increasing consciousness and light, or darkness and destruction.
Science as we know it up to this point has little or nothing to say about these questions. For more than 300 years, consciousness has been carefully excluded from so-called ‘objective science’. There are many reasons for this, but it is time to drop the politically correct taboo placed on the most important questions. With the discovery of the third, non-physical form of reality that we are calling gimmel, we have proved that the physical universe would simply not exist without gimmel, something which is neither matter nor energy, but has all the earmarks of consciousness. We have shown with empirical evidence and mathematical proof that it would be impossible for even one stable particle to form out of a big-bang explosion unless gimmel, as finite units of infinite consciousness exists from even before the big bang.

The fact that the recognition that a large part of the universe is not matter or energy as we know it has come about at about the same time we discovered gimmel, the third form of the substance of reality, is not an accident. The discovery of the necessity of the existence of gimmel, which is neither matter nor energy, but the third form of the substance of reality, existing before any stable structure could form, explains what ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’ really are, and answers, at the same time, the most important questions that have been long ignored by mainstream science.

The reason mainstream science cannot explain what dark matter is, is because it is not matter at all. It is the substance of consciousness. The reason it seems to exist as a ghost-like halo surrounding material structures like galaxies is because it exists within the stable atoms of material structure as gimmel. Just as mass and energy are interchangeable forms of the same thing, gimmel, mass and energy are interchangeable forms of the same thing, and that thing is the substance or essence of consciousness.

The statement “Infinite Consciousness is the source and substance of reality” in the last post is not just a statement of personal belief or a philosophical assumption. It is a logical deduction from the evidence of quantum mechanics and relativity and the fact that we exist as self-aware complex organisms, where based on materialistic scientific assumptions there should be no such organisms. Looking at reality from the top down: within the infinite continuity of Primary Consciousness (See Transcendental Physics, pages 78, 107-108), a nine-dimensional finite domain exists, just as a TRUE quantum unit of space exists within an infinite volume of conceivable space. Within that domain, we find finite distinctions of mass, energy and consciousness. These distinctions are mathematically related to the logic of Primary Consciousness through the Conveyance Equation and the geometry of Dimensional Extrapolation. From this perspective, it is no surprise that the universe is mathematical in nature, because its structure is the logical projection of the mathematical logic of Primary Consciousness.

This perspective reunites science with its metaphysical roots and reveals the nature and purpose of reality. The five-dimensional domain of human existence, three dimensions of space, one of time and one of consciousness, is the domain of spiritual evolution. So now, within this scientific framework, which is the Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm, for the first time we can definitively answer the really important questions:

Who are we? We are finite expressions of Primary Consciousness.

Where did we come from? We, along with everything else in the physical universe, come from Primary Consciousness.

Where are we going? We are propelled, as finite sparks of Infinite Intelligence to express the potentials of Primary Consciousness as completely as we can in the finite world. The eventual expansion of our individual awareness into the infinity of Primary Consciousness is the goal of all existence.

Will consciousness survive physical death? The answer to this question is clear: Our individualized consciousness is the result of the existence of gimmel, the third form of reality existing in physical structures. Just as mass/energy is conserved in physical processes, the complete expression of reality in 3S-1t-1C, i.e., mass/energy/consciousness, is also conserved.

How are these conclusions different from the beliefs of the religions of the world? These conclusions are not just subjective beliefs or intellectual hypotheses, and they are not based on subjective experience, they are derived from first principles of the mathematics of space-time-consciousness geometry and the laws physics extended to apply to the mathematical combination of mass, energy and consciousness.


  1. I find nothing here that conflicts with my own mystically-inspired subjective/objective cosmogony, which propounds we are evolving life-after-life towards conscious perfection, ad infinitum; providing we come to accept this reality, and eventually become cosmicated (balanced) to accord fully with cosmic consciousness - Primary Consciousness Itself - which de facto must have been paramount in the mind of the Source, my Ultimate Force, the ‘One’ of the formula, Y=X squared plus One ; otherwise life, taking on board consciousness, so to speak, would never have transpired. As to the fundamental mathematics of ‘gimmel’, however, I still have to bow before Ed’s far more advanced study and understanding of the subject – I live in hope of being further illumined in this respect!

  2. There is no conflict between the insights of those who have glimpsed Cosmic Consciousness and real science. The Truth is the Truth. The language of science is mathematical, like poetry and music. Because of academic specialization, contemporary mathematics has become a hodgepodge of disconnected dialects. The calculus of distinctions is the basic logic that connects them.