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                                              THE CALCULUS OF DISTINCTIONS

I am posting this for my friend Brian and for anyone for whom the mathematics of TDVP appear to present a formidable barrier. What is the Calculus of Distinctions? We often hear: “Math is the language of science.” This is of course true, and the mathematics of TDVP is the Calculus of Distinctions. Furthermore, the Calculus of Distinctions is the mathematics of consciousness. So the Calculus of Distinctions is the language of science, when science recognizes that consciousness is a fundamental part of reality and not just an accidental afterthought. The Calculus of Distinctions puts consciousness into the equations of the physical laws of the universe for the first time in the history of modern science. How does it do that? It does it by starting with the definition of the first distinction as the distinction of self from other; and by pointing out that any distinct object has meaning only as part of the triad: 1.) the Object. 2.) That from which the object is distinguished, and 3.) The conscious entity drawing the distinction. Thus, when consciousness is included, the logical language and mathematical model of reality becomes triadic, not binary, as contemporary science assumes. The Calculus of Distinctions opens science to broader aspects of reality currently ignored by mainstream science.

Scientists dreaming of a Theory of Everything are attempting to create a logical, mathematical model of reality based on a very limited part of the less than 5% of reality that is available to us through our physical senses and the mechanical extensions of those senses.

I want to put the Calculus of Distinctions into the proper perspective by pointing out to you how the languages of the logic, mathematics and models of the universe relate to the actual structure of reality. The Calculus of Distinctions is a language that reflects the logical structure of physical reality and consciousness. It is a comprehensive logical language that includes the logic of Newton’s calculus as a sub-set related to the mid-scale of reality. It expands the model to include the relativistic principles of the very large, and the quantum nature of the very small. I’ve done this by using the principles of relativity, quantum mechanics and the experimental data of the Large Hadron Collider to derive the Triadic Rotational Unit of Equivalence (the TRUE unit for short), as the basic unit of distinction. In this way, it allows us to apply universal logic to the small fraction of reality available to us through the physical senses, without ignoring the broader picture of reality we have glimpsed through the insights of relativity and quantum physics.

What is a language? A language is built up of a group of sounds, each one easily distinguishable from the others, like, e.g., ah, eh, ee, oh, oo; buh, cuh, duh, fuh, guh, huh, juh, kuh, … The symbols representing these sounds form an alphabet, and combinations of these sounds, known as vowels and consonants, form words, which we use to represent images formed in our consciousness from sense data that we take to be representative of distinct objects existing in reality. A sentence is a statement expressing a logical structure, and an equation is simply a sentence or statement in a quantized language analogous to a sentence in a verbal language: If the left-hand side of an equation is taken to be the subject, the equals sign is the verb, and the right-hand side is the predicate. Just as in a verbal language, modifiers and connectors can be added in to make equations more complex in order to represent the logical structure of reality. So, all of the words and statements of a language, verbal or mathematical, comprise a symbolic model of reality. Such a model is a logical system and therefore ever incomplete by Gӧdel's incompleteness theorems.

Adhering to the logical rules of operation and calculation, math is a language as devoid of speculation as we can make it, and its application, in so far as its axiomatic basis corresponds with reality, leads to valid conclusions. The Calculus of Distinctions encompasses the logic of all languages, whether verbal or mathematical, by including consciousness and the actions of conscious entities (the drawing of distinctions) as a complete triadic logical system. As you might expect, the operational rules of the Calculus of Distinctions are different from those of contemporary mathematics. I have developed them and published them elsewhere, and will provide references for anyone who wants to pursue learning them. Those familiar with George Spencer Brown’s “Laws of Form” will see similarities in some of the basic forms, because logic, in its purest form is universal. However, the Calculus of Distinctions differs very significantly from the calculus of indications in the Laws of Form in several ways: In the Calculus of Distinctions, in contrast with the Laws of Form and other systems of symbolic logic, existence is central, and dimensionality is explicit. 

I spent two years working with Russian mathematician Vladimir Brandin developing the dimensionality of the Calculus of Distinctions. A short summary of our work was published in Moscow in 2003. And the application of the Calculus of Distinctions to quantum reality was developed over the past six plus years in collaboration with Dr. Vernon Neppe.


  1. Thanks for the mention and your concern, Ed! Let it be said, though, that although I consider the detail of the math of the ‘TDVP Calculus of Distinctions’, presented in some of your earlier articles, could be a ‘formidable barrier’ to most that have not had the wealth of experience in the discipline as yourself, I see no reason why the fundamental ‘Triadic’ principle of ‘conscious’ existence you propound cannot be seen and accepted as the truth, through and beyond this most unfortunate barrier of unenlightenment. Because of my most profound and extraordinary mystical-initiation of 1980, I do indeed see and accept this truth, regardless of the complexity of the math behind it, which of course I hope does eventually become common knowledge, is taught, and accepted, by your peers and the rest of humankind alike.

    As previously stated as part of your earlier articles, I would now just like to reiterate the following, which was presented in full support of your overall ‘Triadic’ thesis, but with just one important and overriding proviso that had been emphasized during my initiation:

    The Code within the Seed of the Universe Itself, the Mind of the Ultimate Force, the 'Triadic One' of the mystically-inspired formula 'Y = X squared plus One' - One problem remains, though, Ed: What is to be the 'fourth ingredient' of this formula that will, of necessity, balance (cosmicate) and thus prevent humanity from destroying the planet and itself on route to a state of conscious perfection, ad infinitum?

    Perhaps this proviso is beyond the scope of these articles, and the ‘Calculus of Distinctions’, but with the perilous state of the temporal human-world today, and the seemingly fiendish intent of ‘the powers that be’ behind it, one surely has to wonder if humankind has any chance of fulfilling the ‘Divine Will’ and purpose of the Ultimate Force becoming the balanced and benevolent Ultimate Being on planet Earth in the system of the Sun – Whatever, in this respect, my Higher Self was hopeful, rather than pessimistic!

    So, in ending, as perhaps an amusing anecdote, in what now seems the dim and distant past, I actually achieved the one and only 100% mark in any exam, for which I ever sat – It concerned ‘Calculus’ of then Advance Level Mathematics; and though I could solve the equations, I then never really understood the meaning and purpose behind ‘Calculus’ itself. However, my mystical experience of 1980, together with your, later, serendipitous influence, has made up for this lack of traditional and uneducated background in many ways; for I have come to understand that the above formula represents the most important ‘Calculus’ of all – The gradual change of form from Ultimate Force Spiritual Being to Ultimate Force Spiritual/Temporal Being, ad Infinitum! Furthermore, your ‘TDVP Calculus of Distinctions’ should no doubt add comprehensive, mathematical and consciousness significance to the fundamental essence of the formula’s ‘Triadic One’ – Good for our further understanding of and progress towards conscious perfection, ad infinitum, providing we are not scuppered on route due to the iniquitous powers that presently try to enslave us from the cradle to the grave, and which desperately need to be cosmicated.

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    1. No ebook on the CoDD yet. I haven't had the time, but a descussions of the basics will be in my contribution to the first volume of the Academy for the Advancement of Post-materialist Sciences, to be out soon check

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