Saturday, January 10, 2015



Applying the Calculus of Distinctions to Quantum Physics and Relativity led to the discovery of TRUE Units. From the TRUE unit analysis of the elements, we have learned that:
1. There could be no universe without the third form of reality, in addition to matter and energy, existing in every particle of the universe.
2.  The third form is the factor within elementary particles that makes possible the stable atoms and molecules that make up the universe.
3.  The third form is more than 95% of reality and is detected as ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’ in spiral galaxies.
4.  Reality exists in nine real, sequentially-contained finite dimensional domains embedded in a conscious transfinite substrate.
5.  Nine-dimensional space, time and consciousness reality explains things inexplicable in the current scientific paradigm.
6.  The transfinite substrate contains all the logical patterns that manifest as physical reality.
7.  The elements of the Periodic Table, stabilized by the third form, are designed specifically for the purpose of manifesting life and consciousness.
8.  The multi-dimensional third form completes the patterns of Primary Consciousness of mass/energy in the four-dimensions of space-time. This relationship is expressed mathematically by the Conveyance Equations.
9.  The Conveyance Equations include the Pythagorean Theorem and Fermat’s Last Theorem, mathematical invariances that allow us to explore higher dimensional domains through Dimensional Extrapolation.
What it means, in plain English:

We are finite reflections of the Infinite Intelligence from which all reality originates. That Infinite Intelligence is available to all of us. The goal is to be completely and continuously aware of our eternal connection with the Infinite. The difficulty of attaining that state is directly proportional to our resistance to truth.


  1. Something I gladly came to realize, Edward, when I wrote 'Brian and the Rainbow Men' in 1990, a full ten years after my 1980, spontaneous and four-day-and-night initiation into my mystical-initiator's "Cosmos Club".

    The excerpt reads:

    'Brian, who had been trying for so long to unravel the secret of the Universe, was elated – could it be, he asked himself in wonderment, that Intelligence Itself constituted the Ultimate Force, a Power so strong that It systematically and inevitably endeavoured to reproduce an appreciative, perfectly endowed, conscious and comprehensive living model of Itself? An Animate God, in fact!'

    I just hope this occult background in some way helps to contribute to your own fine work.

    Free copies of all my books can be found by reference to my Facebook site:, if of further interest.

    As ever, cosmically yours,


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