Wednesday, March 28, 2018


If you are reading this, I must assume that you are alive. But, are you just merely alive, or are you really alive? Are you just aware of being, or are you completely conscious? What does it mean to be completely conscious? 

Until you are aware of the elegant magnificence of God’s universe from the quark to the quasar, from the proton and the protean universe to the cosmos at the end of time, until you are aware of the consciousness existing in the minds of the greatest sages of all ages and the innate consciousness of the cosmos, until you see Reality all at once, you are still in the land of slavery, lingering in the dream world of your sleep. You have not yet stepped into the Promised Land.

The physical world is one of duality and polarity, but it is not the real Reality, --in fact, it is a dream, an illusion cast upon the non-existent screen of space-time. Space and time have no independent existence in and of themselves, as you do, they appear to exist only because of the limits of your consciousness and the expansive and expanding field of the substance of matter, energy and consciousness in their primary forms.

How do you become alive, and completely conscious? By going deeply into the wonders of nature: by seeing the symmetry of the atom and the intricate beauty of the tiniest insect, by absorbing all the delicate beauty and fragrance of a rose and the boldness of a wildflower, by loving a dog, horse, bird cat or other animal, and being loved in return, by seeing the next dawn in this sunset, and eternal spring in the depths of winter, by knowing the unconditional love and loyalty of another living being, by feeling the ecstasy of animal life and the sadness and sorrow of animal death, by seeing eternity in the present moment, and the universe in a speck of dust.

When you have awakened, and you are really alive and completely aware and conscious, you will understand the mysteries of Ancient Egypt, of Sumer and Petra, of the Tao and the Orient, of Yoga and Karma, of the way of the Buddha, and the ecstasy of the Sufis. You will know the origins of mineral, plant, animal, and human consciousness, and how they emerge from the womb of primary consciousness, the spiritual impetus behind the physical universe.

The experience of being born and of dying, of waking and sleeping, are just the duality of nature, and only a small part of Reality.  Once you have gone beyond the repetitious cycles of duality and seen the Infinite, even once, even for a fleeting nanosecond, you will never forget. From that point onward, forever after that experience, you will see God in all things. Once fully awake, you will never sleep again.

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