Sunday, February 21, 2016



You, … to really see Reality,
Must go beyond you and me,
To three, and then to three times three,

To the three times three times three,
There to see the symmetry
Of atoms from the quarky three,

To the three beyond all three:
Birth, life and death of me,
To the infinities of Infinity!

You must go outside and beyond yourself to find your Self. Let me explain:

When I left the body in the Great Pyramid of Giza, I saw and moved into the three sets of three-dimensional domains: Space, time and consciousness.

Leaving the body can be painful, as in the pains of birth and death. But it can also be peaceful. We leave the body each night in deep sleep; if we did not, we would not live long.

To find the experience of Reality you must go beyond what you think of as yourself. There are three levels of this: You can go beyond body, into thought, beyond thought into Spirit, and beyond body, mind and spirit, into the Reality of Infinity.

"As above, so below." As within, without and beyond.

ERC 02/21/2016

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