Friday, February 5, 2016


We have demonstrated that there is a third form of reality that had to be there before the first stable particle of the physical universe could form. It is not directly measurable as matter or energy, and we have called it ‘gimmel’. So what?

It appears that it is what gluons, bosons and dark matter/energy are made of. If so, so what? Is gimmel just another name for something we already know about?
No. Gimmel is the essence of life and the flow of purpose and meaning from the infinite to the finite. Gimmel is most abundant in the elements that support life. See the series of posts on ‘Putting Consciousness into the Equations’, especially Parts 18 and 20.

With the discovery of gimmel, we validate what the spiritual masters of all ages have been telling us: we are all connected with the web of life and consciousness. With the addition of gimmel to the equations of physical science, we have re-discovered the meaning and purpose of the physical universe, and reconnected science with its metaphysical roots.

With the inclusion of gimmel in the equations of science, the descriptions of physical reality, we are answering questions that have puzzled scientists for decades, some, from the very beginning of science on this planet! The list of questions, puzzles and paradoxes resolved is growing almost daily. See the discussion posted 2/1/16 “How TDVP Resolves Problems that the Current Scientific Paradigm cannot” for the list.

With the discovery of gimmel and its place in the equations of science, we have provided a scientific basis for a deeper understanding of life and consciousness. With consciousness confirmed as an important part of reality, as a participant in the formation of reality and the shaping of all future reality, we have restored meaning and purpose to an otherwise random and meaningless physical reality.

With the discovery of gimmel, we know that consciousness exists in every elementary particle, and consequently, just as matter and energy obey the universal law of the conservation of mass and energy, consciousness obeys the same law of conservation: mass, energy and consciousness are never destroyed, they only change form, and those changes of form follow definite geometric, mathematical, logical laws preserving the symmetry of the universe.

The discovery of gimmel puts the teachings of Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and even Mohammed in a new light, a light of universal science, a transcendental science of matter, energy and consciousness.

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