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Newton and Leibniz sat on a wall,
Newton and Leibniz had a great fall,
And all the great forces of intellectual ken
Cannot put infinitesimals back together again!

We are, at long last, at the point in the history of science where science becomes poetry. Distinctions are the words, logic the meter, and the description of reality the poem. Like any good poem, the new science, TDVP, paints an enthralling picture. The dimensional domains of space, time and consciousness form the canvas, the calculus of distinctions is the paint, and the universe is the picture. Gimmel completes the picture, integrating the various parts, putting it all back together again.

Since the miraculous, inverse penultimate one-fifth of a century, 1905 to 1935, with the one-two punch of relativity and quantum mechanics, science has been fragmented. The approach has been reductionistic: take reality apart to see how it works. The extreme application of this approach is particle physics. Blast atoms apart and look at the pieces. We’ve smashed the watch with a hammer, now can we put it back together again?

Humpty-Dumpty is a story of entropy: once broken, he can’t be put back together as he was before the fall. You can’t un-ring a bell. The arrow of time, you know. But how vain and egoistic are we to imagine that we can undo nature, put asunder what God has brought together? But gimmel does what seems impossible in the physical world, it puts it all back together again, Thanks to gimmel, Nature reigns supreme with her super symmetry, and God is still on his throne!

In 1977, my first book, “The Book of Atma” was published. The introduction started with the following poem:

NARAYANA* – The “I Am”
Narayana fills all things
Narayana has no name
It is No Thing.
Transcendental, Alone

The cup still retains some heat:
So flowing ever on,
No stopping
Even when all motion ceases.

Flowing on: Life,
In vast ranges of mountain flowers-
In the summer night,
On and on, as ever, deep within and out.

And the forgotten is not forgotten,
Because the Sun, being,
Only NOW is-
No other ever was

Narayana                     ERC 10/01/74

* Narayana (SanskritNārāyaṇa) is the Supreme God according to Vedas, (including his different avatars), venerated as the Supreme Being in the Bhagavad Gita.

Now that we have answered the question ‘why is there something?’ with the discovery of gimmel, in keeping with Gӧdel’s infinity and Einstein’s relative curiosity, we can ask a new question: Does God, or Nature, or whatever you want to call integrated reality, have any choice in the way the universe is constructed?

“Although all forms, and thus all universes, are possible, and any particular form is mutable, it becomes evident that the laws relating such forms are the same in any universe.”
- George Spencer Brown, “Laws of Form”

Was Brown right? Stay tuned for further discussions

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