Thursday, January 21, 2016


Dr. Vernon Neppe and I have been working together for nearly seven years to develop a comprehensive scientific paradigm that will serve as the basis for the scientific exploration of every legitimate type of human experience, both physical and spiritual, now excluded from serious study by the current materialistic paradigm. We are publishing most of our findings in peer-reviewed papers published in professional journals under the heading of the Triadic Dimensional Distinction Vortical Paradigm (TDVP) with bylines of either Neppe and Close or Close and Neppe. Those papers and articles are written for scientists, mathematicians and philosophers with careful adherence to professional standards, and they contain many technical details not readily understood by readers without considerable scientific and technical training.

On this blog, on the other hand, I am attempting to present much of the same material in an easier to understand format. That means that most of the math, and technical jargon are left out, and it also means that I have more freedom to include personal observations and experiences. In this venue, I can include more details that would be considered too subjective by peer reviewers and the editors of professional journals to get published. Examples include early life experiences like that briefly described in the post entitled “My Story - The Vision” and the personal OBEs I experienced in the Great Pyramid, and in the ancient city of Petra, described in the post entitled “Egypt Trip Out-of-Body Experiences”.
Many brilliant men and women of the recent and distant past have known that eventually the quests for knowledge of the nature of physical reality and the nature of spiritual reality would have to be integrated into a single search for truth. I believe the time for that integration is NOW. We are at the point in human history where it is critical that this integration must be accomplished. Without it, humankind may self-destruct. The loss of meaning and purpose in science due to equating objectivity with materialism has filtered down to the general populace and is responsible for much of the increase in crime and violence in the civilized world. It is high time to get science out of the dark ages and dead end of materialism! Today, more and more people are waking up to this danger. And an increasing number believe that there should be no conflict between real science and real spirituality.

The concepts of “gimmel” and “TRUE units” presented here are of great importance to the future of science and human civilization because of their inescapable implication: They make it clear that the physical universe as we know it through the current scientific paradigm is just a small part of a much larger physical and spiritual reality that proceeds under natural law. They reveal the existence of a primary form of consciousness that has existed from the beginning of space and time as the intelligent organizer of meaningful pattern and order. I am presenting the Paradigm of Conscious Reality that we’re metaphorically referring to as the “God Matrix” here in an effort to promote the realization in as many people as possible that the purpose of life on this planet and across the multi-dimensional universe is to grow in the understanding of the truth of Primary Consciousness. We are calling the paradigm that is revealed by gimmel and TRUE analysis the God Matrix because it proves that a pervasive primary form of consciousness had to exist before the first atom of the physical universe could form from any big-bang-like origin event. We will explain how a mass-less, energy-less third substance (gimmel), impacts physical reality as an extended form of consciousness, and influences our very existence and everything in the cosmos, from the tiniest subatomic particle to the largest cosmological system.

These concepts, and the comprehensive paradigm shift we call TDVP, embody a new, more consistent way of understanding reality that encompasses and integrates the fundamental ideas of the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. Gimmel and TRUE units are fresh new ideas that dispel what mainstream physicists have called the ‘weirdness’ of quantum physics. They are carefully derived by logically analyzing what we know about mathematical physics and the role of Primary Consciousness and human consciousness in creating and sustaining the reality we experience.

What the God Matrix does is re-connect science with its metaphysical roots and re-unite science and spirituality, two approaches to truth that never should have been separated. TDVP includes three new, more comprehensive mathematical/logical systems called the Calculus of Dimensional Distinctions, Dimensional Extrapolation, and the Consciousness Conveyance Equations. Their application to known laws of nature have resulted in the discovery of the nine dimensions of reality and gimmel and TRUE analysis, which have produced answers to conundrums that have puzzles materialistic science for decades. The God Matrix is the beginning-less, end-less source of both physical and spiritual reality.

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  1. Thanks, for this informative info that is rare to this civilization and presentsociety. I'm searching for truth, (the God Truth, and spiritual existence of my being in God's reality).