Wednesday, January 20, 2021



Today is a sad day for the soul of humanity. There is great rejoicing in the Godless world of the CCP in Beijing China. To those confused Americans who voted for the Harris-Biden ticket this November, please reflect for a moment on what you’ve done. I know you think that you voted for Democracy, but you have actually cemented a fatal step in the long-term plan of Godless Communism to take-over your world. Blinded by years of clever psychological subversion, in 2020, you handed Global Communism a major victory. Many God-fearing Christians, Jews, and Muslims, believers of all faiths around the world have heavy hearts this morning. They feel the gut-punch they have received through your actions/   

A dear friend in Europe puts it this way:

“The horror part of history can start…There is no (longer) organization and no power behind truth and justice. No chance, We cannot imagine what comes… But it’s not about stolen elections 2020. Fair elections will never again exist. Only naive people will go vote and … lose. For the rest of US history.”

It is a dark day indeed. As I write this, our Nation’s Capitol is in military lockdown. According to a news media commentator, more people will show up to see President Trump off from Andrews Air Force base, than to see the inauguration of Beijing’s puppets in DC. My deluded democrat friends, I plan to spend this day praying for your immortal souls.

I am not going to theorize about the evil conspiracy that brought us to this day of forced surrender. I will only speak from personal experience and the concerns of people of faith around the world. The plan was revealed to me years ago by a Chinese graduate student in physics, and I know how people of faith are treated in communist countries around the world.  If you care to think about what has happened, I ask you to start by considering the CCP’s openly stated plans for world domination.

The CCP is a Marxist-Leninist government. The Party General Secretary Xi Jinping presents himself as Josef Stalin’s successor in the process of global domination by Communism. International journalist and former Australian government official, John Garnaut in Engineers of the Soul: Ideology in Xi Jinping’s China” 2019, states that the Chinese Communists idolize Stalin, the brutal dictator who killed roughly 20 million Russians and others through famine, forced collectivization, executions, and labor camps. As practiced by Lenin, Stalin, and Mao, Marxist communism is a totalitarian ideology that despises religious freedom and has vowed to eliminate the “opiate of the masses” from the planet.


Under global communism, human beings are just pawns to be used to achieve the ends of the collective nation state. Individuals are happily sacrificed for Communal goals. Individuals have no inherent rights under Communist rule. In Communism, The only value of an individual human being is to serve the government; the  government does not exist to serve them, as our founders intended when the launched the free society of  the United States of America.


Propaganda, or, as we know it in this country, “fake news” is a major political weapon used by Communist operatives to dominate political thought and preserve ‘ideological security’ through political correctness. Recently, the CCP issued a policy statement on the “current state of ideology” saying that there should be, “absolutely no opportunity or outlets for incorrect thinking or viewpoints to spread.” Does this sound familiar, CNN, MSNBC, Twitter?

To my once liberal friends, brainwashed by years of  left-wing propaganda, please think about the following questions:

1)    Why was Donald Trump attacked so viciously the minute he announced his candidacy for President of the United States?

2)    Why were the intelligence agencies of the US government illegally used against him, as a candidate, and later as President?

3)    Who was causing a huge problem for CCP world economic-dominance plans?

4)    Why did the CCP deliberately allow the Covid virus to spread throughout the Western World with the help of the Communist head of the WHO?

5)    Why wouldn’t the CCP and their operatives in the US do everything in their power to help the democrats defeat Donald Trump in 2020?

6)    Why wouldn’t the CCP want a man whose family has received millions from individuals and companies representing the CCP as President of the United States of America?

7)    Who do  you think engineered the bitter division between political factions in the US?   

The answer to question number one is simple: They couldn't control Donald Trump, and he  proposed to “drain the swamp”. What did that mean? Answer: to expose the corruption in Washington DC. What corruption? Answer: the people who were taking money from foreign sources in exchange for favors. Who did that? I think you know. - It wasn’t Donald Trump.

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