Friday, January 15, 2021



Dear Friends,

Every day of our lives we choose, consciously or unconsciously, between good and evil, between truth and deception, between faith and folly, and act accordingly. Do you choose to believe that we are the accidental results of the combination of pieces of debris flying away from an explosion that happened billions of years ago? Do you choose to believe that good and evil, truth and falsehood, Eternal Spirit and original and eventual nothingness are just ideas that we can adopt to fit our favorite social, religious, or  political narrative? If so, then you should be a used-car salesman, sell vacuum cleaners to people without carpets, refrigerators to Eskimos living north of the Arctic Circle, or a politician selling socialism to the poor. Are you a purveyor of good or evil?

We are not debris flying away from an explosion. No explosion has ever created anything but chaos, and never will. No universe has ever been observed without consciousness, never will be. Materialistic science has not proved that there is no intelligent design behind the physical universe, and it never will.

On the other hand, if you choose to reject the many seductive lies of this world, look for valid proof of reality, and dig back into your subconscious mind, where you may have pushed your Soul, you will find the Truth. This is what the enlightened Spiritual Beings of all ages have taught.

Is there evil in the world, call it Satan, or whatever you choose, yes, of course there is! Is there good, call it god, goddess, nature, pure consciousness, or whatever you please, yes, of course there is! And you have the freedom to choose. What you choose to believe will determine what you will experience.  

So, you must choose, in every life, every day, every quantum instant, what you will believe. Choose well. Not only your life, but your existence in eternity depends upon your choice!

ERC 1/15/2021

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