Sunday, January 24, 2021



Virtually everyone knows about the Rubik’s cube. It has been sold world-wide since 1980 as a puzzle and a toy. But Ernӧ Rubik, a Hungarian architect, was not trying to create a toy when he built the first Rubik’s cube. He developed it as a visual aid in constructing 3-D structural models. It turned out to be a great aid for visualizing 3-D matrix algebra operations. I found it to be very useful in my Calculus of Dimensional Distinctions, the 3-D geometric algebra that is the mathematical basis of the Neppe-Close TDVP model of reality. I recently published a book revealing many of the secrets of the cube. (Secrets of the Sacred Cube, a Cosmic Love Story) But that is another story. The purpose of the video below is not to sell the book, or describe complex mathematical concepts, I’ve done that multiple times. The purpose of this video is to demonstrate a point: The point that a thoroughly mixed cube can be “solved”, i.e. returned to the six-monochromatic- sided state it came in, in under one minute. Check out the video below.

I did it this time in about 11 seconds. Can I do it that fast every time? No. It depends on which of the 42-quintillion-plus possible configurations I have to start with. But I can solve it every time, regardless of how it is mixed, and usually within a minute to two minutes, - if I don’t make any stupid mistakes.

For a signed copy of Secrets of the Sacred Cube, a Cosmic Love Story, by Ed and Jacqui Close, more than 400 pages with five-color pictures and diagrams and a lot more than just how to solve the cube, send a check for $50 to cover the cost of the book and shipping to:

EJC Advantage

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Golden Hills Equine Community

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Be sure to include the address to which you want the book shipped, and let me know the name of the person you want me to sign it for. The book can also be purchased from Amazon and other book sellers, but of course, in that case it will not be signed.

I also still have copies of other books that I would be happy to sign and send to you. If the recipient address is within the US, just add $5 for shipping and handling for the books on the list below:

Transcendental Physics, Edward R Close, PhD (quality paperback) $19.95

The Book of Atma, a book about meditation consciousness, E R Close (Hard bound) $20

Nature’s Mold Rx, the natural solution to toxic mold, Edward R and Jacquelyn A Close $25.50

Big Creek, Trail Guide, History, and Folklore, Edward R Close $20

Healing Oils of the Bible, Dr. David Stewart $19.95 (As life-long best friends, David and I gave each other permission to sign the other’s books)

Some of these books are considered by many people as classics, and may no longer be available in a short time, E.g. unless ithe Book of Atma is republished by another publisher, or I can afford to publish it as a new edition, when the supply I have is gone, the book will be out of print. Just so you know, I am now well into into my 85th year and on a limited income.

Also available as g,an ebook from Reality Begins with Consciousness, Vernon M Neppe and Edward R Close


  1. Ed, I saw your videos last night on YouTube amidst my odyssey constructing the Philosophy of Potential. I am in development of a book entitled Universal Potential:Unlocking Energy.
    Having only seen your videos last night my thoughts are still gaining mass.
    I put it this way - I see the human being measurable in TRUE Units - I seek to connect this to stellar nucleosynthesis.
    In Dante, the uncommitted are like a single electron, having lived untethered to existence by any real energy.
    The ancient Greek developed philosophy and science to achieve a deeper understanding of the universe.
    TDVP, the Philosophy of Potential, and Universal Potential:Unlocking Energy are the atom of the True science and philosophy.

    I urgently await response and thank you so much for your work - it has given my work gravity.

    Best regards,

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