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Space and time, dimensions that are measurable in variables of extent, have no existence of their own. As Albert Einstein said, ”Space-time does not claim existence on its own, but only as a structural quality of the field.”  (see link:

But what does this mean? Is there a practical application, or is it meaningful only in the context of theoretical physics? I believe it has practical applications, even if we don’t yet know what all of them may be, because this statement is no longer just a theoretical concept. The hypothesis is subject to falsification, making it a valid scientific hypothesis, (see the work of Karl Popper) and with the discovery of gimmel, and the explanation of empirical observations that are inexplicable by mainstream physicalism, it is now demonstrable fact, not just theory.

Consciousness shares the feature of dimensionality and is partially measurable in variables of extent, much like space and time. Does that mean that consciousness also has no existence of it’s own, as physicalists claim? No. The answer is demonstrably NO, because consciousness is also measurable in variables of content, like mass/energy and gimmel. This is demonstrated mathematically and physically in Transcendental Physics, Reality Begins with Consciousness and TDVP.

Please click on the link given in two paragraphs above and read the six short posts that appear for more detail, and then click on  “WHAT IS LOVE?” at the bottom, to grasp my understanding that LOVE is the connection between Primary Consciousness, the substrate of reality and the physical universe. In these seven relatively short posts, you will find an explanation of what I believe to be true, what I have learned in my almost 84 years of this life. I think it is in a form here that anyone can understand. I just read through it, and it took a little more than 15 minutes. It may take you a little longer. If you find it worthwhile, please share with your friends. If you find it not your cup of tea, that’s OK too.

ERC 4/17/2020

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