Thursday, April 9, 2020


Do they exist, and are they behind the COVID-19 Pandemic?

My answer to both questions is yes, I believe so, but not necessarily in the way that you might expect. Let me explain by starting with my definition of good and evil: My research, discoveries, and thinking over more than 70 years have convinced me that the only reason there is something rather than nothing, i.e., the only reason that the physical universe exists at all, is for the purpose of the conscious beings within it to learn and grow, from being barely self-aware, to the transcendental state of Cosmic Consciousness. Anything that enhances that growth and moves us toward that goal is good, and anything that hampers, prevents, or moves us away from that goal is evil. For each of us, in my opinion, life is about how we make the choices confronting us that affect our spiritual growth and understanding of reality.

In my last post I suggested that if you believe “that there is no such thing as evil in this world, the coronavirus crisis is a wake-up call!” Does this mean that there is an actual entity called Satan, or ‘the Devil’ working behind the scenes to defeat us in our efforts to grow spiritually? How one answers that question depends on whether one thinks that Biblical scripture is literal or not. Most scholars believe that the Bible is more metaphorical than literal, and it appears that most Christians today must believe that too, otherwise why would there be more than 500 different versions of the Bible, in English alone? In my opinion, the reference in the original biblical scriptures to Satan as a “Fallen Angel” refers to the broken symmetry of physical reality that creates the illusion of duality, in terms that could be understood by people of Jewish and early Christian culture at the time the scriptures were written. But, while certain individuals act in ways that impact human spiritual growth negatively, it seems too severe to call those individuals incarnations of evil.

Certain historical figures are routinely thought of as evil because of evil things attributed to them, but it is questionable whether those people thought of themselves as evil or not. Adolf Hitler is a prime example. Most people today do not hesitate to think of him as an example of pure evil. However, the historical record shows that he certainly did not consider himself to be evil. He considered himself to be a devout Catholic throughout his entire life. And others of that era, like General Franco, the National Socialist dictator of Spain from 1939 until 1975, and the Pope of that era also considered him to be a Catholic Christian. Along with Franco and Italy’s ruler, Benito Mussolini, he signed agreements with the Vatican to protect the Catholic Church as the state religion of the Third Reich.

My point is that there probably has never been an individual, even one who committed reprehensible acts, now universally recognized as evil, who, in his own mind, was an agent of pure evil. In most cases, individuals committing actions against the spiritual advancement of humanity, do not think of themselves as evil, and may even logically justify their actions as “for the greater good”. That is probably true of those who may be behind the current coronavirus pandemic, and/or may be exploiting it for their own egotistical and political purposes.

Since I’ve been commenting on the COVID-19 pandemic, which is turning into an economic disaster affecting the lives of millions of people very negatively, several people have sent me links to video and audio interviews with a number of conspiracy theorists. I will not list them here, or quote them, because I do not want to be labeled as a supporter of any specific conspiracy theory. My desire is to present the facts as I understand them, and let others draw whatever conclusions they like. You may wonder why I am bothering to make the effort to comment on the current pandemic at all. Why should anyone care what my opinion might be? I am taking the trouble and time to write these posts because I believe that I am uniquely qualified to comment on the state of affairs today, for the following reasons:

·       I am a professional mathematical modeler by training and experience, and have made a living creating and applying mathematical models for more than 50 years. This is relevant because the current governmental shut-down is driven by mathematical models.

·       I was one of the seven charter members of the US Department of Interior Systems Analysis Group in 1969. This is relevant because it was a state-of-the-art modeling group, and it required me to be on the cutting edge of hierarchical modeling then, and I have endeavored to keep up with the art and science of mathematical modeling ever since.

·       I have studied theoretical physics at the Masters’ and PhD levels. This is relevant because it gives me a unique perspective on micro and macro mathematical modeling.

·       I have been involved in consciousness studies and research for more than 25 years. This is relevant because I have studied biology, neurology and psychology in the process of studying consciousness, which also gives me a unique perspective on the scientific modeling of human socio-political processes.

·       I earned a PhD in environmental engineering and have been a licensed and certified environmental professional (PE) for more than 40 years. This is relevant because it has made me uniquely aware of environmental sustainability problems, and as a PE, I have to adhere to rigorous professional and ethical standards.

·       I have studied and applied complementary allopathic and alternative health modalities for more than 20 years. This is relevant because the current crisis involves complex health and health-care issues.

·       I am a member of several of the most restrictive high IQ societies in the world. This is relevant, not because it makes me infallible - it certainly doesn’t - but because it indicates that I am capable of analyzing, understanding and solving complex problems.

·       I have travelled and worked internationally. This is relevant because it gives me unique insights into global environmental health, economic and political issues.

·       Finally, I am a human being, at least as deeply concerned as anyone else, about the future of life on this planet.

Because I have been self-quarantined for the last 26 days, for reasons explained in previous posts, I have been listening to the daily press conferences on the COVID-19 pandemic every day. Yesterday, two of the most highly-qualified doctors on the President’s panel of advisors told the press corps that the data input into the mathematical models being used to describe and predict the course of the pandemic, includes all the deaths of patients who tested positive for the coronavirus as deaths from the COVID-19 virus, regardless of what their state of health was prior to contracting the virus.

I almost immediately had several conflicting thoughts about this: 1) This data input choice means that the models are producing very highly inflated pictures of the nature and future course of the pandemic, because many of the people with pre-existing life-threatening conditions like heart disease and cancer, probably actually died from those diseases rather than the COID-19 virus. 2) this approach might be justified as providing a “worse-case” scenario. 3) If this was the justification for biasing the model so radically in this way, they should have explained that, but they did not. 4) This choice illustrates how mathematical models can be used quite easily to portray disinformation, especially if it is to the political advantage of someone who controls the modeling efforts. Let me explore this a bit farther.

As someone with a lot of mathematical modeling experience, I know that one of the most important steps in the mathematical modeling of complex environmental systems is the careful running of sensitivity analyses. Running sensitivity analyses for each of the input variables is an effective way of determining which of the variables have the most impact on the outcome predicted by the model. To be effective, a model as complex as those being used to model the COCID-19 pandemic, must have as many environmental, medical, logistical, demographic, and detailed patient data-input variables as possible. Every measurable variable that could have an impact needs to be included, and once the model is operational, sensitivity analyses can be performed by making incremental changes in the input data for each variable separately, and seeing how it affects the outcome. Very small changes in some variables may cause large changes in outcome, and large changes in other variables may not cause much change at all in the outcome.

Mathematical modelers should be focused on the construction, accuracy and precision of their models, and should never allow pre-conceived notions or awareness of preferred outcomes to have any influence on the development and application of their models. However, modelers are human beings, and such ideal attitudes and conditions are not always met. Modelers are often influenced by the desires and motives of their employers. The hiring and funding of modelers for industry, university or government projects quite often actually depend on the results of the modeling. A government agency, for example, especially one with political bias - which is often the case - will not use a modeler unless the expected outcome is favorable to their agenda; and if the first results from a model developed by a modeler they’ve hired is not to their liking, future funding of that model will not be forth-coming. Unfortunately, it is sometimes all too easy to tweak a complex model, in ways that are not obvious, to obtain desired outcomes.

The point here is that we should never trust a mathematical model funded by profit-motive industry, a government or group with a political agenda. Such models should be viewed with suspicion and analyzed, re-run and tested by independent modelers with no profit motive or political agenda before we place much confidence in their predictions. Unfortunately, in the case of a publicly declared pandemic like the current one, we do not have that luxury. As I have indicated in previous posts, I see a number of reasons to suspect that the COVID-19 shutdown of Western Civilization may be a deliberate strategy carried out by covert entities for specific economic and political goals. 

My conclusion, after carefully examining all of the available information, is that the COVID-19 crisis is man-made and that it was either created, and/or leveraged, for evil purposes, by evil people. Those people, operating covertly and lying to cover their actions, probably don’t think of themselves as evil, and may even think that they are acting for the greater good of mankind. But the outcome is evil, causing unnecessary death and suffering.

There is ample evidence that there are covert groups, existing both within and outside of the legitimate governments of Western Civilization – many of us have had contact with at least one or two of them - that want to implement a global social organization that will effectively destroy our way of life and restrict freedom of thought and expression of any ideas or ideologies other than those they expound. So, yes, the Devil and evil do exist. They exist in the hearts of those would control and enslave us! But, fortunately, we have the power to prevent them from taking over our world, as long as we don’t succumb to fear, which is their strongest weapon.

Despite their beliefs, they are weak, because they seek to hide the truth and promote evil. They lurk in the shadows; we rejoice in the light of the glory of God! We are the strong ones because our focus is on realizing the glory of God. Our strongest weapons are the freedoms to worship God in any way we please and to openly speak our minds. Their schemes to control us through hate and fear will fail. Our love of life, freedom and Spirit will prevail. This dark shadow of global pandemic will pass, truth will out, and the God-given opportunity to love, live, and openly pursue the happiness our hearts’ desire, will return. This is certain. Our prayer should be that it happens sooner, rather than later, to avoid more unnecessary human suffering.

ERC 4/9/2020

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  1. One of the problems I have with the reporting of the COVID numbers is that they are reporting actual numbers, but if you looked at the numbers per capita, you would see that the US does not have the most cases per capita. Also, the media seems to only be focused on the deaths, but if you look at the percentages, the world wide death percentage is around 3%. This means that world wide, people have at least a 97% chance of surviving this virus. I of course dont want to seem callous, but at what point do you draw the line? How many more people will die or suffer extreme hardship due to the governmental shut downs that have occurred world wide than have succumb to the virus itself? The main stream media seems to do nothing but spread fear. The media is controlling people with fear and feeding the public their own spin on the virus. People need to learn to think for themselves. But this situation has just proven how easily mankind can be manipulated with fear.