Tuesday, April 14, 2020


© 2020 Edward R Close

Sleep has not touched my eyes, ever since I saw you!” The mystic’s expression says so much with so few words! That’s why, to most, it doesn’t appear to be a statement of fact; it sounds more like poetry, or song. If we try to analyze it, it will make no sense. But it’s not meant to be analyzed, it’s meant to be sung; and when you understand it, you will sing. You will have no choice. Your heart once awake to the pure ecstasy of knowing the true nature of Reality, nothing but an expression of God’s love, will burst forth in endless song.

There are glimpses of this Eternal Song in any good song or poem, in any moment when one feels the ever-flowing sweet joy of Life. They are glimpses of God, brief moments of wakefulness, momentary freedom from the deep sleep of ordinary life. Like flashes of sunlight through fleeting holes in a blanket of wind-blown, low-lying clouds. But awakening to the Song Eternal is like seeing the sun from a point far above the grey clouds of mist swirling around the earth: The awakened Soul is at last continually bathed in the Light of God’s Love!

“Love is blind!” Cry those who are outside love’s glow; because a soul in love is oblivious to physical flaws the object of their adoration may have, flaws so apparent to everyone else! But the exact opposite is the truth: It is the critics who are blind; blind to the glory of true love because the swirling mists of earth have clouded their vision.

Dedicated to Grig Oprea, and Lovers everywhere

The experience of Love is beyond all words and symbols, but for you, my beloved, this must be said: Through our mutual love, free and natural, the clouds of doubt can be dissolved forever, and sleep will never again touch our eyes!

Love does not depend on things of earth,
Its depth transcends both death and birth
It is there, quite plain for all to see,
It is God’s free gift to you and me.

The clouds that wander thru the sky
Are never born, and they do not die,
They’re drops of mists, like you and me,
They must merge and fall into the sea.

So it is with us, you see,
While on the earth we seem to plod,
The song we sing is free,
As we merge into the mind of God!

The secrets of this universe,
Hidden in the quarks and stars above,
Are revealed as we immerse,
In the eternal music of God’s Love.

ERC 4/14/2020


  1. Thank you, dear Dr. Close! It's a privilege to know you. And knowing you means loving you. I hope to see you soon again.

  2. Thank you for commenting, my love. This post was for you. Your love is a bright light to the world! See you soon!