Saturday, April 4, 2020



I am not a political activist. And I try to be apolitical in my posts. I am, however, on the other hand, a passionate activist for the advancement of a spiritual consciousness based search for truth. My intent in this post is not to accuse anyone or any enemy of complicity in the coronavirus crisis, or tell anyone how to vote. It is an attempt to raise some reasonable questions and to get people to think about how their own thoughts and attitudes may affect the future. My concern is that complacency may cause many of us to slip into the role of victimhood under the government mandated control of our lives during this crisis, and feel that we are powerless to shape our own future. It is my hope that, by exploring plausible causes and outcomes of the current pandemic, I can arouse some critical thinking.

Ask yourself if you think the spread of the strain of coronavirus that has resulted in the shut-down of normal human activity virtually world-wide, and destroyed the most robust US economy in history, was an accident?  One would hope so. But it is a uniquely American delusion to assume that everyone in the world thinks the way we do, and that given the chance, everyone would choose to live the way we like to pretend we do. We like to pretend that we live in a country with a government of dedicated, selfless people chosen by a well-informed citizenry, acting for the good of the people. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. We live in a country governed by greedy, power-hungry politicians who routinely manipulate public education and the public media in order to control public opinion and gain and maintain power; and not everyone in the world wants to live the way we do. In fact, if history has taught us anything, it is that there are always ideologies and people in other parts of the world who seek world dominance, and would happily kill as many of us as they possibly could in order to achieve the goal of world domination.

We know that the coronavirus was being bioengineered in China, and it may have been deliberately released by the Chinese Communist Government. Why would they do that? Consider the following: They saw that the US was bitterly divided and vulnerable during the impeachment proceedings. The pandemic may actually be the result of an act of biological warfare deliberately launched to destroy the US and world economy, giving the Chinese Communist regime the best opportunity they’ve ever had to literally take control of the world without firing a shot. Because Communist regimes do not place value on individual life the way we do in the West, they would gladly sacrifice a few hundred thousand Chinese citizens to achieve their goal of global dominance. It would even help reduce their population growth rate problem!

In the 1950s the Chinese government realized that their rapid population growth was soon going to exceed their available resources. They instituted forced birth-rate control, but they soon realized that that wasn’t going to solve the problem, so they developed a long-range plan that included making use of their growing population to provide cheap labor that would allow them to take over the production and distribution of things wanted and needed by the affluent and complacent citizens of the West, including pharmaceutical drugs. Before Donald Trump was elected President of the US, the Chinese Communists were enjoying an accelerating movement toward global economic dominance, which has been their stated goal since the 1960s.

Both mainstream US political parties played right into their hands by allowing creeping socialism to slowly cripple our government and military forces, and by pushing for globalism and the suppression of national pride. When Donald Trump was elected President of the US and began to reverse the trends that were bringing the Communist goal of dominance into view, they hoped that it was just a bump in the road, and that, because they had already achieved considerable dominance of the world market under the increasingly liberal policies of several previous US administrations, they could ride this reversal out, especially because the Democrats were busy impeaching. But as Trump’s popularity began to rise in spite of the impeachment, and the Democrats were weakened by exposure of their obviously underhanded partisan tactics, the Communist regime leaders realized that their goal of world dominance was in jeopardy, and that they may have to have a plan B.

Their plan B may well have been to release the virus in China; and they actually dispersed half a million infected citizens from the city where the virus was released, ensuring the rapid spread of infection, and then began an energetic propaganda program of misinformation to keep their own people in the dark, and hide their actions from the rest of the world. It appears that after they were sure that the contagious epidemic was impacting the intended target and crippling Western economy, they instituted stringent actions to mitigate the epidemic within China. Their misinformation machine, aided by Communist party representatives in the UN, the left wing of the US Democrat party and willing leftist US news organizations, was designed to shift the perceived blame for the pandemic from China to the US. Lulled into complacency by the opulence created by free-market capitalism, many Americans are gullible enough to be fooled by this, especially if they forget that one of the most basic principles of Communism is “The ends justify the means.” The loss of even a few million people worldwide is simply unavoidable collateral damage to dedicated communists, and a small price to pay if it allows them to attain their goal of world domination. Is this just another conspiracy theory? I’ll let you decide.

Are the Chinese Communists behind this - they are certainly capable of it - or is it someone else? Perhaps proponents of “the new world order”. It really makes no difference. If Americans think the inconvenience of stay-at-home and social distancing policies created by this man-made Frankenstein monster virus is rough, wait until a totalitarian governmental organization takes over as a global government. Expect a tidal wave of globalized citizens “peacefully” invading the West to take advantage of the opportunity to occupy rural areas of the Americas and ease the population pressures of the rest of the world. The tolerant liberals, especially the intellectuals, who willingly helped weaken Western capitalism and patriotism, will be the first to be rounded up and incarcerated and/or executed. That is almost certain to happen if there is a global take-over; we’ve seen it happen many times before in the history of our world, in every totalitarian revolution! Is this scenario inevitable? No, I don’t think so, but it definitely could happen if the people of Western civilization don’t wake up.

What can we do to avoid a totalitarian take-over, and a Biblical “invasion by hoards from another world”? We need to realize that while religious and philosophical tolerance is generally a good thing, it cannot be extended to political ideologies whose stated goal is to destroy us and our way of life. To be that tolerant is tantamount to suicide. In every instance where a free country has been taken over and controlled by a totalitarian ideology, whether it was the national socialism of NAZI Germany, Russian Socialism, Cuban, Venezuelan, or Chinese Communism, individual freedom has been curtailed, including the freedom to practice any form of religion other than that approved by the government. When the totalitarian ideology has as its metaphysical basis Marxist dialectic materialism, the state religion is atheism, and people who believe that there is an intelligence or a power higher than the government are summarily imprisoned and/or executed.

In our current situation, it is my opinion that the crises is very likely man-made, and is open to orchestration by covert totalitarian political entities, whether they created the crisis or not, to cease upon the opportunity to take-over the US and gain world dominance. It makes no difference whether or not what I’ve just described  is true, or, if true, who the covert political entity may be. It is a real and present danger! We should demand that the politicians on both sides of the political spectrum stop fighting with each other and realize that the real danger to Western Civilization is not the Coronavirus, global warming, universal healthcare, or any other politically motivated crisis. Free nations will find ways to survive such challenges. The real and immediate danger, a threat to our faith, lifestyle, and possibly even our lives and that of our children and grandchildren, is the possible take-over of the world by a totalitarian government. And that can only happen if we remain spiritually asleep and intellectually complacent. It is my hope that a significant portion of us will see this pandemic for what it is: a wake-up call. The future of the world is, to a large extent, shaped by public opinion. So, in a very real sense, right now, during this crisis, perhaps more so than any time in the history of our world, the future is in our hands. It is my opinion that we cannot allow a future without the God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, to happen. We cannot let the sweat, blood and tears of our ancestors to be shed in vain.  It is simply unacceptable!



  2. Eddy, I find it interesting that we share many of the same theories and ideas on the virus. I am happy to have stumbled upon your blog.

  3. By the way, we are cousins. My dad was your Uncle Jesse. Your mom, Bernice was my Aunt.

    1. Yes! Hi Cecile, I remember you very well. My wife and I visited Uncle Jesse and Aunt Bernice when you were just a little girl. I will send you a message on your FB page in case you don't see this.

    2. Dear Ed, we know each other via YLEO and Facebook. I have read your very well written article (treatise) on the motive of world domination behind the Covid-19 crisis. Having done considerable study regarding the subject, however, I have to take exception to your implying that China is/was 1) the source of virus, and 2) the assumption, therefore, of a takeover of the U.S. by the Chinese Communist Government. I am in no way absolving the Chinese of participating in the development of chemical and biological bioweapons, of which the corona virus is but one. But we must look more broadly at the historical use of such weapons. I do agree that attempts to subdue, control and even eliminate/exterminate populations is on the agenda of dark hearts that would use such weapons, but their use is not confined to borders nor to governments. In my lifetime, I have been aware of the use of mustard gas, Agent Orange, HIV-AIDS, Sarin Gas, Anthrax to name a few, all of which have roots in biolabs in the U.S., Canada, China, Russia, England, Iran, and elsewhere. I suggest the work of investigative journalist, George Webb on YouTube. George is tracking the movements of Covid-19 from labs around the world. Additionally, Clif High, has mapped the details of the virus itself, making cogent suggestions as to how to approach treatment. Blessings and peace.