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I would like to say that the theme of this post, this blog and, even my life, is that the Story always goes on. The Story of Reality continues forever. Reality (or God  if you need to give it a name) is infinite. There is no beginning and no end. Beginnings and endings are nothing but finite human interpretations of change. Finite physical reality attests to this fact. The law of the conservation of mass and energy is the bedrock of physical empiricism, confirmed in every experiment ever documented. Now, the primary calculus of quantum reality, the Calculus of Dimensional Distinctions, the foundation of TDVP, has proved that this fundamental law of physics extends to consciousness. You are an immortal spiritual being. We all are. Some of us just haven’t awakened to that fact yet.

I am physically, mentally and spiritually blessed in that I am awake to the infinity of Reality. I have never been more aware of the infinity of Reality than during this transition period of my life. When my beloved wife and partner of more than 40 years, ascended into the realm of pure spirit December 15, 2018, an important chapter of my story was over. My finite mind said: “That’s it. My life is over. I’m finished.” But Jacqui called out to me from the spiritual side of Reality and said: “No! You must carry on the work we started. I have committed to helping you carry out the goal entrusted to you by our spiritual guides, and I’ll not stop now, just because I died!” (Details of the double-blind experiment proving that Jacqui is still a conscious functioning entity is documented in a manuscript titled Survival, to be published soon.)

Jacqui, who was very psychic from birth, was aware of our spiritual mission in this life before I was. Those who have read Secrets of the Sacred Cube, A Cosmic Love Story, have information about some of her prophetic dreams and visions. In 2012, when she experienced acute kidney failure, Jacqui told me that she would not live many more years, and that a younger person, a woman, would come forth to help, and that she would amplify our message of love and hope to a world sorely in need of spiritual rebirth. Before Jacqui left the physical body for the last time in this life, in December 2018, that woman had already read most of my blog posts, and exactly three months after Jacqui was ushered into Heaven by our Spiritual Guides, I received an email from Europe, that read in part:

Dear Dr. Close,  I am really aware of the special and difficult time you have just now. I know you are grieving. And you have the responsibility for Maximus. I don’t know if a trip to Europe would be a good idea or not. If not, please forgive me for my egoist proposal, wishing to have you here, in Vienna. 
All the best to you, your projects and Maximus!

(Maximus is the puppy (a Great Dane) who Jacqui wanted me to have as a companion after her departure.)

So, the opportunity arose for me to go to Europe to speak about TDVP, and, perhaps, to meet the woman  Jacqui had predicted. My friend and research partner, Vernon, (Dr. Vernon Neppe) was, and is, a tireless promoter of our Reality model, so he was open to the proposal, and began at once to work to make it happen.

While planning the trip, the date for our first European conferences changed, and the location shifted from Austria to Romania for practical reasons. But, as time passed, I began to have some premonitions of danger. There were red flags during my meditations, warning me that there was a real potential for disaster related to this trip. As the departure date (February 27, 2020) approached, there were reports about the coronavirus outbreak in China, but there was no reports of cases in Romania, and no restrictions on travel. My age (I was born in 1936) technically placed me in the highest-risk age group. 

But, I reasoned: I am healthy. I have no underlying disease compromising my immune system, and I take food supplements with anti-viral essential oils every day. Nevertheless, I decided to have a complete physical, with blood and urine tests, cardio-stress test, etc. just to be sure. This would be my first trip involving an international flight since 2013, and I knew that it was potentially a stressful trip.

During the last leg of the flight, I worried about the proper way to greet my host, who I knew would be meeting me in the airport in Bucharest. A business-like handshake? A kiss on the back of her hand? A kiss on the cheek? When we actually met, there was no awkwardness. We instinctively embraced in a completely natural way. It was as if we had known each other forever! Not only that, when our eyes met, there was a deep connection, a wordless communication even, an energetic exchange from heart to heart! We couldn’t get enough of each other. After a few days, anyone with eyes to see, could see that we were in love!

I had originally planned to go to Israel for a week, and to Egypt for a week on my way home after the conferences, but with the premonitions of danger and the need for me to be back in Missouri to attend to details of the move from my home of 28 years to the new home being built in the Ozarks, I cancelled the Middle East part of the return trip. This freed up three days that I could spend in Romania. My new-found love and I were able to spend three wonderful days together.

On the return trip to the US, I spent 12 hours in close contact with people fleeing Europe, Asia and the Middle East, hoping to get into the United States before the travel ban. That 12 hours included standing in long lines in Istanbul Turkey, being packed into an over-booked Boeing 777 with hundreds of anxious people: individuals, families, parents, grandparents, children, and crying babies, coughing, sneezing and sweating, desperate to get to the relative safety of the United States. So, with the completion of my 14-day coronavirus quarantine, my life has been utterly transformed from stress, grief, sadness, and more stress, to the continuation of a joyful life with fulfillment, love. And happy anticipation of the future. Friends around the world who have heard about my new embracing of life, have sent inspiring messages of love and approval. This wonderful transformation in consciousness leads me to want to make the following observations:

Life is a spiritual journey. The ups and downs, however great, small, uplifting, disappointing, easy, challenging, rewarding, tedious, or painful, are all opportunities for spiritual growth, and they are the necessary steps in everyone’s journey to the attainment of eternal bliss, found only in ecstatic union with Reality. There are no absolute beginnings or ends, only change. Real love is unconditional, and those who love you will always rejoice in your success and happiness. To maximize the enjoyment of life, I suggest that whatever life brings, never react out of fear. Charge ahead at every opportunity to embrace life and live it with all the enthusiasm you can muster. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude, and live with the expectation that something wonderful is about to happen at any minute. If you do this, you will not be disappointed.

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