Sunday, June 24, 2018


I believe we are at the point in human history where science and spirituality must be integrated if we are to survive as a species. 

Science based on materialism, the metaphysical belief that reality is nothing more than matter and energy interacting in space and time, is not capable of saving us from destroying ourselves. In fact, it increases the probability that we will. Mainstream science today is not equipped to investigate the deeper questions that need to be answered concerning the meaning and purpose of life, consciousness and spiritual experiences. It can, however, be augmented and expanded to include mind, consciousness and spirituality as part of the legitimate jurisdiction of scientific investigation. And it is critical that this is done soon.

The first step toward integrating science and spirituality is the rejection of the idea, still strongly held in mainstream science today, that science must be limited to the investigation of physical phenomena. This attitude is a relic of the past, a dark time when scientists were struggling to establish a rational approach to the study of the nature of reality. To survive and promote scientific inquiry, they had to avoid being labeled as practitioners of witchcraft and stay on the good side of organized religious authorities, who were torturing and executing heretics i.e., anyone who dared disagree with their dogma.

Ironically, the next step toward the integration of science and spirituality came from a deep study of physics, the very most basic physicalist approach to  science, the study of matter, energy, space, and time. It was the discovery of a non-physical feature of subatomic reality acting as an organizer at the level of quarks that opened the door through which science may escape the dead end of materialism.

This volumetric organizer we call gimmel proved to be mathematically necessary for the combination of up-quarks and down-quarks to form stable atomic and subatomic structures that make up the building blocks of the physical universe. Without gimmel, no stable life-supporting atoms and molecules could form. Even if, after the big bang, a stable particle formed as a random event, without gimmel, it would quickly decay back to the entropy of the randomness of debris flying away from an explosion.

The discovery of the existence of gimmel, and the way it relates to the mass, energy and the dynamics of the physical universe, working with Dr. Vernon Neppe in 2011, allowed me to put consciousness into the equations of the laws of physics, something I had been trying to find a way to do for more than 30 years. One of the first mathematical clues I found was published in an appendix of my first book, the Book of Atma, published in 1977, which was a book primarily about spiritual evolution.
I explored the clues further in my second book, Infinite Continuity a theory integrating Relativity and Quantum Physics, published in 1990, and I introduced the concept of the necessary existence of a non-physical receptor in the brain in a poster presentation called the Case for a Non-Quantum Receptor at Tucson II, toward a science of Consciousness, in 1996. This theme was developed further in my second book, Transcendental Physics, first published in 1997, and re-released in 2000. Eight years later, Dr. Vernon Neppe and I began working together, combining his ideas about vortices as the basis of physical structure at all levels of the physical universe with my transcendental physics to produce the Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm (TDVP). Our research has resulted in the publication of a major book: Reality Begins with Consciousness in 2011, and a number of articles and papers since.

The point of this post is that now, with the discovery of gimmel, a non-physical aspect of reality, we are at last on the threshold of a new post-materialist science that expands the scope of rational science to include the study of consciousness, mind and spirit in the same logical framework in all of the different fields of science and technology. As new exciting discoveries have surfaced over the past 10 years from the application of TDVP and the quantum mathematics I developed from G. Spencer Brown’s Laws of Form in 1986, a system of mathematics I call the Calculus of Distinctions, more proof of the validity of this approach, in the form of explanations of the paradoxes of the current theory, and correlation with empirical evidence is being revealed almost daily.
Discovery of the real existence of a non-physical substance that shapes the nature of physical reality expands the ontology of reality to include consciousness, and eliminates materialism as a viable metaphysical basis of epistemology. When this discovery filters down to the average person, as it will when practical applications of the new paradigm become well known, the trend toward chaos, fueled by the frustration and ultimate disillusion of materialism will be reversed as science reveals the meaning and purpose of human existence.

If anyone reading this can offer any assistance in the dissemination of this work heralding a major paradigm shift with a real breakthrough integrating science and spirituality, please contact me on Facebook Messenger, Dr. Neppe at, or the Academy for the Advancement of Postmaterialist Sciences at I believe that getting this new science going beyond materialism is urgent.

Edward R. Close June 24, 2018


  1. Obeying Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, a “bubble of high-energy ‘false vacuum’ with repulsive gravity decayed into a zero-energy ‘ordinary’ vacuum releasing the energy as heat and matter.Was gimmel the mysterious observer to break supersymmetric nothingness into mass-energy and physical laws?

    1. Gimmel is the agent of the Pimary Observer in 3S-1t. Its mass-less, energy-less presense imposes a finite symmetry creating the neutron and the deuterium atom, and thus all of the life-supporting elements of the periodic table.