Saturday, June 9, 2018



Suddenly awake, I see soft light,

Billowing like an angel’s wings,

Unfolding now, within my sight.

Breath stops; and my heart sings.

I see the form of God’s White Dove

Descend, oh so softly, from above,

Two eyes become a single one,

Shining brighter than the sun,

Completely filling all I see,

As I expand away from me:

Soaring out through time and space,

I’m free, free, at last, to run the race

Across the universe of galaxies and quantum foam,

Bound for long eternities, I’m finally coming home,

Drawn in by the guiding light of the Holy Spirit’s Dove,

Into the joyful Realm of Peace, and God’s Eternal Love!

ERC 05/08/2018

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