Monday, April 11, 2016


There’s a great deal of interest in the End of Days prophecies now, and we have more than ever before, conditions indicating the approach of the end times events predicted in the Bible.  Interest or belief in Biblical prophecy suggests that certain things are actually predestined. So I posted a survey to see what those following my posts think about how much of our future is predestined and how much free will we have. Here are the results to date. All respondents agreed that some things are predictable with near complete certainty, but differed widely on the other questions.

1. Incompleteness and quantum uncertainty reduce scientific laws to statistics, and calculations of future events to probabilistic estimates 75% T, 25% F, 0% ? (Don’t Know)

2. Some things are predictable with almost complete certainty 100% T

3. What I believe affects physical reality 88% T, 12% F, 0% ?

4. Reality consists of much more than the physical universe 76% T, 12%, F, 12% ?

5. Reality is created by the accumulative effect of what everyone believes 75% T, 25% F, 0% ?

6. Time is an illusion 50% T, 38% F, 12% ?

7. What percentage of the events of life are predetermined by circumstances beyond our control?

Average:  89.5% Range: 50% to 100%

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