Saturday, May 2, 2020



People are tired of hearing endless analyses of the evil they are experiencing every day. So I will move on. Let’s talk about Life. I hear someone say: Boring! We all experience life every day. But do we really? Or do we just go through the motions of living, on auto pilot until we are eventually faced with the reality of our own death? Somehow, we don’t seem to realize that birth, life and death are all part of the same thing. Is the experience of birth is deliberately forgotten because it was awful, with traumatic pain and suffering, and is death feared because we think it will also be an awful experience of traumatic pain and suffering?

What if we could become a dispassionate witness, watching the whole process, without being emotionally identified with the physical form, which we imagine to be experiencing severe pain and awful fear of what may happen next? What would we learn? I have come to believe that we would learn that we are not just the physical bodies that we currently identify as ourselves. I think we would come to realize that we are actually immortal spiritual beings that happen to be inhabiting physical bodies for a brief time on this planet. And we might even learn why this is happening to us, and what the purpose of the whole process may be. If I am right, then our fear and worry about death and dying is a waste of time. There is no reason to fear death and the pain we associate with it. They are just part of the whole process of spiritual evolution.

So, let’s get on with life. No one, not even the rich and powerful, or the government, have the right, or the power to bully us into submission, unless we give it to them. We are Children of the Most-High, the Primary form of Consciousness, and responsible for our own fate. So let’s get on with it!

ERC 5/2/2020


  1. Well said! Ishvara looks after us, the Supreme Spirit, Para-Purusha, and we are one with him in spirit. I like your analysis of atomic stability, organic life and conscious awareness as the intent of reality. As George Spencer Brown said, the universe must always seem to us to be playing a kind of hide and seek with itself. Play on! Let our hearts mingle in peace and understanding.