Friday, May 29, 2020


I don’t usually post on this blog unless I think I have something to say that I think may be of general interest. Since returning from Eastern Europe in mid-March, the task of moving from my home of nearly 30 years, out into the Ozarks and working on some short presentations about the immortality of the soul for Grig Oprea of Ars Moriendi, have kept me pretty busy. But when I sent presentation number 14 to her yesterday, Grig, saying that she wants me to stay healthy, suggested that I should take a vacation. I am now living on the edge of the beautiful Ozarks area that has been my favorite vacation spot, my recharge area for many years, and all I have to do now is step outside, and I’m on vacation! I feel so blessed!

I cannot think about how blessed I am without being eternally grateful to Jacqui, the love of my life for more than 43 years. In so many ways, she made who I am now possible! As some of you may know, she let me know, with clarity and certainty, after she left this earthly stage a year and one half ago, that she is still conscious. I am working toward getting a small book, simply called “Survival!” published soon. It contains the details of the double-blind experiment set up by Dr. Gary Schwartz of the University of Arizona, during which Jacqui proved that she still exists. This may be the most definitive scientific documentation of the survival of the consciousness of a departed soul yet produced. I think it will give many doubters the evidence they need!

I have written about memories of past lives recalled by Jacqui an me in books and papers, and for those who don’t think that reincarnation is Christian, please read Secrets of the Sacred Cube, by Jacqui and me. Jesus taught about reincarnation, and it was removed from the scriptures by a Roman Emperor, not by spiritual Christians.

So, what is the secret of immortality? Live life as if you knew you are immortal, - because you are! You are your immortal soul, not the body that you now inhabit. That is not to belittle the importance of your bodily existence. This life is a gift from God, meant to give you an opportunity to learn and grow spirituality. Without an awareness of the reality of that opportunity, life is meaningless: “Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”! With that realization, life is wonderful.

One more thing: Love is the most real of all real things! If you love someone, and are loved in return, you are blessed. Love makes life worth living. It is such a blessing because it is a foreshadowing of God’s Love. To love someone unconditionally, body, mind and soul, and have the same unconditional love returned, raises your vibrational energy above that of this earth. It is preparation for what is to come: the ecstasy of Cosmic Consciousness. True Love allows you to live life as if something miraculous is about to happen every moment, - because it is! True Love is the sweet nectar of life, reflecting God’s eternal Love. I have been blessed to have that kind of love more than once in this life.

So, the secrets of immortality are open secrets, hidden in plain sight! All you have to do is open your heart to giving and receiving love. Then, every leaf, every blossom, every cloud frolicking across the blue, is filled with wonder. You behold God’s presence smiling at you from every rose, every daisy, and every daffodil. Identify yourself with that Love, not the frail, ephemeral vehicle of muscle, blood and bone that is your temporary covering in this life. But don’t denigrate God’s gift to you of a wonderful, beautifully functional body, honor the earthly vehicle of spirit that some think of as you, renovate it, clean it out of the dust and cobwebs of negativity, shame and doubt, use it as a Holy Temple. Dedicate it to the Loving Source of Reality. Light a candle of reverence to the Spirit that inhabits it, and live life to its fullest. This is the message from Grig Oprea and me on this beautiful day of our Lord, May 29, 2020,