Monday, October 23, 2017


Picture taken about 2005 or 2006

Marble Hill, 2008

2008: Singing a Christmas Cantata with the Bollinger County Community Choir, directed by Mrs. Lee Stewart. Jacqui is in the front row, on the right end, and I’m on the right end in the back row. That’s Dr. David Stewart second on my right.

2010: With Cherie Ross, in make-up for the second day of filming in Egypt of the Young Living documentary film the Frankincense Trail.

With my trusty camel, I was the Physician/Priest in the Frankincense Trail Caravan in the Ancient City of Petra, Southern Jordan, 2010.  

Jacqui in Brisbane, October, 2011

2011: Here we are in the sky-lift up into the Rain forest near Cairns Australia in 2011, a few days after we had been guest speakers at a Young Living Regional Convention in Brisbane. Below: Feeding a wallaby kangaroo. 

2011: Living in Tucson Arizona.

2011- 2012: A tree fell on our house in Missouri. The Pythagorean Conference was cancelled five days before opening date, and on Black Friday, November 26, 2012, Jacqui had acute kidney failure. I almost lost her. She was in St. Joseph's Hospital in Tucson for 11 days, and we had to move back to Missouri. She has been on dialysis ever since. But life goes on; it's not about waiting for the storm to stop, it's about learning to dance in the rain!

2013: At the International Conference on Science and Spirituality, Puebla Mexico with Drs. Neppe, Sagi and Lazlo.

Young Living Convention 2014, we achieve the rank of Gold!

Here I am, October 23, 2017, just a few minutes ago, I'll have a haircut and beard trim tomorrow, and I may still look like the 2007 picture! Or maybe not!

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  1. You guys are having a great time I think and are learning a lot about history through this. Thanks for sharing the expirience you guys are having through your blog.