Friday, July 14, 2017


Consciousness and awareness. Do not confuse “awareness” with “consciousness” They are not the same thing. Awareness is variable, it can change. There are an infinity of levels of awareness. You can be acutely aware of something like excruciating pain, and totally unaware of nearly everything else. Awareness is conditional. Consciousness is absolute. Consciousness is the primary form of reality. Awareness is secondary and fleeting.

Recently, I heard a scientist saying: “We are searching for the ‘source’ of consciousness in the human brain.” Searching for the source of consciousness in the human brain is like searching for the source of happiness in the muscles of a smiling face. You will not find it there. Consciousness has no source. It is the source, the source of all things. The brain is merely a receiver.

Rene Descartes famously said: “I think, therefore I am.” Was he implying that thinking is consciousness? If he was, then he was wrong. Literally, “I think, therefore I am” equates thinking with being. Does that mean that thought is the source of being? I don’t think Descartes thought this through very well. And yet much of modern science is based on Descartes’ thinking.  If thinking ceases completely, being does not go away. Thinking is not the source of being, any more than the brain is the source of consciousness. Consciousness has no source, it is the source. Primary Consciousness has no beginning and no end; and neither do you!

Expand your consciousness today. You are surrounded by life and beauty!  Be aware of everything around you, then expand that awareness to include the earth, the sky, and the cosmos. Don’t limit your awareness to what is going on in your head, or in your immediate surroundings. Go beyond awareness, become Consciousness itself. 

ERC 7/14/17


  1. 'Consciousness is absolute', suggesting it is 'unconditional'. However, Ed, IMMIO, by making anything 'unconditional', it has effectively'conditioned' it, and this is something that cannot be imposed on the Ultimate Force, my Deity.

    1. Brian, we usually agreeon most things, and here we have semantics raising a bogus difference, in my opinion. Calling the source of all being "the Ultimate Force" or "Primary Consciousness" limits what we are trying to convey because words are finite. You cannot describe the Infinite with finite words. This is a basic problem for anyone who has been touched by the Infinite and trying to convey the experience to others in words.

    2. As recently expanded on on your Facebook site, Ed, I repeat here what seems to have satisfied both of us: Okay, Ed - I'll accept it as 'infinitely indescribable', like the Soul! I'm sure the Ultimate Force will understand our problem. IJN!

      Can there now be some meaningful resolution to matters outstanding on your 'messenger site? For background information, Ed, all such recent 'messages' to you, Vernon and Jermey have all met with stony silence - Most frustrating!