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One of the most influential philosophers of the past 200 years, Ludwig Wittgenstein said: “Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must remain silent.” This bit of wisdom reflects the fact that we are verbal beings. If we know something, we must be able to describe it verbally. If we cannot, then we don’t really don’t know it, or if we do, it doesn’t matter, because we can’t pass that knowledge on in verbal or written form to anyone else. And as my High School counselor told me when she saw that my score was at the upper limit of the range of the standard IQ test: “You may become the greatest scientist ever, but if you can’t communicate what you know, it’s worthless!”

The greatest myth of modern science is the self-serving exaggeration that we know a lot about the nature of reality. Mainstream scientists would have you believe that we know just about all there is to know. The famous modern physicist Stephen Hawking announced in his book “a Brief History of Time” published in 1998, that we would have the “Theory of Everything” Einstein dreamed of by the year 2000. Of course that didn’t happen. The fact is that, even if it had happened, Hawking’s imagined ‘Theory of Everything’ the theory dreamed of by every theoretical physicist, would not be an actual theory of everything, because it would not include consciousness.

The fact is, current mainstream science has only scratched the surface of reality. There is far more of reality that modern science knows nothing about than anything even imagined in Hawking’s ‘theory of everything’.  You can’t have a theory of everything if you doggedly exclude a major part of Reality from your theory. For many years I have insisted that the dream of a theory of everything is never going to be realized until we find a way to put consciousness into the equations of science. In this world of human experience, we will never truly understand the Nature of Reality until our searches for scientific and spiritual knowledge are merged into one serious, combined effort. Once this happens on a global scale, humanity will experience an explosion of new knowledge and understanding far beyond anything experienced so far in the current era of recorded history. That time is here. With the discovery of the third form of the substance of reality (see the posts on TRUE units and gimmel) we can now begin to investigate all of the reality experienced by human beings, not just the tip of the iceberg addressed by current mainstream science.

Modern science has ignored the elephant in the room for more than forty years. In the early 1970s, Vera Rubin, a brilliant woman astronomer, found clear evidence for what is now called “dark matter’. It turns out that almost 95% of the universe is neither mass nor energy as we know it, it is made up of something mainstream science knows nothing about. In 2012, Dr. Neppe and I discovered that there is a third form of the substance of reality that is neither mass nor energy, existing in the heart of every atom.

Many brilliant people, considered to be ignorant, ordinary lay-persons by mainstream science, have known intuitively for a long time that the spiritual part of reality is far greater and more important than the part that can be weighed and measured. Many have even experienced it directly, but their experiences are considered to be fantasy and/or hallucination by mainstream science. That is about to change, because we now know, and can prove, that the physical universe is truly only the tip of the iceberg of the Magnificent Reality we experience. Explore the posts below and archived on this site to see that proof.

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