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I’ve written about the LHC in several of my posts on this Transcendental Physics blog, and you can find my comments in a number of posts by looking for LHC, Large Hadron Collider, Collider, Cyclotron, etc. in the post labels. Information is also to be found in work I’ve done with Dr. Vernon Neppe in publications available on

While I am critical of the hype put out by particle physicists claiming that they are creating conditions the big bang theorists hypothesize for the beginning of the universe, our research into the history of the universe has been made easier by the data the LHC and other particle colliders have generated. Statements about 'creating conditions prevailing in the early universe' and the importance of detecting the Higgs Boson are greatly exaggerated in order to get funding. Of course, some particle physicists may even believe this hype. Particle physicists appear to be making the logical error of thinking that they can fully understand a complex object by blowing it apart and looking at the pieces. In fact, the whole is always more than the sum of the prats. This is especially true in regard to quantum physics.

Concerning effects of the LHC on the environment, fortunately, the effects of the operation of the collider on the planet are not as serious or far-reaching as you might think, - at least not yet – for the following reasons: 
1.) Contrary to popular hype, the LHC does NOT create the conditions existing at the beginning of the universe, whatever the big bang theory projects that to be. The extreme conditions of high-energy particle-collision velocity and temperature the LHC creates exist only in very minute volumes relative to the size of an atom, -let alone the size of the planet- and they exist only for nano-secconds. 2.) In contrast with the early atom smashers, and atomic bomb tests, the LHC has a lot of very sophisticated shielding and protection built in to protect the technicians working there and people living in the area surrounding the LHC near Gneva Switzerland.

Particle physicists, through little fault of their own, have tunnel vision (pun intended). Once we get away from the simplistic reductionist idea that we can learn all there is to know about sub-atomic reality by studying the pieces flying away from a particle collision, and combine the microcosmic with the macrocosm of the observable universe, we begin to see a more cohesive picture: Unknown to particle physicists, we (Neppe & Close) have proved conclusively that there could be no physical universe without the influence of the third form of reality, the part of reality that is not directly measurable as mass or energy. This is absolutely and irrefutably proved by application of mathematical and hyper-geometric dimensional logic to quantum mechanical experimental results and LHC particle collision data. Furthermore, there is strong evidence that the third form of reality is related to dark matter/dark energy. Not only that, the only available candidate that can be identified as the third form of reality is consciousness.

It is also now very clear that the third form of reality is a manifestation of a primary form of consciousness that has necessarily existed from the beginning, and even before any beginning we can identify by inductive and deductive reasoning from the current state of the physical universe. 

I propose that this Primary Consciousness is none other than that which the Spiritual Masters of all times have called God, the Infinite Intelligence underlying reality and connecting the individualized consciousness of every living being.

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