Sunday, June 21, 2020


We are living at an extremely exciting time! Science is finally beginning to escape the confining box of materialism! Check out the work of Dr. Gary Schwartz of the university of Arizona and the founding members of the Academy for the Advancement of Postmaterialist Sciences. Their work is amplified with my quantum calculus, the Neppe-Close consciousness-based paradigm shift TDVP, and the discovery of Gimmel, the non-physical part of reality. If this isn’t exciting, then you haven’t yet understood what is happening. It is the advent of a major scientific paradigm shift!

According to the current scientific paradigm, life is nothing more than an accident resulting from a big explosion that happened about 13.8 billion years ago - an epiphenomenon of physical evolution. From a purely intellectual point of view, it would be nice if that were true. It would make things really simple: You are born, you struggle through the pleasures and pains of life, you die. End of story. That way, it would make little or no difference what you did or didn’t do during your individual lifetime. Your life, pleasures and pains, accomplishments and failures, good fortune and bad, triumphs, and defeats would all be, as Bertrand Russell famously said, doomed to disappear in the great heat death of the universe. But, of course, it really isn’t that simple.

Let’s look a little more closely at the origin of Russell’s statement. It is based on the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which was just being formulated as the basis of scientific materialism during his lifetime.  It says: “Every process occurring in nature proceeds in the sense in which the sum of the entropies of all bodies taking part in the process is increased. In the limit, i.e. for reversible processes, the sum of the entropies remains unchanged.” For those not familiar with the physics word “entropy”: It is a negative term meaning disorder, or lack of meaningful structure.

To explain the second law in terms that anyone can understand: If I lose my grip and drop my coffee cup onto a concrete floor, a natural process occurs: it shatters into hundreds of pieces, flying in all directions. The ordered, meaningful structure (the cup) becomes disorder (the pieces). We never see this reversed in a natural process. For example, no one has ever seen an old, neglected run-down house reverse its natural process of decay and revert to its once beautiful newly constructed state without the input of a lot of intelligently directed material, energy, and time! And that’s the point: The natural decay of finite physical structures can only be reversed by input from a source external to the structure.

If reality were finite, the second law of thermodynamics would always apply, and Bertrand Russell would be right: the physical universe, without any input from an external source, would eventually “run down”, reaching the equilibrium of maximum entropy, i.e., total disorder. In addition, if the universe originated in the explosion of an extremely hot, extremely dense concentration of matter, as the current scientific paradigm hypothesizes, then it would be flying apart like the bits and pieces of the coffee cup.

In an ever-expanding universe, also hypothesized by current mainstream science, none of the pieces would ever encounter each other, because they are forever flying apart; and even if they did, the second law would assure that any momentary accidental structure would rapidly decay, lacking any outside intervention. So, why is it that we have a physical universe? As Leibniz said: The most important question, the question that science should answer first, is why is there something rather than nothing? It turns out that the answer is simple: Reality is not finite. Any spiritually conscious person knows this. Every new-born child knows this. But it is hidden from the mainstream scientist by his inability to see outside the box of materialism.

The truth of the infinity of reality is not revealed by our finite physical senses. We are only capable of seeing a finite portion of reality through our physical senses, so the universe appears to be finite. In fact, it is not. Also, it is the nature of scientists and philosophers to further obfuscate the truth by inventing new words and pretending that they represent a new understanding of reality better than the old words. So yesterday’s materialism has become today’s scientific physicalism. But a handful of dirt is still a handful of dirt regardless of what you call it!

Even biologists, psychologists, and others who study consciousness, easily fall into this intellectual trap, because they admire the simplicity and clarity of the materialistic sciences like physics and chemistry. And they think that if they can invent a word for something, then they actually know what it is! They fail to realize that there is not a scientist alive who knows what gravity is, why one compound has all the distinct qualities it does, what light is, or why we experience things the way we do, never mind what life and consciousness are!

The discovery of Gimmel changes all this! If you haven’t read some of the hundreds of papers, and two or three books written by Dr. Vernon Neppe and this author, you may not be familiar with the term “Gimmel”. Like all the words in any language, it hides more than it reveals, but it is our attempt to provide a name for the third form of reality. The axiomatic basis of the belief system of our current mainstream science recognizes only mass, energy, space, and time as the basic measurable parameters of reality. The discovery of Gimmel, the third measurable substance of reality in addition to mass and energy, adds consciousness to the equations of science.

The existence of Gimmel is not a philosophical or scientific hypothesis. It is a mathematically and physically demonstrable fact of nature. It is not something that I and/or Dr. Neppe invented. I happen to be the one who made the discovery sometime in 2011, and I have been amazed ever since by the way it explains so many things that are either poorly explained, or simply ignored by mainstream science. I am happily grateful to God or, if you prefer, the universe, to have been the one to discover Gimmel, the measurable non-physical part of reality. Not that anyone else could not have discovered it, they could have, because it is there, just like the sun is there. Of course it is not as obvious as the sun, but never-the-less, it is just as real.

Bottom line: Gimmel is the up-until-now mysterious something that makes the difference between existence and non-existence, converts physical energy to life force, enlivens inert matter, and produces conscious organic life forms!

The development and application of a quantum calculus was necessary for the discovery to happen, but the precise demonstration of the existence of Gimmel can be understood by anyone with a rudimentary understanding of math and physics. Dr. Neppe and I have made peer-reviewed scientific papers available to the scientific community, and I am currently preparing a series of online courses to make the discovery available to everyone. It will begin with basic concepts, and proceed in short logical steps to the demonstration of the proof of discovery. The series of online courses will become available through the Academia Ars Moriendi, an organization promoting the enjoyment of the reality of life and death, founded by Grig Oprea in Europe. Stay tuned!

ERC – 21st of June 2020

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