Sunday, June 28, 2020


The great Masters of Wisdom of all times have warned us against identification with the things of the material world as opposed to identification with the spiritual Source of our being. They state, in no uncertain terms, that endless suffering and death are the wages of sin. But was is sin? The definition has become blurred by so-called religious and political science. Let’s be clear: Sin arises easily in those who reject the Oneness of Spiritual Consciousness in favor of identification with limiting concepts of selfish desire for things.

Identity politics is all the rage right now. Why is that? It is the symptom of a disease far more deadly that the effects of the COVID-19 virus! It is a disease that darkens the heart and clouds the mind. The partisan politician’s most effective tool, It pulls millions either to the left or right so far, that once good people, capable of love and cooperation, begin to hate each other. This is the primary MO of evil! And each extreme side blames the other, not realizing that they themselves are the problem!

We ask, what’s the antidote? The answer is simple and obvious, but extremely difficult to implement. It’s love and compassion. But love and compassion can’t be legislated or forced on one extreme by the other. It must start in the heart by rejecting being the willing pawn of any political party. The political parties right now are trying to pull the people toward ideologies that we know have failed in the past. Why do we pretend that they might succeed now or in the future? That’s insanity! The thing that has succeeded better than any form of government in the history of the human race is what we have in the US, at least in theory: Freedom. Freedom of expression, freedom of thought, freedom of action that does no harm. Identity politics promotes the exact opposite.

Tune out about 99% 0f the talking heads on your TV screen. They are willing promoters of the insanity! Look for the few who honestly try to present both sides of the story, unconcerned about the horrible names and vicious attacks the partisans on both sides will certainly hurl at them. Do your own research as much as you possibly can. Look for real evidence and data, and don’t allow yourself to interpret it in ways that make it seem to say what you think you might want it to say.

We live in unsettled and unsettling times, but I believe the craziness, violence, and verbal attacks will be seen in a few years to have been birth pangs related to the emergence of a new level of human consciousness. Neither left nor right, republican or democrat, but a new form of universal equality born of identification with the true spiritual nature of reality and free of both blame and guilt, a true dawning of freedom and opportunity for all.

ERC June 28, 2020

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