Friday, September 6, 2019


Psychologists tell us that millions suffer from depression, with more than 3 million cases per year in the US alone, and that most suicides, - with more than one million suicides per year world-wide - are desperate attempts to escape deep depression. Even more alarming, is the fact that the extreme act of suicide seems to be on the increase. Many reasons are given for this, including the decline, especially in highly developed countries, of religious affiliation, stress and loss of meaning and/or purpose in life.

Most of you, who follow my posts here, know that I have often reported on, and celebrated, a very blessed, full and adventurous life. So what would I know about depression? First, almost no one experiences a perfect life, filled with endless happiness and joy; and, second, I no longer have my soulmate, Jacqui, physically by my side, as I did for more than 40 years. Also, I have memories of previous lives during which I suffered horribly and died miserable deaths. Whether those lives are real or imagined, the memories real or somatic records in my DNA of the lives of ancestors, makes no difference – I, as surely every human being alive has, have tasted the bitter bile of depression. Despite the scientific evidence I have that her consciousness still exists, I still cry myself to sleep some nights, because I miss her so much!

So, why do we suffer from depression? Here’s what I think: It’s the result of ego-attachment and thwarted-will related to physical expectations. We are spiritual beings who have consented to become involved for a time in the Sturm und Drang of physical existence on this planet. As such, we know that we are immortal, and cannot be harmed in any real or permanent way. But attachment to physical things and expectations related to specific physical outcomes, makes us forget our true nature. When in the throes of this forgetfulness, we begin to doubt the reality of our spiritual nature and fear the pain of failure, death and destruction. For anyone who has tasted the immortality of Spirit, and remembers it, even subconsciously, this is terribly depressing, and ushers in the Dark Night of the Soul.

So what of people who have no memory of their spiritual origin or knowledge of their spiritual nature, or belief in anything beyond the sliver of reality called the physical world, and sink deep into seemingly endless depression and despair? We must encourage them to reach out in faith to Spirit, in whatever way makes sense to them (Jesus, Abraham, Buddha, Kabir, Universal Light, etc.) and ask that their mental state be altered in a positive way. The Dark Night of the Soul is a black hole sucking all material things into its maw, but that great suction has no effect at all on the soul, because the soul is Spirit, and thus, like gimmel, it is non-physical.

Suicide is not bad for the soul because it is the inglorious end, in fact it is not the end at all. Those who try it find it is just a temporary escape route that requires more work the next time around. It is bad because it delays overcoming the Dark Night of the Soul, which is the purpose of life.

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