Thursday, February 21, 2019


If you don’t believe that a two-way conversation with God is possible, then don’t read this. This is not for you. Those of you who knew my soulmate Jacqui, probably know that she talked with God every day of her life, and that sometimes He answered immediately, sometimes not. You may also know that Jacqui was very psychic, even as a little girl. As she neared the end of her life, because she was in so much pain, she asked Him daily if she could come be with Him. For months, He said no, and told her about specific things she had to do before she could come home. Finally He said yes, and as soon as she heard this answer, she told me, including exactly when she would be allowed to leave her pain-wracked body. There is more about this in our book, “Secrets of the Sacred Cube and a Cosmic Love Story”, which is now in press.

Last night I was very ill, suffering from severe vertigo, similar to what happened to me in the Great Pyramid in Egypt, nine years ago in February 2010. I also wrote about that in our book, and I posted a description on this blog site. To find it, just search for “pyramid” on this site. The experience was very unpleasant with the vertigo culminating with extreme regurgitation, after which I left my body. 

Last night I thanked God for the relief of being free from the agony of the body, and asked if I could join Jacqui. Not having her by my side physically, has literally left a hole in my life. Even though I often feel her presence when I think about her, the tasks of everyday life sometimes keep me from thinking of her, and I miss her terribly. The answer I received was both reassuring and disappointing. I was told yes, I could choose not to return to the physical body, and yes, we could be together again, but that I must know what the consequences of that choice would be, before I decided whether to return to my body or not.

This is what I was told: If I chose not to come back, and to go on to be with my beloved, we would both have to return to Earth again to complete the mission to which we committed a long time ago. Jacqui had already said, just before she exited her body that final time, that she wanted me to complete our work, so I chose to come back. Completing the book with our story revealing the mission is the first step.

When I wrote this yesterday, I hesitated to post it because I thought it would be difficult for people who know me as a scientist to believe what I am reporting. A scientist is supposed to be super skeptical and very careful about anything blatantly related to the existence of God. I thought perhaps just writing it down was a needed relief, and enough; it didn't need to be posted. 

Tonight, after bathing and putting clean sheets on the bed, I retired.  I had had a positive, healing day, feeling much better physically, expecting a good night’s sleep. But God woke me after only a few minutes, flooding me with energy. At first, I couldn’t understand why I was wide awake and full of energy. I read and answered some email and FB messages for a while, watched several youtube videos, and then tried to go to sleep again, to no avail. Then I realized what the trouble was: I was supposed to post this account of my talk with God. By not doing it, I was not honoring Him; and it is very much needed and important at this point in time for more people, especiallly scientists, to openly honor God.

Look for my posts on Secrets of the Sacred Cube, a Cosmic Love Story and Our Greatest Mistake.


  1. Thank you for your honesty and courage, dear Dr. Close. We all need scientist like you, having such an honest attitude, unifying deep science and high spirituality. Respect and gratitude, you are our Hero! God bless you!
    Grig Oprea - Academia Ars Moriendi

  2. Ed, your encounter and experience stretches me! I am eager to read your and Jacqui’s book. I have come to realize our God is far bigger than we could ever dream or imagine. Thank you for sharing!!

  3. Thank you very much for your comment. I will announce on this blog when the book is available.