Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Several years ago, when I was teaching mathematics, a young man in one of my classes told me that his sister, who was also a student at the school, said that she had seen me walking across the campus and thought I was handsome, - until she saw me close-up!

This got me to thinking: Maybe much of what we see is not part of reality at all, but what we project from our own minds. From a distance, I probably looked like someone she thought of as handsome, perhaps a movie star.

More than likely, this projection from mind applies not just to seeing, but to hearing and feeling as well, and all the other means we have of perceiving what’s around us. Maybe we don’t realize that what we have taken to be real is mostly, or even sometimes totally a projection of our own thinking.

For example, if we see someone we don’t know, who reminds us of someone who was stupid, we may automatically think of the new person as stupid. If you see someone who looks like Hitler, do you automatically think he must be evil? A little child, feeling the love of the man who is her father will see him as wonderful, even if he looks exactly like Hitler. Are we programmed by stereotypes we see in the news or in movies?

Are our sense organs and brains doing us a disservice by misidentifying what we experience? Perhaps this is why Jesus said: "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:3) Maybe the glory of God is all around us, but we fail to see it because of the prejudices arising from our own thinking.

If you can stop the programmed prejudging of your thought processes, and become like a little child, how different will the world you experience be? If you can stop the  chattering of your mind, for even a moment, and just be aware of what is really there, can you be totally present and totally aware? If so, you will experience the everyday world, and your life, as the miracles, the gifts of God, that they truly are!

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