Wednesday, January 3, 2018


We must learn to see without eyes,
To hear without ears,
To feel without fingers,
To smell without a nose,
To taste without a tongue,
To walk without feet.
To think without a brain,
To fly without wings,
And finally, to become all things.

Only then can we know
the universe is created so
That everything does not depend
upon beginning or an end

We must learn from the hard race we have run,
From the corners of the world, from far below and above:
The blazing jewel within, bright shining as the sun
Is nothing more and nothing less, than G_d’s eternal Love.

Ed Close, December 26, 2017

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  1. Hi ed! This is chris, from golden hills :) I'm sorry I missed you to visit this fall-I'm sure Marc silver man told you how my summer ended. Bukit (my big white horse) was NOT happy having to go riding with marc. I'm not going to go into detail as to why; let's just say bukit made it clear that he doesn't like Marcs horses! Anyway, Ive been learning to navigate the Internet and I found your card i had put up and decided to send you a "hello!" I liked your poem:) I have a question for you tho: are dreams as recycled as energy? I have started having incredibly complex dreams again. Just in the last month or so, maybe 6 weeks. At first they were about family, then my hysband, and now they're so frequent and involve such random people I've neve even seen before I quit bothering to remember them! I feel like someone or something has a message for me-but dnt know if it's worth bothering. I do have a VERY active imagination, so it could be subconscious ramblings. However, if energy/light circles and is recycled, could it be that there's a message/warning I should be trying to find? I feel like the latter, but the dreams aren't scary or intense, just weird and about people I've never met. Let me know what u think:) I'm on Facebook, my email is Hope you and your family are well, and that your holiday season wasn't too crazy!