Sunday, January 21, 2018



Be grateful, and honor Mother Earth,
The special place that gave you birth,
Where meeting of the Yin and Yang,
With Earth and Water, Fire and Stone
Aligned so that the heavens sang,
And brought you forth in blood and bone:
To become the soul you are today.

Align once more with joy and mirth,
For you are all of Heaven’s worth,
Brought forth with tears of joy and pain,
Into a life, where you, and you alone,
Must portray a vital role, and sing again,
Your unique, angelic voice to hone,
To let God know you passed this way.

The purpose is to wake the soul
From its hypnotic dream,
To expand, and become the Whole,
To know Infinity Supreme.
So bless that little spot of Earth,
That gave to you this universe
 In which to grow and sing your song.

Align yourself, that you may blend,
From the beginning until the end,
Into the measured symphony,
Becoming the joy and ecstasy
That you are truly meant to be;
Before you hear the final gong.

Edward R. Close, January 21, 2018

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